10 Michigan breweries pick up awards at US Open Beer Championship (2022)

10 Michigan breweries pick up awards at US Open Beer Championship (1) article

DETROIT (FOX 2) - Ten Michigan breweries earned awards at the 2022 U.S. Open Beer Championship.

More than 9,000 beers spanning more than 150 styles were submitted to the competition.

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Ferndale Project picked up two gold medals.

The brewery tied for gold with California's Moonraker Brewing Company in the New England/Hazy IPA category for its Bogus Terrazzo. Ferndale Project also won gold in the experimental category for Pina Colada Highball.

Other Michigan gold winners include Workshop Brewing Co.'s Ten Penny Blonde, and Final Gravity Brewing's Resist Ukrainian Anti Imperial Stout in the category of the same name.

Winning Michigan beers:

New England/Hazy IPA
GOLD: Moonraker Brewing Company – Las Pinas – CA
GOLD: Ferndale Project – Bogus Terrazzo – MI
SILVER: Reuben’s Brews – Alpenglow – WA
BRONZE: Braxton Brewing Company – Tropic Flare – KY

English Summer Ale
GOLD: Workshop Brewing Company – Ten Penny Blonde – MI
SILVER: Cranky Sam Brewing – Tropical Blonde – MT
BRONZE: 12 West Brewing – Nice – AZ

GOLD: Zipline Brewing – Coper Alt – NE
SILVER: Schoolcraft Brewery – German Alt – MI
BRONZE: Perfect Plain Brewing – City Cruise – FL

Belgian Dubbel
GOLD: Kilowatt Brewing – OB Bubble Dubbel – CA
SILVER: Four Day Ray Brewing – Monk’s Blood – IN
BRONZE: Redwood Brewing Company – Redwood Belgian Dubbel – MI

Bohemian Pilsner
GOLD: Wolf Brewing Co. Stochl Pils PA
SILVER: Bent Barley Brewing Company Czech Pils – CO
BRONZE: Bell’s Brewery Bell’s Lager of the Lakes – MI
BRONZE: Kros Strain Brewing Krossteiner – NE

Rye/Roggen Beer
GOLD: Byway Brewing Co. – Rye Bob – IN
SILVER: The Common Beer Company – Rye Clearly – OH
BRONZE: Fetch Brewing Company – Ryptide – MI

Honey Beer
GOLD: Hopfusion Ale Works – Feisty Blonde – TX
SILVER: Oyster City Brewing – Hooter Brown – AL
BRONZE: Workshop Brewing Company – Uncapper Honey Ale – MI

Barrel Aged Strong Beer
GOLD: Toppling Goliath Brewing Company – Naughty Temple – IA
SILVER: Pink Barrel Cellars – Vanilla Bourbon Imperial Brown – MI
BRONZE: Fremont Brewing – BBOMB – WA

Barrel-Aged Strong Stout/Porter Specialty
GOLD: Bowigens Beer Company – BBA German Chocolate Cake – FL
SILVER: Silver Habor Brewing – Maple Grenade – MI
BRONZE: Wisconsin/Lake Louie Brewing – Cupid’s Revenge – WI
BRONZE: Madtree Brewing – Axis of Darkness – OH

Experimental Beer
GOLD: Ferndale Project – Pina Colada Highball – MI
SILVER: Shades Brewing – Kveik Key Lime Pie – UT
BRONZE: Peticolas Brewing Company – Top Shelf – TX

Historical Beer
GOLD: PIVO Brewery – Decorah Nordic Gruit – IA
SILVER: Third Monk Brewing – Donjiwa’s – MI
BRONZE: Vertboten Brewing – Angry Banjo – CO

Resist Ukrainian Anti Imperial Stout
GOLD: Final Gravity Brewing – Resist Ukrainian Anti Imperial Stout – MI
SILVER: Niagara College Teaching Brewery – Resist – ON
BRONZE: 26th Degree Brewing – Beer for Bombs – FL

All winning beers:

The Top Ten Breweries
1. Sun King Brewery, Indiana
2. Shoe Tree Brewing, Nevada
3. Third Eye Brewing, Ohio
4. Monday Night Brewing, Georgia
5. Pilot Brewing, North Carolina
6. Vallensons’ Brewing, Texas
7. Moonraker Brewing Company, California
8. Bonds Brewing, Wyoming
9. DC Brau Brewing, Washington, DC
10. Forgotten Star Brewing, Minnesota
10. Primeval Brewing, Indiana

English Pale Ale
GOLD: Wellington Brewery – Special Pale Ale – ON
SILVER: Saranac Brewery – Saranac Pale Ale – NY
BRONZE: Caldera Brewing – Caldera Ashland Amber – OR

American Pale Ale
GOLD: Hangar 24 Craft Brewery – X1 Pale Ale – CA
SILVER: Boundary Bay Brewery – Reefnetter Pale Ale – WA
BRONZE: Southern Ohio Brewing – Range Ball – OH

American Strong Pale
GOLD: Sunriver Brewing Co. – Clearview – OR
SILVER: Reuben’s Brews-Taproom Hop Tropic – WA
BRONZE: Bold Monk Brewing Shared Spirit – GA

International Style Pale Ale
GOLD: Moonraker Brewing – Something Vicious – CA
SILVER: Liquid Mechanics – Brewing Cold Snap – CO
BRONZE: Sibling Revelry Brewery – Mosaic and … – OH

Australian-Style Pale Ale
GOLD: By All Means Brewery IPA – 016 – MT
SILVER: Nine Giant Brewing – Pass the Mic: Mosaic – OH
BRONZE: Tarantula Hill Brewing – Cali Day – CA

Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale
GOLD: Around the Horn Brewing Company – I’m Fine Everything’s Fine – CA
SILVER: Fremont Brewing – Sky Kraken – WA
SILVER: Columbia Craft Brewing – Columbia Craft Hazy – SC
BRONZE: Lagabiere – Nice N’ Hazy – Quebec

Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale
GOLD: Pondaseta Brewing Co. – The Fast & The Hazy – TX
SILVER: Brewdog – Hazy Jane – OH
BRONZE: Middle James Brewing – Hops on One Leg – NC

Specialty Pale Ale
GOLD: Black Plague Brewing – The End is Near – CA
SILVER: Idyll Hounds Brewing – Palapa Pale Ale – FL
SILVER: Big Grove Brewery – Iowa City Arms Race – IA


English IPA
GOLD: Discretion Brewing – Uncle Dave’s IPA – CA
SILVER: McFleshman’s Brewing CO. – Tall Mast – WI
BRONZE: Site-1 Brewing – Corgis & The Queen – NE

Imperial IPA (DIPA)
GOLD: StormBreaker Brewing – Triple Double IPA – OR
SILVER: Wicked Weed Brewing – Freak of Nature – NC
BRONZE: Slice Beer Company – Megahop 3000 – CA

Triple IPA
GOLD: Strike Brewing Company – Triple Play – CA
SILVER: Stone Brewing – Escondido CA – Stone RuinTen Triple – CA
BRONZE: Knee Deep Brewing – Simtra – CA

American IPA
GOLD: Half Moon Bay Brewing Company – Full Swing – CA
SILVER: Second Pitch Beer Company – Meet in the Middle IPA – TX
BRONZE: Eighty-Three Brewery – MMMMMOSAIC V.3 – OH

Light IPA/Session IPA
GOLD: Piney River Brewing – Low Water Bridge – MO
SILVER: Brew Hub – Rome City – FL
BRONZE: No-Li Brewhouse – Spokanne – Threezy Does It – WA

Brut IPA
GOLD: Ketch Brewing – Celestial Navigation – CA
SILVER: Fretboard Brewing Co. – Bootsy – OH
BRONZE: Wormtown Brewery – Birthday Brew #12 – MA

