11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (2022)

The capital of United States washington DC was founded in the year 1790 after the emergence of American Revolution. Located in the Atlantic region of the US east coast, the climate of this place is equable. The population of this place is nearly 600,000 and thus is the 24th most populous city in America.

In recent times, due to the rise in tourism along with the professional and business services, this city has seen quite a positive growth in the economic sector. Hence, it has become the sixth largest metropolitan economy in the United States.

Tourists here often indulge themselves in the adventurous activities and love to visit some of the world famous amusements parks of this place. Those who are looking for some fun and exciting activities, can visit some of the amazingly vibrant water parks in Washington DC .

11 Best Water Parks In Washington DC

Washington DC is a city of dreams that makes you feel alive every time you come here. The ambience of this place is very positive and full of energy. This city has something to offer to everyone.

The water parks in Washington DC surely are a treat to visit. Be it the jaw-dropping roller coaster rides or thrilling water slides, everything is full of adventure. Along with that, these water parks even provide you with the facilities of cafes or food stalls inside so that you can have the taste of the local cuisine as well!

So if you ever come to Washington, make sure that you don’t miss visiting the famous water parks and experience something new. Here are some of the best water parks in Washington DC area that you must visit.

1. Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags America

11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (1)

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This is the Maryland’s largest water park. It is the perfect place to beat the summer. You can spend an entire day in the million gallon wave pool with your family or friends.

There is a half pipeline where first you have to make your way to the top and then let yourself flow down with water at the rate of 20 miles per hour. Also, the shark attack and the six storey plunge on Bonzai Pipelines are the main attractions of this water park.

Location: 13710 Central Ave, Bowie, MD 20721, USA
Contact: +1 301-249-1500
Highlight: Shark attack, six storey plunge

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2. Ocean Dunes Water Park

11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (2)

Image Source

This water park has got one of the largest water dumps famous with the name The Blue Bucket. Here, all you have to do is simply stand approx 500 gallons of water that will start pouring down on you all at once.

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It is a fun thing to experience and is highly recommended! For the kids, there are tamer sprays and cute little fountains and wading pools to help them beat the heat. Other than these activities, this water park also features miniature golf and batting cages.

Location: 6060 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205, USA
Contact: +1 703-534-3437
Highlight: The Blue Bucket Bath

3. Kings Dominion

11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (3)

Image Source

This water park is one of the largest water parks in this area. It is spread over an area of 20 acres. This pool features a variety of water slide options for both adults and kids. Here there is a quarter mile river on which you can float by the grace of the gentle current.

For kids, there is Lil’ Barefoot Beach’s pool where they can enjoy drenching themselves in water. There are also two wave pools where you can surf even if you are a beginner! And the most exciting part is the funnel ride called Tornado that will drop you from a certain height, creating a huge splash in the water and then rapidly sliding you from one side to the other.

Location: 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047, USA
Contact: +1 703-227-5413
Highlight: Tornado (a funnel ride)

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4. Volcano Island Waterpark

11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (4)

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The architecture of this water park is based on Polynesian theme. This water park features a swimming pool of variable heights, exciting water slides, and a massive water dumping bucket.

Also, for kids, there are short tubes and wades through which they can glide and end up into a one to three feet deep swimming pools. For adults, there is a 230 ft. long open twisting water slide or 170 ft. dark twisting water slide, gliding down through which they will end up into a huge swimming pool. There is even an 18-hole miniature golf course.

Location: 20015 Volcano Island Dr, Sterling, VA 20165, USA
Contact: +1 703-430-7683
Highlight: twisting water slides

5. Great Waves Water Park

11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (5)

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The main attraction of this water park is the surf and the twisting water slides. Also, there are tube slides of two categories - the dark ones and the open ones. For people who want to up their excitement game to a whole new level, can opt for the dark tube slides.

