15 Kid-Friendly Farms to Visit | Petting Farms | Family Fun (2022)

Farms Near Me for Kids to Visit

We just love visiting farms. Both of my kids love animals, Kevin in particular. There are many local farms and animal farms to visit with children in Pennsylvania. I think I have taken my kids to visit every farm on this list!

With the pandemic, make sure you click through to their website. Many family farms are now requiring reservations or have other restrictions. Many of these farms are free. I always like to support them and buy something, though.

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In addition to this list of fun farms in Pennsylvania that you can visit with your kids, don’t forget about the fair season. In late summer and early fall, many towns and municipalities host fairs and festivals to celebrate the harvest and agriculture.

And most have a section of animals (since they are often being shown) to visit, pet and learn. Our perpetual January favorite isThe Pennsylvania Farm Show.

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Also visit: Farm Coloring Pages to do before or after your visit.

We’re lucky to live 3-10 miles from 3 state borders.

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Preparing for a Farm Visit with Kids

A few quick tips I’ve learned over the years.

  • Wear comfortable, close-toed shoes. (you may not be allowed near animals in flip flops)
  • Wear or bring sunscreen.
  • Check websites and Facebook pages for special events and times, such as if they let you feed animals.
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Farms to Visit Near Philadelphia

  1. Baily’s Dairy of Pocopson Meadow in Pocopson/Unionville: Hands down our all-time favorite. We go there at least once a month and I just love their skim milk. In the spring you can visit all the baby cows and they also host an annual egg hunt around Easter. Just a great place to visit and it is free except for what you purchase. They have bunnies, ducks, geese, chickens/roosters, cats, cows, goats, and sheep. I think I got them all. Visit them on Facebook.
  2. The Barn at Springbrook Farm in Unionville/Coatesville area (disabled kids only): The Barn at Spring Brook Farm sits on 13 acres of open space including green pastures, gardens, and nature trails. Their fully accessible Chester County bank barn was designed specifically to provide opportunities for children with disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, to participate in animal-assisted activities.
  3. Cherry Crest in Lancaster County: Cherry Crest has a TON of things to do, including animals, corn mazes, hay rides and so much more. But, it also gets VERY crowded during the peak months and I find it to be one of the more expensive farm outings. Still, it’s lots of fun. I personally would take older kids here and not babies/toddlers. Check out this map of what they offer and you’ll see what I mean, it’s a busy, noisy place. Again, my son does not do well in big crowds, particularly if we are out in the sun, so I do not take him here. Their family-centered approach allows parents and children to identify specific goals to achieve through interaction with our miniature horses, donkeys, goats, and rabbits. One of their keys to success is providing a safe and nurturing environment where kids can have fun while supporting therapies they may be receiving. They also offer organized programs and summer camps.
  4. Green Ridge in Parkesburg-Very hard to find information, it appears that they do not have a website or a Facebook page, so my guess is that it is run by Amish or Mennonites. It’s on Octorara Road, in either Parkesburg or Coatesville. From what I can find from random postings and yellow page listings: it appears that fall is their big season, they do have animals and they likely are closed on Sundays.
  5. Highland Orchards in West Chester/Downingtown area: Offers many fun activities for kids including hay rides, story time and pick your own. This one is a bit sentimental to me because it is one of the first activities we did with Kevin when he was a baby. They have animals sometimes, not out in all weather. We have done both apple picking and strawberry picking at this location.
  6. Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site in Morgantown: I wrote up a full review of our visit to Hopewell Furnace National Historic site. They do have animals there that you can visit with, as well as many other activities for kids, including the Junior Ranger program which included a scavenger hunt.
  7. Hurricane Hill in Coatesville: Only open in the fall, offers a corn maze and other fun things to do for families.
  8. Kreider Farms in Manheim (Lancaster County): It’s a working dairy farm that offers tours. You can do actual farm tours here at this Lancaster County farm and learn about the agriculture business.
  9. Linvilla Orchards in Media: I’ve actually only been here once and that was recently to play mini-golf. In the winter they offer mini golf in one of their buildings, it sells plants in the warmer months. Linvilla has a ton to offer as far as activities for kids-the animals, mini golf, all kinds of festivals and pick your own, and a gift shop. But it is a busy place. It sits right outside of Philadelphia, but once you’re there you’d never know how close to the city you are. Fun, but busy. I prefer the quieter, low key farms for my family.
  10. Milky Way Farm in Chester Springs: A creamery, birthday parties, and tours/learning activities about sustainable farming are just some of the things they offer for families.
  11. Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines in Glenmoore area (actually website says Pottstown): At Ryerss Farm, we care for aged, abused or injured horses and providing a home where they can spend their golden years. The horses at Ryerss never work, never go to auction or used for experiments. They simply spend their days grazing and enjoying life with their friends, as part of the herd. We have visited here and really enjoyed it. They have visiting hours. You can bring carrots or apples to feed the horses, or they provide them.
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  12. Verdant View in Paradise (Lancaster County): Offers a variety of tours and visiting options for kids of all ages.