Fruit IPA
GOLD: Ike & Oak Brewing – Mt. Fanispan IPA – IL
SILVER: Spilled Grain Brewhouse – Grapefruit Highest Point – MN
BRONZE: FigLeaf Brewing – Blood Orange Iso-Trope – OH

West Coast IPA
GOLD: Knee Deep Brewing – Breaking Bud – CA
SILVER: Tobacco Road Brewing – CTZ IPA – NC
BRONZE: Migration Brewing Company – Infinite Riff – OR
BRONZE: Slice Beer Company – Holy Trifecta – CA

New Zealand IPA
GOLD: Metazoa Brewing DDH Hoppopotamus – IN
SILVER: Flix Brewhouse – El Paso – Nebby Boi – TX

Imperial NE IPA
GOLD: Monday Night Brewing – Times Like These – GA
SILVER: Toppling Goliath Brewing Company – King Sue – IA
BRONZE: Beyond the Mountain Brewing – Headspin – CO

Specialty IPA
GOLD: Thompson Island Brewing Company – Boat Day – DE
SILVER: Danville Brewing Company – Bar 1 – CA
BRONZE: Level Crossing Brewing Company – The Black Album – UT

Classic Dry Irish Stout
GOLD: 6 Bears & A Goat Brewing – O’Dark Thirty – VA
SILVER: Holy City Brewing – Bownes Island Oyster Stout – SC
BRONZE: Northern Row Brewery & Distillery – Dubliner – OH

Foreign Stout
GOLD: 26th Degree Brewing – Ziko’s Rage – FL
SILVER: Strike Brewing Company – Big Wall – CA
BRONZE: Byway Brewing Co. – Shinobi – IN

American Stout
GOLD: Pilot Brewing – Secret Santa Stout – NC
SILVER: Georgia Beer Company – Destress Express – GA
BRONZE: Flix Brewhouse – Des Moines – Neo Neo Noir – IA

Cream Stout
GOLD: Pantown Brewing – Drop Forge Milk Stout – MN
SILVER: Third Eye Brewing – Higher Purpose – OH
BRONZE: First Love Brewing – Beacon of Light – FL

Oatmeal Stout
GOLD: Vallensons’ Brewing – Settlers Oatmeal Stout – TX
SILVER: Third Eye Brewing – Deep Euphoria – OH
BRONZE: Samuel Smith’s Brewery -Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout – WA
BRONZE: Star City Brewing – Old Mill Stout – OH

British Imperial Stout
GOLD: Shoe Tree Brewing – Carson City – Stoutacus – NV
SILVER: Fifty Fifty Brewing – Company – Totality – CA
BRONZE: Foothills Brewing – Sexual Chocolate – NC

American Imperial Stout
GOLD: New Heights Brewing Company – Navel Gazer – TN
SILVER: Blue Earl Brewing – Top of the World – DE
BRONZE: Cueni Brewing Co. – Sinister Imperial Stout – FL

Imperial Stout Specialty
GOLD: Maplewood Brewery/Distillery – Cuppa Breakfast – IL
SILVER: White Rock Alehouse & Brewery – Chocolate Reign – TX
SILVER: Cigar City Brewing – Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout (2022) – FL
BRONZE: Revelry Brewing Company – Cut & Pastry – SC

Imperial Stout Extreme (ABV : 12.5%+)
GOLD: Wild Leap Brew Co. – Dark Allyance – GA
SILVER: New Heights Brewing Company – Double Navel Gazer – TN
BRONZE: Barnaby Brewing Company – Swinging Like a Fist Fight – AK
BRONZE: Hi-Wire Brewing – Café de Olla 20W50 – NC

Pastry Stout
GOLD: Pontoon Brewing – Toast – GA
SILVER: Streetside Brewery – Snowball Speak of the Devil – OH
BRONZE: Revision Brewing – Coconut Pie Face – NV

Golden or Blonde Ale
GOLD: Sun King Brewery – Sunlight Cream Ale – IN
SILVER: Deep Ellum Brewing – Dallas Blonde – TX
BRONZE: Flounder Brewing – Hill Street Honey Blonde Ale – NJ

GOLD: Second Pitch Beer Company – Admiral Stradlings Pub – TX
SILVER: Niagara College Teaching Brewery – BITTER 101 – ON
BRONZE: Wellington Brewery – Arkell Best Bitter – ON
BRONZE: Bru Daddy’s Brewing Co. – In Da Pub – PA

GOLD: Pilot Brewing – Pub Ale – NC
SILVER: The Common Beer Company – Come Together – OH
BRONZE: Haywire Brewing Co. – Cheeky Bloke – WA

English Mild Ale
GOLD: Brink Brewing Co. – Hold the Reins – OH
SILVER: Black Tooth Brewing Company – Saddle Bronc – WY
BRONZE: Uberbrew – Let’r Buck – MT

Brown Ale
GOLD: Shoe Tree Brewing – Minden Lahontan Brown Ale – NV
SILVER: Alaro Craft Brewery – Armada – CA
BRONZE: Loneride Brewing Company – Sweet Josie – NC
BRONZE: Wellington Brewery – Country Brown Ale – ON

Strong/Imperial Brown Ale
GOLD: Saranac Brewery/FX Matt Brew. – Lake Placid Ubu Ale – NY
SILVER: Mathews Brewing Company – Big Brown Beaver – FL
BRONZE: 12 West Brewing – Billet – AZ

Brown Porters
GOLD: Primeval Brewing – Sacred Seduction – IN
Clifford Brewing Company – Clifford Porter – ON
SILVER: Cigar City Brewing – Maduro Brown Ale – FL
BRONZE: The DreamChaser’s Brewery – South of the Porter – NC

Robust Porters
GOLD: Vallensons’ Brewing – Robustness – TX
SILVER: Fifty Fifty Brewing – Company Donner Party Porter – CA
BRONZE: Hidden Springs Brewhouse – Krista’s Vanilla Porte – r NY

Imperial Porters
GOLD: White Rock Alehouse & Brewery – Midnight Delight – TX
SILVER: Scratchtown Brewing Co. – Black Eye – NE
BRONZE: Launch Pad Brewery – Escape Velocity – CO

Old Ale
GOLD: Barnaby Brewing Company – Crew Brew – AK
SILVER: Monday Night Garage Last – Will & Testament – GA
BRONZE: Brown Truck Brewery – #100 Barleywine – NC

English Barleywine
GOLD: Reuben’s Brews – Taproom Three Ryes Men – WA
SILVER: Danville Brewing Company – Granny’s Triple Crouching Cougar American Barley – CA
BRONZE: New Heights Brewing Company – Gobsmacked – TN

American Barleywine & Specialty
GOLD: Bowigens Beer Company – Theogenes – FL
GOLD: Ecliptic Brewing – Orange Giant Barleywine: Triple Dry Hopped Edition – OR
BRONZE: Level Crossing Brewing Company – XII XI XIII – UT

Scottish Ale
GOLD: StormBreaker Brewing – Mullets & Mohawks – OR
SILVER: Bonds Brewing – Snowy Range Scottish Ale – WY
BRONZE: Peticolas Brewing – Great Scott! – TX

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Strong Scottish Ale
GOLD: Missing Falls Brewery – Scot Rail – OH
SILVER: Desperate Times Brewery – DTB Wee Heavy – PA
BRONZE: Blue Cat Brewing Co. – Papa Bear – IL

Irish Red Ale
GOLD: DC Brau Brewing – Dubliner – DC
SILVER: Southern Brewing Company – Chuchurainn Irish Red – GA
BRONZE: Missing Falls Brewery – Langered – OH