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Also, this park is very much kid friendly. It has slides for kids like crawl throwing fish, climbing equipment, baby water slides and many more. Overall, this park can be a nice place to come with your family

Location: 4001 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304, USA
Contact: +1 703-960-0767
Highlight: twisting water slides

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6. Great Wolf Lodge America

11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (6)

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This is a 79,000-square-ft. water park that is located in Williamsburg. It is one of the best indoor water parks in Washington DC This park features a number of water rides and slides that are enough to pump your adrenaline. The main attraction is the wading pool, wave pool and the flowrider.

This park has a variety of slides option for kids to choose from which are centerpiece tree house, kids climb cargo nets, cross rope bridges, slip down slides. It also has a 19-hole golf course for the adults and over 100 different kinds of games for the kids.

This is more like a family resort and facilitates fine dining options at night.

Location: Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, USA
Contact: +1 703-960-0767
Highlight: wading pool, a wave pool, Flow rider

7. Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole

11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (7)

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This water park is based entirely on the western theme. The main attraction of this park is the lazy river. Also, there are many options available for kids. But mostly two kinds of water slides are popular among them which are Big Pete and Little Pete.

There is also a tenderfoot pond in which people are thrown after they glide down from the top of a slide.

Location: 1400 Lake Fairfax Dr, Reston, VA 20190, USA
Contact: +1 703-471-5415
Highlight: lazy river

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    8. Georgetown Waterfront Park

    11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (8)

    Image Source

    This is a unique water park which was opened in the year 2011. People usually come here to simply chill and relax with their friends and family and enjoy the mesmerizing view of Potomac River.

    There is also an arcing tunnel of water where kids can cool themselves off. This place is great for strolling without getting much wet. For people who want to go to a water park that is less crowded and hustle free, this is the perfect option.

    Location: 3303 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA
    Contact: +1 703-568-1472
    Highlight: the giant swimming pool

    9. Splash Park & Mini Golf

    11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (9)

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    As the name suggests, this water park is famous for its fountains and miniature golf course. You can find so many creative fountains that will make you dance with happiness. It has two giant mushrooms constantly pouring down rain upon you.

    Also, there is a space in this park which features 280 water jets arranged in three concentric circles sprinkling water in a random fashion. There is one another fountain in the form of a waterfall.

    Location: 18056 Central Park Cir, Boyds, MD 20847, USA
    Contact: +1 301-670-4685
    Highlight: 280 water jets arranged in a concentric circle

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    10. Cub Run RECenter Aquatics

    11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (10)

    Image Source

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    Among the numerous of breathtaking water slides that this park has to offer the most favourite among the people are the swirling vortex and the two tall twisting slides.

    Kids can glide down into a pool of water through smaller slides specially designed for them. This park also provides swimming classes to both kids and adults. Other than that, there is a fitness area where one can avail the facility of cardio equipment and exercise classes.

    Location: Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
    Contact: +1 703-395-4717
    Highlight: swirling vortex.

    11. Water Country USA

    11 Water Parks In Washington DC That Will Make You Relive Childhood Days (11)

    Image Source

    This water park opened in 1984 and is the largest water park in the mid Atlantic region. It features a variety of fun activities like water slides, trilling rides, cafes, restaurants, live entertainment, and other family attractions.

    The park has a mix of both thrilling and family-friendly rides. To take your excitement one step up, you can go for the Vanish Point. Here, you will get to experience a near vertical drop.

    There is also a funnel ride which is 46 feet long and is full of twist and turn that will glide you down into a huge swimming pool.

    Location: 176 Water Country Pkwy, Williamsburg, VA 23185, USA
    Contact: +1 703-284-6359
    Highlight: Big Daddy Falls, Hubba-Hubba Highway, Malibu Pipeline

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    If you are planning your vacation in Washington DC during summer season, make sure that you take a day off from your plan and head over to some of these amazing water parks and beat the heat like a pro.Don’t forget to add some of these water parks in Washington DC to your itinerary to have hassle-free fun experiences that you can rejoice for a lifetime.

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    Does DC have a water park? ›

    Kings Dominion

    This water park is one of the largest water parks in this area. It is spread over an area of 20 acres. This pool features a variety of water slide options for both adults and kids.