Fun Farms to Visit in Maryland

Milburn Orchard in Elkton MD: This is one of our family favorites and we meet our cousins there every fall. Tons of playground equipment, animals to visit and feed, pick your own, food, games. They have a ton to do! In recent years, they have raised their prices to $10 a person in the fall, which is their peak season. That is when they are offering the most activities.

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However, in the summer it is often free and much less crowded. Even during the busy fall months, they often offer $1 Fridays and other specials.

Make sure you poke around the internet before you go. (In full disclosure, I work there in the fall giving school tours, but I was going there for 9 years before I applied for a job.)

Dominic’s Farm, Queenstown: “Opening up the outdoors to children and the special gifts animals have to offer.” There are numerous ways to enjoy the farm! Set up a private tour or event, attend a farm story time,plan a celebration at the farm or attend one of our fun and friendly seasonal events.

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Maryland Sunrise Farm, Gambrills.

Knightongale Farm: Harwood MD. This farm canceled many activities due to the pandemic. Call first!

Family Affair Farm: Easton. Includes corn maze.

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Fun Farms to Visit in Delaware

  • Coverdale Farm Preserve of Delaware Nature Society in Greenville DE: This is another one of our local favorites. The animals are for kids to see and visit. They also have a small farm store and plenty of events scheduled throughout the year.
  • Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin? Newark?: I guess their address is actually Newark but I call this part Hockessin. A really fun place to visit, even if you are just stopping for an ice cream cone. They offer plenty of events for families and kids on their “Events Cow-lendar.”
  • UD Ag Day is usually held the last weekend of April (ish). It is on/near all the ag buildings in Newark. It is a farm, a working farm to teach students. However, one Saturday a year they open it up to the public.
  • Ramsey’s Farm: Open for autumn only.
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Visits with a Disability

Of course, always remember to wash your hands after petting pigs, goats and all the other animals. If you have food or bee allergies, you want to be prepared for that. Farm produce often attracts bees.

Keep in mind that if you go on a hay ride at one of these farms, it may aggravate asthma or other breathing conditions.

15 Kid-Friendly Farms to Visit | Petting Farms | Family Fun (8)

Know that for some of these farms, the only bathroom option was a portable toilet. Call ahead if that will be an issue for you.

15 Kid-Friendly Farms to Visit | Petting Farms | Family Fun (9)

Some farms even let us hold the baby goats!

Please check websites or Facebook pages before visiting, often because they are family-run operations, they may not be open all the time.

Farms Near Me for Kids to VisitWe just love visiting farms. Both of my kids love animals, Kevin in particular. There are many local farms and animal farms to visit with children in Pennsylvania. I think I have taken my kids to visit every farm on this list!With the pandemic, make sure you click thro...

There are many local farms and animal farms to visit with children in Pennsylvania.. Farms Near Me for Kids to Visit Preparing for a Farm Visit with Kids Farms to Visit Near Philadelphia. Fun Farms to Visit in Maryland Fun Farms to Visit in Delaware. Check websites and Facebook pages for special events and times, such as if they let you feed animals.. That is when they are offering the most activities.. The animals are for kids to see and visit.. : I guess their address is actually Newark but I call this part Hockessin.

From petting farms to adventure parks you'll find something for all the family to enjoy

If you're looking for things to do , then one of the best ideas might be to visit a family-friendly farm nearby, you might even say it's a right of passage for your youngsters and a great way of introducing new animals to your little ones.. From petting farms to adventure parks, there are some great places in Hampshire and beyond to take the kids to for a special treat - especially if they love animals and want to get up close to them.. Finkley Down was one of the first farm parks to open in the country and the site has grown over the years with a massive indoor play barn with different areas for different age ranges.. Families can also enjoy playing outdoors with numerous activities including the Little Farmers Driving School and animal handling and feeding sessions throughout the day for children to get involved in.. There's farmyard fun for the whole family at Longdown Activity Farm.. Explore in and around the farmyard buildings, there's so much to see and do and don’t miss the brilliantly bumpy tractor and trailer ride, which is free of charge.. Staunton Farm is based on an 1830s style ornamental farm and is home to pigs, sheep, Shetland ponies, and chickens, plus a selection of other animals such as llamas, a Poitou donkey and alpacas.. You can also enjoy something to eat in the Farmhouse Cafe or grab a snack from the Horsebox Kiosk or you can even bring a picnic.. At Manor Farm, you can walk the goats, feed the pigs, meet the farmer and feed the chickens.. If you would like to visit, go to ticketsource.co.uk to book your slot and read the guidelines for your visit.. There's also a cafe and free parking.. The farm is a great day out for all ages with outdoor learning and fun in the beautiful setting of the South Downs National Park.