American Amber/Red
GOLD: de Bine Brewing – Fire the Cannons – FL
SILVER: Sound to Summit Brewing – Night Sky Red Ale – WA
BRONZE: Georgia Beer Company – Azalea City Amber – GA

Imperial Red Ale
GOLD: Bootstrap Brewing – Wreak Havoc – CO
SILVER: Raices Brewing Company – Furia (Fury) – CO
BRONZE: Peticolas Brewing Company – Velvet Hammer – TX

American Brown Ale
GOLD: Florida Avenue Brewing – Brown Ale – FL
SILVER: Boss Dog Brewing – Dog Pound Brown – OH
BRONZE: June Lake Brewing – Deer Beer Brown – CA

American-Style Black Ale
GOLD: Drowned Valley Brewing Black IPA – GA
SILVER: Pantown Brewing – Black Flag Black IPA – MN
BRONZE: Alexandria Brewing – Little Miss Scare All Cascadian Dark Ale – KY
BRONZE: Bent Barley Brewing Company – Black IPA – CO

German Kolsch
GOLD: Around the Horn Brewing Company – Gateway To GOLD: – CA
SILVER: Beyond the Mountain Brewing – Klaus’s Kolsch – CO
BRONZE: Lauter Haus Brewing – Dreams of Cologne – NM
BRONZE: Rhinegeist Brewery – GOLD: Record – OH

German Wheat
GOLD: DC Brau Brewing – Total Victory – DC
SILVER: Fat Head’s Brewery – Alpenglow – OH
BRONZE: Gravely Brewing Company – Doc’s Dunkey – KY

German Hefeweizen
GOLD: Holy City Brewing – Washout Wheat – SC
SILVER: Wallenpaupack Brewing – Hawley Hefeweizen – PA
BRONZE: Short Fuse Brewing Company – Hues of Summer – IL
BRONZE: Oswego Brewing Company – Stone Skipper – IL

French / Belgian Saison
GOLD: Oswego Brewing Company – Farm Lands – IL
SILVER: Second Line Brewing – Saison Named Desire – LA
BRONZE: Woodland Farm Brewery – Heartbeat – NY

Belgian Pale Ale
GOLD: Olde Salem Brewing Company – Moonlight Mile – VA
SILVER: The Common Beer Company – I Need More Cowbelgian – OH
BRONZE: Fretboard Brewing Co. – Crazy Train – OH

French / Belgian Ale
GOLD: Grand Junction Brewing Company – Westfielder 8 – IN
SILVER: Gulf Stream Brewing Company – Fans Only – FL
SILVER: Movement Brewing Co – Borrel – CA
BRONZE: Liability Brewing Co. – Feral Garden Gnome – SC

Belgian Tripel
GOLD: Sun King Small Batch – Triptonic – IN
SILVER: Clocktown Brewing Company – Tripel Decker – CT
BRONZE: White Street Brewing Co. – Merideum – NC

Belgian Quadrupel
GOLD: Evans Brewing Co – Quadrupel Donker – CA
SILVER: Lost Shoe Brewing & Roasting – Size 10 – MA
BRONZE: Lupulin Brewing Company – Belgian Quad – MN

Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale
GOLD: Primeval Brewing Diablo – IN
SILVER: Naughty Monk Ale Works – Trecouche – FL
BRONZE: HighGrain Brewing Co. – Oost – OH

Sour/Belgian Lambic
GOLD: Wicked Weed Brewing – Red Angel – NC
SILVER: Akademia Brewing – Imperial O-Negative – GA
BRONZE: Shoe Tree Brewing – Carson – Happy Farmer – NV

Belgian Witbier
GOLD: Sugar Creek Brewing – Sugar Creek White Ale – NC
SILVER: Shawnee Craft Brewing – Biere Blanche – PA
BRONZE: Flix Brewhouse – Alburquerque Witbier – NM

Berliner-Style Weisse
GOLD: Great Basin Brewing – Mystic Voyage – NV
GOLD: Vallensons’ Brewing – Pink – TX
SILVER: Whalers Brewing – Company Pieces – RI
BRONZE: Wise Man Brewing – True Chaos – NC

GOLD: Narrow Path Brewing – Restless Seas – OH
SILVER: Ponysaurus Brewing – Gose – NC
BRONZE: 8th Wonder Brewery – Haterade – TX

Fruit Gose
GOLD: Forgotten Road Ales – Day Patrol: Lime – NC
SILVER: Muskellunge Brewing – Creek Chup Mango Gose – OH
BRONZE: Ballad Brewing – Blueberry Gose – VA

American/German Light
GOLD: Bankhead Brewing – Low Beams – TX
GOLD: Amsterdam Brewing – Three Speed – ON
SILVER: Wellington Brewery – Boot Lite – ON
BRONZE: Berryessa Brewing – Light Load Lager – CA

American Lager/Pilsner
GOLD: False Idol Brewing – Banquet Boy – TX
SILVER: Oswego Brewing – Company Fence Line – IL
BRONZE: Sonder Brewing – Rally Cap – OH

American Premium Lager
GOLD: Stevens Point Brewery – Point Special Lager – WI
SILVER: Cowtown Brewing Company – Cold Fort Worth Beer – TX
BRONZE: Immigrant Son Brewery – American Pilsner – OH

American Amber
GOLD: Spearfish Brewing – Copper Midge – SD
SILVER: Bold Monk Brewing Company – Padre – GA
BRONZE: Wisconsin/Lake Louie Brewing – Badger Club – WI

California Common
GOLD: Second Pitch Beer Company Hometown Lager – TX
SILVER: Haywire Brewing Co. HillBilly Deluxe – WA
BRONZE: Second Line Brewing MSY – LA

German Lager/Pilsner
GOLD: HighGrain Brewing Co. Lusen – OH
SILVER: Discretion Brewing Shimmer Pils – CA
BRONZE: Flix Brewhouse – Carmel Potion Master Pils – IN

International Style Pilsner
GOLD: Vicious Fish – Octopils – NC
GOLD: Fretboard Brewing Co. – Vlad – OH
SILVER: Model A Brewing Company – Speakeasy – SC
BRONZE: Berryessa Brewing – Propaganda Pils – CA

Italian Pilsner
GOLD: Pontoon Brewing – Croccante – GA
SILVER: Big Grove Brewery – Iowa City – Jabroni – IA
BRONZE: Rueben’s Brews – Italian Pilsner – WA

New Zealand Lager
GOLD: Spilled Grain Brewing – No More Mr Rice Guy – MN
SILVER: Round Trip Brewing Co. Gizza – GA
BRONZE: Gulf Stream Brewing Company Transplant – FL

Australasian, Latin American, Or Tropical-Style Light Lager
GOLD: Oak Road Brewery – Athena – SC
SILVER: Alaskan Brewing – Pilsner – AK
BRONZE: Cape May Brewing – Tan Limes – NJ

Mexican Pilsner
GOLD: Full Sail Brewing Company Sesion Cervesa – OR
Mexican Pilsner SILVER: NoFo Brewing Co. Collatera – l GA
Mexican Pilsner BRONZE: Knee Deep Brewing Hola Senor – CA

Munchner Helles
GOLD: Masthead Brewing – Augenblick – OH
SILVER: Slice Beer Company – Hella Crisply – CA
SILVER: Amsterdam Brewing – Amsterdam Helles – ON
BRONZE: St. Elmo Brewing – Easy – TX

Munchner Dunkel
GOLD: Maple Branch Craft Brewing – Bavarian Classic – TX
SILVER: Moerlein Lager House – Barbarossa – OH
BRONZE: Desperate Times Brewery – DTB Dunkel – PA