    Can you get a wart from a water park? ›

    Warm, moist environments also sustain the virus, so warts are often associated with swimming pools and water parks. If left untreated, warts can grow to an inch or more in circumference, and they can spread into clusters of several warts.

    Is Noah's Ark the biggest water park? ›

    About Noah's Ark Waterpark

    "Noah's Ark is America's Largest Waterpark®, located in the Waterpark Capital of the World.

    Will DC pools open this summer? ›

    Outdoor pools are open on the WEEKENDS ONLY (Saturday and Sunday) BEFORE Sunday, June 26. Starting Monday, June 27, all outdoor pools will operate on individual summer schedules, six days a week (see below). DPR pools remain open if it rains, as long as lifeguards are able to see the bottom of the pool.

    Has anyone got stuck in a water slide? ›

    Arizona police recovered the body of a 31-year-old man on Monday night after he became stuck inside a water slide support pipe at a Scottsdale theme park. The victim was identified as 31-year-old Ryan Kelly, the Scottsdale Police Department confirms to PEOPLE.

    What is tsunami surge? ›

    Tsunami Surge is the tallest water coaster in the world at a height of 86 feet! Reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour over 950 feet of enclosed tunnels and open air slides featuring three gravity-defying blasts and five breathtaking drops, along with five hairpin turns.

    Where is the tallest slide in the world? ›

    Kilimanjaro, Brazil

    At 49.9m high – 12m higher than the city's Christ the Redeemer statue – this is not only the world's tallest slide, it's also reportedly the world's fastest, with a record speed of 57mph.

    How do verrucas spread? ›

    Warts and verrucas can be spread to other people through close skin contact or contact with contaminated objects or surfaces, such as: towels. shoes and socks. areas surrounding swimming pools.

    What is a verruca sock? ›

    Verruca socks are special waterproof socks which aim to stop the spread of verrucas. Commonly used by children during swimming lessons, they are often purchased by parents to stop a verruca spreading to other children, or to stop a child getting a verruca in the first place.

    Is it okay to pop water warts? ›

    Molluscum contagiosum stages

    As time passes they continue to grow in size and develop white or yellow heads full of pus, often with a characteristic indentation (third image from the left - the purulent stage). These can be popped, however, you are advised not to do so as this can spread the infection.

    Was Noah's ark ever found? ›

    In 2020, the Institute for Creation Research acknowledged that, despite many expeditions, Noah's Ark had not been found and is unlikely to be found. Many of the supposed findings and methods used in the search are regarded as pseudoscience and pseudoarchaeology by geologists and archaeologists.

    Where is Noah's ark now? ›

    Many Christians believe the mountain in Turkey is the final resting place of Noah's ark, which the Bible says protected Noah, his family, and pairs of every animal species on Earth during a divine deluge that wiped out most of humanity.

    How many animals were on Noah's ark? ›

    That brings our count up to a grand total of 3,858,920 animals aboard the ark—two of each species, except birds which number fourteen each.

    How did Schlitterbahn death happen? ›

    Visitors flocked to Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, Kansas, to experience its thrill. That is, until August 7, 2016, when the raft that 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was riding went airborne and hit a metal pole supporting a safety net, resulting in his decapitation and instant death.

    How fast are water slides? ›

    The fastest speed ever achieved on a water slide is 57 miles per hour.

    How tall is the slide in the Bahamas? ›

    Nothing can prepare you for the thrill of plummeting down our high-velocity, 6-story, 79 foot, near-vertical open drop slide Thunderball at Baha Bay waterpark in Nassau, The Bahamas. Feel your adrenaline spike as your race towards the earth, safely landing in just six inches of water.

    Why do I get a wart? ›

    Warts are caused by an infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus causes an excess amount of keratin, a hard protein, to develop in the top skin layer (epidermis). The extra keratin produces the rough, hard texture of a wart.

    How do I get rid of a wart on my leg? ›

    Peeling medicine (salicylic acid).

