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    shailu ! (Sunday, 20 March 2022 18:17)

    finally new page. hope this will be a site for good crosdressing stories.

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    Vani (Monday, 21 March 2022 00:48)

    Dear readers and sisters try to make use of new forum on english and telugu stories and comments created by Ab which gives you a great experience regarding the interface of page and the admin himselfinspires the writers for a better input.

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    Vani (Monday, 21 March 2022 00:49)

    Ttrap forum for english and telugu crossdressing and feminine stories.

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    Rakes (Monday, 21 March 2022 05:51)

    Role reversal story

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    Rupali (Monday, 21 March 2022 06:24)

    Write new story sisters

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    Divya (Monday, 21 March 2022 06:26)

    I think you'd like this story: "From Strangers to Partner"
    New part is updated

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    Unknown (Monday, 21 March 2022 09:08)

    pls comment if you like the story

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    @Unknown (Monday, 21 March 2022 10:00)

    Your story is super. Make him wear more earrings.

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    Sneha (Monday, 21 March 2022 11:20)


    Like every other day i came to my house and opened my main door with a key, but the moment i opened my door i was utterly shocked ran into my house and closed door immediately. My Mom just turn backand saw me with a huge surprise, she is stood in front of me and i kept my head down and went inside my room without saying any word. In room i started thinking about what mom has done in hall andfelt embarrassed at first then i thought i like crossdressing it is my fantasy so i started feeling whatever my mom does is logically and i want to support her since i am the only person in the wholeworld for her also she supported me in every aspect of my life.

    What was happened in the hall like everyday kiran entered his house and his Mother Madhu was on the floor and in the doggy position and she is playing with a ball like a dog and she dressed her dogin shirt and kept dog in sofa and madhu removed all her dress even her dog is confused and starts starring at her but madhu totally enjoys her role play as a dog and starts barking like a dog.

    Kiran comes out after some time to speak with his mom and he didn't find her in the hall and kitchen so he knocks the door of his mother room after knocking continuously madhu opens the door and hereyes was filled with tears, Madhu hugs kiran and says sorry and kiran says why you did like that mom. Madhu says i like role reversal that's why i dressed pluto (dog) and i undressed my self, i don'twant come in front of you like that but it happened suddenly. Kiran asked mom do you like pet play then madhu replies i like gender role reversal but i didn't found trust worthy to share myfeelings.
    Kiran: but Mom your boobs are so small if you wear male Inners no one will found that you are women
    Madhu didn't understand how to react so stays silent without any expressions

    Kiran: Mom not only that your back is also like young boys back
    Madhu: kiran your boobs and buttocks are like women
    Kiran: wow idea why cant you wear my clothes and i wear your clothes
    Madhu: Says no go and study enough of this discussion and saying that she left room
    Kiran just stares his mother wardrobe and her colorful dress, while going to kitchen madhu looks kiran accessories and dresses of which she dreamt all her life and she says kiran's bike.

    madhu wants to accept kiran's offer but she is feeling ashamed and went to kitchen and starts cooking the dinner they both had dinner and didn't speak about any thing and goes to bed, in the nightmadhu's was unable to sleep thinking of kiran's offer and she saw kiran keeping his bike key in the hall and she want to take bike ride so she takes kiran male inner wears and wears them, madhu lookslike a young boy in kirans inner wear and kiran's dress is big for madhu even though madhu is tall . madhu wears kiran jeans and T-shirt with a biker jacket and she takes kiran bike and leaves for aride after a ride she falls from the bike and she comes back home wounded.

    The moment madhu enters the halls somebody turns on light and madhu saw shockingly because kiran is wearing her nightie and looks like a complete woman and kiran says why did you went ride this it isyour bike you can go any time come remove your dress i will clean it, madhu with out hesitation removes shirt and pant sits in inners in front of kiran, kiran clean all her wound and does thedressing for wounds and takes her to his room and says sleep, madhu but this is your room and kiran replies from today this is your room and this stuff will be yours. Madhu hugs kiran and says thankyou mom and kiran it's ok honey go to sleep.

    They starts their new life from that day


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    Bhanu (Monday, 21 March 2022 12:07)

    Divya.. I almost gave up looking for updates. Great new chapters. Loved reading them. Please update the other stories too.

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    Divya (Monday, 21 March 2022 13:37)

    Now ,I am busy my personal work.for reason I can't update my all stories.

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    Sampa (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 02:26)

    Sneha sis why u ended this story write more more. What happens after they role revolves as son and mother please please write this type of story related to mother and son role revolves

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    Ram (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 03:43)

    Sneha super story please next story

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    Akira (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 04:41)

    Admin please its a request to make a new page for hindi 2022-23

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    Prema (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 08:45)

    Question for u girls
    Whch is ur favourite dress and favourite hairstyle?

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    Malarvizhi (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 09:00)

    Half saree and two side ponytail... Punishment story super make him more feminine and forced piercing...and feminine tattoo...make him feel like girl in school too..

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    Prema (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 09:11)

    Super malar… two side ponytails or braids ah?

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    Harshika (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 13:15)

    Admin hindi section bhi full ho gya h uska bhi new page bana do please

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    Malarvizhi (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 20:20)

    Mostly pony because inspired with harley Quinn...braid to I like with Jasmine flower � athuvum nalatha irukum...

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    Fan (Tuesday, 22 March 2022 23:55)

    Tribal Kingdom..please come back with updates

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    Amutha (Wednesday, 23 March 2022 01:01)

    Yes. Tribal Kingdom , please update yr story. We are waiting for very long.

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    Malik 1 (Wednesday, 23 March 2022 01:21)

    Kavan was a passionate person and very committed once he thinks on something. As he joined college he was very interested in music, and he was a non traditional guy who has long hair.. than most boysuntil his shoulders..
    He used to put it in low ponytail..
    One day he came across a beautiful girl named neha, she is an amazing dancer, he found out she is a part of the club name 'fancy feminists'
    Without knowing the meaning of it, he approached the club members to join it, he saw neha and got excited to joing the group..
    Girl1: yes please?
    K: i want to join your club
    All the girls start laughing.. then the leader walked through the group of girls and asked..
    Leader: do you know what we stand for?
    K: no, why are you laughing..
    They stopped laughing and looking at him sharply
    Leader: we stand for girl support and empowerment, you may not be able to that
    K: why not, i support it too.. he said without any hesitancy, being raised by a single mom.. he was staring at neha in particular
    Girls were surprised by his prompt response, and the girl1 asked..
    Girl1: ya but you don't satisfy our requirements of long hair, we are sorry..
    Kavan looked disappointed, but then realized he has long hair too, he immeditely removed his hair tie from low ponytail, and whipped his head like in shampoo commercial forgetting he is a man.
    Girl1: ohh sweetie, nice try.. i agree you have beautiful hair but our requirement is to have atleast waist length hair, girls why don't we show sweetie what we are talking about
    K: heyy my name is not sweetie.. he said angrily..
    L: okay heroo cool down, and enjoy the visual..
    Then all the group of girls turned back and at once removed their clutchers.. their at least waist length hair fell on their backs like waterfalls.. he enjoyed the look of thick hairs touching theirbuttocks.. and licking his lips..
    Girl1: aha, enough gawking kavan, now you get that right, why you don't fit us.
    He was disappointed, but to his surprise next comments were from neha..
    Neha: but didi, his hair is like the most of all college boys i have seen, why don't you allow him.
    Kavan was happy that neha noticed him..

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    Reader (Thursday, 24 March 2022 11:22)

    The story on internet. A punjabi guy lives on rent. His landlord caught him with nail paint and forces him to dress up in absence of his wife. Can’t find it now, please share link or site.
    Any active sites or social media pages for cd stories? Pls share

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    Prema (Thursday, 24 March 2022 11:27)

    Hi malar, cute girl

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    Dolly (Thursday, 24 March 2022 15:52)

    Reader your story sounds great please share if you find.

    I read an story where wife feminised husband and when he got up next morning he realised how much he enjoyed in nighty having orgasm and he was very humiliated, Can’t seem to find this, Can any1 helpwith this

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    Abi (Friday, 25 March 2022 00:19)

    Malik please continue the story.

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    Malarvizhi (Friday, 25 March 2022 04:16)

    Hi Prema thanks.. If u like to chat with me
    find me my fb id intha site itself...

    Note mention that u r from rajibalan site otherwise I won't accept u...

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    akash (Friday, 25 March 2022 04:42)

    Senha write a story please

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    Sina (Friday, 25 March 2022 12:08)

    Malik your story is really good, waiting for the next part

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    Damner (Friday, 25 March 2022 16:21)

    You bitches come here to chat or read stories

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    Sangita (Saturday, 26 March 2022 01:11)

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    Prema (Saturday, 26 March 2022 06:30)

    Hi malar, ok di… nee super di… u shld try single braid with jasmine once

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    Harshika (Saturday, 26 March 2022 13:30)

    Admin Hindi section bhi kitna din se full ho gya h uska bhi new page banao yr

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    Malarvizhi (Saturday, 26 March 2022 17:03)

    S premaa... I done that already.... Bridal getup in cd session..
    Any one write forrced feminine and humiliated story..with in family and gf concept....

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    Shweta (Sunday, 27 March 2022 06:16)

    Malik pls write the complete story

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    Prema (Sunday, 27 March 2022 08:06)

    Oh, awesome malar akka, way to go girl

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    Charu (Tuesday, 29 March 2022 03:53)

    Sneha, neeraj or shweta anyone please write story role reversal body swap between young and old couple

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    T (Tuesday, 29 March 2022 14:05)

    What started off as an innocent gesture
    Please come fast waiting

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    Abi (Wednesday, 30 March 2022 13:41)

    Malik continue the story...what are u waiting for? So many are waiting for this story.

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    Malik 2 (Wednesday, 30 March 2022 18:14)

    Hey girls sorry i forgot what was the story i thought of, i will write another story.

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    Abi (Thursday, 31 March 2022 01:42)

    That was a very good start to the story, if u could think on that line and write it would be great, many would support u.

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    Bhanu (Thursday, 31 March 2022 05:28)

    Damner.. It is for both.. chat and read stories

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    Sia (Thursday, 31 March 2022 06:53)

    What started off as an innocent gesture .....
    Your story is amazing in 21-22 page. Pls continue

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    Pink (Thursday, 31 March 2022 14:25)

    Lets Talk
    Hangout: dressupwithpinky@gmail.com

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    Unknown (Friday, 01 April 2022 10:29)

    If you like pls comment and give suggestions on the story

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    Malik 2 (Saturday, 02 April 2022 03:10)

    Kavan was wecomed to the fancy feminists group, he was the first boy to join that all girls club..
    Everyone was cheering him, but all his eyes were on neha.. the perfect girl..
    Even though he got into the group, it was not as easy as it seemed, neha was an introvert and barely talks to anyone in the group too..
    But once a week they used to practice bharatanatyam, neha used to do headbath, braid her hair, the fresh scent of shampoo from her hair would make kavan go mad, as he always tries to interrupt andjoined the girls while waiting at the dance practice.. once as neha whipped her braid back, and kavan could'tforget that braid slap on his face..

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    Unknown (Sunday, 03 April 2022 01:56)

    If you like pls comment and give suggestions on the story

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    Kamini (Sunday, 03 April 2022 06:26)

    I am new here
    Pls suggest best stories with tg theme

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    Deepika (Sunday, 03 April 2022 11:14)

    I have an idea for a story where a pair of siblings like boy and girl who grew up together play a magical game of Ludo along with their current lovers.
    The girl dislikes the boy for always being in control just because he is older..
    The only thing the game can't do is reduce their age beyond the youngest and change their reproductive organs.. its but wild even when I describe it...
    Of late people have been very vocal abt such stories which are more or less an erotica.. if in case their is a vocal distaste towards such stories, i might happen to move to someother platform,however quite determined to have it completed...

    Your suggestions are welcome..

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    Abirami (Sunday, 03 April 2022 14:25)

    Someone please write stories on long hair boy ragged and humiliated in college girls hostel by forced crossdressing.

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    Deepika (Monday, 04 April 2022 00:07)

    This is based on tgtrinity's Ruined Plans..
    Each turn may have a new narrator, the one who is absolutely the right person to depict the story.
    If anyone finds it offensive in any means or finds it not worth reading kindly skip. But all criticism is welcome.

    Turn 1 - Ritvika

    I was walking back home after I bought all the needed groceries. After I checked if all of the grocery stuff required was there and of the right quantity, I went and rang Arya's bell.
    Not to my suprise, it was Josephine who opened the door, Arya's current girlfriend, an epitome of feminity and kindness.

    Jos(short for Josephine): hey there Ritu...

    Good I hated that nickname.

    Ritu: hey Jos, is he up yet.
    Jos: not really... U went and got the groceries.
    Ritu: Yeah, wanna help making breakfast?
    Jos: ya sure.

    My and Arya's parents were more or less work friends. His mom and my dad worked in IT department and my mom and his dad worked for the HR in the very same company. To top it off, for 10 long years wewere neighbours.
    When we first met Arya was 12 and i was 10. Now I was in 2 nd year of my Architecture bachelor whereas he was a fourth year B.Tech.
    Our parents expected a sibling like relationship, a one were our bond should be natural and expected to care for each other. This was effectively the bond between us, but the one thing I didn't likehere was the dynamic.
    Since he was the older one and got good grades he was always the one given authority, the one our parents were dependent on whenever we were left alone. But the thing they don't understand is goodgrades doesn't mean he actually was smart or responsible.
    Effectively it was me who was reponsible if in case there was a task to be done by us, since he would simply order me around and carry on with his own stuff to do.
    And the fact of the matter is he gets equal praise despite all the work being done by me. He was also praised for being a big brother and taking care of me. His responsibility can be summed up withjust one action of his.
    As soon as our parents left for their upskilling sessions abroad, which would last for 20-25 days, the first thing he did was call up his gf and ended up shagging her day in and day out.
    But by goods grace, Josh atleast held out an helping hand or I would have gone mad by now.

    As we were having breakfast in our home, with a sleepyhead Arya, i asked if I could bring my boyfriend as well.

    Arya:(coughs hysterically) you have one. Thats a suprise. But no. Your still a small girl and your parents will hold me accountable. What if something wrong happens.
    Ritu: what do u mean will happen.
    Arya: u know the thing that happens when a man and woman is alone.
    Ritu:(blushing) come on, ur doing it all day.
    Arya: wait a second Ritu, what tone am i sensing from u, are u at ur rebellious phase or something. Wait i am asking is just a genuine concern of mine. And for the last time u need to know who's isincharge.
    Josh: come on Arya, she isn't a little girl anymore. U can't be always joking around. And i am pretty sure the responsibe girl that she is, it will be safe. And i will help her out if in case shedoesn't get some stuff as well.
    Arya: nah, i don't think
    Josh then put a finger to his lips and shushed him up. And eventually he agreed but told me I was accountable if anything happens. And by that anything pertaining to this matter. And he was naggingme in and out and on and on.

    To be continued...

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    Marriage Surprise (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:06)

    It was another uneventful function at my uncle’s home. A lot of female relatives were present there. One of the guests was a close friend of my mother as they had taught together in a school. She wasmeeting my mom after a long time, so the last time she had seen me i was small. When she saw me she said to my mom, your daughter has grown up a lot. I got confused and asked her why you calling melike this. She told me that during my childhood she and my mom took me to their school where one of their colleague had brought a frock for her daughter. They all had fun putting the frock on him.Everybody thought that in that frock he looked like a girl. Not only that when they took him to market dressed in the frock, everyone in the market also thought he was a girl. So they took lot ofgirl’s dresses for him. Thus whenever they took him to their school, they would dress him in female dresses.
    After listening to our chat, my mom commented that even if i make him wear a girl’s dress right now he would look like a real girl. Everybody started laughing. My aunt seriously asked me that all theladies would dress him up like a girl would he like to dress up. I started to explain to my mom that i was pretty young at that time, now if i wear a female dress everybody would laugh. Aunty triedto convince me that no one would laugh but i still said no and left the room. My mom followed me outside and told me that your aunt loves you a lot and you should follow what she says. I told herthat there are many boys attending why don’t you dress them up. My mom tried to give moral support by stating that he would only have to dress up before the ladies. At last i had to listen to her.

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    Marriage Surprise (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:07)

    I went to where all the ladies had gathered. There was my mom, aunty, dad’s sister, my cousin sister and 2-3 neighboring women in the room. All the women were laughing at me as they saw me enter butmy aunt came to me and lovingly told me that when i dress you up, you will look so beautiful that they will have to shut up. I started to feel very odd about that. Then aunty and my cousin took me toa separate room. There i was told to take my clothes off. I replied i would not take my clothes off in front of you both. My aunt said that you are still a kid for us and so take them off fast. So itook off my jeans and t-shirt. Then i was given towel to cover myself while aunty brought a very heavy saree and matching blouse. The blouse did not fit me as it was a bit larger. Aunty whisperedsomething in my cousin’s ears and my cousin looked at me laughed and then went out. After some time when she came back, she had a brand new bra and panty set in her hands.
    Seeing these made me happy from inside but i didn’t want to show it. So i told aunty i did not want to wear these. My aunt simply said these were wore inside and so nobody could see them. She told mei am lucky that i am also being made ready along with the bride. They made me wear the saree along with the petticoat and blouse. The moment i was dressed up, my cousin started applying nail polishto my hands and legs. This was not all. They had got lot prepared my that time. Within few minutes they added bangles, necklace, earrings, nose ring and anklet which was followed by lot of make up.When i finally came out of the room in front of others. Everybody said that you had taken a boy inside the room but now you bring out a girl.

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    Marriage Surprise (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:08)

    I got a lot of appreciation from everyone. I started feeling nice with all of them. It was not long when my mom’s brother came in. I got afraid as i feared i was going to get scolded a lot but whenhe saw me he asked my mom who is this girl and how i have not seen her before. My mom told him that she is your niece.
    After staring for some time he finally identified me and went back to get everyone into the room. Everyone tried to recognize me but were unable to do so. When finally they identified me theneverybody started laughing. I started feeling pretty bad so i left the room and started to take clothes off. My aunt also followed me to the room and i had got so upset that i hugged her and startedcrying on her shoulders. She got angry and called everybody to the room and asked them to say sorry to me. Every first asked forgiveness and then started to praise my beauty. Uncle cracked a jokethat it is nice that now we have a sister-in-law for the groom. After that everyone left.

    My mom then said to the ladies that we should get Sakashi ready. They were curious who was Sakshi. Mom told that we should call me Sakshi for the two-three days that the function went. Then shecalled me inside and gave her suit to me to wear for the remaining day. I told her that the function is nearly over and i should wear my dress but then my sister who was to be the bride told me thati want to make a fool off your brother-in-law. She pleaded and said that she would be leaving me for her new home after tomorrow so i should listen to her request. By the time my uncle also came backand started to coax me. As every one present was pleading and forcing me. I had to relent and i went and wore the salwar suit of my mom. They started my making me wax my hands and legs. My sister gotso happy that she asked people to put mehndi on my hands. They also did my facial. Then we all went to sleep.

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    Marriage Surprise (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:09)

    The next day when i woke i was feeling very feminine. When i went to my sister and sat near her, she started teasing me and saying that your mother-in-law would love you a lot. I started laughing andsaid that when my brother-in-law would listen to my voice then all her plans will fail and he would catch me. She informed me that she had already talked to him and told her that her aunt’s daughteris here but she has a throat problem so her voice sounds like a guys. She also told me that he said that he is fine having a sister-in-law no matter the voice. When i went to take a bath my sistergave me a Patiala suit along with a new set of undergarments bought in the morning. She told me to wear them after the bath. Later in the afternoon my mom bought a lady to me who took measurementsfor a blouse. Later in the evening while everyone was getting prepared for the ceremony. My aunt took me with her to a nearby beauty saloon. One of the lady there was the one who had taken mymeasurement. I found out that she had been told everything about me. She told me that i will change you so well that nobody would be able to find out that you are a guy. If anybody would identify methen she will close her parlor. Then she brought a wig and lengha with her. Within moments i was out of the suit and my aunt was dressing me up. I first wore the ghagra followed by choli. Then theystarted my make up which lasted for about 45 minutes. When it finally ended i was startled to see me in the mirror as i had become very beautiful. I could not believe my eyes as i looked very pretty

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    Marriage Surprise (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:10)

    Then they added the wig and styled my hair. I also wore some jewellery. After that my aunt took out a red color mid heel sandals from her bag and made me wear them. They finally put chunni andcompletely set up the ghagra. We came back from the parlor to my home. The distance from my house to the parlor was only 20-25 steps But due to the dress and sandals it took me 10-15 minutes to walkhome. During the walk i was able to learn to walk in heels as i got a bit familiar with them. The moment i reached there everybody started saying that instead of the bride we should put garland overher head. I went into my sister’s room as by that time she had also returned from the parlor. One look at me and she said that today some guy is going to fall in love with me. I just laughed but didnot utter a word. After some time the people from the groom’s side also came and everybody got busy preparing for the function. I was supposed to hold the garland on stage standing near my sister.The guys standing near the groom started teasing me saying that we should have brought more garland so that one of them would have married me today itself. My sister introduced to the groom who inturn introduced me to his friends. They praised me a lot which made me forget that i was a guy. I was liking the comments a lot and started to behave like real girls. After that everybody had dinnerand changed. I got to wear a purple net saree and as my sister departed from home so did I. Till this day i can still remember all the moments of that day. These moments i will cherish forever

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    Sam to Seema (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:11)

    My name is Raj and we are two brothers and sons of a rich father. My brother, Sameer (His nickname is Sam) was married to Seema, my Sister-in-law (In India, we call such a relation as Bhabhi). Myparents wanted a second child as a girl but as God would have had it, their wish was not fulfilled and thus was born a male that is I. My mother didn’t try to make me a girl but she always used toexpress that and whenever my cousin sisters used to come to our house, mom would dress me in their clothes to satisfy herself but that was in childhood and nothing of this sort happened when I grewup.
    I was not a Crossdressor but certain instances happened that changed my life forever. Sam is about two years elder to me and we were in the same college and Sam married Seema who was in my class. Shewas the prettiest girl of our college with a figure to die for and a beautiful face. I used to masturbate a lot thinking about her but it was not that I used to think about her sexually, it was thatI liked Seema’s femininity and that used to arouse me. Then as God would have it, Sam met Seema through me, he fell in love with Seema and they both got married.
    Sam and Seema used to stay in my adjoining room and in the first few days I always used to hear noises, which used to make my life miserable and lonely. I used to like Seema’s femininity and I usedto admire her beauty a lot. I was so mermized by her femininity that once I was having a bath in Sam’s bathroom and saw Seema Bhabhi’s Lingerie hanging on the bathroom door. It was a beautiful piece,it was a red satin laced Bra and a Panty which made me stare at them. I don’t know what happened to me and I immediately took the bra and panty and wore them. I felt, I was in heaven. I liked it somuch that I masturbated for about half an hour.
    After that, started the feminine chapter of my life. I used to stay at home alone whenever Seema used to go out and I would sneak in her room and wear all her dresses. I did not leave any of herdress. As my built and Seema’s was of the same size so I never had any difficulty in wearing them.
    I had become so frequent in dressing and when I explored on the internet,
    I found that I am not alone. I had now decided that I wanted to lead a life of a female and get married to a male and lead a life of an Indian Wife. As my family was famous and my father was sostrict that I dare not speak of my wishes to him. I thought and thought and then I approached my father asking him to write his will and give me my share of his wealth. This came as a shock to thewhole family but I didn’t care for I wanted my share of money so I could live alone and live a life as I wanted. My father asked for some time for he needed to think.
    In the meanwhile, I was enjoying my life by dressing myself in Seema’s Attire.
    Then the incident came for which I was waiting. My parents, Sam and Seema had to go to Europe for buying of a factory. My Father and Brother were going and the wives decided that they would accompanythem and enjoy themselves. Sam would at least stay there for a month and my dad would might have to stay longer. I was to stay back to look after the house. I got to wear only those stuff which wereout and not locked in the cupboard. I always had longed to wear Seema’s Bridal Dress, which was always locked, in her cupboard with full jewelry. I was always looking for a chance. But this time Iwas given all the keys so I had access to Seema wardrobe.

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    Sam to Seema (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:12)

    After they left, I got so excited that I couldn’t wait so I opened Seema’s cupboard and took out her bridal dress (Lehenga) and started making preparations for it. Then I was dressed and thensuddenly, the door opened and Seema was standing looking at me.
    I then said without thinking anything, “No Bhabhi! I was just trying out something for the fancy dress competition at the college.” Even as I said it, both of us knew it was a lie. I was dressedhaphazardly in Red Lehenga. As bhabhi took a step towards me, I moved back in fear. The payals that I was wearing rang out as I moved. Bhabhi smiled at me and said, Oh, my doll! Do accept now. Youhave become a beautiful bride”.
    While I was burning in shame on being discovered, she moved forward and felt my breasts. I was wearing her best bra, stuffed with socks containing rice. I was not sure what she would say when shefound out that I was wearing her panties as well.
    Seema returned for she had some problem in her passport so he came back and the others decided to continue their journey. After admiring me for some time, she smiled and said, “You crazy girl, youare looking more beautiful than me.
    Seema immediately thought of a plan when she saw me dressed in her clothes. She smiled and we then sat down for some chat. Seema demanded that she wanted to know the reason for me dressing like this.I knew there was no escape so I told her everything. She heard very carefully and promised me that she would help me in every way she can. She said that she would help me in becoming a woman andgetting married off too to a man of my dreams.
    Then started my femininity lessons, Seema went and brought hell lot of female stuff for me like bra, panties, dresses and other stuff. She said that we have an entire month to enjoy and then shewould present me to my brother. I don’t know but I got excited. Seema would in every 3-4 hours would discuss about her sex life and things she had done with Sam. I couldn’t guess but Seema waspushing me towards Sam and I also started masturbating thinking of Sam. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help it.
    I learnt cooking, stitching, sewing, doing make-up and hell lot of female stuff. I would be dressed the entire day in woman’s dress. Then Seema got a call that Sam is returning the next day.
    We both got excited and then next day early morning I got dressed in Seema’s wedding Lehenga. I was wearing her red and gold lehenga choli. My face was made up with a proper foundation, eyeliner,blush, and blood red lipstick. I was wearing the traditional bridal jewelry on my hair, ears and neck. My round red bindiya was looking nice between my plucked eyebrows. My arms were full of redglass bangles. There was red nail polish on my nails.