From cuddling a new born lamb to seeing a baby alpaca, there are plenty of places to see these beautiful animals

With sheep, cattle, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, poultry, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, ducks, geese and alpacas, there are plenty of animals to keep kids happy.. Huckleberry Woods , near Faversham, offers a unique place to unwind among a variety of 'mini' animals, including miniature Mediterranean donkeys, baby alpacas, bantam chickens and, of course, micro pigs.. The Hop Farm Family Park is packed full of attractions for the children, including Jumping Pillows, 4D Cinema, Combat Laser Quest, Driving School, Outdoor Adventure Play Area, Childrens Rides and live magic shows.. The Animal Farm also includes donkeys, horses and cuddly animals – so bring the family to give them plenty of attention.. You can meet and feed a range of animals, including chickens, ducks, geese and small animals down in the barn.. Children can peer at a range of exotic animals at Drusillas Park, as well as meet farmyard favourites including cows, pigs, donkeys and pygmy goats.. When the weather's good, children can also play in the outdoor play centre Go Wild!, with banana boats and traditional play equipment.. Animals living at Knockhatch include poultry, donkeys, goats, guinea pigs, horses, llamas, meercats, rabbits, racoons, deer, tortoises and wallabies.. Farmyard animals include chickens, sheep, goats, alpaca, cows, donkeys and pigs.

  My 7 yr old daughter wants a pet and we live in farm country so I started wondering; “What farm animal makes the best…

My 7 yr old daughter wants a pet and we live in farm country so I started wondering; “What farm animal makes the best pet?”. When considering a farm pet for yourself or for your child, there are several things to consider such as the amount of space you have, how much time you can devote, and whether or not you want the animal to love you back.. What farm animal makes the best pet?. Rabbits Chickens Ducks Goats Alpacas Pigs Horses Donkey. Whether you want to teach your child more responsibility, give them something to love, or have an animal with a useful purpose, a farm animal is a great way to go.. Ducks have the ability to love and bond with their owners, But, if a duck is raised outdoors with a lot of other ducks and only fed, they are less likely to bond.. Goats make a great farm pet, but not as great of a condo pet.. Goats have their own personalities and if you gauge love by cuddles, coming when called, or following you around, then some goats will love you back.. Plus, alpacas make great pack animals, so your little ones can ride away without the fear of their alpaca bolting for the hills.. With our listing of an alpaca as a pet, we move into farm animals that are great pets but require a little more space.. They make a good guard animal and if kept with chickens, ducks or other vulnerable animals will help to protect them.. Donkeys make great farm pets, That is farm animals that can be turned into a pet.. I don’t think I’d have a donkey in the city, but they make a great care animal for a child.. They also make great guard animals and will help to keep your chickens, ducks, and pigs safe from predators.

Here are some fun facts about farm animals that might surprise you! Did you know the chicken is the closest living relative to the t-rex?

The goat is among the cleanest of animals and is a much more selective feeder than cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and even dogs.. Cows have a memory of about three years.. Female sheep are called ewes, male sheep are called rams, and baby sheep are called lambs.. At that time about 90 out of every 100 Americans were farmers.. Why is learning about farming important?. So many kids don’t know where their food comes from or what their food is.. You learn why different animals receive different types of feed, require different types of shelter and need different care at different times.. Farming teaches everyone life skills like raising food, working hard, communication, caring for others and much more.. When you grow and raise your own food, you are more likely to waste less and eat a greater variety of foods.. You learn about the circle of life.. It is the cycle of life, hard and rewarding at the same time.. You learn to have a greater awareness of weather and Mother Nature: Weather, of all sorts, affects farming on a daily basis.. Farming teaches there are sweet rewards after all the hard work: Farming is one of the hardest jobs ever.. According to the U.S. Department of State , American farmers are selling more of their high-quality products to the rest of the world than ever before in the history of U.S. agriculture.

Our choices for the best Agritourism Farm Stays in the U.K.; Farm Cottages, Organic Farmhouse B&Bs, Self Catering Country Cottages, Luxury Farm Stays & Rural Retreats in England, Scotland & Wales.

Britain’s ‘West Country’; the South West of England, has been a hugely popular rural escape for city folk for decades now, with a good range of quality B&B farm stays and self catering farm cottages to choose from, with farm holidays in Devon being particularly popular.. Our Recommended Farm Stays in the South West of England: Farmstays/South-West. Farm stays in the South East of England are of a high quality, and you can be sure the owners know the value of what they have, and the value of the beautiful, natural environment in which they live.. Our Recommended Farm Stays in South East England: Farmstays/South-East-England. Our Recommended Farm Stays in East England: Farmstays/East-England. It has some lovely small villages to explore and acres of beautifully kept farm and woodlands.. Our Recommended Farm Stays in North West England: Farmstays/North-West-England. The area is one of rolling hills and farms, and the northern part of the Pennines especially has some great walks and hikes.. It has some rich farming land and farming, especially sheep farming, is at the heart of Welsh village life.. WHAT OTHER GUESTS SAY: “Such a spacious, beautiful place to stay.. There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed in the local area too including fishing, sailing, windsurfing and horse riding; just ask at the farm, they’ll have plenty of advice and recommendations.. Delicious local or garlic farm reared produce on READ MORE. WHAT OTHER GUESTS SAY: “What a READ MORE


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