    Scholl's Clear Away Wart Remover, others) are usually used daily, often for a few weeks. For best results, soak your wart in warm water for a few minutes before applying the product. File away any dead skin with a disposable emery board or a pumice stone between treatments.

    How do you get warts on your hands? ›

    Most forms, however, are spread by casual skin contact or through shared objects, such as towels or washcloths. The virus usually spreads through breaks in your skin, such as a hangnail or a scrape. Biting your nails also can cause warts to spread on your fingertips and around your nails.

    What is a verruca NHS? ›

    Warts and verrucas are small lumps on the skin that most people have at some point in their life. They usually go away on their own but may take months or even years.

    How do you use verruca plasters? ›

    For best results the feet should be washed and dried before use. Select a medicated disc from those supplied which best fits the size of the wart. Leave medicated disc in place on wart fro 48 hours and repeat treatment. Treatment should not continue for more than twelve weeks, except under medical advice.

    How do you get rid of verruca roots? ›

    The most commonly used treatments for warts and verrucas removal are salicylic acid and cryotherapy (freezing).
    1. Medicines. There are many creams, gels and medicated plasters for treating warts and verrucas. ...
    2. Cryotherapy. ...
    3. Specialist treatments.

    How do you use wart bandaids? ›

    Peel off the protective covering and place the patch/bandage over the area. Leave in place according to package directions. Remove and place a new patch/bandage as directed (usually every 8 to 48 hours depending on brand). Repeat this procedure for up to 2 weeks for corns and calluses and 12 weeks for warts.

    How do you get rid of a wart on a baby? ›

    If an infant has warts, the doctor will check the baby to make sure there are no warts in the breathing passages. If treatment is needed, it might include: Destruction with freezing (cryosurgery); burning (electrocautery); laser; or cantharidin, podophyllin, tretinoin, or acid application.

    How do I remove a wart on my face? ›

    Medical treatment
    1. Topical creams. Doctors often prescribe creams containing 5-fluorouracil, imiquimod, or benzoyl peroxide, which make it easy to peel warts away from the skin.
    2. Excision. In this procedure, a doctor cuts or shaves warts away, using a scalpel. ...
    3. Burning. ...
    4. Cryotherapy. ...
    5. Cantharidin.

    Where is Prophet Noah buried? ›

    Tomb of Noah, Nakhichevan, exclave of Azerbaijan west of Armenia and east of Turkey.

    What did Noah's Ark look like? ›

    Atrahasis' Ark was circular, resembling an enormous quffa, with one or two decks. Utnapishtim's ark was a cube with six decks of seven compartments, each divided into nine subcompartments (63 subcompartments per deck, 378 total). Noah's Ark was rectangular with three decks.

    When did Noah born? ›

    2000–1500 BC.

    How big was the Titanic compared to Noah's Ark? ›

    The dimensions of Noah's ark in Genesis, chapter 6, are given in cubits (about 18-22 inches): length 300 cubits, breadth 50 cubits, and height 30 cubits. Taking the lower value of the cubit, this gives dimensions in feet of 450 x 75 x 45, which compares with 850 x 92 x 64 for the Titanic.

    How long did Noah live? ›

    At the age of 950 years, Noah, who shepherded God's creatures through the Flood, died. He left behind three sons, from whom the human race descended, according to the Bible.

    Where is Ararat? ›

    Mount Ararat is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey between the provinces of Ağrı and Iğdır, near the border with Iran, Armenia and Nakhchivan exclave of Azerbaijan, between the Aras and Murat rivers.

    What is a clean animal in the Bible? ›

    Unlike Leviticus 11:3-8, Deuteronomy 14:4-8 also explicitly names 10 animals considered ritually clean: The ox. The sheep. The goat. The deer.

    What was the last animal on the ark? ›

    The last birds are flying into the ark, and the last animals are being escorted by an angel. The flood has already started, and the ark, with its beast-headed prow and stern, floats upon its waters, pennant flying.
    Related Objects.
    First Two Days of Creation (Genesis 1: 1-8)Title
    1 more row

    Are there real animals in the ark? ›

    No, no real animals on the ark itself, they made very life like models of various types of animals which were in their pens and they had sound effects of animals. Outside there were camels, ponies and some other animals.