  • #59

    Sam to Seema (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:12)

    I suddenly felt that I couldn’t go in front of Sam. Though I pleaded with her she would not let me change and I was presented to Sam that evening. He came over and hugged me and stared at me. I couldnot raise my eyes with him and my eyes were lowered. Suddenly, I saw bulge in Sam’s pants. I was so happy that Sam has liked the way I looked and he is liking me. Tears started flowing from my eyes.He wanted me to continue as a girl for some more days because he liked the way I looked. He made a plan with Seema that we all should go out to Kerala for a Holiday and I would have to stay as agirl.
    Now I was trapped. The next day I left with them on their holiday. We were going by Plane. I was dressed in jeans and tank top and my name was changed to Rani (Queen in Indian Language). My fullbreasts were causing many boys to walk by our seats repeatedly. I pretended not to notice though I was feeling good about the attention. As we reached the Hotel, I found the staff being veryattentive to me.
    I changed into a top and a mini skirt as we sat for lunch. All this time, Sam would see me from the corner of the eye and smile. I was knowing that Sam was getting attracted towards me. By evening Ihad a worn a saree with all the jewelry as we were going to a nearby temple. My brother joked with me, “We need to locate a groom for you.”
    He was joking but I guessed that he was talking about himself as my Groom. Sam had fallen head over heels in love with me. We went all over Kerala with Seema.
    Seema was seeing all this and she used to dress me specially to get his appreciation. I avoided being alone with him. At last he tricked me to go to a non-existent view point for Seema said that shewas tired and would like to rest in the Hotel and asked us to continue. We landed up in thick forest. When Sam saw that we are completely alone, he drew me towards him and started kissing me andfondling me. I got mad for I got what I always wanted. I loved that kiss and was madly in love with Sam who was my Brother, my same blood and I was ready to do anything for him. I did not wait toolong before I kneeled down and opened his pants and then took out his manliness and put it in my mouth. Oh! I loved it for I had never tasted such a thing before. I sucked so hard and in a lovingmanner that Sam was moaning and soon I satisfied him with my mouth. Sam then opened all my clothes and asked me to kneel down and made me bent down and started fingering my hole. Suddenly, I sawSeema’s necklace dangling from my neck and guilt came over me. I pushed Sam away and started crying. Sam understood that I was not ready for all this so we got dressed and returned to Hotel.
    I confided in my bhabhi about it and cried a lot. Seema did not seem angry and she tried to console me. Seema then surprised me for she said that she would not have any objections to me having sexwith Sam. I refused but she tried to convince me for she said that if I don’t do this then I would be dissatisfied throughout my life.

  • #60

    Sam to Seema (Tuesday, 05 April 2022)

    She then told me that why don’t I decide to live my entire life as a woman and become the second wife of my brother. She said that she would speak to my parents and convince them and also wouldpersuade Sam for it. I thought she is talking rubbish for this is impossible. Seema then said that it would be wonderful if I marry Sam for then Seema and I can live as sisters and have great fun.Even if she has to share her husband with me, she would not mind for she would enjoy. I loved Sam so much and after today’s incident started praying that Seema be successful in her plan.
    We returned to Mumbai without any further development. My parents were to return the next day so this time also the plan was same. I was presented to my parents in a beautiful Saree. My parents wereshocked and my mother hugged me and started crying. They both said that they always wanted a daughter. I was feeling ashamed but then after seeing my parent’s reactions, I heaved a sigh of relief.Seema then told them about her future plans in a closed room and Sam and I was standing out. My mom, dad and Seema came out, Mom came towards me hugged me and said that they have no objections in mebecoming second wife to my brother Sam and second daughter-in-law to them.
    I became so happy that I started crying. Then Sam also agreed and then it was decided that Sam and I would get married in one month’s time and it would be a small family affair. Sam would stay in theanother house till we are married and Mom and Seema would do all the preparations. Seema and I then started shopping, we bought the whole market. Saris, seducing Bra sets, lingerie, sexy sleep wear,gowns, skirts, tops, and almost all types of ladies wear. In the meanwhile, Seema would also prepare me with all the tips for a nice marriage and first night.
    Sam and I were not allowed to meet but we would chat everyday for 1-2 hour about our life, marriage and sex. I used to enjoy the chats so much. We were both brothers few days back now we were onlytwo lovers who were madly in love with each other.
    Then the D-Day came when we were to get married. I was dressed in a beautiful and Red Lehenga and Choli with all the make-up. My mother and Seema took me to Sam where he was waiting for me, hisbride. I looked at him and he at me, we both sensed that we were waiting for all these rituals to get over so that we can make love to each other. Soon all the rituals were over and then the momentcam for which we were waiting for.

  • #61

    Sam to Seema (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:14)

    Seema took both of us to her bedroom, which was now decorated with flowers, and the whole bed was covered with flowers. She left us, wished us best of luck and went out and locked the room. Samslowly took me to the bed and then made me sat down. He then opened all my jewelry, then he took out my choli, then lehenga, petticoat and now I was standing in front of Sam, my Brother, No myhusband in only red satin bra and red satin lace panty. I was feeling shy but then he pulled me towards him and started kissing me. I fell in his strong arms and retaliated. I also kissed him hard.Then I was sucking his male hardness inside the depth of my mouth. I sucked harder and harder till he exploded in my mouth. He then made me bend down on my knees and hands and started putting hisfingers in my ass with oil. After lubricating, he slowly started thrusting his male hardness in my hole. He slowly went further in, meanwhile I was screaming in pain. I felt like stopping Sam but Iwanted him to go further and further in. Sam then increased his speed and started fucking me hard and then he again exploded inside me. I felt complete, I felt happy and I felt as if in heaven.
    We rested in each other’s arms and then after 1 hour we again started making love to each other.
    In the morning Seema woke us and made me dress in a nice benarsi saree and then Sam and I flew to Switzerland for our Honeymoon for 2 weeks. We spent almost all our time in the hotel loving eachother. I had never felt so happy in my life.
    We returned and I on entering the house touched the feet of my mom, dad and Seema as part of Indian ritual where daughter in law touches the feet of elders.
    I then in times to come became a true daughter-in-law of the house. My everyday would start by getting up early in the morning at 6 Am, take a bath and get dressed in a saree, and put sindoor in theparting of my hair (Indian married woman wear on their forehead which symbolizes marriage). I would then go to the kitchen, make the morning tea and take it to my Mom-in-law, Father-in-law, touchtheir feet and then I would take the tea to my hubby and my sister Seema. After serving tea to them and giving a morning kiss to Sam, I would then send Sam and Seema to their bathrooms, and meanwhileI would take out their undergarments and dresses out on the beds for them to wear that day. When they used to come out, I made a point to dress both of them myself. I used to make Seema wear herdress and Sam his dress. Then I would again go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for the entire family. Then we all of us would eat together and go off to their respective work. Seema had alsojoined Dad and Sam in their office, Mom would go to he Boutique and I would be left in the house to do all the house chores. I also used to go for shopping, and also go to Kitty parties. I alwaysfelt happy in doing all this. Then everyone would return in the evening and then we chatted our experiences and then we would go to sleep. Seema, Sam and I used to sleep together and we always usedto make threesome sex. We all were happy.
    Seema then one day broke the news that she is pregnant and I became so happy that I would also be called mother of my child whose father is Sam, my brother. Seema then confessed one day that when shehad seen me in a female dress, then immediately a plan had struck her which was that she would get me married to Sam and in this way there would be no Will and no Property would be divided andeverything would remain in the family and in the hands of Sam. She further told me that she had conveyed all this to Sam and my parents before their coming and they all agreed to enact all this. Shealso told me that Sam in the beginning was not agreeing to this but when he saw me, he got aroused and slowly fell in love with me. She also told me that she thought that if I get married to Sam thenshe would make me do all the housework and in this Seema would not have to work.
    I heard all this but this did not matter to me for I was madly in love with my brother Sam, my Bhabhi Seema and I was ready to live life like this. I still loved Sam and was ready to widen my legsand take him inside me who was my brother but now he has become my loving husband.

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    Grammarly (Wednesday, 06 April 2022 10:20)

    Y Y

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    Sam to Seema worst story please stop (Thursday, 07 April 2022 06:10)

    Worst story of time

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    Agree sam (Thursday, 07 April 2022 14:19)

    Why ppl waste

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    Screw you (Thursday, 07 April 2022 14:20)

    Hey please stop you write if you got guts. Why hurt others

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    Xyz (Sunday, 10 April 2022 11:36)

    Sam to Seema is a copy and pasted story of another author.

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    Note to JRS (Monday, 11 April 2022 14:24)

    Dear JRS,
    Big fan of you here. Recently, someone submitted a story on our website under the name 'Selvi'.

    A google search revealed that this is your story. Since the submission process is anonymous and automatic on our website, I am not sure if it was you who submitted the story with the name'Selvi'.

    Please let me know if you want me to remove this story or want to change the writer name to JRS.

    Thank you,

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    Radha (Tuesday, 12 April 2022 01:52)

    Anupama can you give JRS story site link?

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    Anaya (Tuesday, 12 April 2022 02:59)

    She mentioned about the story that was submitted in ICN extension page with different name.
    Just to clarify its not a copy, she asked it..

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    To Radha (Wednesday, 13 April 2022 01:04)

    It was posted on this forum last year.

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    Babu (Wednesday, 13 April 2022 02:09)

    Sam to Seema in fictionmania
    Written by nupur.how i married my brother

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    Unknown (Thursday, 14 April 2022 03:42)

    pls share your suggestions in the comments

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    Mishti (Thursday, 14 April 2022 07:16)

    My new story on my new blog

    Hindi story

    Must read

    Sissy in front of Family


    Do comment please

    Thank you

    Apki Pyarisi Mishti

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    Mishti (Thursday, 14 April 2022 08:35)

    I think the above link is not working

    Try with this


    Please try with this

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    The Bride of 15 days (Thursday, 14 April 2022 14:00)

    Writer : Namrata
    Plot synopsis: Sumit and Riya are in love and want to get married. Their parents agreed at first but then, Riya's mother spoke about a strange wedding custom in their family. What was it?

    "Are you comfortable?", Riya asked nervously while she carefully adjusted the pleats of the saree that she was draping on her husband Sumit. Bending on her knees, she slipped the sandals on herhusband's feet to make sure that the pretty banarasi silk saree falls to the correct height covering the legs properly. She gave a gentle tug to the saree pleats to bring it to the correct heighttouchingSumit's legs.

    "Ouch", Sumit said as the tug on his saree must have caused a little irritation around his waist.

    "Oh I am sorry, Sumit. Are you ok?", Riya asked again nervously.

    "I am fine, Riya. It is just that this saree is a little too heavy and the petticoat feels a little too tight on my waist.", Sumit said while handling the saree pallu and showing his waist to Riya."I am not used to wearing sarees or jewelry. You know?"

    "I know, Sumit. I wish I could save you from this. I feel so guilty that you have to do this because of me.", Riya's downcast eyes showed the heaviness of her heart.

    "Don't blame yourself Riya. It's a matter of only 5 days. And I can handle this.", Sumit flicked his long braid on one side of his shoulder over the silk blouse as if to make Riya laugh. She smiled alittle.

    "Are you sure? From now onwards, I won't be allowed to help you in any way."

    Sumit hugged his wife and said, "Yes, I am sure Riya. After all, the training that you gave me before our wedding will help me. I just want to get past these first two days so that I can startwearing chiffon or crepe sarees, much easier to handle than silk sarees, you know?" He joked and laughed as he tried to reassure Riya. The two remained in a long embrace.

    This isn't a story of forcing a man to become a woman. There is a little back story to this moment between aloving couple. A beautiful love between the two - but this isn't the story of theirlove either. Most importantly, this isn't a sad story either.

    It was about 4 months ago when the families of Sumit and Riya decided to meet and agree to getting these two married. Sumit and Riya were from very different communities, and when they fell in love,they were worried if their parents would agree to them getting married. But to their surprise, their parents were extremely happy when the two families met. After all, both Sumit and Riya were wellqualified and smart people. So their parents trusted the judgement of their kids.

    On that day, the two families were engaged in friendly banter. There was a laugh in the air when Riya's mother said to Sumit's family, "I have something to say."
    Suddenly, the expressions on the faces of Riya's father and Riya changed to serious one. "Please mom, don't", Riya mumbled to herself looking into the eyes of Riya's mom.

    "What is it behen ji (sister)?", Sumit's father asked who still had a laugh on his face from their previous conversation.

    "Well, we have a wedding custom in our community.", Riya's mother said. Riya shook her head in disbelief.

    "Behen ji, We are all for following customs. Don't worry about it. We will follow both your customs and rituals and ours as well.", Sumit's mother tried to comfort her. "Still I am a little curious.What is this custom youare worried about?"

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    The Bride of 15 days (Thursday, 14 April 2022 14:00)

    Riya's mother looked at her husband and then at Riya and finally said, "Oh. It's nothing big ... it's called Panchdashi bahu. All our community members follow it."

    "Panchdashi bahu. What does it mean?", Sumit's mother asked out of curiosity.

    "Well, it means 'the daughter-in-law of 15 days'. You see ...", Riya's mother paused a little, feeling a little nervous. "You see ... in our community, we have a tradition that the groom goes to staywith the family of the bride for 15 days where he spends his next 15 days as the daughter-in-law of that family."

    "Are you serious?" Sumit's mother's face turned pale in disbelief.

    "Behen ji, who gets 15 days vacation from their job these days?" Sumit's father tried to turn the atmosphere light whileSumit himself looked puzzled staring at Riya. And Riya on the other hand,looked really helpless.

    "Oh ... nowadays, we follow that custom only for 5 days.", Riya's mother answered the question.

    "Wait a minute ...", Sumit's mother was now a little agitated. "It's not a matter of days. How can we ... how can we send our son to become a woman?"

    "Relax Chitra. Your son won't become a woman in 5 days.", Sumit's father tried to calm his wife. She looked at him in disbelief as he was being nonchalant for such a serious matter.

    Finally, when the things were getting serious, Riya's father intervened and said to his wife, "Kavita, we don't need to follow every custom. After all, we are in the 21st century now. Look ... youremember Lal Kishore? He didn't follow the custom when his daughter got married. So, we can do the same." He tried to reason with his wife.

    "Did you know his daughter got divorced one month back?", Riya's mother retorted back.

    "I am sorry, Chitra ji. I cannot compromise on this custom. You may call me superstitious but whenever someone broke this custom in our community, their daughter's marriage ended badly. I don't wantthat to happen to Riya.", Riya's mother said to Sumit's mother who appeared to be furious.

    "Behen ji, let us think for afew days and we will let you know what we decide." Sumit's father tried to pacify the situation but it seemed like his wife was not going to budge.

    This was a hilariously tragic situation for Sumit and Riya. For the next few days, it was theirjob to convince their mothers tocompromise. But these two older women didn't make iteasy for Sumit and Riya.

    "Why don't you just stay as their daughter-in-law for your whole life? Oh god, I had given birth to a son and he wants to become a woman now.", Sumit's mother would taunt his son whenever he broachedthe subject.

    Riya's mother didn't make it easy for her either. "I would rather keep you single under my watch than sending you to that family who cannot adjust for 5 days.", she would say.

    They both were running out of ideas when Sumit's father came to help them. He brought Riya, Sumit and Chitra together and said, "Look Chitra. Why don't we just ignore Sumit and Riya for those 5 daysand imagine that they aregone for their honeymoon for those 5 days? We will make sure that Sumit and Riya don't contact us or share any of the details for those 5 days. And when they come back,Sumit must ensure that he comes back just the way he left. There should not be any more crazy things after that."

    "Can you do this Chitra? Can we just leave these two on their own for 5 days?" Sumit's father was persuasive this time.

    "Ok. No one in our family should come to know about this.", Chitra said sadly. "Sumit, I don't want you to see your pictures as a woman. No pictures and no sharing. Neither on phone nor on whatsapp,facebook, anywhere. Do you get it?"

    "Yes, mom. I promise. I won't leave any evidence.", Sumit assured his mother.

    "Riya, you should promise that too.", Chitra said.

    "Yes, aunty. I promise.", Riya said.

    Oh what a relief it was for these two lovebirds when Sumit's mother finally agreed. But it was just the beginning of many more challenges ...

    To be continued.

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    Swetha (Thursday, 14 April 2022 16:39)

    Awesome namratha, a really cute moment to start with

  • #78

    Mishti (Thursday, 14 April 2022 17:50)

    Second part of my story
    I hope you like it

    Sissy in front of Family part 2


    Pasand aye to please please please blog per comment kare

    Aapki Pyarisi Mishti

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    The Bride of 15 days (Friday, 15 April 2022 09:35)

    Writer : Namrata

    A few days later:

    “I am coming with your father to your home tonight.” That was Chitra, Sumit’s mother, informing him of their arrival.

    “Ok, ma. I will come to pick you up at the railway station.”, Sumit replied on the phone.

    “Listen … call Riya and let her know that we will go shopping with her tomorrow evening. We need to buy bridal sarees for her. The saree for the bride comes from the groom’s family. Since we will bethere for only a week, we should get this started tomorrow.”, Chitra said.

    “Ok, ma.”

    Sumit thought a week is too long a time to do the purchase. He thought a day would be enough. Poor guy didn’t know how wrong he was.

    The very first day of shopping, everyone was happy and excited including Riya and Chitra. Sumit was excited too to see what his bride-to-be selects for the wedding. Sumit’s father, being anexperienced one, was a really nonchalant participant in the shopping whose only job was to take out money when it was time to finalize the purchase. But that day wasn’t coming anytime soon.

    “I can’t make up my mind.”, Riya called Sumit on the phone on the sixth day during the lunch hour. “I think we should try that saree once again at the Jain saree shop. Did you like that bright redbanarasi saree with dots?”

    “What? We have been to that shop every day and freaking every saree we saw are red and had dots.”, Sumit said with annoyance.

    “Don’t be stupid. There were different shades of red and maroon. I am talking about the one that had a broad golden border and peacock embroidered on the pallu of the saree.”, Riya explained.

    “Riya, we must have seen dozens of sarees with peacocks in dozens of shops.”, Sumit was exasperated.

    “Oho but we saw only one at the Jain saree shop. We should try that saree one more time.”, Riya said.

    Sumit stayed silent for a while.

    “I think I am going to call my mother with me today evening. She has a great taste and she would know what will look best on me.”, Riya sounded excited.

    “No!!! Please don’t call your mother. I don’t think our mothers should be in the same place until the wedding day.”

    “Come on Sumit. Aunty had been so nice to me. I don’t think she has any more problems with my mom.” Riya said with happiness in her voice and disconnected the call. She left Sumit worried.

    Luckily, when the two mothers met, they were very friendly with each other. The ladies went from shop to shop and Sumit tagged along with his father just praying that these two women stay happy. Andthey were happy. Finally, Riya managed to pick a bridal saree for her wedding with her mother’s help.

    “Mom, are you sure you want to see your daughter in this saree for her wedding?”, she asked while she proudly laid the saree over her shoulder admiring the beautiful golden work on a saree that wassome shade of red that men’s eyes couldn’t distinguish.

    “I am 200% sure dear.”, Riya’s mom said lovingly touching her daughter’s face. “You will look like a royal princess in this one.”

    Oh the moment of finalizing the bridal saree had finally arrived. Sumit took a sigh of relief.

    “Alright, let’s go and make a payment for this saree. I am so glad to have found this saree. Now, I can go back to our home tomorrow. We have to do a lot of planning in our town for the weddingguests.”, Sumit’s mother said with a relief on her face too.

    “Of course, Chitra ji. You should relax now. Now, it’s my turn to go shopping with Sumit to buy a saree for him too.”, Riya’s mother said. “Sumit, should we start shopping for you tomorrow?”

    Due to the 5000 character limit, I am unable to post the whole part here. I have also posted this somewhere else. You can read the full part here:

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    Vini's (Friday, 15 April 2022 12:56)

    Deepak to Deepika, Part-1
    I am Deepak, a software engineer I live single in a well furnished accommodation. Since my parents are passed away I stay alone and live my life as my wish. My life was going smoothly still I met thePriya in my life.
    Priya joined as my assistant in my office. She shifted from a village to the city. She came to me and asked to help her for her accommodation. I suggested her one ladies hostel, as I suggested takethe accommodation. The hostel is near to my house so every day she uses to come along with me in my car. It becomes routine in our life and she become close to me. But I never invited her to my housedue to my privacy. One day I got a fever and I taken leave to the office, I forgot to tell it to her. Since she waited for my vehicle and came to my home. Which I never expected that she will come tomy home; she checked my temperature and told it’s too high. She taken me to the hospital and after checking the doctor told that I got typhoid so need to take rest for a week.
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    Vini's (Friday, 15 April 2022 12:59)

    Deepak to Deepika, Part-2
    Since I am alone she comes to my home and taken care. I use to take rest in the home and from home I given guidance to Priya to do my offices work. I got recovered from my illness and again myroutine work started. After this incident she becomes very close to me, and she use to visit every weekend to my home and spend the time with me. When she visited the weekend she noticed that one ofthe room in my house not using it. She requested me that she will vacate the ladies hostel and to stay in that room so that she can take care of the house and prepare food for me.Since I am alone andnot using the room I thought she will helpful. So I agreed to stay but told her to give her personal details so that there should not be any problem in the future. She has only his grandmother in thevillage and her parents also passed away. And she is actually 2 years elder to me. By hearing her details I felt Priya also similar to me so told her to shift to my home. But I told her with acondition that she never enters in my room. She agreed for it and shifted to my home. So we both started to live in the same home and going to office together. She prepares food for both andhousekeeping of the house. But I never allowed her to come inside my room.

  • #82

    Vini's (Friday, 15 April 2022 13:04)

    Deepak to Deepika, Part-3
    The life was moving smoothly and one weekend I am searching my house related documents which has to be renewal. By seeing my tension she also entered in to my room to help me and never thought shewill come inside. That is the 1st time she entering in to my room, she helps to find out my documents. But I forget to close my cupboards in it she seen the female dresses are there in the cupboard.With a surprise she saw me....With a surprise, she asked me why these female dresses are in your room. So this is the reason your avoided me to come inside your room. So I don’t have other optionsnow it’s time to tell her the truth. The girls has different options and styles to dress whereas men’s has only few types and also when I touch the female dress it gives a nice feel. So I justcollected the dress and kept in my room. She asked me you ever wear it, I told NO. She started to go through the collection and picked one Red Silk Saree and come near to me and just covers it overmy body. She told you will look beautiful if you wear the saree. I had seen her in confusion...

  • #83

    Vinis's (Friday, 15 April 2022 13:09)

    Deepak to Deepika, Part-4
    By seeing my confusion she told if you want to dress as a girl I can help you. I got little nervous and she went out. Next one week I not spoken to her and just do our regular duties. We both notdiscussed about that topic up to Friday evening. When we are returning from office to home on Friday evening she told me if you are not interested to stay with you I can shift back to the ladieshostel. I told nothing wrong from your side so no need for shifting you can stay in my home itself I only done the mistake by hiding it. Immediately she told if I want to stay in your home then as apunishment you have to dress as girl for next 2 days. I never dressed as a girl I only done the collection of dresses. She told I will help you to dress and feel as a girl for 2 days. I finallyagreed to do as her wish, she told for dressing we need few stuffs. She taken me to the shop and she started to collect the stuffs. I asked about the details she told you will understand when udress..
    I told her it should be within us and also the dressing to be done in a good manner. I not interested to do the dressing in a drag look. Then she told to have a perfect look I need to do the waxingand ear piercing. This has to be done by the professionals so she asked me to take her to the beauty parlour which she goes regularly.I told priya it should be within us why you are involving others.Priya suggested since you want to have a perfection so there is no option. Priya told she will manage it. She requested the parlour girl to do the waxing and ear piercing to me. Initially the parlourgirl not accepted since its ladies parlour. Then Priya suggested the parlour girl to visit our home and do the service. She asked for extra amount for the home service. The parlour girl had given thehome service appointment for next day morning 7AM.
    Then we returned to our home, Friday Night I slept with the confusion & fear in mind. What is going to happen tomorrow...........I & Priya wake up early morning at 6 AM itself due to theexcitement. Priya send the reminder call to the parlour girl. As informed Parlour girl (Ms.Smitha) reached our home at 7 AM. Priya already informed to Smitha as our program. So she brought all theaccessories in a bag. Priya introduced me to the Smitha , she asked my name. I told my name Deepak. Immediately Smitha with a smile told to Priya that Deepak will become Deepika..
    So they started to call me as Deepika, with a shy I went inside to my room. They both came to my room and told to remove my clothes. With an uneasy I am standing in front of both the girls. Priyatold don’t worry deepika I will support you and your younger to me. It’s just a fun try for once and you have a beautiful collection of dress which is not used.
    Smitha told to remove my clothes and asked to wear only the shorts. Smitha started to apply the waxing and removed my hairs and the eyebrows also she trimmed. After that she applied some cream now Ifeel a soft skin. She did the facial and bleaching to my face. She started to pierce my ears and nose. Now she told to take bath before dressing. She had given a hair removal cream to remove the hairinside the shorts to get a full feminine feel. I went inside the bathroom and removed the hair. Priya informed me to take her help while taking the bath. So I called priya inside the bathroom and shecame inside and started to apply the turmeric in my body and to the face. I feel that I am becoming a girl.

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    Pooja (Saturday, 16 April 2022 07:29)

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    The Bride of 15 days (Sunday, 17 April 2022 13:03)

    Writer : Namrata

    “There is a shade of red for every woman.” said Audrey Hepburn. Will Sumit find a shade of red for him when he goes shopping for his own bridal saree? Read how his adventure unfolds.

    After spending days shopping a bridal saree for herself, Riya was now familiar with every saree shop in the city. She knew exactly where the bridal saree section was. So she was ready to walk to thatsection. Her excitement was too high to contain her.

    Sumit, on the other hand, was lost in his own thoughts. The strange sensation in his body and the thought of becoming a daughter-in-law for 5 days worried him. “I would look ridiculous in a saree.”,he thought to himself. He didn’t know yet that the future had a lot more moments that would make him red in blush before he even gets to become a daughter-in-law.

