20+ Sites to translate your text for free (2022)

As we know Machine translations will not replace human translators. Also you can see 5 reasons why machine translations will never replace human translators. But, learning a new language is not as easy as some people may put, which is why there is a great need for people to translate their website for other people to understand their contents.

There is a variety of apps and tools that people can use for websites translation. Translation is one of the many ways people you can use to reach a massive audience from all walks of life and from every background who access the internet on a daily basis. If your aim is to reach as many people as possible or you want your website to be known globally, then a single language won’t help you achieve your goal. Translation is the only thing that will help you. Translating the text on your website ought to be taken seriously because a multi-language website will help improve your business, organization or brand.

Translate text for free

In case you are still considering whether to translate free your website and the text in your website into multiple languages, there are many benefits associated with text translation. Some of the benefits you will get for translating your website include, expanding your outreach, keep your business, brand or organization growing as you will be able to target foreign markets that increase your profits and revenue. Other important reasons include being able to stand out from the competition, strengthen your brand and increase your overall presence in the international market. There you have it, the most important reasons why you need to consider translating your website and website content into multiple languages. Website translation opens up new markets, hence increases your ROI generation. Likewise, translating content will enhance your brand global reputation.

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Best Translation Sites

If you can identify the benefits above, then it is a good idea to translate your website. Although the translation of websites is a good idea, some people might fear to do so because of the expenses they fear they will incur for translating their websites. Many times this is not the case as there are free websites, blog, and several tools for free text translation on your site. In this article, I am going to share with you the best blogs, websites, and directories where you can insert and translate text for free. If you want to experience the benefits of translation, continue reading below for the most popular websites to translate website free and translate text free.

If you want to expand your market, you need to translate your text free on several different sites and blogs in order to get the word out. Below are a some recommended websites on the web where you can find the most popular site translating your text, website content or articles online. There are several translation sites below

1. Google Translate

Most of us are familiar with Google translate. The Google Translate offers users a fairly ubiquitous and works relatively well. It is integrated with Google products such as Chrome and is available in multiple android apps with built-in translate app for translation of text, tweets, and emails. Google Translate supports dozens of foreign languages. The most popular way totranslate text free

2. Bing

The Bing translator is a Microsoft product embedded into windows and windows phone. The translator has a distinction because it is the last major translation engine with free API. You will have no hassle finding the languages thanks to the auto-detection feature. It also has text-recognition features to translate content right there on your screen.

3. Yandex

Yandex Translate offers synchronized translation for predictive typing, usage examples, pronunciation and much more. It supports 95 languages among them, English, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Greek to name just a few. Yandex offers you many features and can be installed on phones.

4. Babelfish

Babel Fish is a free multilingual translation application for real-time translation. The translation services to translate text free were transitioned by Yahoos to Bing translator, but still, you can access the oldest free online language translator. Babel Fish translates your web page to text in multiple languages such as Portuguese, Russia, Spanish and Dutch among others.

5. Tradukka

Tradukka is a place that offers free text and voice translation in real time. Among the features you will access when using Tradukka includes text-to-speech for pronunciations, dictionary and voice recognition. The site supports over 44 languages, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Haitian, Catalans, and Czech among others.

6. Linguee

Linguee offers different services from Bing and Google translators. For Linguee, it is a translation search engine and dictionary. You will have to type in words of the language you don’t understand and see the contextual translations, meanings and other documents available online. The site does not translate web pages and documents.

7. Daytranslations.com

This is a version of Prompt online, but for private users. You can translate text for free with a simple way at Daytranslation. You need to choose the version for your device and download.

8. SDL

Found online at freetranslation.com, SDL is a place where you can automatically translate your documents, websites, videos, text and much more. The site offer tools to translate text for free for translators, freelancers, and other professionals. You can use the tool for free website translation in any language at any time.

9. Systranet.com

Systranet is a free online translator. The site can help you translate your webpage, content in the form of text and other documents. To enjoy the free translation services offered by Systranet, you need to add it to your website.

10. Prompt Online Translation

Prompt online is a free multilingual translation application for real-time translation.

11. Online-translator.com

Enjoy free text translation and save money and time. At online-translator You can translate online or use the translation software they offer.

12. Collins Online Translator

This one offers several dictionaries from language translation: it can be used for advertising, B2B partnerships, and API among others. Try Collins Online

13. Reverso

You will have to type in words of the language you don’t understand and see the contextual translations, meanings and other documents available online.

14. Wordlingo

For translation of text, tweets, and emails, Word lingo supports dozens of foreign languages.

15. Elanlanguages.com

Elan is a place where you can automatically translate your documents, websites, text and much more. You can also pay for professional translation services in Elan.

16. PONS

Among the features you will access when using PONS includes vocabulary trainer, dictionary, and text translation. Translate text free and contact PONS for any further information.

17. Translatesonline.com

Translate online makes human translation simple as it easily translates your text for free. It offers both online and offline translations for complete texts to full articles.

18. Onlinedoctranslator

Doc instantly translates and preserve the document layout for free.

19. Eprevodilac

This translation site automatically other languages into English or English into other languages. Type your text on the page given and press “translate.”

20. Permondo

Enjoy a site that supports 95 languages among them, English, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Greek to name just a few.

More sites to translate your text

There you have, some of the best free translation websites and tools for all your translation services. Technology has made the world one big city. People from different parts of the world can use the same website, read the same content and access the same services and products on your website using multiple languages. Language should not be an obstacle to communication and understanding, but a source of uniting people. Translating your website and content using the above named free online sites, will get you all the benefits of translation and help you achieve your goals. This article shows the sites you can translate free and without losing the formation in your website and content.

Do you know any website to translate text for free? Share it with us and maybe we will included it in the list.

Conclusion about free translation

While machine translations have their place, clients must consider their strengths and weaknesses and use translation software or websites with caution:

Machine translation sites or softwares require constant input by translators to stay current.
A machine translated content can be adequate if used for information purposes. However, if the resulting translation is intended for marketing or business purposes, professional translators must proofread and edit a machine translation.
Translators are nowhere near throwing in the translating towel!

Machine translations will not replace human translators!

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