GOLD: Lost Shoe Brewing & Roasting – Main Street March – MA
SILVER: Revelation Craft Brewing Company – Marzen – DE
BRONZE: Northern Row Brewery & Distillery – Brewer – OH

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GOLD: Level Crossing Brewing Company Vienna Lager – UT
SILVER: Moerlein Lager House – Moerlein Original Lager – OH
BRONZE: By All Means Brewery – Exklusiv – MT

GOLD: Cartridge Brewing Covert – OH
GOLD: Platform Beer Co. Luchy – OH
SILVER: Forgotten Star Brewing Schwarzbier – MN
BRONZE: First Love Brewing Dividing Line – FL

GOLD: Forgotten Star Brewing Bonspiel Bock – MN
SILVER: Flix Brewhouse – Alburquerque Fantastic Bocks and Where to Find – NM
BRONZE: Pilot Brewing – Dunkels Bock NC

Heller Bock/Maibock
GOLD: Dru Bru Maibock – WA
SILVER: Ike & Oak Brewing Co. – Madison Junction – IL
BRONZE: Fourfold Beer Co. – Perfidious Bock – CA

Dopple/Strong Bock
GOLD: Primeval Brewing – Chompinator – IN
SILVER: Cranky Sam Brewing – Instigator – MT
BRONZE: Site-1 Brewing – Debaclebock Dopplebock – NE

Baltic Porter
GOLD: Nine Giant Brewing – Coolverine – OH
SILVER: Mason Jar Lager Company – Moonlight Excursion – NC
BRONZE: Black Tooth Brewing Company – Black Eagle – WY

India Pale Lager (IPL)
GOLD: Boundary Bay Brewery – Multiplayer IPA – WA
SILVER: Epidemic Ales – Swim Shady – CA
BRONZE: Altstadt Brewery – The Old Towner – TX

Dortmunder Export
GOLD: Outerbelt Brewing – Dort-Thunder Golden Export – OH
SILVER: Samuel Adams – Cincinnatti – This is the Year – OH
BRONZE: Smog City Brewing Co. – New Normal – CA
BRONZE: Aosta Brewing Co. – Highway 39 – CA

German Leichtbier(Move to Light Beer)

Dark Lager
GOLD: MPH Brewing – Grat Dane – OH
SILVER: Alga Beer Company – Welcome Solitude – FL
BRONZE: Exile Brewing Company – G.G. – IA

American Cream Ale
GOLD: Lost Shoe Brewing & Roasting – Post Road Detour – MA
SILVER: Forgotten Star Brewing – Northstar Cream Ale – MN
BRONZE: Jim Dandy Brewing – Tango Yankee – ID

American Wheat
GOLD: Homebrewer – Caleb Meinke Willow Run – WI
SILVER: Pete’s Brewery – American Beauty – OK
BRONZE: Idyll Hounds Brewing Company Man O’ Wit – FL

American Specialty Wheat
GOLD: Infamous Brewing Co – Sex A Peel – TX
SILVER: Bonds Brewing – Company – 2nd Street Wheat – WY

American Berry/Fruit Beer
GOLD: Temblor Brewing – Ruby’s Boysenberry Cobbler Kettle Sour – CA
SILVER: Bell’s Brewery – Bell’s Tropical Oberon – MI
BRONZE: Urban South Brewery – HTX Waves: Marionberry & Meyer Lemon – TX

American Style Berry Beer-Raspberry
GOLD: Streetside Brewery – Raspberry Beret – OH
SILVER: Whistle Hop Brewing – Raspberry Creamsicle Ale – NC
BRONZE: Oyster City Brewing – Rasbeery Hibiscus – AL

American Style Berry Beer Blueberry
GOLD: Georgia Beer Company Blueberry Field Party – GA
SILVER: Metazoa Brewing Blueberry Bandit – IN
BRONZE: Upstate Brewing Summertime Blues – NY

American Style Fruit Beer – Orange
GOLD: Grainworks Brewing – Orange Dreams – OH
SILVER: Peak View Brewing – Blood Orange Wheat – CO
BRONZE: Sun King Brewery – Orange Vanilla Sunlight Cream Ale – IN

American Style Fruit Beer – Pineapple
GOLD: Wisconsin Brewing Sandy Cheeks – WI
SILVER: Bootstrap Brewing – Chillax – CO
BRONZE: Maui Brewing – Pineapple Mana Wheat – HI

American Style Fruit Beer – Tangerine
GOLD: Southern Brewing Company – Fruit Flash Tangerine Wheat – GA
SILVER: Living the Dream Brewing – Tangerine Powder Run – OR
BRONZE: Florida Avenue Brewing – Tangerine Splash – FL

American Style Fruit Beer – POG
GOLD: Deschutes Brewery – Poggers – OR
SILVER: Sound to Summit Brewing – Hawaiian POG Kolsch – WA
BRONZE: New Realm Brewing Co. – Tropic Dream – GA

American Style Fruit Beer – Grapefruit
GOLD: Masthead Brewing – Paradise Grapefruit IPA – OH
SILVER: Hopfusion Ale Works Mi – Familia – TX
BRONZE: North High Brewing – Grapefruit walleye – OH

American Style Fruit Beer – Lime
GOLD: Lakewood Brewing – Muy Importante – TX
SILVER: Dayton Beer Company – Gem City Light w/Lime – OH
BRONZE: Lonerider Brewing Company – True Lime Lyte – NC

American Style Fruit Beer – Peach
GOLD: Middle James Brewing Company – Cosmic Curiosities – NC
SILVER: Sam Adams Brewery – Cincinnat – i Queen City Crown – OH
BRONZE: Northern Row Brewery & Distillery – Preacher – OH

American Style Berry Beer – Strawberry
GOLD: Model A Brewing Company – Springs Farm Strawberry Kolsch – SC
SILVER: Dade City Brewhouse – Employee Field Trip – FL
BRONZE: Southern Range Brewing – Strawberry Shandy – NC

American Style Fruit Beer – Passion Fruit
GOLD: Bonds Brewing Company – Sweet Squeeze – WY
SILVER: Exile Brewing Company – Tico Time – IA
BRONZE: Denver Beer Company – Passion Fruit Yum Yum – CO

Belgian Style Fruit Beer
GOLD: Sun King Brewery – Cherry Busey – IN
SILVER: Lost Province Brewing – Up Schitt’s Kriek – NC
BRONZE: Topsy Turvy Brewery – Mellow Melon – WI

Vegetable Beer
GOLD: Monday Night Brewing – Forgotten Memories – GA
SILVER: Urban South Brewery Lime – Cucumber Gose – LA
BRONZE: Sunset Reservoir Brewing – Cool Calm and Cucumber – CA

Pumpkin Beer
GOLD: Bonds Brewing Company – Jack’O Lantern – WY
SILVER: Shoe Tree Brewing(Minden) – Gingie – NV
BRONZE: Unrefined Brewing Vanilla – Gourdalicious – FL

GOLD: Branch and Blade Brewing Co – Ugly Sweater Party – NH
SILVER: Dade City Brewhouse – Mystic Punisher – FL
SILVER: Big Island Brewhaus – White Mountain Porter – HI
BRONZE: Black Plague Brewing – Medusa – CA

Herb and Spice Beer
GOLD: Shades Brewing Kveik Thai Tom Kha UT
SILVER: Shades Brewing Kveik Indian Curry UT
BRONZE: N.E.W. Ales Brewing You Wish You Were This Chill OH
BRONZE: Sibling Revelry Christmas Bock OH