    The trials and tribulations for Sumit started with a simple question.

    “Saree or lehenga (a skirt like outfit)?”, Riya's mother Kavita asked as a matter of fact.

    Sumit gave her a puzzling look.

    “Arey baba, do you like saree or lehenga?”, Riya’s mother Kavita asked again in a little louder voice this time but with a big smile on her face as if laughing at Sumit.

    “Umm … I like them both. Umm … I mean … I like them both but it depends on who is wearing it and how beautiful she is. Beautiful girls look beautiful in both.” Sumit replied.

    “Unh? Beautiful girls look beautiful in both. Very smart.” Riya imitated him. “Mom is asking about what you would like to wear for yourself stupid. Saree or lehenga?”

    “Well, I don’t know.” Sumit said.

    “Oho … we need to make a decision because you will be wearing that for muh-dikhayi ceremony (The ceremony where a new daughter-in-law meets her new family and guests for the first time.)” Kavitasaid.

    “Mom, why don’t we do this? We should buy both the lehenga and the saree for him. He can wear lehenga for the muh-dikhayi ceremony and saree for the puja ceremony (where the new couple performsprayers for the first time)” Riya suggested.

    “Hmm … that’s a great idea dear.” Now Kavita ji seemed as excited as Riya was.

    “Mom … but does he need to wear a red or a maroon saree for puja? Can’t he wear any other color?”

    “Of course dear. Red or maroon are the only acceptable traditional bridal colors. Why do you ask when you know it?”

    “Actually mom … the other day I saw a peacock green saree which I think will look really great on Sumit.” Riya said as if begging her mom lovingly.

    “Enough with the peacocks!” Sumit shouted in his own mind. “Instead of buying a saree for yourself, you were thinking of a saree for me. That’s why it took you 6 days!”, he wanted to shout atRiya.

    “Mom, please.”, Riya pleaded again.

    “Listen, dear. We can get that saree too. Anyway, we need to buy a dozen sarees for him. But he needs to wear either maroon or red for the puja ceremony.” Kavita ji consoled Riya who had a frowningface.

    “A dozen sarees?” Sumit finally blurted out.

    “Of course Sumit. You are going to be there for 5 days. You will need two sarees each day as you will be changing your saree for the evening. And then you need some light weight sarees to sleep atnight. So a dozen is a bare minimum you need.” Riya said as a matter of fact but she was laughing inside thinking about the poor chap who appeared really confused.

    “Yes, dear. In our community, the new daughter-in-law isn’t expected to repeat her clothes for at least two weeks.” Riya’s mom said with utmost seriousness.

    “See I told you that you need a dozen sarees… maybe more.” Riya chuckled this time.

    Due to the 5000 characters limit, I cannot post the full part here. Please read it here:

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    Kindly read


    And comment please

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    Deepak to Deepika is taken from another site/ author, just pasting the story by the present author. I am sorry to say these. Nowadays in this site so many stories are repeated / or copied from othersites only changing the writer name. Please try new ones with the old base it is my suggestion only.

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    The Bride of 15 days (Wednesday, 20 April 2022 09:18)

    Writer : Namrata

    Plot Synopsis: Sumit thought his saree shopping adventure was over. But now, he needs to get his blouses stitched where another adventure lies in front of him. How will he take it?

    Sumit’s phone was ringing. If there was one phone call in the world he would look forward to picking up, it was from Riya. But the crazy adventure of saree shopping with her recently had changed hisperspective and he had been ignoring her calls.

    This was indeed the call from Riya. He couldn’t ignore her anymore.


    “Where were you, Sumit? Why didn’t you pick my calls earlier?”

    “Oh sorry I was busy.”

    “Ok. I forgive you.” She said with love-filled anger.

    “Listen, what are you doing today evening?” she asked.

    “Hmm … nothing. But why?”, he was reluctant to do any more girly shopping with her. He had draped enough sarees and dupattas on himself.

    “Good. Let’s meet today evening. We need to get blouses stitched for your sarees. We will go to a tailor to get your measurements.” She was excited once again.

    “Not again, Riya. Can’t we do this after your mom has gone back to her home? I feel really embarrassed in her presence. We will do it together, I promise.”, he reasoned with her.

    “I know Sumit this is tough for you.”, Riya finally understood what Sumit felt. “But this is a tailor that mom knows from our community. He is well aware of the panchdashi bahu custom and everyonegoes to him for their blouse stitching work. Think about it. Would you rather go to a man who knows about this, or to some stranger tailor who doesn’t know why a man would be getting dozens ofblouses stitched?”

    Riya had a point. Sumit reluctantly agreed. He hoped that at least this time, he won’t be modeling around in women’s clothes in front of the world. He just needs to give his blousemeasurements.

    That evening, Riya was on her way along with her mother Kavita on an Uber ride. She picked up Sumit from his office and they went straight to their destination – the tailor shop; at least that’s whatSumit thought. Sumit didn’t say much during this taxi ride while Riya and Kavita talked in whispers.

    The car finally stopped and the three got down in front of a big building that had many shops in it. Riya grabbed Sumit’s hand and started walking towards a shop that was going to make Sumit moreembarrassed than ever.

    As soon as Sumit saw that they were about to enter a lingerie shop, he froze. He quickly pulled back his hands from Riya and almost shouted, “No way, Riya. I have gone through many things. But I amdrawing a line here. This needs to stop, right now. We are not going in there.”

    “Sumit, please don’t create a scene.”, Riya pleaded. She knew this was tough. She pulled him on the side and said, “Sumit, please understand. We need to get a bra for you. We just need yourmeasurements here so that we can get a bra that fits you. I promise once I know your size, I will buy all the bras to match your sarees and outfits myself.”

    Sumit was still angry. He didn’t want to do this.

    “Listen, son. It will be a matter of only 15 minutes. Try to understand, a good fit of bra is a must otherwise you will be too uncomfortable for those 5 days. You might even feel back pain.”, Kavitainterjected.

    “Please Sumit … “, Riya pleaded with her eyes that were almost filled with tears. Sumit couldn’t make her cry. The instant he agreed, Riya immediately wiped her tears and they all went into theshop.

    Sumit felt really weird surrounded by the sexiest bra and panties collection on display. Much to his embarrassment, Riya and Kavita left him alone and they went to talk to some lady assistant in thestore. Wherever he looked, there were bras and women purchasing those bras. Strangely, no women cared to look towards him as they were busy shopping for themselves.

    You can read the rest of this part at this link. Please let me know how I am doing with this story. - Namrata

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    Neeraj (Sunday, 24 April 2022 11:17)

    Charu, i write hindi crossdressing stories because they give the real feeling as indian. You can find many husband wife cd stories on my blog: storimania.blogspot.com
    Recently added part 2 of my new story in hindi section here.... Please check and comments

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    Bad kid 1 (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 18:43)

    Sailesh was an active boy, who is good at studies, and all, but only bad thing is his, behavior, he is kind of acts rowdy infront of everyone... he is the middle child between his elder sister gitaand younger sister bindu. Gita is soft spoken, 2 years older to sailesh. Bindu is a year younger to sailesh. She is a very smart and outspoken, she has so many friends and acts wise for her age.Sailesh is very short for his age, but he acts so tough and macho.
    Ome day, gita came crying to her mom vani..
    Vani: ayyo gita what happened why are you crying..
    G: sailesh hit me.. and she shows the bruises on her hands..
    V: omg, he is becoming too rash, if your father was here he would have controlled him.. she feels sad.. bindu observes this from far and becomes angry at her brother.
    Next day, they were at dinner.
    All of them were eating on a table..
    V: sailesh why did you hit your sister yesterday, she was crying..
    Sailesh got angry at gita, he hit the dining table with fist and shouted at her.. the women were surprised at how aggressive he is becoming..
    S: she is the one that grabbed bat from me first, are you an idiot, girls don't play cricket...
    Seeing his aggression, vani fears that she could not control him, and says..
    V: yes gita you shouldn't play cricket, it is for boys..
    Bindu was surprised that mom was supporting sailesh..
    B: but mom..
    V: bindu don't talk while elders are speaking..
    Sailesh was having evil grin..
    V: and you do not hit her next time, tell me, i will handle anything..
    Sailesh was angry that gita rat him out..
    S: becaus of you xxx mom is scolding me.. he abuses her with bad words..
    All of them were shocked..
    V: heyy dont speak bad words..
    Bindu was watching her mom hopelessly, instead of slapping her brothers face, she was just customarily saying a few words.. bindu was furious, and left the meal inbetween all helpless.
    They finished the dinner, but vani was sad that her son was going out of control, she does nothing but, just pray.
    Next few days bindu observes more such incidents of her big brother sailesh's rowdy machoism infront of mom and gita didi.. but helplessly ignore it as her mom could only take her son's side in fearof making him out of control.
    Since those were the days after lockdown, vani has her kids attending classes online. However macho sailesh is, the one thing that is not macho is his hair, sharing his mom's great hair genes, hegrown it until his waist, and has it in a low ponytail. More of a messy rockstar style.

    Watching it,
    V: sailesh, when will you get your haircut, since everything is coming to normal..
    Sailesh being lazy, even he doesn't like having long hair like girls so much, says he will do it next week.
    As bindu has lot of friends, she was again so excited to see her friends after long time, she keeps meeing all her old friends.. one day she was going to meet a group of friends..
    V: whom are you meeting today? With smile on her face..
    Bindu was blushing and says, no boys mom, its just my friends, all girls, sruthi, rita, malvika, priya..
    V: oh okay okay, enjoy... Vani has no interest in hearing all their names
    But far away from the room was sailesh who liked hearing the name of priya..

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    Bad kid 2 (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 19:52)

    S: can i come too?
    Vani amd bindu surprisingly looks at him.
    Sailesh recognizes their doubtful faces, and says, 'I mean for her safety, she is a girl know'
    V: acha, suddenly you are concerned about your sisters safety..
    S: i want to go mom.. he shouts..
    They were shocked at his aggression.. bindu gets angry, but does nothing..
    However his mom agrees, and sends him along with bindu even if bindu doesn't want it..
    Bindu looks at her brother angrily, for coming along with her..
    Sailesh was happy that he got his way, and going to meet priya, most beautiful girl in high school..
    They both go and meet them, on the way, sailesh takes something out of the pocket..
    B: what is that, a comb..
    S: you silly girl, it is a knife, a pocket knife..
    Bindu suddenly stops walking..
    B: whattt.. are you an idiot..
    Sailesh slaps her..
    Bindu was shaked by it.. also seeing her friends nearby, being hit front of them she could not take it..
    S: how dare you call me idiot, i am your older brother, and what do you know about knifes, it is my style..
    B: but it is unsafe sailesh bhaiyya..
    S: do you want another hit or shut your mouth and go, looks like we have arrived near your friends..
    Bindu was angry, as to hit him, but she was wise enough not to pick a fight with him, especially with a knife on him.
    And they meet her friends, they interacted for a while, and then sailesh starts acting all macho again, as their friends were seeing he took out the pocket knife and doing some martial arts stunts toimpress priya.. bindu begged him to keep it inside..
    S: get lost.. he sighed..
    and suddenly ritu starts screaming..there was blood.. it was chaos in there.. it took a minute for everyone to understand what happened..
    S: its okay it is a small cut..
    B: oh no bhayya.. look at the blood..
    S: its okay lests take her to the clinic..
    B: oh sailesh bhayya, you are so dead... she told sailesh, as they walked to the clinic,
    S: what are you talking, it is a small cut on the hand..
    B: ohh its not that, do you know who ritu's father is..
    S: is he rich or what? What will he do, it was an accident..
    B: ohh hello, he is the head inspector of our whole town, he is gonna arrest you and keep you in juvenile prison..
    Sailesh started shivering with hearing the word prison, he recognized how dangerous his acts were at that moment..
    All the group of friends reached the clinic, ritu was taken inside..
    B: you are so dead bhayya, definitely ginna go to prison..
    Sailesh was terrorized, and tears rool out of his eyes, but he gets away from the girls and sits alone in the bench away from them.. after a while a nurse comes to where bindu and friends weresitting..
    N: are you ritu's friends?
    B: yes..
    N: okay no need to worry the cut was not deep, but we had to make some stitches.
    The girls look concerned..
    N: its okay girls cheer up, she just has to take bed rest for a 15 days and not move her hand unless necessary, then she will be normal.. and is she your friend too.. and points towardssailesh..
    Bindu and priya were surprised that nurse referred him as a she.. but as they look towards that side, sailesh, was sitting on a bench with head down, and his loose ponytail falling all across hisback, making him look like a girl in boys clothes. Looking at that Bindu gets an idea/answer to end his machoism or aggression.
    Bindu and priya look at each other smile a little, and walks towards him. They were happy that ritu will be okay..
    Bindu taps on sailesh's shoulder..they both sit each side of sailesh, he looks up at bindu, and as bindu assures him that ritu was okay, he collapses into her shoulder..saying thank god, i will notgo to juvenile prison.. even though bindu enjoys her vrother being so vulnerable for the first time..she interrupts
    B: ohh hello, who told that, you might still go, you think ritu will leave you for it..
    He starts shivering again.. please do something bindu, i dont want to go..
    B: alright alright, you know that ritu is one of my best friends right, i can convince her not to tell her father that you did it..
    He was happy listening it..
    B: but.. sailesh making a doubtful face.
    S: but what..

  • #105

    Bad kid 3 (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 20:11)

    She thinks a bit..
    B: you have to listen to me, and do whatever i say..
    S: okay i will do..
    B: oh oh, reduce this aggression first,
    S: okay, thank you bindu..
    Bindu was imagining how she will make his life miserable for all the acts he has done..
    B: okay okay, first why don't we get you cleaned up sailesh..and she tucked gis hair strands behind his ear.
    He felt it was wierd that she called him by his name, but more wierd was what she did with his hair..
    B: priya, why don't you get my handbag, there is a hairbrush in it..
    Sailesh suddenly turns backwards and realises the girl sitting behind him until now was none other than priya.. she goes and gets bindu's handbag and puts it over his lap..
    P: its okay shailu don't cry anymore, your bindu didi will take care of it..
    Even With her stunning beauty infront that words stung him like a bee, his face turned dull on why she called..
    B: stop it priya, he might be shorter than me, but he is the older one..
    S: what i am taller..
    B: oh come on sailesh, i am 2 inches taller than you, now turn around and let me brush your hair..
    S: no let's go home..
    B: saileshh.. she raises her voice.. what did i say earlier about listening to me?
    He remembers and.. and sists silently and handover the hairbrush to bindu who is sitting behind, while holding her hand bag in the lap.

  • #106

    Bad kid 4 (Tuesday, 26 April 2022 23:51)

    Embarrassment creeps in for sailesh as priya sists in front of him with legs crossed stylishly, whereas he gets his hair brushed by his little sister.
    As she brushes it for a while, and holds all his hair together on the back with her hand..
    B: sailesh give me a scrunchie..
    Naive sailesh looks perplexed, with his sister waiting patiently, he slowly starts looking into the handbag, and doubtfully picks up a handful of bands and clips..
    Priya looks at him sharply,
    P: aww so sad, you have such a great long hair and don't know what a scrunchie is.. and she picks up a scrunchie from the heap in his hand, then, picks up couple more clips too..
    Priya hands the scrunchie to bindu and after she makes the ponytail, she places the two clips on each side of the ear..
    After that, he gets up and walks along with them behind,
    The nurse comes from the opposite direction, she stops near him, for which he also stops..
    N: are you okay now sweetie..
    He looks behind..
    N: oh i am talking to you sweetie, and holds his chin..
    Sailesh was surprised her calling him sweetie..
    N: aren't you sisters looking great, with those matching hairstyles..
    Sailesh realises and looks over bindu, she was wearing a high ponytail, with two clips on each side.. both the girls smile at each other..
    He tries to remove the band, but bindu holds his hands from behind..
    N: so, now your friend is taking rest you girls can head home, the boy who did this will suffer, i heard the girls dad is police..
    Hearing that he pulls his hands down and bindu leaves her grip. He feels sad, and they walk away along with him away from the nurse before the nurse realizes he is the one who did it. After a whileof walking with bindu and priya, he stops turns towards them and asks..
    S: what is all that, why is that nurse calling me a girl..
    P: well, isn't she right though.. and she looks at bindu and they both laugh..
    S: stop i am asking seriously, why are you laughing..
    His ponytail swings left to right, as he looks at bindu and priya..
    They keep laughing more..
    S: hey, i am talking to you.. he shouts..
    Bindi gets angry and... thap..
    S: heyy.. he shouts..
    Another Slap on his face..
    B: what did I tell you about your aggression earlier..
    He realizes the pain for the first time, on the receiving end, infact her slaps were twice harder to his, his eyes filled with tears, avout to cry..
    Then he slowly..
    S: but bindu why is she referring me like a girl..
    Priya smiles a bit.
    P: because you look like one, and she turns him around towards the mirror, where he could see that bindu is couple of inches taller than him, both with same hairstyles.. he was happy that atleastpriya was his height..
    P: and you know we are in a girls bathroom right now.. both of them smile..
    He suddenly goes outside the door and checks the sign showing girls bathroom, he was frustrated with himself not even seeing where he is going.. and he tries to reach his poknytail to remove thescrunchie..
    Bindu and priya walks out..
    B: nah nah nah, you take it out when i say so, or else.. she warns him..
    He drawbacks from taking that out.

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    Where did Aurin Khan from Wattapad go?

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    Bad kid 5 (Monday, 02 May 2022 01:54)

    After those events sailesh was low on confidence and with his head low, walking towards home..
    B: hey sweetie..
    Sailesh looks angrily towards bindu..
    S: don't call me that..
    B: ohh come on you look so sweet in that hairstyle, you should do that more often,..
    S: what, no wayy, i am gonna get a haircut soon, even mom was telling the same..
    B: haha, you are not getting haircut anymore..
    S: who are you to say.. and he was about to hit her and remembers earlier incidents..and instead puts his toungue out.. like
    Bindu gets a little angry about his response, but sees him more like a little girl now instead of her aggressive brother unlike earlier.
    However she laughs, and he rans into the room before his mom and gita di saw his girly hairstyle..
    Next day morning, he was eating breakfast with his mom and gita di..
    G: heyy sailesh, you looked cute in that hairstyle yesterday, you want me to do that again, your hair looks messy now..
    Sailesh couldn't believe gita saw it, but he disagrees..
    S: stop it gita, what are you talking..
    A: is it, how did he do it..
    G: i don't know mom, who did it, but he looked really pretty..
    Hearing their convo.. sailesh shouted..
    S: can't you shut up gita and mind ur own business..
    M: heyy sailesh..
    S: shut up mom.. he unknowingly shouted upon his mom.. and as he was shouting, there entered bindu..
    She was furious hearing that.. and sailesh was terrified at the sight of bindu, her looks terrified him. He stopped eating, and was watching her carefully..
    Bindu being in 9th class looks really mature, and her big eyes, and her actions of pulling up her sleeve while loosening her hair bun and tightening again indicated something looming oversailesh.
    She called him into a room acting that she needs help with something and sailesh was innocent enough to believe in her trap.. as he entered the door, he saw behind bindu closing the door..
    And before he could realize his face was being slapped multiple times..
    S: ah bindu.. ahh.. stop..
    He tries to resist, but she turns his hand back and he starts crying in pain..
    B: what did i say about aggression yesterday.. aren't you going to change..
    He was crying in pain..
    S: i am sorry, i will listen, ah please stop slapping..
    B: aha its hurting know.. now you realize huh...
    And she slowly releases him, he was as in pain as he was shocked at his sisters strength..
    B: that's not enough, here and she hands something white..
    S: what is this?
    B: oh come on, its just an underwear,

  • #117

    Shemalesana (Monday, 02 May 2022 06:14)

    Crossdressed during CoVID by doctor

    I am from TN india. I used to crossdress whenever I get a chance to be alone. I was a late bloomer so I dont any facial hair and my body hair is also less visible. thanks to my flat stomach and roundface with minimal makeup I could pass as a girl. But I have never went out of my room crossdressed. This COVID was a boon to me. I was asked to work from home and most of my neighbors had vacatedtheir flat to return tot their native. I had pierced both my ears and had a good collection of earrings. I got them pierced at naturals during my college days and let them properly heal to haveminimal scar. I also had a fetish for nose ornaments especially traditional ones. So I had brought piercing needles and clamps from crazy factory, an online vendor for such. Once bbn I was sure thatI won't be returning to office soon I watched a lot of youtube videos on self nose piercing. I tired a multiple time but never did it.

  • #118

    Shemalesana (Monday, 02 May 2022 06:45)

    Crossdressed during CoVID by doctor

    It was Saturday night that I had the will to get my nose pierced. It was pretty hard to pierce my nose myself but now I was relaxed and once the needle was half way through I closed my eyes andstarted to the feel sensation of nostril being pierced. I was a pleasure I longed for. Once the needle was through I inserted the newly brought silver jewel into my nose. I wiped the tears in eyes tolook at my reflection in the mirror. All the pain and fear I had moments ago meant nothing to me. Now that I have a jewel on my nose I wore the matching dangles on ears and went to bed happily. Itried to fall asleep and had a strong urge to touch my nose pin. I had read multiple article about after care for nose piercing and knew what was best. Since mine was a programming task we rarely hadmeeting that needed me to switch my camera and a week went my instantly. I used to wear mask due to covid curfew when I for shopping or when I received any delivery. But now came the issue. After aweek from the piercing I skin around the jewel was slightly black. I got scared as I was fair skinned and wanted my nose pin to less noticeable to others. After a few search I was able to find thatsilver would oxidize the skin and may cause blackening of the skin. I was relieved when I knew that it was not permanent and was reversible. I plucked a few dried neem stick and soaked in them inturmeric paste. After a few minutes I removed my nose pin and cleaned it. I took a neem stick with similar width as the nose pin and tried to insert it but the whole has already started to closewithin minutes. I was scared and tried to reinsert the nose pin again.

  • #119

    Ffs (Wednesday, 04 May 2022 05:40)

    @Shemalesana nice start please continue the great work

  • #120

    Shemalesana (Thursday, 05 May 2022 07:11)

    Crossdressed during CoVID by doctor

    That night I felt a slight pain in my nose. Having my nose pierced I had to sleep on my right side to avoid rubbing my nose with the pillow. Also I have ordered few wire type nose rings online toavoid blackening of my nose. But due to covid curfew was in place in many district and it was told that I can expect a delay in delivery. So I had no other choice but to use neem stick again.

    This time I had prepared the neem stick and sponge beforehand. As soon as I remove the nose pin I cleaned it with a cotton swab and inserted the neem stick of same size. I will a little painfulprocess as unlike the nose pin the neem stick would bend a little so I had to use extra force to insert it. Finally the neem stick settled well in the hole. The length was enough to be seen like abulge outside and if piggy my hole the stick was clearly visible. I was satisfied with the result and had a good night's sleep.

  • #121

    Review (Thursday, 05 May 2022 16:55)

    Stories on icn extension are better now. This site is getting degraded because of incomplete stories. My suggestion to the people here is to start stories only if you think you can complete. Itsbetter not to post than posting 2-3 parts and leaving. Imo its better to publish the story only after completing it and posting all the parts at once. Binge reading makes you feel better thanepisodic reading.

  • #122

    short story 1 (Friday, 06 May 2022 15:42)

    i will write it short within 2 to 3 parts and try to complete it when i have the mood.
    sirish: mom, mom come fast.
    his mom is busy in the kitchen and couldn't hear him..
    sirish, shouting again, mommy mommy come fast..
    his mom vani stopped the mixer and looked at her son sternly and asked, "what is it?"
    with just pants on and no shirt, " i can't reach my blue shirt, can you come and give me"
    she made her eyes big, and "can't you see i am busy, can't you wear other shirt?"
    "no i want that blue one, why did you even kept it on top shelf" he stubbornly stand there..
    she keeps the spatula aside, and turns completely towards him, and with one hand resting on her waist.."you are in 10th class, is it my fault that you are just 4 foot?, if you had listen to me youwould have grown more" sirish after listening to her mom , "alright mom, i will wear other shirt" said in sulking manner. "ohh sirish, wait, let me call", she shouts "sriya, come help your bigbrother". sriya comes out of her room, shrugging off her shoulders, and as she saw sirish she nods her head sideways at him when he asked for what he wants.. "sriya go help your big brother withoutcomplaining", sriya shrugs again, and mockingly says "okay big brother shall we go?", knowing the fact that she is way taller than him being an year younger.
    As they keep walking, he sees her all sweaty and asks "what are you doing, what is all this sweat", "ohh I am training in my room, PT sir told that the more exercise i do, i will grow more", sirishlooking at his tall younger sister from bottom to top and says "well, isn't this enough?",
    sr: what, no no, i am just 5'8 and there are couple of girls who are taller in my sports team.
    sirish with his face in awe, "really?, there are girls taller than you sriya?"
    sriya goes "oh of course big brother, there are, not everyone is short like you big brother" mocking him again saying big brother, where as big doesn't suit him a lot, knowing that he keeps his headdown and walks..
    sr: don't be sad, mom says boys grow late, you will grow too..
    he was relieved, but..
    sr: ohh by the way, i always thought you were just short, but you are so skinny..
    and she adds to the insult, he tries to defend..
    si: i am not skinny, i am fit
    sr: fit hahaha.. do you even know the difference.. omg you are so naivee, how are you my big brother..
    si: I am elder and I know better..
    sriya smiles, and says again..
    si: okay big brother whatever you say..
    and they walk towards his room.