    Whats the steepest water slide in the world? ›

    At a height of 168 feet 7 inches (51.38 m), Verrückt became the world's tallest water slide when it opened on July 10, 2014, and surpassing Kilimanjaro at Aldeia das Águas Park Resort in Brazil.
    ModelWater coaster
    Height168 ft (51 m)
    Speed70 mph (110 km/h)
    Max vertical angle60°
    14 more rows

    Where is the fastest water slide? ›

    Highest… Fastest… Craziest Water Slides in the World!
    1. Verrückt slide in Kansas City, USA. ...
    2. Kilimanjaro in Volta Redonda, Brazil. ...
    3. Insano slide in Aquiraz, Brazil. ...
    4. Captain Spacemaker in Jesolo, Italy. ...
    5. Tower of Power slide in Tenerife, Spain. ...
    6. Massiv slide in Galveston, Texas, USA.

    Is verruckt water slide still standing? ›

    — All that's left of what was once the world's tallest waterslide are 264 stairs. Verrückt at Schlitterbahn is all but dismantled; FOX4 cameras out near the Legends on Wednesday spotted crews continuing to work in the area, and the waterslide where a 10-year-old boy died is gone.

    How fast do you go on a water slide? ›

    Consider this: On the average waterslide, riders splash along at 20 to 30 miles per hour. But the average airplane flies 600 miles per hour. That's 20 times faster than a person travels on a waterslide.

    What is the tallest free fall slide in the world? ›

    The kilimanjaro is a waterslide that is located in the Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort in Brazil. Standing at 164 feet, it is the world's tallest free-fall body slide and holds the Guinness World Record for the highest drop on a waterslide.

    Are roller coasters safer than water slides? ›

    Out of 552 amusement ride incidents over the past five years, 122 of them happened on a water slide. Go-karts were involved in 45 accidents while water rapids rides accounted for 42 incidents. Rollercoasters came in fourth place, making up only 39 of those incidents.

    How did Schlitterbahn death happen? ›

    Visitors flocked to Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, Kansas, to experience its thrill. That is, until August 7, 2016, when the raft that 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was riding went airborne and hit a metal pole supporting a safety net, resulting in his decapitation and instant death.

    Where is the Kilimanjaro water slide? ›

    First opened in 2002, Kilimanjaro stood as the world's tallest water slide for more than 12 years. Located in Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort about 85 northwest of Rio de Janeiro, Kilimanjaro has a stunning drop height of 164 feet and remains the record holder for the highest drop on a body slide.

    When did Schlitterbahn close? ›

    September 3, 2018

    How tall is volcano bay slide? ›

    The volcano houses three drop capsule slides, Ko'okiri Body Plunge, the tallest body slide in America ranging at 125 feet tall, and also the first to travel through a pool full of guests.

    How tall is the point of no return Noah's ark? ›

    Point of No Return: 100 Feet

    Another 100-foot-tall slide, Point of No Return, is at Noah's Ark Water Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. "By the time you realize what you're really in for, it's already too late," says the park of the freefall waterslide.

    How do you draw a water slide? ›

    How To Draw A Waterslide - YouTube

    What does Schlitterbahn? ›

    The name “Schlitterbahn” roughly translates to “slippery road” in German and has become synonymous with summertime fun in Texas.

    What does Der Riese? ›

    Der Riese (German for "The Giant"), fully known as Waffenfabrik der Riese (Weapons Factory of the Giant),also known as Zombie Factory, is a map featured in the Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies game mode and in the hardened and prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    Did Schlitterbahn get torn down? ›

    CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many people might recall a lot of relaxing and fun memories at Schlitterbahn and the Waves Resort, but that's all they'll be for now- just memories. The water park and resort was demolished Wednesday after they weren't bringing in revenue.


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