Chili Pepper Beer
GOLD: Motorworks Brewing Mango Habanero IPA FL
SILVER: Liquid Mechanics Brewing Ring OH! Fire CO
BRONZE: Wabasha Brewing Company West Side Popper MN
BRONZE: Akademia Brewing Absence Ov Light GA

Chocoate/Cocoa Beer
GOLD: Third Eye Brewing – Double Astral – OH
SILVER: Big Grove Brewery – Iowa City Richard The Whale – 2021 Chocolate Coconut Cake – IA
BRONZE: Topsy Turvy Brewery – Blue Chip Julep – WI

Coffee Beer
GOLD: Monday Night Garage – Tears of My Enemies – GA
SILVER: Red Bear Brewing – Biscui-cuffs! – DC
BRONZE: Level Crossing Brewing Company – Red Sea Rift – UT

Smoked/Rauch Beer
GOLD: Evans Brewing Co – Smoke Show – CA
SILVER: Hansa Brewery – RauchBier – OH
BRONZE: Kilowatt Brewing – Maple Smoked Maibock – CA
BRONZE: Round Trip Brewing Co. – Smokin’ Translator – GA

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Barrel Aged Pale Beer
GOLD: Schulz Brau Brewing Co. – Bourbon Maibock – TN
SILVER: Angel City Brewery – Biere De Garde – CA
SILVER: Southern Brewing Company – Barrel Aged Cuchulainn – GA
BRONZE: Angel City Brewery – Little Tokyo Sugi Dry – CA

Barrel Aged Dark Beer
GOLD: Sun King Brewery – Barrel Aged Churrolicious – IN
SILVER: Old Stove Brewing – BA Smoke Show – WA
BRONZE: Wild Ride Brewing Co. – Rum Barrel Aged Barracuda Brown – OR

Barrel Aged Strong Stout/Porter
GOLD: Fifty Fifty Brewing Company – Eclipse: Barrel Cuvee – CA
SILVER: Drowned Valley Brewing Co. – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – GA
BRONZE: Pondaseta Brewing Co. – Rye Barrel Aged Castle Black – TX
BRONZE: Amsterdam Brewing – Double Tempest – ON

Barrel-Aged Strong Stout/Porter Extreme (Over 12.5% ABV)
GOLD: Toppling Goliath – Brewing Company Assassin 2022 – IA
SILVER: More Brewing Company – Mehndi Special Reserve – IL
BRONZE: Holzlager Brewing Company – BAB Imperial Stout Series 8 – IL

GOLD: Moonraker Brewing Company – Saison Julia – CA
SILVER: Oklawaha Brewing Company – Rural Brewing – NC
BRONZE: River Dog Brewing Company – Cirque Du Solera – SC

Barrel – Aged Fruit Sour
Gold: Sun King Brewery – Golden Girls – IN
SILVER: Revelry Brewing Company – Beer in the Key of Lime – SC
BRONZE: Sun King Small Batch – Midnight Choir – IN

Barrel Aged Fruit
GOLD: Oregon City Brewing – Rumtopf – OR
SILVER: Monday Night Brewing – Black Rainbow – GA
BRONZE: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing – Bourbon Barrel Coffee Cherry Vanilla Dire Wolf – OH

Barrel Aged Scotch Ale
GOLD: Cherry Street Brewing – Vickery – Damebier – GA
SILVER: Four Day Ray Brewing – Barrel Aged Fala – IN
BRONZE: Monday Night Brewing – Bourbon Barrel Aged Drafty Kilt – GA
BRONZE: Black Tooth Brewing Company – 1314 – WY

Barrel-Aged Barley Wine – English
GOLD: Cameron’s Brewing – Buffalo Roam Barley Wine – ON
SILVER: Third Eye Brewing – Ba Kelly’s Private Stash – OH
BRONZE: Pontoon Brewing – Business Time – GA

Barrel-Aged Barley Wine – American
GOLD: Cherry Street Brewing – Vickery – 12.12.12 – GA
SILVER: Old Stove Brewing – BA Castaway – WA
BRONZE: Cherry Street Brewing – Vickery – Unknown Impact – GA

Barrel-Aged Barley Wine – Specialty
GOLD: Woodland Farm Brewery – Maple Bourbon Bergian – NY
SILVER: Motorworks Brewing – Thresher – FL
BRONZE: Sunriver Brewing Co. – Wood Series: Manhattan Imperial Rye – OR

Barrel-Aged Quad/Belgian Dark Ale
GOLD: Motorworks Brewing Bern’s Legacy 8 FL
SILVER: Cherry Street Brewing – Halcyon VIP Quad GA

Blended Barrel-Aged Beer
GOLD: Wallenpaupack Brewing – Underwater Church – PA
GOLD: Mikerphone Brewing – Sir Blends A-Lot Blend #2 – IL
SILVER: Monday Night Garage – Tie X On – GA
BRONZE: High Branch Brewing Co. – The Strength Within – NC

Spirits Barrel Aged Beer (Non-Whiskey)
GOLD: First State Brewing Company – Droid Dreams: Tequila Barrel Aged – DE
SILVER: Sun King Brewery – Polynesian Passion – IN
BRONZE: Sun King Brewery – Soul Shakedown Party – IN
BRONZE: Monday Night Garage -Tears of My Enemy (Brandy Barrels) -GA

Wine Barrel-Aged Beer
GOLD: Piney River Brewing – Sideways -MO
SILVER: Liability Brewing Co. – Temet Nosce -SC
BRONZE: Oak Highlands Brewery – Red Wine Freaky Deaky – TX

Barrel-Aged Brett / Wild Beer
GOLD: Cellar Works Brewing Co. – St. Amelia -PA
SILVER: Monday Night Brewing – Barrel Farm -GA
BRONZE: Trapezium Brewing Company – Elderberry Orchard -VA

Barrel-Aged German Lager
GOLD: Oregon City Brewing – Crimea River of Whiskey – OR
SILVER: Rhinegeist Innovation Brewery – Glyptodon – OH
BRONZE: Benchtop Brewing – Crispy Whip – VA

Aged Beer
GOLD: Spilled Grain Brewhouse – Flase Hope MN
SILVER: 903 Brewers – Fragile Like a Bomb – TX
BRONZE: Oak Highlands Brewery – Freaky Deaky – TX

Specialty / Anything Goes
GOLD: Shoe Tree Brewing – Minden – Coco Burrito – NV
SILVER: Brew Hub – The Dude – FL
BRONZE: Blazing Tree Brewery – Northern Lights – TX
BRONZE: White Rock Alehouse & Brewery – Dreamsicle Kayak – TX

American-Belgo-Style Ale
GOLD: Byway Brewing Co. – BIPA – IN
SILVER: Nine Giant Brewing – Minor Swing – OH
BRONZE: Fair Winds Brewing – Sirens Lure – VA
BRONZE: Naughty Monk Ale Works – Tropical Albus – FL

Kellerbier or Zwickelbier
GOLD: DC Brau Brewing LLC Keller Pils – – DC
SILVER: Ketch Brewing Zwickelbier – CA
SILVER: Lakefront Brewery – My Turn ANTHONY – WI
BRONZE: Oklawaha Brewing Company Bobby Bee – r NC

Brett Beer
GOLD: High Branch Brewing Co. – Member Saison Dry Hopped – NC
Lenny Boy Brewing – 10th Anniversay Sour – NC
BRONZE: Cherry Street Brewing – Halcyon – Atomic Funk Blue – GA

Sessions Beer
GOLD: Shoe Tree Brewing – Minden Taquito Burrito – NV
SILVER: Spider Bite Beer Co. – It’s a Trapp – NY
SILVER: The Dayton Beer Company – Java Jr – OH