  • #123

    short story 2 (Friday, 06 May 2022 16:33)

    as they enter his room.
    sr: okay wait what do you want help with?
    si: give me that blue shirt on top shelf..
    sriya didn't like the way he says that, so she stops and stares at him..
    sr:I am not taking any orders...
    si: okay, okay, can you please give me the blue shirt on top shelf?.. why does mom even keep it there, he mumbles to himself.
    sr: here you go big brother..
    si: thanks sriya..
    sr: any time big brother.. she mockingly says and taps twice over his head
    si: heyyy, don't do that...
    sriya smiles, and as she felt his head, and his hair, "wow your hair is so smooth, did you do something to it"
    si: no i did not, and wears his shirt..
    sr: nahh, you did something, it looks far girly than that messy boy's hair you had before...
    sirish reacts to her comments and blurts out "what, girly? mom told it was men's salon"
    sriya smiles, and says " well i doubt it's a men's salon, your hair look so girly,"
    meanwhile Vani (mom) enters the room, and says 'are you guys done ?'
    sr: yes mom, I was just appreciating big brother's hair, which men's salon did you take him to ?
    V:oh come on sriya, do you think men's salon does such things, they just chop it off, look at it, the new girl in pinky aunty's beauty parlor did a flawless job.
    si: beauty parlour mom really?,
    V: ohh kid what do i do with you, what are you listening, i told, right, men's shops were closed yesterday, when did you listen to me, oh godd?
    vani leaves the room in disappointment..
    sr: girly hair from beauty parlor haha...
    si: you are jealous of me, girls go crazy over long hair, i know..
    sr: oh wait, you are not thinking about your classmate karan, are you?
    si: yeah, well doesn't he have long hair too, and I know girls go crazy over him..
    sriya gasps in shock, " ohh dear ohh dear naive brother, for one, he is 6 foot, unlike you"
    sirish puts head down, sriya goes " and his hair is always in a classy bun, unlike your low ponytail" and she comes to his side, and pulls his ponytail that is hanging until his waist up, which makeshis head go up, and he moans, 'heyy leave my hair'.
    sriya laughs.. sirish looks serious "stop it sriya, I know you are just jealous of my hair, and mom told, this style looks good on me, also I watched english movies where rockstars have hair likeme"

    sriya raises eyebrows and says 'aha, okay then, keep your girly hair like that, i don't have any problem'
    sirish also angrily turns around and says 'get lost, it is not girly'.. as he turns around, sriya could see his ponytail swings from back to the front, she smiles and goes back to her room.

  • #124

    short story 3 (Friday, 06 May 2022 17:24)

    after few days,
    sriya was passing through the hall, and glances over his brother watching tv, comes near him, staring at him..
    sirish looks back up towards his tall sister, and says 'what?'
    sr: you went to beauty parlor again, right ?
    sirish was surprised and shouts, 'mommy you told sriya couldn't find out'
    sriya looking at awe his big brother calling 'mommy'
    Vani comes from kitchen 'ohh god, what is with this kid, and well sriya how did you knew'
    sriya goes on, 'i am a girl mom, i could say when a girl, i mean when someone gets a hair makeover'
    sirish thinks to himself, wait, did she refer me as a girl, may be mom is really making me look like a girl.. so he goes, 'mom, you told it was a trim to the loose ends, right, i didn't even get itstraightened this time'
    sriya surprised as her brother knows all these girly terms..
    Vani goes, 'you are correct sirish, but the new girl is so experimental, and she might have given a curl or two, at the ends, and you only asked for middle parting your hair this time'
    sirish angry at the new girl, but also at his stupidity of not knowing what middle parting means, but confidently agrees to it, and he thinks may be he should learn about these things, to avoid themin future.
    Vani says, 'what should i do, you started going to parlor with your friends, atleast I have sirish now', sirish surprised at vani's answer thinks that she definitely is making him girly now, andtrusts his sister judgement this time.
    In that manner, he gets close to his sister next few days, like never before..
    sr: sirish bhayya, you hair is so pretty, I want to do a lot of things on it, why do you have that dirty hairtie..
    si: what, get lost i am not a girl, I am doing as to surprise girls and get a girlfriend next school year.. just like karan did..
    sr: yeah yeah, just like karan.. haha..okay let me help with your pony, i think it is loose..
    si: ohh thanks sriya, and he removes his hair tie.. his hair falls all over his back..
    sr: so beautiful bhayya..
    si: thanks.. shit wait why am i saying thanks, she didn't call me handsome, i should get a good grip of myself.. he says to himself..
    sr: ohh so dirty, and she whips the hairtie out of the window..
    si: heey that's my only hairtie.. what did you do? he shouts..
    sr: it's okay bhayya, i have a lot of them..
    si: where?...
    sr: there in that tray..
    he pulls up that tray, and opens, he sees colorful rubberbands, lot thicker than he ever seen.
    si: what are these, men don't use these?
    sr: its okay bhayya, we can use them, no one is going to see you at home, and that cream color scrunchie will look good on your hair, and you can have a spare one, on your hand too..
    sirish thought atleast it was not pink, and allows her to brush his hair first..
    si: why the spare one?
    sr: ohh you don't want to not have a scrunchie when it's windy outside, so for safety..
    si: why will I go outside, it is just for home, right?.. he slowly moans, as his sister keeps brushing his hair..
    sr: stop asking so many questions bhayya..
    si: ahh ahh.. slowly.. as sriya removes tangles in his hair..
    sr: okay..
    si: but one last question..
    sriya gets angry and stops brushing hair and comes infront of him, with hairbrush in her hand..
    sr: SIIRSH.. and taps comb on her other hand seriously..
    si: okay sorry sorry, but one last one.. can you make a man bun on me like karan.. (wait.. and he realizes how his little sister called him by his name)
    sriya keeps brushing his hair now parts half of the hair and puts it on front and while brushing the other half..
    sr: ohh sirish, I don't think that would suit you, as mommy said, ponytails will suit you better.
    sirish tried to respond back at her calling her name.. but something stopped him, he kept on listening without resisting, while she kept calling him by his name.
    after some time, sriya finishes brushing and making his ponytail, 'okay it is done sirish'
    sirish goes, 'thank you mommy', sriya was shocked at what he said, and sirish realizes it too, and probably he was too comfortable he thought his mommy was doing his hair, but instead of reactinglike a big brother.. when sriya responds 'it's okay sweetie, i dont think mommy would be right calling me, i may be bigger than you, but I am young, but I can be be your big sister, okay? ' realizethe embarassment, but all he could respond looking at his tall sister was, 'thank you didi' he couldn't understand why he told that.. he ran away to his room in embarassment.. but sriya was enjoyingthis, 'wait sweetie, let me put this spare scrunchie on your hand'. he ran away not stopping to her words, with his ponytail swinging...

  • #125

    Shemalesana (Saturday, 07 May 2022 07:37)

    Crossdressed during CoVID by doctor

    I changed the neem stick every week and just cleaned it once a day with cotton swab. By then my order for nose ring and nose pin had arrived. I collected it from delivery person at main gate asoutsiders were not allowed within the compound to prevent infection. Since most of the companies had offered work from home option most of the tenants had vacated the flat and to their home. I wasresiding in fifth floor just below the terrace. In my floor all others had vacated except a doctor. I had see her few times in the lift earlier. Also from the name board I knew that she worked forthe government and owned the flat.

    During day I used to log in remotely and work. Since there was no need to switch on the camera, I used to wear my earring and nose ring. I had no dress to match the jewels. After few days, I changedthe neem stick to nose pin and started to enjoy my reflection in the mirror.

    But life was never meant to be smooth. One early morning, I woken by the calling bell. As it was 5.00 AM, I removed the earring and wore mask to hide the nose ring as it would take time to removeit.
    Few people wearing mask had come and informed that - Due to increase in covid case in my apartment, corporation had sealed the entrance and mandatory checking was to be done to all. They asked me torefresh and take the test before 10.00 AM today. They would be taking a sample from my nose for testing. Now I was afraid if my nose hole will be revealed??

  • #126

    Grammar (Saturday, 07 May 2022 14:37)

    short story I was searching this kind of stories for so long, please make girly hair style but forced.

  • #127

    Kamla (Sunday, 08 May 2022 06:56)

    Father and daughter role revolves story

  • #128

    Shemalesana (Sunday, 08 May 2022 07:12)

    A camp had been setup near the main gate. I remove my golden nose pin and replaced it with a neem stick. Since it was dried one and I leveled it to the nostril, the neem stick looked like a mole.Since there were only a few family in the apartment the queue was small. I stood at the last and allowed other to go first. The neighbouring doctor was also collecting samples in one of the camp. Iwent to her to give my sample for testing. I was asked to sit comfortably and raise my face facing the sky. To my surprise instead of taking the sample from my right nostril which was close it her,she stood up came to the other side and inserted the swab on my left side. I did not go it. Without any though she pulled the neem stick from my nose. I did not realize when she inserted the swab theneem stick had come out a little. After she remove the stick the hole in my nose was clearly visible. We did say anything for a while. She just collected my sample and marked my name on it. I wasasked to leave and wait for result.

    I was blank, without any thoughts. I did not have the guts to turn back buy went straight to my room. I sudden tension excited me very much, so I took a cold shower to beat the heat. The excitementof getting caught was something I felt for the first time.

  • #129

    Poornima (Sunday, 08 May 2022 15:43)

    @Sana: I like the plot of your story. Please write more and soon. Please do not add any other male character in your story.

  • #130

    Raj (Sunday, 08 May 2022 22:06)

    There was a good story writer called ex-q-zit. Any idea about what happened to her?

  • #131

    Malarvizhi (Monday, 09 May 2022 00:14)

    Bad kid no update so long waiting for ur story.. r u going to continue or its end with incomplete...short story ur story is super pls write more..with tease and humiliate....

  • #132

    Charu (Monday, 09 May 2022 00:41)

    Sneha, where are you, you are not writting any thing from quite a some time

  • #133

    Hood (Monday, 09 May 2022 01:05)

    Shemalesana good gooing

  • #134

    sulochana (Monday, 09 May 2022 01:46)

    What started off as an innocent gesture, Tribal kingdom please continue your stories

  • #135

    Shemalesana (Monday, 09 May 2022 02:13)

    After few days I got the message that I had covid negative. Till now I have not heard from my neighboring doctor. She knew that I have my nose pierced and ignoring me was not a reaction I wasexpecting. All night i used to dream of her questioning me about my nose pin. During my free hours I came with reasons of how to explain my nose pin. These thoughts really excited me and made me havewet dreams.

    Days passed and covid was extended lock down was extended. It was then I met her again in stairs. To prevent spread of covid lifts were disabled. She was carrying a box of groceries. It looked heavyas I saw her struggling. I did not want to miss this chance to talk to her. So I offered her my help. I tried to carry the myself but it was heavy for me too. I am not a gym person. I used topractice yoga to maintain my shape and flat stomach. With a smile we decided to carry the box together. For five floor we introduced ourself for the first time and we shared out interest. All ourthoughts and lifestyle were complimenting each other.

    When we finally reached the fifth floor, I was already covered in sweat. She was was not tired as much as me. We placed the box on the steps and she opened her flat. She asked me to come inside tohave coffee. I somehow managed to lift the box and placed hit on her table in the hall. Suddenly, I was not ready to have a conversation with her. I excused myself as I was covered in sweat andpromised to come back later. Before I left, I just surveyed her flat. It was very minimal with gym equipments on a corner and photos of bikes on the wall. I hurried out and went inside me flat. Justas I went in I could see her standing outside the flat and looking at me.

  • #136

    Jiji (Monday, 09 May 2022 04:49)

    Ex-q-zit is no more.thats the last update here. Her stories are not available in Amazon too

  • #137

    Shemalesana (Monday, 09 May 2022 11:05)

    The following day, just as I was about to complete my work I heard the calling bell ring. I removed my earrings quickly and wore a mask to hide my hide pin. As I opened my door I could see myneighbour Dr. Pavithra. She had come to invite me for a tea. I promised to freshen up and join by 15 mins. I took a quick shower and replaced my nose pin with a neem stick. I check again to see if mynose hole is visible and went to her flat. As I rang the bell, I was welcomed by pavithra. She showed me her coffee table at a balcony and served me coffee. It was a sight to see. The balconypresented a view of green farm with water flowing through it. As it was time for sunset we enjoyed our coffee with a nice chat.

    I waited for the million dollar question - why do you have your nose pierced?

    But that question never came. I was waiting for it eagerly but it never came. So after few unrelated topics I left. She invited me for coffee tomorrow also. She justified that she was alone as herroommates had vacated. I too agreed eagerly as I too enjoyed her company.

    I went to her flat everyday and pavithra too waited for me eagerly. Sometimes she messaged me in WhatsApp to remind me if she came earlier. Time went by happily and we covered all topics from familyto her future plan, but she always avoided the topic of my nose pin.

  • #138

    Ria (Monday, 09 May 2022 11:21)

    @Bad Kid....u have been writing very well.....please continue

  • #139

    Unknown (Tuesday, 10 May 2022 09:38)

    pls give suggestions in the comments in my blog

  • #140

    Chandini (Wednesday, 11 May 2022 00:02)

    A Very Nice Comic you would enjoy ...

  • #141

    Priya (Friday, 13 May 2022 01:04)

    Shemalesana please complete ur story as soon as possible,

  • #142

    The bride of 15 days Part 6 (Friday, 13 May 2022 22:03)

    “Wow! Is that me?” Sumit said to himself. He kept his face expressionless to hide his emotions. He was struggling to understand his own feelings when he looked at the beautiful girl in the mirrorstaring back at him.

    “Hmm … I look really amazing.”, he thought to himself with a little pride. He indeed looked pretty in a white saree with beautiful pink roses print and long sleeves baby pink colour blouse. Riya whoherself was looking like a diva in a similar chiffon saree, was standing next to him. But strangely, Sumit’s attention was all grabbed by this new girl in the mirror; he had forgotten about Riya whountil a few minutes ago, was his center of attention. Did he think he looked more beautiful than Riya?

    “What’s the matter, Sumit? Didn’t you like the makeup?” Riya asked him again.

    But Sumit was lost in his own thoughts thinking of the correct words to utter. “Damn Sumit, think of something good to say! Say anything”, he again said to himself because he didn’t want to say thatyes I like looking like a beautiful girl. “Yes .. I like it.”, he finally said it reluctantly in a low voice. He was still spell-bounded by the girl in the mirror.

    Riya hugged him in happiness. “Don’t we look like twinsies in similar sarees?” she had a new found excitement in her voice.

    “Don’t sass me, Riya. I am not a girl.”, Sumit tried to get out of Riya’s hug. Finally, the man inside him spoke up when Riya teased him. But as he pushed back Riya, the long hair of his wig fellover his eyes, so he removed it with his hand that had the saree pallu on it. He gave Riya another chance to tease him.

    “You look so cute handling your saree like that.”, Riya chuckled again.

    This time it was Sumit who feigned anger and widened his eyes like Riya would usually do to him. And yes, he looked really cute doing that.

    “Why is this saree falling all over my hand?”, he tried to act manly to balance the act by complaining about the open saree pallu that Riya had placed over his left arm.

    “Now don’t act like a baby Sumit. Now listen to me … ” Riya turned Sumit again to face the mirror.

    “Now look here … what do you see?”, Riya asked.

    “I see many things, Riya. Don’t puzzle me.”, Sumit sounded a little frustrated.

    “Oho … look here at your right boob.”

    “Riya … don’t call it my boob!” Sumit said as Riya was laughing a little.

    “Come on Sumit … What else am I supposed to call it? Anyway, do you see how your saree has slipped down and exposed your blouse here?”

    Hi readers, you can read the full part at this link. I will appreciate your feedback sincerely.

  • #143

    Poornima (Saturday, 14 May 2022 00:05)

    Please contribute Sana... Waiting for the crossdressing part!

  • #144

    Shemalesana (Saturday, 14 May 2022 04:21)

    Days passed by happily, but now that I used to login to work earlier so that I can complete my work and prepare coffee for Pavithra daily. She offered her spare key to use. I have been alone in myflat but I never explored it. I had this guy feeling that I was being watched. I used to wait for her return and welcome her with a hot coffee. I also started arranging her kitchen items and try newsnacks for her. Pavithra just complimented my cooking skills and wanted to hire me as her cook.

    On saturday when pavithra came home I was not available. When she gave me a call, I answered her and told that I was feeling sick. A few minutes I heard a knock on my door. It was pavithra. She hadcome with her medical purse. She checked my temperature and enquired about my symptoms. I had high fever, with cold. I had no breathing issues so it was not critical. Then she took my samples forCOVID test. I was advised to take bed rest for few days. After 2 days I was tested positive. I used to order food online which had contactless delivery as I was very tired to cook. Pavithra checkedon me everyday before she left for work and every night after she returned. After 10 days I was feeling better and was able to do my own cooking. I had a 5mm beard by now. It wanted to have a cleanshave it was then I realized that the neem stick had been missing and the nose hole was completely closed. I should have lost the neem stick while sneezing or with cold. I was completely lost notsure what to do??

  • #145

    Shemalesana (Saturday, 14 May 2022 22:55)

    I had brought only few needles from crazy factory for piercing and had used them all. I had no more needle and was tired to pierce myself. Today I went to pavithra's flat early morning and greetedher. I thanked her for help during the last 2 weeks. We had our coffee together and Pavithra left for job.

    Since COVID had been extended without further notice, I only had few maintenance tasks. Only due to curfew international delivery were stopped. So I can't order from crazy factory. After years Istarted browsing about crossdressing. First results were about stories and accessories. I lost myself in reading those stories. I was not scanning them, I read them thinking as if I was the maincharacter. I read them in my mobile as that laptop was work related and it could be monitored.

    In between I also searched for nose piercing parlors near me. Evening I enjoyed my coffee with Pavithra and this time she also offered to have dinner with her. Since it was only 6.00 PM, we had ampletime to chat. Earlier our topics mostly circled around health, science and technology. Now it was mostly on family, lifestyle and future plans. I was shocked to discover that she lived mostly oninstant food for dinner. I helped her in cooking a light dinner. As I was cooking, Pavithra asked to use my phone, as her phone had network connection. When she opened my phone she found the browseropen and saw the stories I was reading. I suddenly realized that I had no app lock on my phone and that the browser was open. I quickly went to the hall to check on it - to see that Pavithra waslooking at my phone browser.

  • #146

    Shemalesana (Saturday, 14 May 2022 23:19)

    Pavithra gave me back my phone and went to kitchen to switch off the stove. I was standing there like a statue completely lost. My mind was thinking about all the possibilities:

    Will she think if I was a freak?
    Will she avoid me?
    Will she tell about me to others?
    Should I run away to my flat?
    Should I change my apartment?

    Pavithra came silently without alarming me. She asked me to have a seat next to her. She made me comfortable first. I was sweating until then. After looking at her calm expression I too calmed down.She comforted me saying that she was only shocked and was not judging him.

    After few deep breaths she told me that - I had a brother whom, I miss now.

    Me: had?

    Pavithra: Yes, we ran away few years ago? His name was also Sakthi, same as your name.

    I did not disturb her. I could feel her sorrow. Her eyes had tears that never came out. I just sat there motionless.

    Pavithra: It was my fault. I couldnt help him. I became a doctor just to help him.

    I thought that she had some terminal illness or something. But why did he run away.

    Pavithra: he had hormonal issues. His acted like a girl of his age. But since my father was a village head, he could not tolerate it and would often punish him. He tried to change himself and wouldcry every night. I too was young and was not able to help him. Everyday punishment got harder and he couldnt bear them. Without a trace he ran away.

  • #147

    Poornima (Sunday, 15 May 2022 02:04)

    Wow Sana, the plot gets interesting and more interesting.. Continue please

  • #148

    Shemalesana (Sunday, 15 May 2022 06:32)

    Hearing Pavithra's story I concluded that she considered me as her lost brother. She started to cry. Without much thought I kneeled near her and rested my head on her lap. She too lovingly rubbedme.

    After wiping her tears she apologized me for burdening me with her past. I comforted her saying I finally got a sister I never had. We sat there in silence for few minutes and then went back tocooking. But now pavithra also joined me in kitchen.

  • #149

    Unknown (Sunday, 15 May 2022 12:05)

    if you like pls comment in comments

  • #150

    RRR (Sunday, 15 May 2022 14:57)

    Parents unique punishment is really super

    Please add more earrings and nose ring. Do it by one at a time and force. make him feel humiliated.

  • #151

    funny 1 (Tuesday, 17 May 2022 18:01)

    he was infuriated at the humiliation he received at school, pritam was thinking on the way back to his house.. looking at his younger sister aditi who is watching him with evil eyes.. pritam's handswent on his head to remove the hair b..
    ah, ah, ah bhayya.. i will tell them if you try to remove them..
    heyy but mom can't see this, and it will be humiliating.. he pleaded while swinging his head..
    she giggles at it, and.. ohh you don't need to worry about it, mom said she will be late from work today..
    what, really.. he asked with excitement..
    yes sweetie, you can remove them before mom comes, but until you reach home you have to keep them on as per the bet, she replies..
    he repeats, 'but , but..' he looks around worrying everyone is able to see him like this..
    ohh sweetie, don't you worry about it, you are so pretty.. and she pinches his left cheek..
    as he felt it, he hits her hand, and recognizes what his little sister calls him.. and shouts 'hey what are you doing, don't call me that, i am your big brother'
    'oh big brother, as if..'
    he shouts, 'heyy, stop it'
    she stops teasing him, and they continue walking to their home.. as aditi reaches the door, and pritam had bent down to remove his shoes.. they hear.. 'hey aditi, where is your brother, who is thatgirl ?' and she points at pritam..
    pritam with his head down was in shock, he tries to reach to his head to remove hair bands..
    A: which girl mom... she turns around and looks at pritam.. and quickly grabs his hands..
    he tries to get rid of her hands while standing up, but..
    Mom/M: omg pritam it's you, what happened to your hair, why are you wearing pig tails, and who gave you those purple hair bands?
    pritam was confused at so many questions, while her sister is controlling his hands not letting him to remove the pigtails..
    P: leave my hands aditi.. he shouts and turns head towards mom, and aditi, repeatedly.. his pigtails swing both sides..
    Aditi holds his head with her other hand..
    A: stop moving bhayya, your pig tails will become loose...
    Aditi and mom starts laughing so hard..
    pritam starts crying of embarrassment gets rid of aditi's hands and rans inside the house..

  • #152

    funny 2 (Tuesday, 17 May 2022 19:23)

    Mom's name is vani..
    as he runs, and suddenly stops as he faces a young girl, with two braids and pink rubberbands, looking at him, smiling. He stops in shock at the new face at his home, looked on the other side, therewas a woman sitting in the living room. Before he could start speaking anything, the woman stands up and starts asking a question, 'hey vani, is that aditi?'...
    pritam looks wierdly at that woman, and then looks back, where his mom is walking towards him and responding 'no boss, she is preeti, aditi is way taller', 'isn't that right, preeti' and she putshands on pritam's shoulder, while she stands beside him..
    he looks up towards his mom, and shouts, momm...
    'preeti, stop misbehaving in front of our guests'
    he couldn't bear his mom calling him with a girl name.. so he shouts again, 'momm'
    she gets angry and lifts him and carries him off, 'sorry boss, she has just come from school, let me get her ready and bring her back' pritam couldn't believe his mom lifted him, he is after all 15years old.
    She then drops him off in another room, he immediately starts yelling.. then she forcefully closes his mouth.. he doesn't stop, so she twists his ear..'aaahh' he shouts, 'will you calm down now' shereplies.. 'yes, yes, please leave my ear mom' she leaves his ears.. and as things cool down and he is under control..
    she bends down lifts him off again and make him sit on the bed, she then comes close to him
    Mom/Vani: okay first of all call me mommy like how tara is calling my boss..
    P: tara who?
    M: tara, the young girl you just saw, is my boss's daughter, okay let me explain you, my boss dropped me today, and I invited her and her daughter home.
    P: okay, but why should I call you mommy?
    M: because, as I entered the house and saw you both together I thought you could spend some time together while I have to discuss some important things with my boss.
    he still doesn't understand why she wants her to call her mommy..
    P: so..
    M: so, you will be my sweetie, preethi for now, and listen to me..
    P: whatttt
    M: ohh come on, how many times have I told to cut your hair, you always had stupid reasons, I always hated you for your long hair, not because I don't like it on you, but because it was messy..
    P: you know I like it because...
    M: that's alright you don't have to cut it now, and son, I can't wait to say..
    and she pushes few strands of hair behind the ear..
    M: you look really pretty like this, with your hair brushed out, and purple does suit you really well, even your sister aditi never looked this good when I used to make her pigtails..
    He gets irritated by the way his mom is treating him..
    P: stop it mom..
    A: preeti, is that how you respond to mommy, you should be happy she is complementing you..
    pritam looks around to find his sister looking from the door behind with her hands crossed infront of her.. he gets angry and shouts..
    P: hey aditiii.
    but again he cries in vain 'ah ah ah mom' as his mom grabs his ear again and twists it, but hearing his response she intensifies... 'sorry, leave me mommy' then she slowly leaves the ear and again,brushes back the loose hairstrands behind his ear..
    P: but mommy, why can't aditi keep tara company..
    M: well your sister has tennis practice, so you will be helping me so that I can get to discuss with my boss a promotion, okay sweetie..
    P: mommy, I want to go to play too..
    M: ohh stop bullshitting yourselves I know the boys always have you in team, but they don't let you play..
    P: whatt, no, who told you..
    M: ohh I know everything sweetie..
    P: mommy, why can't I be a boy, and play with tara, why do I need to be preeti..
    M: ohh my boss has already seen my sissy son in pigtails, that doesn't make me look good as her subordinate..
    P: I am not a sissy..
    M: well, your pigtails say the opposite, now don't make me repeat again sweetie, I love you however you are, preeti or pritam..but for now be a good girl and listen to me..
    P: mommy, please..
    M: ohh you are going to, or else you know me, and gives a strong look, that something will go wrong..
    He knows that look which he got lot of beatings earlier, and he was in no way to receive them again, so he agrees, to what she says.. he nods and says 'okay'
    M: does my little girl agrees?... huh... she raises her eyebrows..
    P: yes mommy.. with tears in his eyes..
    M: ohh dear, my daughter will be a good girl, no crying, tara is a great girl, you will have a lot of fun with her..

  • #153

    funny 3 (Tuesday, 17 May 2022 20:51)

    Then Vani rubs his tears with her saree pallu, drags him out again, pritam sees his mom's boss, and tara in the living room... but she takes him towards another room instead..
    P: mommy where are you taking me,
    M: ohh you have to get ready right, I know your face looks pretty, but you should look pretty as a whole, isn't it..
    P: whattt
    M: oh come on, I don't have time to explain you everything, they are waiting there.. aditi open the door..
    P: why aditi's room..
    As aditi opens the door, she is in tennis attire, with white shorts, white tshirt, and tying her high ponytail with red scrunchie.
    A: Mom, do I look good..
    M: yeah, yeah, you should also play good, you know how much I am paying for your coaching..
    A: okayy mom, I will..
    P: whatt why can't I join too..
    A: ohh bhaiyya, that is an girls club, you want to join now, huh ?
    P: no..
    A: ohh wait, my bhaiyya pritam can't, but mom, why can't preeti join the club ?
    P: heyyy..
    M: stop it girls, now preeti get into the shower, I will get you a fresh pair of clothes after you come back..
    P: fresh pair, what should I wear, can't I go out like this..
    M: ohh stop arguing and go take bath, I have to go to the living room, my boss and all are waiting, get ready and come fast, and aditi you help her okay..
    A: sure mom, I will take care, you go..
    first pritam goes to shower, and comes out in a jiffy very quickly..

    As pritam comes out, with towel, he feels shy infront of his sister.. she hands him a dress..
    P: what is this aditi..
    A: go wear it soon, mom will get angry..
    he rushes to the bathroom, then unfolds, and shocks as he sees it.. it is a black summer gown with polka dots.. he slightly opens the door and
    P: aditi don't you have anything else like pant and tshirt?
    A: ohh preeti bhayya I fear I don't.. i was in my girly phase at that age..
    P: can't you give anything like you wore yesterday the night pant and tshirt, and what do you mean, at what age?
    A: At 10, like four years ago.. wait.. Aditi came towards pritam curiously.. bent down towards him, comes close to his face, her ponytail hangs on her side...
    A: wait, you are not thinking of fitting into my current clothes do you, huh, bhayya..
    he understands how tall she has become, and he is even thinner than her..
    P: okay okay, I will wear this dress aditi..
    A: haha bhayya I thought so, wait why am I even calling you bhayya, while I should be calling you preeti, look at your pretty pigtails.. and she grabs the end of his left pigtail.
    P: leave my hair.. he closes the door, and runs in the bathroom..
    As he wears the frock, he almost cries looking himself in that pigtails and frock..
    he controls and comes outside..
    A: ohh preeti, look at you, so beautiful... and she comes near him..and says 'turn around'
    P: get lost..
    A: turn around,, she forcefully does it..
    P: what..
    A: let me place the hooks on the back preeti, ohh god preeti you are a stubborn girl..and she places both his pigtails to front and..
    Pritam looks infront of the mirror, with his little sister standing tall in tennis attire behind him, while he is in gown and her sister hooking his dress.. he has tears in his eyes..
    Aditi comes around, looks at him in the eyes.. ohh preeti don't cry you look a lot pretty than me in this dress.. he still cries.. seeing that .. preeti tells ' you know, your friend chandu willdefinitely want to be your boyfriend if he looks at you like this' 'heyyy' he shouts, but also stops crying from the shock..
    aditi then, 'okay looks like you spoiled your face, why don't we do a little make up, and maybe redo your pigtails, they look messy' and slowly touches his pigtails..
    pritam says 'heyy stop it, chi..'
    aditi says 'come on, please'
    pritam says 'no way..'
    then they hear mom shout 'how long girls ???'
    eventhough humilitaing him being referred as girl, he saw a reason to escape and tries to go to the door..
    'bhayya wait'
    he doesn't listen
    'heyy preeti' and he feels his pigtails paining..
    'leave my hair'

  • #154

    funny 4 (Tuesday, 17 May 2022 20:59)

    'wait for a minute, a girl doesn't go out without bindi', and she places bindi on his face.. he sighs 'done ?'
    'one sec', she puts something on his neck..
    'what is this' he replies.. ' ohh its just a chain, now you look good', she says..
    'what, why' he looks down at it and says 'it's too girly' at the gold chain with pink heart on it..
    she stands tall looks down at him.. 'ohh, you find this girly, and not anything else'..
    he thinks for a bit, and says, 'alright, whatever' and he runs into the living room, and goes near his mommy..
    All three boss lady, tara, and Mom (Vani) look at them smiling..
    but Vani says 'what took you girls so long, look tara is waiting for you'
    he says 'sorry mommy'
    aditi says 'okay mom, i gotta go'
    mom says 'okay bye aditi'pritam too says, 'bye aditi'
    vani observes a little sense of doubt in her boss's face..
    Vani/mom understands and says 'preeti, is that how you refer your big sister?'
    pritam looks angrily at his mom
    V: what are you looking at.. and her hand again goes onto his ear, about to twist it..
    Pritam thinks, no way, and he nods sideways..
    Boss looks much more seiously, now Vani couldn't take it..
    P: aww aww mommy.. sorry.. he had changed his thoughts
    V: you know boss, I know how to control naughty kids, as well as disordinate employees..
    and tries to prove herself infront of her boss..
    but pritam in pain, begs to leave.. and blurts out 'bye aditi akka(big sister)'
    Aditi was about to step out, but hearing his big brother call her.. she steps back and says
    A: what did you call preeti..
    'bye akka', he painfully calls her again while rubbing his ear..

  • #155

    funny 5 (Wednesday, 18 May 2022 01:12)

    after that painful encounter for pritam, his mom then says..
    Mom/Vani: preeti, I have somethings to discuss with my boss, can you girls go play in another room..
    pritam gets infuriated being referred as 'girls', but again controls it and says..
    P: sure mom.. but says less confidently, which causes boss to say..
    B: ohh don't worry about them Vani, tara is a big girl, and she can handle it, she will be good..
    T: yes mommy..
    It hurts Vani's ego, she says..
    V: ohh my preeti is also a big girl, she is wonderful too, isn't that right sweetie?
    'big girl' what is mom even thinking.. me to respond.. he keeps thinking like that, and doesn't respond..
    T: it's okay vani aunty, you carry on, I can handle preeti..
    'what, handling me, this little piece of shit' pritam thinks to himself..
    Vani looks disappointed at him..
    and they both go to other room..
    as pritam walks in other way with tara, he asks..
    P: how old are you tara ?
    T: 11, why?
    P: nothing.. then he thinks how to keep a 11 year old occupied.. then he remembers about the playroom aditi used to spend time with her friends, when she was younger..
    then he confidently drags her to that room..
    T: where are you taking me?
    P: wait, let me take you..
    as he enters the room, he looks over what to do..
    then he remembers what aditi used to play with their friends.. and pulls out some drawers and throws some dolls out on the floor.. then he hears a shout 'heyy preeti, I am not a little girl to playwith these barbie's' don't you have any big girl games..
    he looks confused and looks here and there.. but suddenly pritam feels a hand on his shoulder..
    T: ohh preeti I am sorry for shouting, if you really want to play barbies, we can, It is just that I am a big girl now, I don't but you definitely can, no pressure..
    Pritam thinks 'does she think I play with barbie's and she is a big girl??'...let me show her..
    P: I don't want to play with barbie's too..
    T: it's okay if you don't want to play with barbie's today, you might have been bored with that playing everyday, since I am here now, let me teach you some big girl games..
    Pritam wanted to say strongly that he has nothing to do with the barbie's but tara is not an easy girl to please..
    T: alright, do you know hand wrestling??
    Pritam was surprised this little girl even knows about this manly game..
    T: what are you thinking preeti, is that too manly for you, you can braid your barbie's hair today if you think so..
    what's up with her, can't she wait for my response, so he immediately responds... 'I can play hand wrestling'
    T: that's the spirit girl.. now let's start..
    he couldn't tolerate her being so dominant and treating him like a little girl..
    anyways they started playing hand wrestling..
    after four games..
    T: what happened preeti, you did not had your lunch..
    pritam was worried, and couldn't believe why he was not able to win.. but again pushes back his pigtails back on the shoulder...
    T: ohh... getting ready, ah..
    he couldn't take such language from a girl that is four years younger than him..
    he finally wins one, he was in great delight for some reason.. but realizes..
    T: not so soon preeti, I won the series..
    P: so.. he says hesitantly..
    T: well you have to agree to the conditions I say..
    P: what conditions.. he looked worried..
    T: ohh are you scared little girl..

  • #156

    funny 6 (Wednesday, 18 May 2022 01:12)

    P: heyy I am not a little girl..
    T: ohh really, how old are you, 10 ?
    10, what is she thinking, ohh man, I can't be a 15 year old guy been defeated by a 11 year one..
    T: what are you thinking sweetie..
    P: yes 10..
    ohh no, what did I say..
    T: yesss, my guess is right, and you can even call me tara akka like you called your aditi akka..
    he couldn't believe his ears.. he looks terrified of the thought..
    T: it's okay preeti, you don't need to I am just teasing you, we are just 1 year apart..
    Pritam couldn't believe his luck, loosing to a 11 year old in hand wrestling..
    P: okay tara..
    T: alright, if you don't mind as a big girl, I want to give you a suggestion..
    P: whattt..
    T: you know the last round you won, you pulled your hair back right ?
    P: yeah, so whatt??
    T: ohh looks like you have very less patience, let me tell, so I have an Idea, how would like If I do two braids on you like me..
    P: no wayy..
    T: ohh come on it will be good, how long are you gonna wear pigtails like little girls, you have to come to two braids, then ponytail like your akka, and then maybe a single braid aftermarriage..
    P:what are you talking..
    T: ohh sorry I got carried away, yeah let's do two braid first on you big girl, you are a big girl, right?
    he doesn't know what to do, and just nod..
    T: really sweetie, say that you are big girl with your hearts out..
    P: I am a big girl tara..
    T: that's my girl, come sit infront of me, and here hold this barbie, you can braid its hair while I do yours, okay ?
    Pritam was astonished at what's happening..

  • #157

    malarvizhi (Wednesday, 18 May 2022 03:28)

    funny nice start keep go dont stop inbetween and incompletely....bad kid what happen ur story already 2 week passed not updated till now....

  • #158

    Sahana (Wednesday, 18 May 2022 09:43)

    Funny, great going please continue writing...

  • #159

    Grammar (Wednesday, 18 May 2022 14:33)

    Funny super

  • #160

    funny 7 (Wednesday, 18 May 2022 17:52)

    I am writing it as many parts i can, and when i have mood, don't expect a series, I will stop when I don't feel like it.
    TO the story..
    pritam couldn't believe what's happening, loosing to a younger girl, now he has to agree whatever she says.. he couldn't believe his luck..
    he hears voice increasing sound 'preeethi... preeethii..' and suddenly he comes to his senses 'preeti' he hears tara calling him..
    he suddenly turns and looks back 'what'
    'can't you hear me preeti, should I twist your ear like your mommy did ?' and she slowly places her hand on to his ear...
    he pulls out and shouts 'heyyy'
    'okay, okay I will not, I am just teasing, what are you dreaming about, I am calling you since long time here hold these', and she hands him down his purple rubber bands for him to hold..
    As he is sitting on a stool, tara is standing behind, after removing the rubber bands, his hair falls loose all over his back, she brushes it for a while, and after sometime she asks a rubber band hehands over, and does the same again another time..
    after some time, 'how much more time tara?'
    'ohh pricess can't wait uhh, I am doing all the work'
    pritam says 'heyy tara don't call me that,'
    'aha, why not, what are you doing while I am braiding your hair, you even left your barbie aside'
    pritam 'I don't want to play now'
    tara says 'ahh okay, okay, here, done'
    pritam feels weight on his both shoulders, and he slowly moves his head down.. to see his left over manliness go in drain as he holds his thick braids with both the hands.
    'you love them don't you' tara responded..
    he was still in shock just holding his braids that come past his chest..
    'okay, I could see in your eyes, now you are officially a big girl' tara says in excitement..
    he could not handle her calling him a big girl, he says he has to drink some water and comes out of the room..
    on his way, hi whips his braids with both hands on to his back..
    'oh you got swag girl' tara shouts from behind.. he didn't know why he did that, he must have seen his sister doing it so many times, he did it unconsciously.. with that regretting face, he gets awayfrom tara , and goes to kitchen from the room..
    At the kitchen counter he takes a glass and while drinking water, he hears a voice from behind 'hey tara, you left preeti alone in the room?' he knows its her mom's voice.. he doesn't respond.. he isthinking to himself he should remove braids as he goes back to the room, he doesn't turn until then..
    but his mom from behind, 'hey tara, hey tara,' she thinks what's happened to this girl.. then she turns around and hears 'hi vani aunty, you called me?'
    Vani was surprised, but as her boss calls she goes back..

    Pritam was thinking to himself not to get caught by his mom like this.. but as he feels a hand on his shoulder, he shivers and says 'sorry mommy, I did not want to tara forced me to wear thesebraids'
    'it's me preeti, not your mommy', he almost pisses himself as he turns and sees it was tara..
    'preeti, what happened, what's wrong with my braids, you don't like them, I am sorry if I forced you'
    she goes back to the room sad, he also goes behind her, he starts unbraiding his hair, and finally even leaves it loose, doesn't even put any hair ties on it too.. they both don't talk much afterthat..

  • #161

    Riya (Thursday, 19 May 2022 00:58)

    Sana, please contrinue and write more..

  • #162

    Shemalesana (Thursday, 19 May 2022 04:38)

    That night for some reason, we both had a good nights sleep. We both overslept in her flat. Ofcourse she had two bedrooms and we slept seperately. Pavithra woke me up in the morning after she wasready to leave for hospital. I was half awake and without much hesitation I was calling her akka(sister). She planted a kiss on my forehead and asked to continue my sleep. I was too tired to react. Islept only early morning as I has my mind full of thoughts. I woke at 9.00AM messaged my team that I was not feeling and will be taking a day off. I slept again and woke up at 2.00PM. I was starvingafter a complete hibernation. So I brewed some coffee for me and ordered food online for lunch.

    The food was delivered to my flat. So I had my lunch there freshened up and was thinking about what to do next. Things happened all of a sudden, but now it was too much to take in. In the past 24 hrsI now have a sister, who is willing to support my crossdressing and accepts me as I am. I was scared she would think of me as a weirdo but I am glad she didnt.

    By 4.00 PM akka too had returned home as she too was able to concentrate in her duty and was tired too. I went to her flat at 6.00PM as usual. But today akka was already home. She had prepared teaand was waiting for me. Today it was my turn to tell about me.

    Pavithra: I want you to be honest with me and answer my questions.

    Me: okay, akka. Ask me what do you want to know?

    Pavithra: hmm, okay. So what do you do when you crossdress?

    Me: Not much. I never got to change to much. I used to wear some earrings and would read some online stories about coding. I always wanted to wear a nose pin and pierced it myself last month but thattoo got closed.

    Pavithra: You have never wore any female dresses?

    Me: No akka. I never got a chance to get dressed.

    Pavithra: Is there any who knows about your coding?

    Me: No akka, I was always careful and only wore those earrings when I am alone. Also I use only my mobile to read my stories.

    Pavithra: Good. So what are your future plans? I cant just leave alone after becoming your sister. Do you have any fantasies or wishes?

    I thought for sometime sipping my coffee.

    Me: I usually image myself as the main character in the story being feminized. I want to live like a girl and want to be pampered.

    Pavithra: can you send me the link to those stories? So that I can also have a look at it.

    Me: sure, akka.
    Then I sent her the link to my favourite stories through WhatsApp. Then I volunteered to cook dinner. Pavithra too accepted it. As I was preparing the dinner, akka started to read the story one byone. She was fast learner and almost completed one or two stories that I shared.

  • #163

    Rider.. (Thursday, 19 May 2022 05:59)

    Hi guys..this is my first time to write story..in this part..i give slight introduction about story..

  • #164

    Rider (Thursday, 19 May 2022 06:24)

    My name is sudharsan...and i am studying college in Bangalore , my native town is chennai.Both of my parents are govt employees and i have one sister she is working as sales representative in leadingbike company...from my childhood i always love to ride superbike but my parents are feared to get me superbike because they believe that fast is dangerous...during clg 1st year i asked my parents forbike but they ignored that we can even buy u a car but not a bike...so i feel that asking bikes to father is useless..so during clg 2 year i purchased R15 v3 bike with monthly emi in Bangalorewithout telling parents....i believed that doing parttime job i can pay money for emi...but due to high petrol price it's difficult to pay emi in first month itself at that time my friend give ideawhy don't u try motovlogging now a day that only trend..i am also convenienced by his speech and bought go pro camera with emi...so i Started doing motovlogging but views are not going well...in onemonth i got only 100 subscriber...both loan companies started to call me..they told if u don't pay money in 10 days we sezie ur vehicle at that time i don't know what to do..i asked my sister formoney she doesn't have that money...but she give half the money without knowing parents...so i try to improve my content for vlogging but that doesn't reach view...so i decided to quit YouTube ....Ifeel very sad so i took my bike and went for small ride in highway at that time suddenly 2 superbike crossed me in 150kmph after 2 mins i saw that 2 superbike standing in one hotel to see therider...when i saw rider i got shocked because they two are girls.. it's first time for me to see girl ride superbike...after reaching room i search for female motovlogger in YouTube i can't findanyone in india...at that i feel sad if i am borned as girl i would be the first female motovlogger...at that time loan companies called and remind emi dates.At that time i got one idea, why don't wedon motovlogging as girl.Because no one going to see my face through helmet during raid..but before and after raid i need to speak to camera...so at that time what can i do i think about that...so ichoosed to wear mask at that time so no one can see my face.

  • #165

    Rider (Thursday, 19 May 2022 06:25)

    Expecting ur comments

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    Vasantha (Thursday, 19 May 2022 10:55)

    Funny your story very super

  • #167

    Grammarly (Thursday, 19 May 2022 11:01)

    Is it humiliation or forced concept

  • #168

    Poornima (Thursday, 19 May 2022 14:55)

    @Sana: Just beautiful! I wish I had a sister like that. Please continue and very eager to read the crossdressing part. Please add some teasing and humiliation too from akka and her friends ifpossible.

  • #169

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  • #172

    Shemalesana (Friday, 20 May 2022 16:32)

    While we were having dinner pavithra akka told me that she had read few of the stories and was confused with what to do next. As it was friday and we were both free on saturday, she wanted to if Iwanted to have sleepover. I gladly agreed.

    After dinner I washed the dishes while akka was preparing something in her room. She asked me to close my eyes. She blindfolded me and took me somewhere. She then seated me in a chair. Due to theblindfold i got excited and was wondering what is going to happen?

    I felt her pulling my ears for sometimes.

    Pavithra: The holes in your ears are very small. You can't wear my earrings now. I have few clip ons which I wear during party.

    Then I felt my ears being pulled. I had clip on earrings on me, the weight of which stretched my ear lobe. It was a little painful at start but I liked it. Then she removed my blindfold. I wassitting in front of her in bed room. I was not girly as I expected. I was painted in light blue and was very organized than mine. I went to the mirror to look at my reflection. I had less facial hairbut the earring suited me. Unknowingly I touched nose and saw the scar. If only the hole was open I could have worn a matching nose pin also.

    Akka was watching me and said that she will make arrangements for me to wear a nose pin.

    Pavithra: looking at ear I can tell that you have pierced your ears multiple times. But scars on nose will be visible and hard to hide. So dont pierce it yourself and wait for me.

    Me: hmm, okay. How long should I wait?

    Pavi: Not too long.

    Me: what now?

    Pavi: I dont wear much makeup, but I have few which I can put on you. But it is already late so we better watch some movie and go to sleep.

    Me: okay. But can I wear the makeup tomorrow.

    Pavi: It is my off tomorrow. So you can wear some of my dress and makeup. You are pretty skinny so my dress should fit you. Why dont I read your favorite story for you?

    Me: that's a great idea akka. Why dont you one randomly?

    That night we slept on the same bed. Pavi read a story for me. I was happy. I was always scared to reveal my identity as a crossdresser. But now I felt safe with her. Also I was listening to herstory, but her voice felt calming. Slowly I drifted into sleep and then deeply.

  • #173

    Prabha (Friday, 20 May 2022 22:54)

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    Shemalesana (Saturday, 21 May 2022 00:18)

    We woke up at 9.00 AM by the alarm sound. Akka went to refresh herself and I returned to my flat. After I refreshed I wore pajama and started to write my diary. Until today I wrote only about my workand diet. I was very concious that I should maintain a flat stomach and healthy skin. But today I wrote about my time with akka.

    Around 10.0AM I got call from akka inviting me for breakfast. He had some Idly and podi. After washing the dishes we sat together to plan for today and tomorrow. After Monday we will busy with ourday job. We sat together and searched for services like beauty parlor that were open. I did not ask any question and just helped her. To my surprise akka has not gone to a parlor after moving to thisflat.

    To our surprise we found few parlors that offered services for ctossdressers. They were in other part of the city and also had accomodation facility like a resort. We called the facility and made anenquiry. Then fixed an appointment just to reveal the details for safety issues. Our appointment was fixed for tomorrow. We had a day for ourself.

    We spent sometime debating what to have for lunch. Most of akkas options was spicy food and unhealthy. At last we settled for SS hyderabad biryani and some starters. But we did not order online. Akkaoffered to get the food as a take away. Since she was a doctor we could take her bike and get it ourself.

    Pavi: Do you want to come with me?

    Me: sure okay. I will get dressed.

    Pavi: No, I will get you dressed. Wait here.

    She returned after few minutes. Gave me some cloths and asked me to wear them. It was a sleeveless top, leggings and a black burka. She asked me to get changed in the other free room. I went insideand locked the door. I undressed myself to my underwear and examined the cloths. I wore the tops first it was not appropriate but not too loose. Then I wore the leggings, its soft material gave me aunique sensation. I was not sure how to wear a burka so I asked akka for help.
    Akka came inside and asked me to turn around for her. She looked at me closely.

    Pavi: you have a nice figure, which men would love to be with.
    Me: chi, akka.
    Pavi: let's discuss about that later. Here let me help you wear it.

    She dressed me up and asked me to get comfortable first. Then she returned to get dressed. After few minutes I was called outside.

    Pavi: Sathya come on, let's go.
    Me: I thought you would get the food and I would stay.
    Pavi: no. You are coming with me.

  • #176

    Poornima (Saturday, 21 May 2022 02:23)

    I wish akka ties his hands, blindfolds him while reading stories and masturbates him with her hand telling him to imagine how is the hero of the story and other girls dresses him, laughs at him andcall him chakka and his akka also calls him chakka after that.

  • #177

    Shemalesana (Saturday, 21 May 2022 02:48)

    I was surprised to hear her invite me outside wearing dress. I hesitated.

    Pavi: Do not worry. I will be with you. Trust me.
    Me: okay. But I am scared. Can't I stay home?
    Pavi: no, you are coming with me.

    We drove her car to the hotel. She asked to sit quietly and enjoy being out. I was scared and thrilled at the same time. Just before we were about to cross the signal it went red and we had to stop.A traffic police came near us and asked us to lower the window.

    Police: madam, you are not allowed to go out due to curfew
    Me: sorry. I .....
    Pavi stopped me
    Pavi: I am a doctor and I am on my way to attend a patient.
    Police: can I see both of your ID?

    I got scared. I am wearing a burka and I dont have a ID. I cant show my face either if they asked.

    Pavi: this is my ID and she is with me. We didnt bring her ID.
    Police: Your ID is ok.but we need her ID too. Please carry your ID with you if you go out. Also only hospital members are excepted from curfew not their relative or friends.
    Pavi: sure, we will keep that in mind.
    Police: ok then you are good to go.

    All this time I was tensed. Many times I thought I would get caught. I was so relieved when we were let go.

  • #178

    Shemalesana (Saturday, 21 May 2022 03:02)

    We derived a few more minutes and finally we reached the hotel. I was asked to join her to get the parcel. I didnt want to but in the end I knew arguing with akka is of no use. She is doing this forme.

    We went inside. The hotel was nearly empty except for a few delivery person. As we had already phoned our order we just had to pay the bill and take out. All this time I could see the people in hotelstaring at us. They were checking at us. I felt excited and disgusted. Few took a glance and continued their work but few stopped working to stare at us. They were bold that they did not care aboutothers.

    Pavi: ignore them. I always do. Let's go, I want to eat it hot.
    Me: okay.

    We drove our car back to flat but this time we were not stopped by the traffic light or police.

  • #179

    funny 8 (Sunday, 22 May 2022 20:32)

    After that incident, later tara and her mom left the house..
    and aditi came home soon after.. as she freshened up and came to hall.
    A: mom where is bhayya,??
    M: I donno, she is still upstairs..
    A: you mean he..
    M: ya, ya, sorry I am still in that zone..
    A: it's okay mom, I would get carried away too, if I saw him like that..
    Aditi is in her nighty, with her tennis ponytail removed, and with all her hair on the side in front of her left shoulder..
    she goes to pritam's room, looks around and could not find him.. then she checks her room.. and he is not there too as expected, she slowly wonders as she brushes and softens her hair with fingers..she doubtfully walks near her old playroom, the door was slightly open with pink shade of light coming from it..
    she walks towards it.. and as she opens the door slightly and sees pritam looking outside the window, she slowly calls 'bhayya, bhayya' he doesn't respond..
    then she enters the room, sees him still in the black polka dot gown, and all his hair loose on his back, and she also sees her old barbies on the floor beside him..then goes near him, places herhand on his head while petting his head she says, 'preethi..' he immediately turns his head towards aditi and tears start rolling out of his eyes..
    'arere preethi what happened, your akka is here, it's okay' she hugs him, he cries into her telling what happened..
    A: ohh preeti why are you crying for getting hair braided by her, after all aren't you wearing my old gown like a little gir..
    he cries more, but keeps on saying 'not just that... as she was leaving, she had accidentally seen my..' and he cries more..
    A: ohh sweetie, what did she see..
    he says, she had accidentally seen my boy parts from under the gown..
    A: what, why didn't you wear any underwear..
    he feels embarassed telling his sister that..

  • #180

    Malarvizhi (Monday, 23 May 2022 03:34)

    Hi funny nice going slow humiliation it's look realistic...but first part it started inbetween just tell who braid his first out from home and what there ages....make some femdom.concept sparking anddiapers and make feel like little girl
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    Pooja (Monday, 23 May 2022 04:43)

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  • #183

    Prema (Monday, 23 May 2022 07:29)

    Ok pinky

  • #184

    funny 9 (Monday, 23 May 2022 13:20)

    thanks malar, the first part started where pritam was humiliated in school with pigtails, as he lost bet with his class girls, so the first part starts where his younger sister aditi and him inconversation back home.
    Ages, aditi -14, pritam - 15, tara (vani's boss's daughter) - 11 Vani is aditi and pritam's mom..