Gluten-Free Beer
GOLD: Ghost Fish Bewing Company – Seduced By Fun Hazy IPA – WA
SILVER: Ghost Fish Bewing Company – Watchstander Stout – WA
BRONZE: Revelation Craft Brewing Company – Razz’s Accomplice – DE

Near Gluten Free
GOLD: Pilot Brewing Mimosa Gose NC
SILVER: Black Tooth Brewing Company Copper Mule – WY
BRONZE: Deschutes Brewery Lil’ Squeezy – OR
BRONZE: Black Hammer Brewing Cuddle Puddle – CA

Peanut Butter
GOLD: Third Eye – Brewing Dark Aura – OH
SILVER: Monday Night Garage – Stranger Danger – GA
BRONZE: Ike & Oak Brewing Co. – Kodiak’s Revenge Peanut Butter Fudge – IL
BRONZE: Liquid Mechanics Brewing – Peanut Butter Porter – CO

Nut Beer
GOLD: Forgotten Star Brewing – Nut N’ Honey – MN
SILVER: Sun King Small Batch – Horchata Shadow Proof – IN
BRONZE: Blazing Tree Brewery – LLC BTB Pecan Porter – TX

Tea Beer
GOLD: Beale’s Beer – Razzle Dazzle – VA
SILVER: Devils Backbone Brewing – Spill The Tea – VA
BRONZE: New Realm Brewing Co. – Southern Tee – GA
BRONZE: Vallensons’ Brewing Peach Tea – TX

Pink Boots Hop Blend
GOLD: Wild Leap Brew Co. – Too Pure To Be Pink – GA
SILVER: Tactical Brewing – You’re Gonna Regret That – FL
BRONZE: Barnaby Brewing Company – Wiggle wiggle jiggle jiggle – AK

Ukrainian Golden Ale
GOLD: Midwest Coast Brewing – Peremoha – IL
SILVER: Niagara College Teaching Brewery – Ukrainian Golden Ale – ON
BRONZE: Peticolas Brewing Company – Golden Opportunity – TX

NA Malt Beverage
GOLD: Bravus – Cucumber Mojito Gose – CA
GOLD: Free Damm – S.A DAMM – Spain
SILVER: Kitna – On Your Mark American Blonde – ME
BRONZE: Athletic Brewing – Rainbow Wall – CN

GOLD: Athletic Brewing – Run Wild IPA – CN
SILVER: Athletic Brewing – Freewave IPA – CN
BRONZE: Surreal Brewing – Creatives IPA – CA

NA Stout & Porters
GOLD: Deschutes Brewing – Black Butte Porter NA – OR
SILVER: Athletic Brewing – All Out Extra Dark – CN
BRONZE: Surreal Brewing – Pastry Porter – CA

NA Fruit and Spices
GOLD: WellBeing Brewing – Wandering Islands Tropical Pale Ale – MO
SILVER: Bravus – Mango Habanero IPA – CA
BRONZE:: Ceria Brewing – Grainwave Belgian-Style White – CO

(Video) The Pawn Stars Were FORCED To Kick Out This Customer...

Root Beer – Kids
GOLD: Barn Town – Old Fashioned Root Beer – IA
SILVER: Spilled Grain Brewhouse – Root Beer – MN
BRONZE: Hopfusion Ale Works – Hopfusion Root Beer – TX

Root Beer – Adults
GOLD: Saranac Brewery/FX Matt – Saranac Root Beer – NY
SILVER: Maui Brewing – Island Root Beer – HI
BRONZE: Fractal Brewing – Project Fractal Root Beer – AL

Barrel Aged Strong BeerGOLD: Toppling Goliath Brewing Company – Naughty Temple – IA SILVER: Pink Barrel Cellars – Vanilla Bourbon Imperial Brown – MI BRONZE: Fremont Brewing – BBOMB – WA. American Pale AleGOLD: Hangar 24 Craft Brewery – X1 Pale Ale – CASILVER: Boundary Bay Brewery – Reefnetter Pale Ale – WABRONZE: Southern Ohio Brewing – Range Ball – OH. – TX. Irish Red AleGOLD: DC Brau Brewing – Dubliner – DCSILVER: Southern Brewing Company – Chuchurainn Irish Red – GABRONZE: Missing Falls Brewery – Langered – OH. NA IPAGOLD: Athletic Brewing – Run Wild IPA – CNSILVER: Athletic Brewing – Freewave IPA – CNBRONZE: Surreal Brewing – Creatives IPA – CA

New England/Juicy DIPA Gold – Southern Hopisphere – Kros Strain Brewing – Nebraska. Gold – King Sue DIPA – Toppling Goliath Brewing – Iowa. Silver – SHIfT – Incendiary Brewing – North Carolina. Bronze – If Only IPA – Old Stove Brewing – Washington. Brown Porters Gold – Ship Burner Brown Porter – Twin Oast Brewing – Ohio. Silver – Porter – Clifford Brewing – Ontario. Silver – Knee-Knocker – Crow Hop Brewing – Colorado. Bronze – Record Beer – 1886 Brewing – California. American Amber / Red Gold – Amber – Bent Barley Brewing – Colorado. Gold – Fire The Cannons – de Bine Brewing – Florida. Silver – Sunrise Amber Ale – Pondaseta Brewing – Texas. Bronze – Ash Canyon – Shoe Tree Brewing(Carson City) – Nevada. German Lager / Pilsener Gold – Crushing Pils – Devil’s Logic Brewing – North Carolina. Gold – Pure Pils – Amsterdam Brewing – Ontario. Silver – Betonbier Pils – Reuben’s Brews – Washington. Bronze – Kelley’s Island Pilsner – Twin Oast Brewing – Ohio. Munchner Helles, Light Gold – Munich Helles – Schulz Brau Brewing – Tennessee. Silver – Up The Hill – Cartridge Brewing – Ohio. Bronze – Helles Creek – Kros Strain Brewing – Nebraska. Bronze – Tucker Lager – Tucker Brewing – Georgia. American Cream Ale Gold – Cold CHillin’ Cream Ale – Wild Ride Brewing – Oregon. Gold – Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale – Lexington Brewing & Distilling – Kentucky. Silver – Yellow Gold – Deep River Brewing – North Carolina. Bronze – Nap in the Hammock – Metazoa Brewing – Indiana. American Style Fruit Beer Gold – White Salamander – Level Crossing Brewing – Utah. Silver – Ab PHaB Peach Honey Basil Ale – Dearborn Brewing – Michigan. Bronze – True Lime – Lonerider Brewing – North Carolina. Bronze – Banana Wheat – Whistle Hop Brewing – North Carolina. Pumpkin Gold – Pumpkin Ale – 2 Silos Brewing – Virginia. Gold – The Wicker Man – Tire Shack Brewing – Ontario. Silver – Gourdalicious – Unrefined Brewing – Florida. Bronze – Wick For Brains Pumpkin Ale – Nebraska Brewing – Nebraska. Barrel Aged Strong Beer Gold – 1314 – Black Tooth Brewing – Wyoming. Silver – The Intrepid – 49 State Brewing(Anchorage)- Alaska. Silver – Double Oaked Illuminati – Sonder Brewing – Ohio. Bronze – Bourbon BA Tripel Dollar Bill Y’all – Liability Brewing. Brett Beer Gold – Peaches – Trapezium Brewing – Virginia. Gold – Rebel Funk – Wise Man Brewing – North Carolina. Silver – Coming to Fruition: Marionberry – Oregon City Brewing – Oregon. Bronze – Coming to Fruition: Cherry – Oregon City Brewing – Oregon