  • #185

    funny author (Monday, 23 May 2022)

    hey malar, sure, anyone who wants to chat with me can mail or message me in hangouts at poojasweetiesissy@gmail.com

  • #186

    Poornima (Monday, 23 May 2022 13:28)

    Please continue Sana.

  • #187

    Pooja (Monday, 23 May 2022 22:47)

    Check out this lovely story “The New Women” on my blog.

  • #188

    Pooja (Monday, 23 May 2022 22:48)


  • #189

    Vasantha (Tuesday, 24 May 2022 01:58)

    Funny your story very super pa pls continue

  • #190

    Reshmi Resh (Wednesday, 25 May 2022 04:03)

    Read my captions in this link and post your valuable comments - https://icnex.wordpress.com/category/authors/reshmi-resh/

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    Papi (Wednesday, 25 May 2022 14:32)

    Page has become shit

  • #192

    Sania (Thursday, 26 May 2022 07:34)

    Please continue Sana, beautiful plot. Describe about burqa, hijab and niqab too please.

  • #193

    Priya (Thursday, 26 May 2022 13:53)

    Shemalesana, please complete ur story

  • #194

    Payal J (Thursday, 26 May 2022 14:43)

    BF to GF

    Hi my name is Kiran. I am 20 years old slim , 5.8" tall orphan boy with my hair till my shoulders. My parents died in a car accident last year. This story starts when I completed my graduation inEconomics and got a job in Mumbai as a trader in a big company. I got a very good package of 15 lacs. I came to Mumbai and joined the company. I was searching for a flat on sharing as the rent inthis city is very high. After a lot of search I finally got a good place. The went to check it after my office. When I reached I was shocked it was a small bunglow near the beach. Went I entered Isaw a young man almost of my age who greeted me in. The house was awesome. It was 3 bedroom bunglow. I immediately said yes. Talking about the owner his name was Amit, he was 22 year old, 6ft wellbuild guy. His parents died few years back and is in MBA Final year and also takes care of his family business which is chain of restaurants.

    Next day I shifted there Amit helped me with the luggage and the shifting. A year have passed and we both became very good friend I would say best friends. We connect well may be because we had noone in aur family. My carrier was going well I got promoted. But suddenly one day I fell sick. I had fever for few days and the was feeling very week no energy even to walk. Doctor has asked me nottake any mental or physical for atleast 6 months. As I was not able to go to my work I had to quit my job. Amit was very supportive he asked me not to pay the rent until I am fit and get a job. Alsohe used to take me to doctor and make food for me. It has been 6 months and I slowly started getting little well. As I didn't get a haircut for last six months my hairs have grown till my mid backand my chest started getting big i thought it was because I have got fat. This went on like this for few months then I decided why don't I start trading for myself and earn rather than finding a job.I had a good sum of 5 cr which I got as inheritance and insurance money.

  • #195

    Shemalesana (Friday, 27 May 2022 22:04)

    As we returned home, I was very excited to go out dressed as female. While akka prepared the dining table, I refreshed and came back in my tops and leggings.

    Pavi: This will do for now, but we can buy nightie for you tomorrow. You can wear leggings all the time.
    Me: ok, akka.
    Pavi: how did you feel going outside with me?
    Me: was scared at first, but I was really exciting.

    Then to our hearts content we enjoyed our lunch. After all the events I felt too lunch and ate too much. After cleaning the table we passed out. We saved a part of the lunch for dinner also so weconsumed the same for dinner. That night we slept together in bed only difference was that I too was wear my akka cloth.

  • #196

    shemalesana (Saturday, 28 May 2022 08:35)

    It was Sunday today. We had an appointment with the beauty parlour today. At 01.00 PM we received a call from them. After exchanging some information about us they sent a link for video chat. Thevideo conference was scheduled to 2.00 PM. Since we were excited to know about the facility, we made a light snack for lunch. We were welcome by young girl. Everything about her was girly. She worepink top revealing her well defined cleavage and a tight jean which enhanced her hourglass shape. I started to blush looking at her. She had minimal makeup and wore cupid earrings. She had a tattoothat peaked above her tops. I could not take my see off that tattoo. Upon close examination I found that she world a golden ring in the middle of her nose. She was used to people staring at her. Bothfriends and stranger. Akka found me staring at her and alerted me. She introduced herself as Priyan.
    Priyan: Hi, I am Priyan, and I will be your guide today.
    Pavithra: Hi, I am Pavithra, and this is my brother and sister. He are looking for a parlour to transform him into a beautiful girl.
    Priyan: Hi there. (She waved her hand)
    Me: Hello.
    Priyan: So welcome to our home. I am the manager here and also a counsellor. I have been here for almost 5 years since the start. We founded this resort to help people decide and satisfy theircrossdressing desire.
    Me: Wow. (I was not listening to her but was captivated by her look)
    Priyan: So, this is the makeup parlour. (She said as she showed the facility with her iphone). This the gym for people who want to fix their shape to fit the dress of their dream. For people whocan’t workout we have body shapers in our wardrobe. All we have dresses for all culture and size, even for kids.
    Me: for kids?
    Priyan: Yes, there are parents who wanted to have a girl but only had boys. So they come here to dress them up, live for few days with their daughter.
    Me: lucky them.
    Priyan: we also have our tailoring services and a residential doctor, for both the parlour and resort.
    Me: Okay, but what about my privacy?
    Priyan: As you know, the resort does not have much restriction but entering her parlour is only based on appointment. We allow only our customers, and it is completely isolated from outside world.But we cannot assure your privacy if you take a selfie and post it online. If don’t do things like that then we can assure your privacy will stay with you.
    Me: Ok
    Priyan: Ok, since you are potential clients, I will share with you the brochure of the services we offer and the precautions we take for your privacy. Hope I see you soon.
    Me and Akka: Thank you. (With this we ended the video call).
    To our surprise she was a CD like me. She gave us a video tour of the facility and explained the services offered. The parlour was behind a resort near the beach. She also asked us if we wanted acounselling session so that we could fix an appointment for direct counselling. We asked for a days’ time to decide and meet in person.

  • #197

    Neha (Saturday, 28 May 2022 19:06)

    shemalesana, please complete your story, add nose piercing specially

  • #198

    brother 1 (Saturday, 28 May 2022 22:36)

    sorry for writing similar theme always and stopping inbetween, as I said, I just want to post some of cute moments that I thought would make you feel good.. please read if you like it, and don't hateme.
    samantha -15, nikhil - 18
    samantha just walked in from her bedroom into the hall..
    she saw her elder brother nikhil and goes 'wow brother you look really pretty'
    with proud face nikhil says 'thanks samantha'.. samantha smiles..
    nikhil slowly realizes she called him pretty like a girl and says 'heyy, don't call me pretty, I am not a girl'
    'ohh brother it's okay if you still think you are a boy, but I feel you are pretty, let me bring you something, your lips look bland'
    and she goes back to her room to grab something..
    nikhil feels.. what is she even thinking talking to me like that..
    and he goes back angrily towards samantha's room..
    samantha sees him walking towards her in her room and says 'whats'up??'
    nikhil says 'what's up, huh, you can't talk to me like that'
    samantha says 'like what?' which makes him more agitated of her talking that way, and says 'don't call me pretty, like I am a gir.....' as he walks more closer towards her.. but then stops as he seesa reflection of something on the mirror in his peripheral vision.. he gets to see what was swinging on top of his head was the most girly pony tail he ever seen, let alone men, he never seensomething so pretty on any girl too.. he uncontrollably swings his head again, which makes his high ponytail swing like in tv ads, and he sees a trace of bright pink ribbon with which his ponytailwas tied..
    his dark black hair was pulled tightly to the top and made into a sleek pony, with the loose tail very puffy and comes far below shoulders..
    as he stood amazed at his own sight wondering what his mom did.. he looks back at samantha, who is holding some red thing in her hand..
    samantha goes 'okay nikki, now tell me which color you want, red or bright pink lipstick'
    and almost about to reach his lips with the bright pink one saying 'okay, wait, let me go with pink , it will match your ribbon anyways'
    nikhil didn't realized what his little sister called him ('nikki' :P) in this chaos and focuses not getting any lipstick on him... and he angrily pushes his sister, and runs into kitchen 'mom,mom''
    'what..' she exclaims in a stronger manner, looking down to her son..
    'mom, why did you make this hairstyle, it looks girly'
    'what, I made what you asked for?'
    'me?? I did not ask for it'.. nikhil talks back..
    'son, you only asked that it is irritating on your neck, the low ponytail, so make something that is more comfortable..'
    nikhil confused as she reminds what he said exactly, and says 'yes I said that, buttt...'
    'well then is it comfortable?..' she keeps her hands on her hips and says..
    he says 'yes it is..' as nikhil really felt it was more comfortable..
    'well then it is not that difficult right, now go to your sister room, I think she is calling you for a while'
    nikhil tries to argue, but then his mom says 'well I always have a better option, chop chop..' and she points to scissors..
    nikhil runs away, as he had the bet with his friends, and chopping his hair would make it only worse..
    as he runs towards hall,
    'hey nikki, watch out' samantha shouts as he bumps into her..
    'sorry samantha', but again forgets to realize she calls him nikki..
    and he was forcing himself to remove the knot from ribbon, but of no use..
    'hey nikki, I can help you with that??'
    'really samantha, can you make this less girly??'
    'ofcourse big brother, if not, what are sisters for'
    he agrees, she comes behind him, pulls off the knot with one attempt, nikhil was surprised, that the knot was removed so simply and all his hair falls loose..
    she picks up all his hair pulls back behind his ears..
    she keeps brushing and doing something..
    after a while, he hears some sounds at the door entrance, later they hear their mom say 'kids look who is here'
    samantha says 'I am done nikki' and she turns around to mom and says 'who is that woman mom'
    nikhil also turns around..

  • #199

    brother 2 (Saturday, 28 May 2022 22:36)

    mom (Bindu) says 'she is my old friend latha, and our new neighbors'
    samantha exclaims 'really, you must be so happy mom'
    'not only your mom sweetheart, I am also happy to see your mom and her two beautiful daughters'
    'aunty'.. samantha doubtfully calls latha..
    'what, omg I can't control, your little sister is so cute, come give a kiss to aunty'
    samantha goes towards latha..
    latha says 'ohh not you sweetheart your little sister in pigtails, I love your pink ribbons, come on here pretty pie'
    nikhil almost pees his pants listening that latha is referring to him, he angrily sees at samantha.. she whisphers.. 'sorry brother I didn't know that she will be here'
    latha again emphasizes nikhil to come towards her.. nikhil reluctantly goes towards her while samantha pushes him saying 'nikki go to aunty' loudly, and whispers 'didn't you push me earlier' andmocks with her tongue out..
    nikhil walks towards latha.. even though angrily, but also wondering how beautiful that woman is,. As she bends her long thick braid falls to side, and pulling her saree pallu that dropped to floor,she adjusts it onto her shoulder..

  • #200

    brother 3 (Saturday, 28 May 2022 22:37)

    he then realizes his pigtails on his either shoulders and is filled with embarassment..
    'what is your name sweetie.. let me put some thing here so your hair is off your ears'.. and she pulls off a pretty pink clips from hand bag and slides them on either side of his ears..
    he embarassingly accepts to that says 'my name is..
    'ohh nikki right, sorry I heard your sister just called, you, is that short for what, nikitha..?'
    he almost in tears replies.. 'yes aunty, my name is nikitha'
    she replies.. 'okay nikitha, you have this new aunty from now on, and I have a son karthik who can be your big brother, you know'
    'ohh how old is he' bindu asks..
    'he turns 16 this year, your little girls now can have a big brother, isn't that right nikitha'
    she questions nikhil holding his shoulder..
    he nods his head in agreement, to which his pig tails swing, which makes everyone laugh at how cute she (or he :P) looks..

  • #201

    malarvizhi (Saturday, 28 May 2022 23:06)

    hi is it story from author of funny... brother story good but try to give ending for story dont stop inbetween its make eagar to wait for next update but its not there mean its feel likesomething....author pls write story in forced feminization and femdom concept its look realistic...

  • #202

    Radha (Sunday, 29 May 2022 00:49)

    @Sana: Your story was going good because it was appearing realistic and strong character build-up. It will get spoilt if you move the hero(ine) to some other place like resort without his sister.Keep it realistic buddy.

  • #203

    Stephanie (Sunday, 29 May 2022 04:21)

    I'd love to become an Indian wife for an Indian tomboy to be shown by my mother in law how to dress behave like a typical Indian wife and then mother to our children while my tomboy husband is allmasculine and treats me as her Indian wife

  • #204

    Shemalesana (Sunday, 29 May 2022 12:40)

    @Radha, @Neha, @Priya, @Sneha, @Sania
    thank you for your comments. I will try to meet your expectations and write daily.

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    Unknown (Sunday, 29 May 2022 19:44)


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    Sonia Makwana sissy (Monday, 30 May 2022 03:23)

    The secretary story is nice plz make some girly and do some work like house chores plz write next part.

  • #207

    Shemalesana (Monday, 30 May 2022 07:01)

    Why would a wife pierce her husband's nose??

  • #208

    Priya (Monday, 30 May 2022 13:12)

    Because wife wants to play nose pin n nose ring as husband plays nose ring n nose pin of her wife

  • #209

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 05:05)

    Dream job..1

    My name is Abishek. I grew up in a small village and I am the only son in my family. My mom's name is Ramya and she is my role model . She worked as a nurse in a nearby hospital. so i am alsocompleted nursing near my village till that i stay in village that why i don't have any exposure outside , and that to i am little shy guy ,after completion of my graduation. So I grow my hair likemy mom. My mom has beautiful hair. I always kept it clean of those one inch hairs. I will always be clean shaven and clean. After completion of nursing I started to search for a job. My mom referredme to where she has worked in that hospital.

    It was the first day of my work , two girls Vidya and Kalai are final year nursing students with me.. Both Vidya and Kalai had a white skin tone, roughly 5.6 feet tall, Vidya had hair till her midback which was tied in a ponytail while Kalai had her hair till her shoulders which was tied in a French braid. I was roughly 5.3 feet tall, slim, clean shaven, had hair till his mid back and wasdressed in a white pants & shirt and my hair was tied in a low ponytail. They both are checking patients and they used to scold some older patients. I don't know why they are scolding thepatients. I went near them and told them " pls dont scold elder and if you do the same thing , i will complain to the doctor.

    Me - Weren't you girls supposed to wear white shirt right?
    (Both of them remained quiet)
    Vidya (After a while) - helo, I don't think that it is compulsory, we are final year students not staff nurses like you .

    Me - Yes it is compulsory.... I'll give you 10 minutes to go to the restroom and wear both of your shirts.

    (Both Vidya and Kalai came back after ten minutes with their white shirts)

    They entered the ward and went to their desks. elder people laughed and they said thanks to me . They were humiliated and all in the ward were laughing at them. I saw them and I think they wanted totake revenge.

  • #210

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 05:25)

    Dream Job..2

    Our shift is over so i am planing to leave ..but still they both are sitting in the desk,They discussed about it for a while and they left with a smile on each of their faces. Next day i came to myshift, hair tied in a low pony as usual. They came early today , Both Vidya and Kalai not combed their hair and its looks free hair.. I saw Vidya and Kalai and started to shout at them.

    Me - Hey girls, didn't have the basic commonsence, because your hair may people will get infection, that you must always tie your hair like bun ?

    Vidya - why should we bro ?

    Me - That's because all nurse staff are wearing hair like bun right.

    Vidya - Then why didnt you tie your hair in a bun bro?

    (Some people started laughing)

    Me- That's because I'm not a female nurse.

    Kalai - It's not specified that only female nuser of staffs must tie their hair in a bun it's meant for nurse with long hair sir.

    At the same time one of our chief doctor came , we greeted them and i complainted about them. i sent them to the doctor room and both of them returned to the ward with the chief doctor.

    chief doctor - Abi, it seems that you were so strict on rules about hairstyle that you gave the girls some punishment so it will be fair only if you follow them yourselves so you must start wearingbun to hospital from now onwards.

    Then chief doctor arranged one meeting she told " from now onwards who all are having long hair , they must start wearing the bun to hospital, After hearing this all the girls staff in the roomstarted giggling.

    Chief soctor - Abhi from tomorrow onwards you must come to the hospital with your hair tied in a bun using a bun net. I'm just excusing you today because you don't have a bun net to use.

    Kalai went to her bag and brought a pink coloured bun net with shiny stones in it and gve me and told me to use it.

  • #211

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 05:33)

    Dream job ...3

    Kalai kept the pink bun net in the my hands, i had no other option but to obey the orders of my superior.

    Me - But Doctor I don't know to tie my hair in a bun or how to use a bun net.

    Doctor - We'll in that case, kalai pls help him to tie his hair in a bun.

    I didn't know what to do, i just bend down my head in shame. Kalai came to naer me.

    All the girls staff were eager to see what was about to happen.

    Kalai - Bro please turn back.

    i did as she said.

    Kalai removed the band from my low ponytail and started to braid my hair, i was shocked.

    Me - Why are you braiding my hair instead of a bun.

    (All the girls were giggling)

    Kalai - Sir, your hair will be tight only if you make a braided bun.

    i had no choice but to keep calm.

    Kalai finished braiding my hair and then she made a bun and inserted the bun net. All the girls started giggling. the meeting was over, all are left. i kept my head down because of shame. One of thegirls stood and asked

    Girl - bro you never told your name to us.

    Me - Um..Um..My name is Abhishek.

    Girl - I think you mean Abhi sis.

    (All the girls started laughing)

    Instead of scolding as usual i left the room.

  • #212

    Priya (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 07:28)

    Nice story continue Samantha
    Super at long hair braiding continue

  • #213

    Keerthi (Tuesday, 31 May 2022)

    Excellent story Samantha plz continue

  • #214

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 10:44)

    Dream Job ...4

    I spent the whole day with my hair tied in a braided bun, all the staff started to behave with him in a friendly manner. It was dispersal so everyone started to go home. i forgot to remove hair buninside the hospital. i put on my helmet and took my scooty and then started to go home. i reached home and i opened the door and then went inside and i removed the helmet, my mother came from theother room.

    Mother - Abhi is that you. what is this in your hair.

    I was shocked , i forgot remove hair bun . i kept quiet and kept my head down in shame.
    She started laughing and came near me.

    Mother - You really braided your hair and made a bun with a bun net too?

    Me - No...No

    I explained what had happened to me.

    Mother - we'll looks like you deserve it.( Saying this she removed my bun and took the braid in her hair and compared it to hers)

    Mother - Wow it looks really beautiful Abhi, soon your braid may even grow longer than mine.

    Me - Mom don't call me that, call me as full name .

    Mother ( Kept my braid in my shoulders like a woman ) - You can ask anyone but the name Abhi definitely suits you more.

    I took my braid and was about to remove it. mom stopped me.

    Mother - Stop don't remove it.

    Me - No way I'm staying like this

    Mother - So you are going to tie your hair in a bun by yourself daily Abhi or you have decided to get your hair braided daily by Kalai.

    I realised my situation and let down my braid.

  • #215

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 10:55)

    Dream Job...5
    I went inside bathroom to freshen up, i saw himself on the mirror, i didn't really look like a man, i was feeling ashamed of myself. i washed my face and then came out. Soon my mother calledme.

    Mother - Hey Abhi come here and sit before me.

    Me - Why mom?

    Mother - You want to stay in this braid all day? Looks like you love doing your hair like a woman.

    Me - No not at all mom. I like my job and this is my dream job because this i cant leave my job.

    I sat before my mom.

    my mom started to remove my braid and started to comb it neatly. i started to browse through youtube with my hearphones on. i didn't really pay much attention to my mom.

    Mother - Here you go sweety.

    Saying this she placed two braids on both sides of my shoulders. The braids reached my chest. i saw it and i got very angry and i went to remove it.

    Mother - Don't you dare touch your braids. I spent so much time to make them. If you don't listen, I'll make two braids for you tomorrow when you go for work.

    Me - Mom but why are you doing this to me?

    Mother - If you are really that ashamed to keep your hair in braids, then what will you do tomorrow

    Me - Mom what are you talking about?

    Mother - Oh so you don't know, while you were in the restroom, one of your co-workers named Pallavi called. She said that every Friday staff nurse hair must be tied in a braid instead of a bunaccording to the doctor new rules.

    Me - What but I'm not a female nurse.

    Mother - There aren't female or male hairstyles. Braid is for long hair. Since, you have long hair you must braid them when you go for work tomorrow.

    Me - But it won't suit me as I'm wearing pant and shirt.

    Mother - Oh so if you are that concerned in your looks, why don't you wear a white saree or a chudithar to work tomorrow. If you want I can ask permission from your superiors.

    Me - What I didn't mean it like that. Fine I'll go with my hair braided tomorrow.

  • #216

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 11:08)

    Dream Job ...6

    It was the next day morning. i took a bath and came out of the bathroom. i dried my hair and While walking the braids hit him in the back. It made him feel really feminine. my mother called me, iknew the reason very well.

    Mother - Abhi come fast, aren't you late for work.
    Me - Yes mom coming.
    Mother - Come sit before me.

    i did as she said.

    Me - Mom please don't make it look too feminine.
    Mother - Oh my boy is feeling shy?
    Me - Mom don't do this, stop teasing me.

    Mother(Laughing) - Ok di.

    She started combing and then middle parted his hair and finished braiding. The braid reached till his mid back. she finished tying it with a pink coloured scrunchie, i didn't know that.

    Mother - You can get up.

    i stood and took my braid and hid it inside my shirt and wore my helmet so know one can see me like that. Even while doing so i didn't notice the scrunchie. i took my scooty and reached the hospital.Something was unusual most staff's had their hair in a bun instead of a braid. I understood that wearing hair in a braid wasn't compulsory but i still didn't know why pallavi would fool him.

    With a lot of hesitation i took of my helmet and took my braid out and then entered the hospital.

    i walked in the school campus, all the staff and students were looking at me and laughing. Suddenly someone pulled my braid from behind. It was pallavi.

    Pallavi - What sir, you started to braid your hair and that too to hospital, that's very bold of you.

    Me - It's because of you mam, I'm in this situation.
    Pallavi - What because of me. Can you explain it clearly.

    Both of them went inside the staff room.

    Me - Yesterday you called my number and my mom pickeup up. You told her that it was compulsory for nurse to come to hospital on Friday with their hair braided.
    Pallavi - What are you talking about sir, there's no such rule and that wasn't even me who called.

    i was really shocked.

    Me - Mam can you do me a favour, can you untie the braid and tie my hair in a bun.
    Pallavi - That's not a problem but you look good with your hair braided. So, why don't you just stay like this.
    Me - Mam I'm begging you please help ke.
    Pallavi - Okay okay fine...but in that case you have to do me a favour later if at all I need something.
    Me - Okay okay fine.
    Pallavi - But it's going to be shift changing time, so I can't undo the braid and then tie you a bun. So I'll just make a braided bun.
    Me - It's fine I guess.

    Pallavi rolled my braid into a bun and took my scrunchie and tied the bun and added a bun net from her drawer.

    Pallavi - Abhi can I ask you something. If you don't like styling your hair like women, then why did you add a pink coloured girly scrunchie to your braid?
    Me - What? It must have been my mom's doing.
    Pallavi - It's okay. But I have to say something sir, you look really beautiful in this braided bun for a man.

    Pallavi laughed and went.

    I became very shy, i went to my duty ward.

  • #217

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 12:04)

    Dream Job...7

    Days passed and keeping my hair in a bun with a bun net became something usual for me. But still daily mom tried different hairstyles on him. i was very ashamed but couldn't disobey my mom. It wasnurse day and therefore, all were allowed to wear whatever they wanted and their hairstyle were their choice too. So, i was really excited as i could finally feel like a man again and could wear aponytail. Both Vidya and Kalai couldn't get revenge for a long time but they were waiting for the right opportunity.

    i came to the hospital in pant shirt and my hair was tied in a ponytail. i entered the staff room. All are planning to do various programs but I didn't participate in anything. So i was free.

    Divya - Hi Abhi sir, happy nurse day.

    Me - Same to you, mam.

    Divya - I'll catch up with you later we need to rehearse for the drama we are going to put on.

    Me - Okay.

    Pallavi came.

    Pallavi - Abhi sir, why don't you come see us doing the rehearsal.

    Me - Yes I'll come.

    Me, Divya, Pallavi and many other teachers went into the staff room. All the female and male gathered for rehearsal .

    Me - Pallavi mam aren't there any male teachers in your drama.

    Pallavi - No not really, we women are going to do the drama alone.

    Me - But what about the male characters?

    Pallavi - No male character sir.

    Me - Oh okay.

    All are went into the changing room and came after a while, i was sitting in the front row just next to the stage.

    ony 4 charcter in this drama. Divya is dressed like doctor, Pallavi as a nurse.

    All the characters came except one of the characters. The scene in the drama depicted a pregnancy delivery scene. But the nurse that was about to act as the pregnant lady still didn't come.

    Everyone were tensed. pallavi went to call the teacher who still didn't come through her mobile and returned after a while and she said its emergency case so she can't act now.

    Divya - Oh no, what do we do now?

    Pallavi - We can replace someone else as that character doesn't have a of dialogues.

    Divya - All the female nurse's are engaged in one programme or another, so we can't really replace anyone.

    Kalai - Unless we make a Abhi sir to do the role.....

    Divya - But no kalai ..it will suit for the role. the role of the bride needs to have long braid.

    Kalai - Don't you understand? We can ask Abhi sir to do it. he is having long hair like girl and he dont have hair in face and he will suit this role .

    Pallavi - But I'm pretty sure he'll never agree.

    Divya - But it's not like we have any choice. Pallavi you have to ask him you are the closest to him amongst us.

    Pallavi - Okay I'll try.

    Pallavi took me out of the room and started explaimg the situation.

    Me - No way I'll do it, I'm a man how can I do it.

    Pallavi - Please sir, you are our only option.

    Me - But..but

    Pallavi - We'll take care of all the stuff, you just have to keep your head down during the scene, that's it, and if its possible cream like pregnant lady.

    Me - No mam not possible to do this role. But what will other think about me?

    Pallavi - Look at you, you are wearing your hair in a bun with a bun net, no one is thinking anything ill about you.

    Me - But but

    Pallavi - Please sir I'm begging you, you told me you'll do a favour right, please we can't cancel this, it's the main event of today

    Me - Okay, I guess I'll do it for you.

    Pallavi - Thanks sir.

  • #218

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 12:29)

    Dream Job...8

    Both Pallavi and me came into the auditorium once again and Pallavi showed thumbs up sign to the divya there, everyone became happy.

    All are gathered around me and started to thank me and took me to the dressing room. i had a clean shave so there was no need for shaving. i was asked to remove my shirt and pant and was asked tocome out in my baniyan and skirt was given to wear.

    i came out after wearing a baniyan and a inner skirt, i was keeping my head down in shame.

    Pallavi - Abhi don't need to worry, it's only us women here, no one is going to see you and one more thing now your acting like pregnant lady in real life its not possible so try to involve the roleand enjoy it.

    Me - i said ok.

    i was made to wear a padded bra and was given a blue coloured blouse to wear, the blouse didn't exactly fit him so, they stuffed his bra with some clothes. Now i was standing in a blue colouredblouse and skirt.

    Pallavi called a student and asked her send two students to help them get ready as all are were busy.

    In the class;

    Student - Hey girls did you hear the news, Abi mam is finally going to become a complete woman today.

    Kalai - What are you talking about di?

    Vidya - Tell clearly.

    The girl explained what had happened...

    All the girls in the class were laughing.

    Vidya - Looks like we finally got a chance for revenge.

    Kalai - Let's go and dress the beauty di, come.

    They both entered the dressing room, I was shocked to see them. When they saw me i was dressed in a beautiful green saree with a blue blouse.

    Kalai - Hi sir, we are here to bring out the princess inside you sorry .

    Vidya - Hey, call her mam, am I right ABHI MAM?

    i just kept my head down in shame.

    Pallavi - Stop teasing him you two and start to help me. Vidya braid his hair first.

    pallavi removed the hair band from my ponytail and Vidya started brushing my hair. She middleparted my hair and then started braiding, she didn't add a rubberband at the end as she was about to addhair extensions.

    Vidya - Kalai hold his braid so it doesn't come loose.

    Kalai - Okay .

    Kalai took my braid in her hair. Sir now your braid is in my hands. dont shake your head otherwise it will became loose.

    Me - i said ok.

  • #219

    Reader (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 14:50)

    Copy of ramya story, still enjoyed. Keep writing and try to twist

  • #220

    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 15:00)

    Dear Friends,

    i dont know proper english ...thought is mine and words are taken from other stories ...

    sorry guys

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    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 19:07)

    https://samanthastoriesin.wordpress.com/2022/05/31/dream-job/ pls find my new stories

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    Keerthi (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 21:21)

    Samantha really superb story please continue

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    malarvizhi (Tuesday, 31 May 2022 23:26)

    hi samantha ur page not opening..kindly check it...story good but make more feminzation femdom...

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    Samantha ur page not opening

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    Sorry Friends.....pls find the my blog : anthascd.blogspot.com

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    Samantha (Wednesday, 01 June 2022 10:27)

    Dear Friends ...read the stories give me your valuable comments ...i wil try to write good stories in future

  • #228

    twins 1 (Wednesday, 01 June 2022 17:38)

    pooja was a badass girl, bold, and good in sports, which is why she is her dad's favorite, he is making her study in an excellent college where the sports facilities are good too..
    sumit was the other twin who is an average kid who is not that brilliant, but very artsy, he is good at drawing, and singing, he got sweet voice from his mom. even then his singing was notencouraged..
    and often ridiculed by his dad.
    Though they were twins, pooja was in 2nd year in college, but sumit failed multiple times, and he is two years behind her, yet to pass junior college/12th..
    One day, They were both getting ready, pooja was getting ready to give her last exam on second year finals, sumit was getting ready to attempt the last exam for third time..
    their dad was waiting to drop them in his car..
    sumit went to his sister who was infront of mirror, she was in a top and leggings, with her long thick waist length braid on her shoulder, applying lipstick..
    s: come fast, uggh, you girls take forever to get ready..
    P: ohh no..
    s: what?
    P: wait this braid doesn't look good, i mistied it.. and she removes the rubber band at the end of the braid..
    s: what, you are gonna start again..
    she turned towards him angrily, whipped her loose braid to back and said..
    p: okay then, here.. she handed the comb to him..
    P: then you redo my braid..
    s: what, me, I donno how to do that, ask mom..
    p: she is busy sumit, I am your twin sister, come help me braid it, there is nothing wrong..
    s: I really don't know how to do it..
    p: well then watch me and learn, you can do ,it yourselves since you have long hair too..
    s: heyy, why would I do that I am not a stupid girl like you and, it is not that long..
    she looked angry for second, but again
    p: okay, but it was 2 years ago, now it is long enough, until midback or so..
    sumit consciously touches at tip of ponytail and traces it until its end, feeling how longer it got since couple of years.. but he rejects that and says..
    s: stop it, and mind your own business, come fast dad is waiting..
    p: omg stop it idiot.. she loses patience..
    p: he understands he will wait, he is not stupid like you..
    sumit gets furious pooja calling him like that, while she was making a braid, he tried hitting her head, but suddenly pooja turned towards him, which led his hand on her cheeks, and thap.. there wasa sound as pooja felt a hard slap by her brother.. she gets so angry and sumit was shaking that he had done a mistake, luckily their mom arrived..
    Mom/Vani: kids aren't you ready yet, what are you doing, your dad is waiting..
    they both turned towards her, and sumit sighed a relief, as he is her favorite, and she would believe him over pooja.
    they both go to school, but pooja was hiding her anger at her twin brother..

    After a few days after the exams, after the holidays, pooja started going back to college for her third year..
    but sumit was getting scolding from his parents for failing one subject yet again, so he couldn't start the college yet.
    the next day, sumit was sitting at home, watching tv.. pooja came out of the room with college bag, in legging and top, with her hair braided and on the side..
    her mom arrives infront of sumit, here cut these vegetables, and hands over a couple of dishes to him..
    pooja was smirking at him.
    he feels humiliated, and rejects his mom..
    M: are you kidding me, you are useless in studies anyways, can't you help me, wait let me tell your dad..
    s: I will study and pass this year, mom..
    m: well there is so much time for that, for now help me, or else you know what happens..

  • #229

    twins 2 (Wednesday, 01 June 2022 17:46)

    after his mom left to the kitchen again, pooja walks towards him bends infront of him (her long braid slides to front as she bends) .. he was bent down cutting veggies
    p: ohh my stupid brother, can't pass this year too, you know you can make a housewife if you start your preperation now..
    sumit heard that and looking at his sister, he gets furious and tries to hit her again but now trying to actually slap her, she dodges him and smiles..
    he gets more angrier and tries slapping again but misses in next two tries too.. he gets furious and does a mistake he would regret for a long time.. he saw her braid swinging as she dodges him.. andhe grabs it..
    p: ahh sumit, leave me..
    he gets into his manly sense of idiotic pride and pulls harder on her braid..

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    Sheerta (Thursday, 02 June 2022 11:13)

    Twins ur writing wonderful

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    twins 3 (Thursday, 02 June 2022 21:51)

    as sumit pulls the braid, pooja almost broke into tears. Luckily none of their parents saw that and sumit was mocking as he finally let the braid go, while pooja took back her braid and kept it onthe shoulder all protective, and kept down her face and went out of the house, while sumit, disgusted of himself thinking 'i should pass soon, this is embarassing' and cut the veggies..
    After that incident sumit and pooja didn't talk much, and were minding their own business.. few weeks have passed, sumit was becoming more lazy, instead of studying he was watching tv all day, anddoing some chores reluctantly as his mom pesters him..
    one day pooja was coming back home after college, she was indeed late that day.. as she enters the house, she saw something she couldn't believe, there he was in the hall, sumit, he removed hisrubber band from ponytail, swinging the loose hair so gracefully like a girl, then grabbing everything together into a bun, and putting the rubberband, then he picks up the broom on his side from thefloor and starts sweeping.. and then he hears the voice..
    p: way to go sumit, you will make a wonderful housewife, haha..
    he tries to turn back after hearing her evil voice, but couldn't face her in that manner so he minded his own business..
    pooja walked to the balcony to show something to her mom..
    Mom/Vani/M/V: omg what did you do to your hair pooja..
    she screams..
    sumit hears her shouting and feels happy that pooja is getting scolding..even though he couldn't hear what they are talking..
    after few arguments vani calms down, and pooja explains..
    p: mom you know as i was selected for state level basketball team, it will be hard to manage long hair..
    v: wonderful.. but you didn't have to cut that much, you look like a boy..
    p: ohh mom come on.. this is a trending style and don't worry this is a very girly style, and look i am still wearing chudhidar and earrings, do boys wear that?..
    v: no, okay it's all right..
    sumit feels the argument has gone down, and wants to check it, he keeps the broom aside slowly peeps out of the door to balcony.. awkwardly getting caught by pooja and his mom staring at him, he hadto walk to them..
    p: how do you like my hairstyle sumit..
    and she shares the story too with her brother..
    sumit couldn't believe his eyes, her long braid until waist, and come down to loose above shoulder length hair..
    he was speechless, as pooja comes towards him assertively, slowly pushes him towards, side, instead of resisting he was looking at not just pooja's new hairstyle but her attitude too..
    then he realizes and tries to push her back, but instead..
    p: stop and turn around sumit..
    and she pulls his rubber band, to which all his hair falls off like waterfall until waist..
    as she does that.. her mom gasps at him.. comes near them..
    as sumit couldn't do a thing, he just stares at her..
    she walks closer to him, reaches out to his hair and places it on his shoulders..
    sumit feeling humiliated and tries to keep it back..but she does the same again and starts saying..
    m/v: ohh sumit sweetie, your hair is so pretty, i didn't observe since long time, and now see you have much much longer hair than your sister pooja..
    s: leave it mom, don't praise my hair like I am a girl.
    v: ohh why are you sad if i praise it, thank god at least you have long hair, your sister has to get that boy haircut for some sports..
    p: ohh mom this is not a boy's haircut..
    v: ya ya.. go away..

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    Payal J (Monday, 06 June 2022 14:11)

    The Fault in our stars-Part 1

    My name is Rohit. I am an Portfolio Management, i work in big investment bank managing our customers investments. My Parents dies few years back. I got married to a beautiful women named Rena. Shewas also an orphan like me and we both were the only family we had. Talking about my physic I am 5.6" tall, fair skin, slim and had long hair till mid back which i didn't cut for a long while as Iwas afraid of going to barbar due to my medicine condition. I have breast and didn't wanted anyone to know about it. Rena knew this before marriage and she was ok with it. While have sex she wouldalways play with them giving me instant hardon. Soon we were expecting baby. We were very happy with our life's but one day Rena collapsed, I took her to our usual doctor, she did some test and toldus that Rena heart condition and Rena can't take this pregnancy it is too risky for her and she must do the abortion. We went home and cried a lot. I tried convinced Rena to abort but she didn'tagree.
    Next day we went to doctor and Rena told her decision. Doctor told that she might not survive but she don't agree then doctor told there is an alternative way. I told doctor why didn't he tell usearlier. She said it is not the usual solution. She said look Rohit i have seem your earlier report your estrogen levels are very high and there is a possibility that you might have both male andfemale organ in your body we will have to do a scan to confirm it. If it is confirmed we can transfer Rena's Pregnancy to your womb and you can deliver the baby. I agreed instantly. The scan resultscame but it was positive. Doctor told we can do the surgery tomorrow itself, but she told me that to keep the baby we will have to remove your male genitals and penis. Rena and I looked at each otherand I said yes. Rena was very happy. Next we had the operation. It was successful, but Rena had an heart failure on operation table and she was no more.

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    @Nikita I tried it but it's very tricky cause payment is available in us dollars and it's very expensive also

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    @Payal J nice starting payal but please keep Rena alive with Rohit and made them lesbian partner or they both can marry a single man in future

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    sorry couldn't complete it, I even forgot what I was gonna write in next parts.. not contiuing it any more.

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    Tears were rolling down my eyes no. of questions were racing my mind , I was in deep guilt what the hell I did, what the fuck did he have in his mind he has taken my wife , My House My Company knowhe is there to take away all my self-respect.
    Salman came near me and slapped me hard
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    The Fault in our stars- Part 2

    Hearing the news I went into depression. Have not eaten anything for last two days nore have sleeped. Seeing my condition doctor came to my room with some food and said Rohit I promised Rena that Iwill not tell this to you but looking to your condition right now I think i have to. The days before we talked about this operation Rena had called me and asked for the alternative as she knew herbaby wouldn't survive like this with her. So i told her the option but also told her there is only 90% chance that she might survive. She was ok with it and wanted in any case her baby should survivewith or without her. She asked me talk to you and convince you and never tell this to you. Now as she is no longer with us I think you should consider this as her last wise to bring her baby to thisworld. If you keep going like this i am afraid your baby might not survive and Rena's Sacrifice won't go waste. Hearing her words i stopped my cry, wiped my tears and ate the food and promised tomyself no matter what ever happens I will get our baby to this world.

    I returned from the hospital after two weeks. Now I was carrying two months baby in my womb. Doctor have give me a list of do's and don'ts. When I returned home I went to take a bath. After takingthe bath when I came out remove the towel and saw myself in the mirror I was unable to recognise myself. Yes my doctor have told me that there will a lot of changes happening to my body but I don'texpect this to be in just 15 days. Now My hair has come below my mid back, All the hair on my body and face except my head and eyebrows have disappeared, my skin is glowing, my hips are little wider,my breast looks to be bigger now, I don't have a penis any longer but a working vargina and small but visible baby bump.

    In next few days I tried to get my life in order. I quit my job. I had good savings and insurance money so i started investment for myself in stock market and earning 10000 a day. A month gone moneywise I as all good but I was struggling with my daily life this like cleaning, cooking and managing with my changing body. I didn't got out since I came back from hospital other then going for myroutine checkup as I was little afraid.

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    2060 (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 14:27)

    Hi my name is aman in my family there was my mom who was police head officer always angry and strict. My dad he was really sweet caring and my sister arrogant athletic body builder and her job was tomake me cry and always fight with me, i really used to hate her. Also I had secret girlfriend who was rival of my sister she was also athletic and bodybuilder. My sister and my girlfriend were likeenemies. I was really scared on this matter if my sister find riya (my gf) and i are dating she might beat me and stop my college. Also this is 2060 they say boys don't need to study they are justfor household chores but i had dream to become ias officer and give justice to men who are raped by this strong woman and something more you should know about me is i am intelligent and cute but idon't like to wear dress and exposed my bodyparts like now a days mens do

    Writer description
    Hey i am sau some of you know me from "don't post links here" controversy i used to have blog but i deleted everything, was on break if you have story's in mind just share i will continue this plotin that direction or any story ideas i am in mood of writing stories of any type

  • #249

    Payal J (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 14:47)

    The Fault in our stars- Part 3

    One fine day I hear a know in my door. When I went to check I saw a lady of my age wearing green saree tying a hairbun with some sindoor in middle partition of her hair and mangalsutra on her neck.She introduced herself and said hi my name is Neha I am your new neighbour just shifted yesterday. I welcomed her inside. We sat on the sofa. She asked me how many months I said 3 months. She told methat she is staying alone as her husband has to go to US for office work for a year. She asked me my name and said why are you wearing such clothes you shouldn't be wearing pants in such a condition.She thought I was a woman but it was not her fault. I explained her my situation she started crying and hugged me. She said you need not worry I am there for you now and I will take care of you. fromnow on you are my friend Reema. Then we chatted for sometime and went home. She came in the evening with dinner. I thanked her and we sat to have the meal. While eating I told her it has been dayssince I have eaten such a food and how I was struggling for daily things. She told me don't worry I am hear now I will take care of everything I cried and hugged her.

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    Devi (Tuesday, 07 June 2022 22:26)

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    The Fault in Our stars-Part 4

    Next morning I heard a knock on my door I went to open and saw Neha standing with two other women. She said this is Anita from today's onwards she will take care of cleaning on both our houses andthe other one is Nisha she has came hear to give us beauty treatment. Then Anita started working on the house and Nisha with her work. She did first wax my full body then she did my facial mean timeshe did my nails then she did my eyebrows and upper lips. After she was done she went. Neha also took the same treatment. Then she asked me to go take a bath with worm water she handed me a hairshampoo and a mix of besan and haldi and asked me to apply on my whole body. Once I came back I saw her going through my wife's wardrobe.She said your had nice collection of sarees. Then I saw oneyellow saree matching blouse and petticoat and a new panty and a Bra. Neha said this all are of your wife the inner should fit you but let's go for shopping and buy you some stuffs. The asked told megirls done tie towel to their waist but to there breast and showed me. Then she helped me wear the bra of 34 C which was a little tight then I was going in the bathroom to wear the panty then Nehasaid common don't feel shy i front of me and I wore it there in front of her. Then she helped me wear the saree and asked me to sit on the dressing table. She first did my makeup, applied thick layerof Kajal, lipstick then she made a bun of my hair, applied nail polish. When I saw myself in the mirror I was shocked I was looking like a housewife like her.

    Then we went to a mall for shopping. I was little afraid as it was my first time come out as a women, but was very happy as It was after long time that I have come out. It was feeling verycomfortable in saree as it was loose on my belly. We entered a shop and check for some bras and panties the sales girl asked for my size, Neha asked salesgirl to measure the size. She bought the tapeand measured it was 34D. We purchased few pairs of different bras and panties. Then we went to expecting mom's shop and bought some gowns. Then we bought few sarees. Then we went to a jewellerystore. Where Neha selected earrings and nose stud for me and asked the guy to pierce my ear and nose. We also bought a pair of Payal. Then we went to food court. It's been so long since a hadanything out. I was craving a lot for Pani puri which i once never liked much. We went to the stall and I had 2 plates. The days awesome and after reaching home Neha for all what she have done today.

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    Priya (Thursday, 09 June 2022 20:04)

    Payal J, nice story, please add nose piercing experience in this story

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    looking for dom female who makes me her gf.
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    Father-in-low and daughter-in-law, father and daughter, mother and son, son-in-law and mother-in-law brother and sister and husband and wife role revolves story can anybody write about this storysplease please please please please

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    if you like it pls comment your suggestions

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    1) Chubby College fresher with long hair and man boobs gets ragged by senior girls.

    2) Female teacher crossdressing and punishing college boy for having long hair. Later taking him to girls hostel for more humiliation.

    3) Only boy with long hair in a girls college gets humiliated for having long hair.

    Write stories without gay content to make it more humiliating and interesting.

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    aditi (Monday, 13 June 2022 09:26)

    Everything Changed on Lockdown...!!
    Let’s Start the story from the Beginning...!!

    My name is Pavithra, I work on MNC company which specializes in Food Product as a Hiring HR Manager. My work basically includes hiring new resources. My father’s name is Arunachalam, and my mother’sname is Meena. I was 28 at the time. I have a younger sister Abhirami, who is 7 years younger to me. My parents are searching for alliances for me for long time as I have some dosha in my horoscope.Even though I have liked many grooms but because of my horoscope my marriage is keep getting delayed. I have even fought with my parents because of that. I have completed my MBA and I have beenearning well, slim, around 170 cm which is tall for a girl. I am between fair and black in skin complexion. I have good facial features.
    My father has one sister who is widow and living in a village. One day my father received a news that his sister is dead. So, we went to his hometown to do the last rituals. My aunt has only one sonand because of her demise, my father want to bring him to the city with us. Even though my mom rejected at first as there are two unmarried girls in the home. But accepted later as there is no otherrelationship to him.
    Me and my sister came to my father’s hometown during our school holidays and stayed here with our aunt. Last time we came here when I was waiting for my 12th standard result. My sister has completed5th standard. My aunt’s son is similar age to my sister. So, they both used to play together, and both stick together. Due to some family issues, there has been a fight between two families, and wehave stopped going to my father’s hometown.
    My fathers have 2 dress shops in the place where we live along with other two partners. Business has been going well. My mom also handles the business. My Aunt’s son’s name is Aditya. He born andbrought up in the village. He has failed in 10th standard and hasn’t reappeared for exams afterwards. He has a height of around 140 cm which is on shorter side, but he is fair and having a thickmoustache and beard. So, he doesn’t look shorter. My dad made him stay on our house in extra room. He takes him to the shop along with him. It takes time for him to adopt to the home, but he adoptedwell.
    During weekdays, he went with my mom and dad to the dress shop and return by night. For few months he doesn’t talk well with Abhirami. But after few months they seems to be back together well. Inoticed that he is Half a foot shorter than her at least. Abhi is half a foot shorter than me. I never talked much with Aditya, its formal. During weekends, Aditya and Abhi will always go togetherwith their friends. Aditya came to our home looked so rugged and rough. But afterwards, he become decent and well dressed. Moustache and Beard has been trimmed. Life has been going smoothly.

  • #261

    aditi (Monday, 13 June 2022 09:26)

    One day, my father has been admitted to hospital due to cardiac arrest. He is admitted in ICU. We have been rushed to hospital and stayed there for long time. After few hours, Doctor said that he isstabilized but if another attack comes, it is difficult to save him. Aditya and mom stayed with dad always and take care of him. After one week, he is shifted to home and asked him to take rest foraround a month. After one week, Dad and mom called me to a room and want to discuss on few things. Me and Abhi has been went to the room. They told me about the financial stuffs of the dress shop andother things. Then he told me that he wants to see our marriage before anything happens. Since I’m the elder one, without mine Abhi’s marriage cannot be happened. They said that they know that therehas been delay to horoscope and they have a solution for that. They said that if I marry Aditya then horoscope is not required as he is the blood relative.
    I am shocked to hear that I told them that he is 7 years younger to me and He is not even completed his studies. On the other hand, I am MBA graduate. I asked them to marry him to Abhi. But theyrefused and told me that they can search for a groom for another month and if they are not able to find anyone then I must marry him. With much hesitant I have approved for that. Then Month started,they have been started seeing seriously. I have noticed that Aditya started behaving differently. Then I came to know that Abhi have told him the news. He tries to avoid eye contact with me in shy.But he sees me from behind or somewhere distant always. One month has passed, then I reluctantly accepted it. I told them I must talk with Aditya before. Then me and Aditya went to a room nearby. Itold him my conditions that I will work after marriage, and I am not good at household activities. He accepted it.
    Marriage has been arranged and everyone is happy. Aditya talks with me with respect (such as vaanga, ponga) at start and it reduces once we become close. I got a promotion and shifted to another cityand Aditya has been moved along with me. He runs a dress shop in city outskirts. Area has many apartments nearby, peoples in the apartment are mostly software professionals. There is a big companynearby and all the shops has been dependent on those company and its employees. Because of Aditya’s shop, I have been travelling for around 15 kms to reach the office.
    We have blessed with two daughters Darshana and Dharshini. Dharshini is 15 Years and studying in 10th Standard, she is around 155 cm in height and Darshana is 12 Years of age and studying 7thstandard, she is around 130 cm. Everything is going fine until one day. That there is a virus that has been spreading so rapidly. At first, we didn’t take it as serious and initial lockdown has beenannounced for 2 days. So, we thought of closing the shop and go to my mom’s place for 2-3 days and come back. Then we packed our clothes for 2 days and went to my mom’s place.
    Mom has been shifted to her hometown after dad died 5 years ago. Mom has started a girl only dress shop and running it for past 5 years. Me, Aditya, and my daughters have taken a train and reached Mymom’s place. We have a warm welcome from my mom. Dharshini and Darshana went and hugged their grandma. Me and Aditya done the same. My mom is so happy to see us after 5 years. My mom’s home is in ahill station and it’s a separate bungalow. Not many houses are nearby. It’s a quiet and good place to chill. I really needed a break from the work, and we have enjoyed the two days. Mom have preparedour favourite foods for us. Aditya has taken a good rest as well.

  • #262

    aditi (Monday, 13 June 2022 09:27)

    We have been watching the news daily and count of affected peoples has been increasing. The city where our shop and company locate has been affected so badly. Government has issued another weeklockdown. Aditya was so depressed as he has not been able to open the shop for another week. Recently we have taken a loan to expand the business. I calmed him saying that it will be fine in a week,and we can manage with my salary. My company has opted me for Work from Home. Next two days went fine but after that we don’t have many clothes with us. We have brought only clothes for 2 days and Mymom’s native is a cold place where drying clothes is not so easy. We tried drying the clothes we have. We somehow managed for another two days.
    My mom said that she will go to city where her shop locates and try to get some clothes for us. I also went with her. We have reached the city, but city is full of police, and they are askingeveryone for mask and testing for Virus. One of the police stopped us and asked for the reason. We have told our situation and they advised to get sooner and go as soon as possible. We reached theshop and got some top and leggings for me and got few other dresses for Dharshini and Darshana. But we don’t know what to do for Aditya since it is girls only shop. I called Aditya and asked what todo. He asked me to check any open shops nearby and get him something from there. We tried in nearby areas, but no shops have been opened due to virus. So, we returned to shop and got some plain nightpants in grey, white, and black colour and we have Reached home.
    Both the girls have been so eager to their new dresses. Dharshini wore a white top and pink pant. Darshana wore a black top and red skirt. Then I gave the dresses I picked for Aditya. Aditya triedthat and came out it looks so funny. He becomes chubbier in the recent times. I took dresses in the age section for 18 which is the highest in my mom’s shop. White branded round necked t-shirt looksfine, it come until the thigh but still not looking bad. But the pant is so tall for him. I forgot that he is on much shorter side. So, he is not able to wear it. So, he managed with his old pant. Onthe last day of the lockdown, Government announced that they are extending the lockdown for another month. We are so shocked, but still happy that my mom’s place doesn’t have many cases as each houseis in distant.
    Aditya got shocked as it will be difficult if the situation continues. He is eager to go back and try to open the shop or arrange any other way to make up for the EMI amount to be paid. We tried toconvince him not to go as our city is affected so worse. Also, it is difficult to travel as every mode of transport has been stopped. But he has not convinced and got the pink dio bike of my mom andstarted towards the city. Daughters has kissed their dad and send him off for safe journey. After a day and half, we have received a call from Aditya. Police have caught him and taken him in custody.Also, they have taken the test for virus and if it is negative and then they will send him back. Next days he returned to mom’s place. He is so sad that he is not able to go and manage for money. Ihave told him to relax and that I will take care of EMI for this month.
    Next few days passed, Girls are stick to their mobiles and Tv as they don’t have no other entertainment. Mom and I have been talking about the old stuff and busy with household activities. Adityawatches TV sometimes but when with girls, Darshana watches Cartoon or Tv shows. Dharshini always watches some series in Online streaming. He got so bored and started cleaning the houses and explorethe rooms in the house. Next day when Aditya woke up, he seems dull and not able to wake up properly. I told him it might be because of the dust when he done the cleaning in the home. But by eveninghis condition worsens that he feels cold. I have checked the temperature and given him some tablets to take. Next days it worsens more, he started vomiting and his temperature is increasing. Hebecomes duller as he is not able to take any food properly. It continues for next day along with diarrhoea as well. He is not even able to take any food or juice. We have taken him to the hospital,he is not able to stand continuously for 5 minutes. He became so week. Test has been taken and asked us to come on the next day for results.