Michigan beer expert Ben Darcie says the venerable brewery is “the cornerstone of the Michigan beer industry,” and, despite hundreds of worthy competitors, its beers still rank No.. Darcie, a home brewer who founded a beer-education organization called Experience Beer, is a beer writer who also works for Grand Rapids-based Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply .. Michigan brewing expert Ben Darcie poses in his backyard surrounded by local craft beers.. Another Michigan brewery that’s well-known in many states, Founders Brewing ranks No.. Here is Darcie’s Top 10 Michigan breweries list, based solely on beer quality.. Bell’s Brewery (Kalamazoo) Founders Brewing (Grand Rapids) Griffin Claw Brewing (Birmingham) New Holland Brewing (Holland) Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales (Ann Arbor) Speciation Artisan Ales (Comstock Park) Arcadia Brewing (Kalamazoo) Kuhnhenn Brewing (Warren) Short's Brewing (Bellaire) Blackrocks Brewery (Marquette). Founders Brewing's Breakfast Stout is a one of the Michigan brewery's most-loved beers.. The state has 465 breweries, according to the data which includes breweries in operation, those planned with permits to brew and some that recently closed.. The Detroit metropolitan area is "an awesome area for beer exploration," but Grand Rapids, his "personal stomping grounds," has taken over as Michigan's top craft-beer city, Darcie says.. "While that shadow is large, this beer community not only stands beside Founders as friends, but stands up to them in terms of making great beer.. In the Detroit metropolitan area, "you would be doing yourself a disservice," he says, "if you didn't scoot over to Corktown and visit Batch Brewing before heading downtown to Broadway to hit Detroit Beer Co. before a concert or event, or maybe grabbing a pint at the brand new Founders Detroit .

Imperial Stout Specialty Gold: Mornin Delight – Toppling Goliath Brewing – Iowa. Silver: Chocolate Moustache with Coconut – Urban Roots Brewing – California. Bronze: Weapon of Mash Destruction – Main & Six Brewing – Florida. Bronze: Fistful of Cake – Monday Night Brewing – Georgia. American India Pale Ale/IPA Gold: Shatter Cone IPA – Seismic Brewing – California. Silver: Seven Saturdays – R&D Brewing – North Carolina. Bronze: Descender IPA – GoodLife Brewing – Oregon. Bronze: Southern Juice – Jekyll Brewing – Georgia. Fruit IPA Gold: The Bluprint – Birds Fly South Ale Project – South Carolina. Silver: The Big O – Sugar Creek Brewing – North Carolina. Bronze: Remix – R&D Brewing – North Carolina. Bronze: Raspberry Milkshake – Twenty-Six Acres Brewing – North Carolina. American Brown Ale Gold: Handsworth – Main & Six Brewing – Florida. Silver: Mother Fuggle – Eudora Brewing Company – Ohio. Bronze: Excavator Brown Ale – Big Ditch Brewing – New York. Bronze: Florida Avenue Brown Ale – Brew Bus Brewing – Florida. Berliner Weisse Gold: Guavana Ooh Na- Na – Arrow Lodge Brewing – California. Silver: Peach Love & Happiness – SweetWater Brewing – Georgia. Silver: Binary Storm – August Schell Brewing – Minnesota. Bronze: Tart Cherry Berliner – Vallensons’ Brewing – Texas. Chili Pepper Beer Gold: Datil – Motorworks Brewing – Florida. Silver: Hatch Chile IPAs – Garage Brewing Co – California. Bronze: Paleta De Mango – Rahr & Sons Brewing – Texas. Bronze: Jalapeno Mouth – Waikiki Brewing – Hawaii. Smoke Beer Gold: Set it on Fire – Bhramari Brewing Company – North Carolina. Silver: Rogalian – Stone Brewing Liberty Station – California. Bronze: Smoked Marzen – 49th State Brewing – Alaska. Bronze: Egatobas – Coppertail Brewing – Florida. Hemp Beer Gold: Mango Kush Wheat Ale – SweetWater Brewing – Georgia. Silver: HPA – New Belgium Brewing – Colorado. Bronze: Dubhe Imperial Black IPA – Uinta Brewing – Utah. Bronze: Hemp is a Four Letter Word – Carolina Bauernhaus Ales – South Carolina. Barrel-Aged Fruited Sour Beer Gold: Shrunken Heads – Akademia Brewing Co – Georgia. Silver: Paparazzi Prairie Dog – NOLA Brewing – Louisiana. Bronze: Levanto Oscuro – Madtree Brewing – Ohio. Bronze: Lydian – Brothers Cascadia Brewing – Washington. Barrel-Aged Barley Wine Gold: 12.12.12 – Cherry Street Brewing – Georgia. Silver: Grow Old With You – Verboten Brewing – Colorado. Bronze: Kelly’s Candy – Brink Brewing – Ohio. Bronze: Three Ryes Men – Reubens Brew – Taproom – Washington. B arrel-Aged Brett / Wild Beer Gold: Midnight Choir – Sun King Brewing – Indiana. Silver: Foeder Bier – Southern Brewing – Georgia. Bronze: St. Eldritch – Cellar Works Brewing – Pennsylvania. Bronze: Aged Helios – Pontoon Brewing – Georgia. Experimental Beer Gold: Dreamsicle – – Apocalypse Ale Works – Virginia. Silver: Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Cigar City Brewing – Florida. Silver: Sin Mint Temptress – Lakewood Brewing – Texas. Bronze: Florida Avenue Neapolitan Berline – Brew Bus Brewing – Florida

Michigan House Café & Red Jacket Brewing Co. – Part of the Michigan House Café, Red Jacket Brewing serves several beers at the Michigan House as well as a wide variety of other beer.. Known for their killer pizza, the Library Brew Pub also boasts a nice selection of excellent beer and a great view of the Portage Canal waterway.. The Fitzgerald Restaurant – The Fitzgerald is a restaurant, first, but with more than 100 different beers available, many from other Michigan microbreweries, The Fitz should be on any beer lover’s radar.. Cognition Brewing Company –Ishpeming This newer addition to Marquette County's beer scene is a small-batch brewing operation located inside the historic Mather Inn.. Vierling Restaurant & Marquette Harbor Brewery – This true fixture of the city of Marquette is known as much for its excellent food and cool, historic atmosphere as it is for is beer.. Barrel + Beam - Marquette. Barrel + Beam opened in January 2018, focusing on farmhouse ales brewed with locally-sourced ingredients, including seasonal brews featuring Michigan-grown apples, peaches, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, among others.. Ore Dock Brewing Company – Marquette A newer brewery on the lively microbrew scene in Marquette, Ore Dock gained a loyal following of locals and tourists alike with its sharp focus on sustainable building materials, local community, and Belgian beers, Ore Dock is loved by locals and tourists alike and is within easy walking distance of both Blackrocks and The Vierling.. Lake Superior Brewing Company at the Dunes Saloon – Lake Superior Brewing in Grand Marais is an idyllic little place in an idyllic little town.. Marie Another fairly recent addition to the list of Upper Peninsula breweries, Soo Brewing brought craft beer back to the Soo.. Upper Hand Brewery – Escanaba Think fun, and you'll get the vibe at this relatively new brewery that holds outdoor release parties even in mid-winter, creates brews like the “UPA” and “906 Ale” and offers beer dinners that pairs their brews with food often infused with them.

Third Eye took silver medals for Barrel-aged Kelly’s Private Stash (English), Deep Euphoria (Oatmeal Stout) and Higher Purpose (Cream Stout).. “There are so many great breweries in Cincinnati, and so many great breweries in this country, so to do as well as we did, it’s exciting.”. Of the 57 medals awarded to Ohio breweries, 36 were won by Cincinnati breweries.. Cincinnati breweries have the advantage of being able to hand-deliver their beers, avoiding environmental exposure that can affect the taste of beers during shipping.. Little Miss Scare All Cascadian Dark Ale (Bronze, American-Style Black Ale). Lusen (Gold, German Lager/Pilsner). Brewer (Bronze, Marzen/Oktoberfest). Preacher (Bronze, American Style Fruit Beer - Peach). Queen City Crown (Silver, American Style Fruit Beer - Peach). RallyCap (Bronze, American Lager/Pilsner). Come Together (Silver, ESB). I Need More Cowbelgian (Silver, Belgian Pale Ale). Sun King Brewery, Indiana. Ales Brewing. Julius Squeezer IPA – Elmhurst Brewing Company

English Pale Ale. Gold – 10/6 English Pale Ale – Rabbit Hole Brewing – Texas. Silver – Cream Ale – Muskoka Brewery – Canada. Bronze – California Kolsch – Ballast Point Brewing – California. IPA. Gold – Stingray – Coronado Brewing Company – California. Gold – Union Jack – Firestone Walker Brewing – California. Silver – All American IPA – City Star Brewing – Colorado. Bronze – IPA – Sweetwater Brewing – Georgia. Cream Stout. Gold – Vespers Nine – Moonraker Brewing Company – California. Silver – Seattle Milk Stout – Reuben’s Brews – small batch brewery – Washington. Bronze – Florida Sweet Stout – Florida Beer Company – Florida. American Pale Ale. Gold – Stick’s Pale Ale – Bootstrap Brewing – Colorado. Silver – Tumble Off Pale Ale – Barley Brown’s Brewpub – Oregon. Bronze – Mr. Chimpo – Track 7 Brewing – California. American Brown Ale. Gold – Fresh Roast – Rogue Ales – Oregon. Silver – Watership Brown Ale – Red Hare Brewing – Georgia. Bronze – Rapture Fusion Brown Ale – Rabbit Hole Brewing – Texas. Wood / Barrel Aged Strong Beer. Gold – Utopias – Boston Beer Company – Massachusetts. Silver – White Oak Jai Alai IPA – Cigar City Brewing – Florida. Bronze – Belgo Ruskie – Cherry Street Brewing – Georgia. Bronze – 1314 – Black Tooth Brewing – Wyoming – Wyoming. Wood/Barrel-Aged Strong Stout. Gold – Wonderwall – Cherry Street Brewing – Georgia. Gold – Georgian Imperial – Monday Night Brewing – Georgia. Silver – Barrel-Aged Oort Imperial Stout – Ecliptic Brewing – Oregon. Bronze – Don Vanuchi “The Killer” Imperial Stout – Barley Browns Beer-Two – Oregon. Aged Beer. Gold – Uncle Ruckus – Melvin Brewing(Jackson) – Wyoming. Silver – Epitaph – Heathen Brewing – Washington. Bronze – Chaos – Barley Brown’s Beer – Two – Oregon. Sessions Beer. Gold – Q-Stew Light Lager – Perrin Brewing – Michigan. Silver – Point S.P.A. – Point Brewing – Wisconsin. Bronze – Sai What – Black Tooth Brewing – Wyoming

Monday Night Garage Brewing out of Atlanta, Georgia placed second, winning three gold medals and a silver, all from beers judged best in the barrel-aged category, which includes Rum Barrel Aged, Blended Barrel-Aged, Barrel-Aged Strong Stout Specialty and Barrel Aged Dark beers.. English Pale Ale Gold: Special Pale Ale – Wellington Brewery – Ontario. Silver: Royal Scandal – Peticolas Brewing – Texas. Silver: Pale Ale – Ferment Brewing – Oregon. Bronze: Boont Amber – Anderson Valley Brewing – California. Imperial Porter Gold: – Black Eye Imperial Porter – Scratchtown Brewing – Nebraska. Silver: Capella Imperialized Porter – Ecliptic Brewing – Oregon. Bronze: Cinful Imperial Porter – American Harvest Brewpub – Michigan. Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale Gold: Chance IPA – Wild Leap Brew Company – Georgia. Silver: Hazy River – New Holland Brewing – Michigan. Bronze: Soul of the City – Atlanta Brewing – Georgia. American IPA Gold: Thompson Island IPA – Thompson Island Brewing – Delaware. Silver: Mosaic IPA -Zipline Brewing – Nebraska. Bronze – Don’t Worry – Wormtown Brewery – Massachusetts

ESB GOLD – Anderson Valley ESB – Anderson Valley Brewing. SILVER – Old Thumper – Shipyard Brewing. BRONZE – Ice Pick Ale – Silverton Brewing. BRONZE – Pub Ale – Jimmy Vervaecke(Homebrewer). Irish Red Ale GOLD – Red Mountain Ale – Silverton Brewing. SILVER – Cameron’s Auburn Ale – Cameron’s Brewing. BRONZE – Samuel Adams Red Ale – Boston Beer Company. American Pale Ale GOLD – Sharptail Pale Ale – Montana Brewing. SILVER – Mauna Kea Pale Ale – Mehana Brewing. BRONZE – Cascade Pale Ale – Stevens Point Brewing. American Brown Ale GOLD – Hapa Brown – Hawaii Nui Brewing. SILVER – Burly Brown – Stevens Point Brewing. BRONZE – Red Brick Brown – Red Brick Brewing Company. Belgian Witbier GOLD – Belgium White – Stevens Point Brewing. SILVER – Celis White – Michigan Brewing. BRONZE – Keywest Southernmost Wheat – Florida Beer Company. BRONZE – Dry Wit – Pike Place Brewing. American Cream Ale GOLD – Deer Brand – August Schell Brewing. SILVER – Camerson Cream Ale – Cameron’s Brewing. BRONZE – Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema – Anderson Valley Brewing Company. Smoked / Rauch beer GOLD – Z Lager – Fort Collins Brewing. SILVER – SmokeStack Lager – Maui Brewing. BRONZE – Fireside Ale – Weyerbacher Brewing

New Holland Brewing Co. sold 15,025 barrels of its own beer in Michigan in 2018, down 10% compared to 2017.. Grand Armory Brewing sold 5,126 barrels of its own beer in Michigan in 2018, up 116% compared to 2017.. Brew Detroit sold 4,638 barrels of its own beer in Michigan in 2018, down 15% compared to 2017.. Lansing Brewing Co. sold 2,061 barrels of its own beer in Michigan in 2018, up 18% compared to 2017.. One Well Brewing sold 1,569 barrels of its own beer in Michigan in 2018, up 42% compared to 2017.. Rockford Brewing sold 1,066 barrels of its own beer in Michigan in 2018, up 76% compared to 2017.

Increasingly though, the Great Lake State is becoming the Great Beer State, with dozens of craft beer producers making some of the boldest and best brews in the country.. In short, every beer poured in the state has Bell’s to thank for it existing.. Bell’s Brewery Inc| © Edwin / Flickr. Bar, Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Pub Grub, American, $$$. Each beer has a totally unique flavor that will see you working your way through the taps in no time.. Most impressively of all, though, is the fact that none of their beers use extracts, a feat that must have needed much more than one half of the brain to pull off with such success.. For those ale aficionados, Short’s Brewing Company offers 20 on-tap beers, as well as some of the most knowledgeable staff of any microbrewery in the state.. Though many will be put off by the idea of Jolly Pumpkin’s country-inspired selection of sour beers, they are guaranteed to convert you with their rustic charms.. Perhaps unique in the craft brewing world, the Dark Horse is the only brewing company that is the subject of its own documentary.. Dragonmead offer quantity AND quality, with two Beer World Cup gold medalists (including their legendary Final Absolution) among their roster of ales, beers and lagers that has only got bigger and better over their 15 years as a company.


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