  • #263

    aditi (Monday, 13 June 2022 09:27)

    Next day also his condition is worse as he has not taken any proper food. He is sleeping for most of the time. Test has been come positive. Doctor advises him to admit in the hospital for 1 or 2weeks and no one is allowed to stay with him as it will spread. They have tested us for the virus as well. Luckily ours came negative. We have admitted him in the hospital. I have been calling himdaily. For first one week, there is not much improvement he is not able to eat anything properly. So, they are giving him drips. I have been worried so much. After a week his condition is stabilized,and they have been monitoring him. Food and dresses have been provided in the hospital itself. After 3 weeks he has been discharged and advised to stay in isolation for another month.
    We have not seen him until that. He has been returned and we have been waiting to welcome him. He came with the hospital robe. Me and daughters want to hug him, but we are advised not to be incontact with him for another month at least. They have advised only one person to take care of him. I have taken him to the room and asked him to take bath. After bath, he asked me for a change ofclothes. I have already thrown his dresses as it might also have viruses. I brought him the dress I had before which is for 18 age girls. I went inside and shocked to see him as he looks so thin, heshould have lost 10 kgs approx. I have given a black round neck t-shirt and a white pant. But the t-shirt is so big for him now thought same size which fits few weeks back. He looks so worried thathe lost weight as he is already short. I consoled him and told him that I will get a different pair.
    I have told my mom about that; mom is also worried. So, if 18 years is big for him, we can try with Dharshini’ s dress as she is 15 years for one or two days and we will get something after that fromshop. I told her that it would be so small. But as there is no other way, I have taken a pant and tops which she does not use and less girly top. I gave him a grey top without any words and a blackpant and asked him to change. I was expecting a funny look but to my surprise it fits him well. Pant is little bit tight, but it fits well. I have asked him to take rest and I went to tell my momabout that. Since we have taken few more night dress in Dharshini size, we can manage with that. After two days, Dharshini and Darshana want to see their dad as they are missing their dad so much. SoI have told them to talk from outside and I have knocked the door and called ‘Aditya, open the door your daughters want to see you’. He opened the door and was happy to see them, he is mostly inverge of crying. Tears formed in their eyes. They miss each other so much. Daughters told ‘Daddy take care’. Then Dharshini noticed the dress which Aditya wears. Its dark blue t-shirt with singlesymbol and grey plain pant. Aditya looks okayish in the outfit with unshaved moustache and beard. Once he closed the door, Darshana went to watch TV, but Dharshini asks me ‘Is daddy wearing girlsnight dress?’ I have explained her the situation. She is surprised to hear that it’s her size he is wearing. She knows that he is bit shorter than him, but he is always on chubbier end, so he doesn’tlook like that.
    A week passed, he is still having fruits and juices and not much heavier food as his digestive systems are not working as before. Because of that he is not able to take all the vitamins and resourcesrequired for body. So, he started taking many medicines to manage. He got few other side effects because of the medicines. He got acne all over his face and he got allergic to mosquito bikes as well.It is giving him black marks on skin, and he is getting all itchy and he is not able to sleep properly. I have given him few home remedies, but nothing is useful. So, I have contacted the Doctor andhe said that it is due to medicines, and he prescribed few other creams as well. Also, he asked me to remove all the hair from body and face if the itching continues as it will relieve the pain forfew days. I have applied the cream on his face and the body, but he is on hairy side. He is having a beard of around 2 months, so it is so bushy as well as his body hair is also more. We have triedfor 3 days but it is of no use. So, I have told him the doctor’s suggestion of removing the hair from body and face. He is so upset as he never shaved in his entire life. I have recalled andremembered that I have never seen him without moustache or beard as he always has a week beard. But itching becomes worse.

  • #264

    aditi (Monday, 13 June 2022 09:50)

    I have no other way than told Dharshini about this and asked to help me. She said OKAY and asked to talk with him. He opened the door and wearing the grey t-shirt and black pant. She tried convincinghim, but he is not convincing. Then suddenly Dharshini shouted like ‘Aditya, you must remove your hair. Its for your own good and it will help you recover better’ in an ordering tone. He lookssurprised she sometimes call him like that for fun. but this is in different tone. Already he is so upset, and tears are formed in his eyes. ‘Answer me Aditya, you must do it for us. OKAY! you willdo it right Aditya?’ Dharshini asked again. He looks perplexed but she looks her eyes and understand she is serious, and he said, ‘Okay Dharshu, I will do it’. I was trying to convince him for hours,but she made him do it in minutes. He told me that he will do it. I brought a razor for moustache and Beard belongs to my dad, Hair removal cream of ours.
    I have applied the cream all over his body and ask him to wait for half an hour and he feels that stingy sensation and asked him to get into bathtub and come. He returned with few hairs. I haveapplied again and done the same procedure. Once he returned, I could see his hairless smooth skin but with black marks and little acne. Then for the face I have used the trimmer to trim his beardcompletely. It becomes so nice, and I have asked him to shave his face and come. I have been waiting in the room he came after bath. I was surprised to see him. He is so slim without any body hair. Ihave never seen him without beard or moustache, he looks so young that too with his natural grey eyes and he has not cut the hair for 3 months which formed a messy hair. He looks much younger. I knowhe is 7 years younger to me. But now he looks at least 15 or more years younger to me. I have given him the dress and asked to change. I went down to call everyone to see him from outside. Everyonewent and knocked, and I have asked ‘Aditya open the door’. He opened the door, and everyone was expected to see a mid-aged guy, but they have seen a guy in his twenties something or less. Guy whoalways having a crew cut mostly is having hair until neck blade and clear face without moustache and Beard. Dressed in girls’ Dark green plain suit of age 15-16. Everyone is so shocked. I told themnot to mock him or anything. They wished him to take care soon and went down. Dharshini stays and asks him after everyone went ‘Aditya is that you?’, Aditya answers in shy ‘Yes’ and she told ‘Youlooks so good like this Aditya. You will be fine soon’. He said ‘Thanks’. She talks like talking to some friend instead of talking to his dad. But to my surprise he is also replying.
    One week Passed, I asked him to shave daily and apply the cream. He is mostly watching Tv in his room or taking rest or sometimes uses his mobile as he normally doesn’t use mobile that much. One dayI went to his room and seen his crying. I don’t know what happened. He is crying so much. I tried consoling him and asked him what happened. ‘Pavi, I got a message from bank EMI payment. I have beennot working for 2 months. I know you have been paying EMI. Also, for medicines and Hospital it would been costly.’ I consoled him ‘shhhh...!! Don’t worry Aditya I will take care or everything.Everything will be fine’ But still he is crying saying the same. After few more times I have told him angrily ‘Aditya...!! Don’t cry ...!! I will take care of it...!! Do you want beating’ I Don’tknow why I said that but then he stopped suddenly in fear? After few minutes we have been talking to each other and he told me ‘Pavi, I miss being and talking with peoples. I have been stuck insidethe same room for nearly 2 months, so I feel so alone’ He is crying a little and I consoled him again and I told him to sleep. He slept in my laps. I caress his hair and he slept.
    I went down and told Dharshini everything and asked her what to do. She said ‘Mommy Don’t worry I will take care of his loneliness’. I said Okay and thinking what to do. But to my surprise after twodays, I went inside Aditya room to find him messaging someone. I gave him medicines and seen that he is messaging his contact ‘Daughter’. It feels good to see his smile. Then I went down, andDharshini shown that he is chatting with him to reduce his loneliness and its under her contact ‘Dad’. I feel proud of her.

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    Sneha (Monday, 13 June 2022 09:56)


    One Day my husband told kiran i have to leave tomorrow to US for project work for 3 years, i said then how come i will stay alone here Madhu. Madhu said kiran don't worry papa will come tomorrowmorning i don't want to leave you but i am doing all this for future. Next day madhu left and his father has come i was told afraid of him i felt like i am in jail. i have to keep pallu on my headtotal day i have to wear sari. he didn't speak much meanwhile lockdown announcement has come, it made me frustrate after lock i din't saw outside world.

    One Night i heard loud noises from the upstairs, then i ran to upstairs since i don't my FIL sleep to get disturbed i didn't saw any one but when i am coming back i saw from my FIL window isunforgettable and utter shock to me. My SIL was wearing my sari and dancing like a heroine he kept tv on mute and trying act like heroine. His body is flexible giving good expressions like a younggirl. But after some time he saw me and felt ashamed being like that in front of me. I knocked his room door and he opened the door he is still in my sari. I want to make him comfortable.
    Me: You are wearing my dress but all my dresses become loose
    FIL: sorry dear
    Me: ho so you are wearing my dresses daily
    FIL: yes dear
    Me: Sat on the bed and said please sit
    Fil: sat keeping his head down
    Me: Please don't feel bad i won't tell anyone and tell about your name as a female and your experiences
    FIL: My name is paro
    Me: Oho paro ji please tell about yourself
    FIL: Nothing kiran me and Your MIL started this
    Me: Means MIL
    FIL : Yeah your MIL use to dressup as a man
    Me: Whose idea is this
    FIL: Idea is Mine i always want to try age progression and gender role reversal
    Me: Wow we can try mix up know
    FIL: How i didn't get you
    Me: I will become FIL and you will be my DIL
    FIL: yeah wonderful let's try till this lockdown complete
    Me: But i will strict FIL
    FiL: It's ok for me i will wear pallu on head whole day and touch your feet
    Me: I felt very excited not only this you have to cover all your body no body part should be visible of your and have to give respect to me, you should not in front of me. Finally you have to do allthe house hold works.
    FIL: ok mama ji
    Me: ok nice go out know and give some time
    he went outside and i undressed my self and wore his kaccha, banian after that i started feeling like a man and i wore his dhoti,shirt and i came out holding my walking stick and i saw my daughter inlaw stood in one corner covering all her body with sari. She fell on my feet and i blessed her i said it's too late go and sleep now and tomorrow you have lot of work to do. he asked me shall i pressyour legs, i said no go and sleep know. he left from their after some time i went downstairs to take look he changed into my nightie. I was totally excited about tomorrow.

    Next day i woke up at 8 clock and got fresh went to downstairs, the moment he heard footsteps he kept my coffee on the stove. The moment i asked him for coffee he said ji bapu ji 2 minutes i scoldedhim and said can't you keep ready before i come, he said sorry and i left from their with anger. he brought coffee for me same time there is a baby oil ad in the TV i said when can i have my grandsonlike that.

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    Aryan (Monday, 13 June 2022 11:33)


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    Krish (Monday, 13 June 2022 20:35)

    Aditi your story super please continue

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    Xx (Monday, 13 June 2022 23:04)

    Aditi..nice continue.. waiting eagerly for upcoming parts

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    aditi (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 07:38)

    A week has been passed; Aditya seems to be in the mobile always. Either chatting or watching something on it. He seems happier and not lonely. We must take him to the hospital to take test again toconfirm on the virus. But We must find a new dress which can be worn outside instead of the night suit he is wearing. I can not go to mom’s shop also as we need to start in 1 hour. I came down andtold Dharshini to find a dress for Aditya as he must go to hospital for check-up. Dharshini is so happy to help and went to her room and came back with Beige with black striped round neck top andBlack Jeans. ‘It will suit Aditya well mom’. It looks bit girly, and I have no choice as it is the less girly dress that Dharshini has. I asked Aditya to get ready and placed the dress in bed. Oncehe got ready, he called me. I went inside his room and seen him. Its not really the Aditya whom I married, he is now have clean shaved face and little bit of acne marks, messy hair and wearing aGirls beige round neck top with black stripes and a black skinny jean which fit him like a glove. He looks like a guy in his 20’s and he asked me ‘Pavi, is it looking girly? I know that am wearinggirls’ night suit, but this looks bit more girly’ with his teary little eyes. I feel so sad, but I don’t want to upset Aditya as well, so I controlled my emotions and told him ‘Aditya, you know thatwe don’t have any shops opened and you have lost some weight so we don’t have any other option’ He said ‘I understand what if others notice in hospital’ I said ‘Don’t worry it looks unisex’ andhugged it to console him. I noticed that his hair is so messy and long. I have asked him to sit on the chair and I came with oil and comb. I have applied oil and brushed the hair well and noticedthat it reaches Neck blade. I thought that even though he noticed that we are giving girls’ night dress, he understood the situation. He is watching some teen rom-com series in his mobile the wholetime. I am so surprised to see him watch such series, because he usually watches movies that too in action. I have taken him to downstairs, Dharshini looks and told him that ‘Hi Aditya, Dress looksCool’. He said, ‘Thank you Dharshu’. My mom seen his dress and looks surprised and look at me. I told her its fine in eyes.
    We Started and went to hospital in our Dio bike, its around 5 Kms from the house. We reached and went to lab to give it for test. We have seen the Doctor, he has checked him and told to continue withthe medicine. He said he will transfer the results to the nearby hospital, and I can check with them tomorrow. I said, ‘Thank you doctor’ and returned home. I could see that no shops are opened yetother than basic needs in the city. We have reached and I could see that he is chatting while riding in bike also. Once Reached, Dharshini seen and shouted, ‘Hi Aditya, how did it go?’ My mom islooking surprised as Dharshini called him by name instead of Dad. Aditya said, ‘It went fine Dharshu, Also the series you suggested is so good, I’m in the 2nd season’ and he smiled while answering.She said, ‘I told you right?’. Then I have taken him to the room. I came down and called Dharshini and asked her ‘Why you are calling him by name instead of Dad?’ She told me that ‘When I startedchatting with him, I have called him dad only. Day by Day I could understand that he needs a friend right now to share everything. You know he is not that open to everyone right? I understand thatand once I started Calling him as Aditya and talking to him as friend. He started telling me everything how he feels and feeling free to talk with me’ She has shown some messages in her phone whichhe sends. She consoled him more than what I did. But I have also noticed that his name in her contact has been replaced as ‘Aditya’. I don’t know how I could react for that. But I am happy that theyare happy and told her not to call before your grandma and Darshana. She told me that it would be odd to call him differently in person and in mobile. ‘You have seen right; he looks happier when Italk to him like that’. I noticed that as well and I said her that I will take care of that. So, I told my mom everything and she is okay with that. But Darshana asks so many questions, I simply toldher not to react differently if anything happens with dad. She said OKAY.

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    aditi (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 07:39)

    Next day, Me and Aditya has been got ready and A message pops up on his mobile from Dharshini and I could see that he changed her contact’s name as ‘Dharshu’. I don’t want to ask him more and upsethim. We went to hospital and told patient name as ‘Aditya’ and we have waited in the queue. I could see there are so many patients who are affected by the virus. There are many peoples who are notable to walk and seems so weak. Aditya’s name has been called and we went inside. The doctor is a woman who might in my age. She checked on the result and talked with us well and told how to avoidvirus and all. She told ‘Aditya, you are completely fine. You can continue the medicines the doctor provided, and it will be difficult for you to eat heavy foods for some time. It will be fine soon’.He said, ‘Thank you mam’ she smiled and said, ‘you can call me Aunty, Aditya’. I was so confused doctor doesn’t seem to be older and seeing him. He is also confused but he said, ‘Thank you aunty’. Itold him to wait outside for 2 minutes. He waited outside and I have told her about the weight loss he is having. She said that few peoples are having that issue as they are not able to eat properly,and she said that he will be healthy. I told about the skin issues, and she suggested a new cream and tablet as well. He asked, ‘can I come in now?’ Doctor said ‘Yes you can come Aditya. Aunties havecompleted talking’. I was so angry. Then we have left the hospital and Aditya said ‘Bye Aunty’ to the doctor. I grabbed his arm and taken him back to the home.
    We reached home and announced that Aditya is cured of virus, and everyone can be in contact with him. Everyone is so happy, my mom came with some prasadam, he got blessing from her by touching herfeet. Darshana came and hugged him. Dharshini also came and hugged him saying ‘I’m so happy that you are fine Aditya’. They both have tears on their eyes. Everyone is so happy. I also noticed thathow much Aditya is shorter than Dharshini. I know that he is on shorter side but never realized it until now. Dharshini and Aditya went together to watch some series on their mobiles. I went tokitchen to help mom. I told her what had happened in the Hospital, how doctor asked him to call her aunty and all. She told me it may be because of the dress and his height he might have lookedyounger. I also thought the same and went through the test results. Then I realised why the doctor have told like that. In Test results they mentioned his age as 20. I called the hospital andverified that it is due to some typical error. I laughed at myself for getting angry and we went to have dinner. We are having a dinner in same table after long time. So, we have prepared many itemsmostly the favourite items of Aditya. Aditya thanked us and ate the food. Aditya and Dharshini chit-chat with each other and eat together. It looks like they become so close. Everyone had our foodand went to bed.
    Next Morning, I went to wake up Aditya and I was shocked to see that he is vomiting again. He has vomited many times. I am so worried, and I could see that he is crying. I have consoled him and askedhim to be strong. I have called the doctor and booked an appointment. Since there are many peoples, they have given an appointment at the evening only. We have given him few foods and juice, but hekept on vomiting everything he had. Evening we can’t have time to make him ready as he is vomiting. Dharshini said she will help me take him to hospital as he is not able to sit on his own. He is onteal night suit which has buttoned shirt top and a pant. We have reached hospital and found that food he had yesterday caused the issue and it is not related to virus. We feel much relieved. She hasprescribed few tablets and told us to avoid any heavy food. We have taken him home and made him rest. Next day Dharshini said she will also take care of Aditya. I agreed and asked her to bring foodon regular occasion and make sure to have him had tablets regularly. I regularly check on him as well, it seems she is doing her job well. More than me, she stays together with him, and they talk andwatch series as well. One day there is shouting on his room, and I went there to find that he doesn’t want to take tablets. Dharshini tries to convince him but after sometimes she started saying inangry tone. ‘Aditya you are going to eat the tablets da, don’t you know how much we are worried about you da. Don’t you want to be fine soon da’ ‘I know Dharshu, but I have been taking tablets forlong time and I feel so weak, and I can’t take anymore’ and started crying again. He said ‘I know I am burdening you peoples’ Dharshini also started crying ‘Don’t think like that Aditya. Please taketablets da’. I went and hugged them both and told them not to cry and consoled them.

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    aditi (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 07:39)

    One more week passed, I went to Aditya’s room, he is dressed in Dharshini’s Brown night dress. It looks so bigger on him. He keeps on adjusting his pant as it is falling off. I called Dharshini andasked her the same. ‘Mom, He lost weights again, I have given him the smallest dress I have mom still that is so bigger on him. Only thing possible is we can try giving him the Darshana’s dress momas she is smaller than me’. I was so shocked on her suggestion I know that he is wearing Dharshini’s dress, but she is so taller for her age. One more thing I noticed is that Dharshu started callinghim without respect. Before even though she calls him by name but not without respect, but everything has changed now. But Darshana is average 12-year-old girl, and I brought her night suit as well.But it doesn’t fit him, and I got relaxed. We must go to mom’s place to get some more dress for them as another lock down is imposed and, I have to Work-from-home and must attend the meeting viavideo-calls I need dress as well. I told my mom the same and we got ready to go to the shop. We went inside the shop after regular check-up on the roads. Dharshini have taken Aditya to find somedressing. I have gone and taken few tops, Kurtis, and Night dresses for me. I went to check on Darshana, she is girly girl she usually wears skirt, pink dresses, floral patterns. Then I went to checkon Dharshini and Aditya. Dharshini have picked her dresses, but Aditya doesn’t want to wear the ones she is suggesting. She told ‘See Mom, He is not wearing the one I’m suggesting mom’ He said ‘itsso girls and it has patterns and floral designs’ She told ‘Mom! There are no plain dresses in his age category mom’ It seems like under 15 years all dresses are so girly as kids don’t like the boringplain dresses. He went in anger. I told her to select some nice dresses for him. She is so happy and started selecting dresses. I could see she is selecting dresses for outside also.
    Everyone got ready to return to home, I could see that Aditya is still angry on her. Dharshini tries to console him, but he is still angry. She looks upset, I got angry and asked ‘Aditya, say sorryto Dharshini and talk with her’ he tried to say ‘But.’ ‘What but, she has helped you so much, she picked the dresses for you. She doesn’t have any other option what she can do, you should understandthe situation’. ‘Say do we have a choice, Aditya? Do we force you to do something?’ he looks like he is about to cry and say ‘No’ ‘Then say sorry to her’. He turned to her and said ‘Sorry Dharshini’I said ‘Say it properly’ ‘Sorry Dharshini for getting angry on you and made you upset, I know you have been trying to help me. I’m sorry that I haven’t understand’ and he started crying. Dharshinihugged him and said, ‘It’s okay da, I haven’t got upset da’ and ‘Mom why are you shouting at Aditya? He is already in pain’ and tried to console him ‘Don’t cry da, please!!’ I supported her and shequestioned me, I look confused. Everyone looks confused as she is talking and consoling him like consoling a brother instead of a father. Even he is until her shoulder height only so if someone otherthan our family sees it looks like that only. Darshana also joined and hugged both and asked him not to cry. I feel happy that they are together and sad that I have scolded him.

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    Pooja (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 08:22)

    Check out my new story on role reversal

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    aditi (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 08:49)

    Everyone started to home and we have reached the home while getting off, Darshana and Dharshini said to driver ‘Thank you uncle’ and to my surprise Aditya said the same ‘Thank you uncle’ and wentdown and three started moving towards the home. My mom looks me perplexed. I told her not to worry. We went inside to find that girls and Aditya has been sitting and watching tv. They are talkingwith each other and laughing. I feel happy to see them having a good time. Aditya was always busy, and he don’t have much time to spend with them. Routine life started, I have started working fromhome and taken a new room and mom is taking care of the kids and Aditya. One month have passed, I have been busy with the work and not able to look after them. I haven’t seen them properly. I haveseen them few times when they are sleeping or watching tv. I requested for a couple of days off so that I can spend some time with family, and I can take rest. Next day, I woke up early and preparedcoffee. I have been sitting on the balcony and watching the sunrise from the balcony. Such a refreshing view in the morning. My mom woke up and surprised to see me. I have told her to take rest thatI will prepare the breakfast. She smiled. I have prepared hot idiyappam with coconut milk which is girl’s favourite. Mom came at the same time, and I have asked her to call kids and Aditya forbreakfast. She called them ‘Dharshini, Darshana come down sweeties Breakfast ready’ and ‘Aditya Come down da chellam, Breakfast is ready’. I looked confused because she never called Aditya withoutrespect and, she called her like calling a grandson and not son-in-law.
    Everyone came down, Dharshini is wearing a Neon orange-crepe Top and shorts with her medium length hair in top ponytail. Darshana came down wearing a red top with wording ‘Flower girl’ in glittersand Floral shorts in beige colour. She has a long hair below hip which is braided in pigtails on each side. Aditya came down wearing a Pretty florals button me up shirt and pyjama in red. His hairhas reached his shoulders and he is using a black headband to avoid falling in the face. Girls saw me and came running to hug me. Then Aditya followed the girls and hugged me tightly. I was kneelingso that I can hug them properly. Three of them in chorus said, ‘I Miss you’ ‘I miss you too babies’ and kissed the girls and told ‘I miss you too Aditya’ and kissed him on cheeks. Then I have askedthem to sit on the dining table. Three of them sits on one side and me and mom sits on other side. Aditya sits between Dharshini and Darshana, they started eating the idiyappam. They said its sogood. I have asked them about their days and all. They said that they have been playing games, watching series and they started a new hobby. I have asked them what it is, they usually post theirphotos in the social media platform, they can put short videos by doing something like lip-syncing, fun videos, and other stuffs. They have been doing as well and showed me the videos, it lookedfunny, but it is helping them pass time. Then they have started eating and talking with each other. I have started talking with my mom. I asked Darshana to take the coconut milk. She called Aditya‘Aditya, take that coconut milk near you’ He said ‘okay, Darshana’. I am surprised to see that Darshana is also calling him by name. I asked mom how kids are behaving. She said ‘All three of them arebehaving well, they produce noises sometimes. They keep on running around the houses. They are mischievous but I like that very much. I miss such liveliness for long time’ ‘Mom! Aditya is not a kid;do you forget that?’ ‘Sorry Pavi, they are always together and do everything together. They play together, I have never seen him happier. He came here after his mother dies; he is always sad. Thenyou dad takes him to the shop for help, he always works only. Even after marriage whenever I came to visit you, he is working in shop. He has not completed his studies also; he doesn’t have manyfriends or any brothers or sisters, so I feel he is enjoying his life last few months and he is happier. I feel so happy for him. After few more weeks or months, he will be back to his work so lethim enjoy till then. So past one month I forgot that he is my son-in-law and treats him like another kid of yours’ she laughed.

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    Payal (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 08:55)

    Father-in-low and daughter-in-law, father and daughter, mother and son, son-in-law and mother-in-law brother and sister and husband and wife role revolves story can anybody write about this storysplease

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    aditi (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 09:17)

    I went to the kids’ room, three of them are playing ludo games on their mobile. I have seen them, and they have asked me to join in the game as well as it requires 4 peoples. I have accepted andjoined with them as well. Darshana wins first, Aditya put 4 and he can either kill my pawn or Dharshini. Dharshini is going to win sooner. Dharshini told ‘Aditya, kill mom’s pawn da’ I told him notto kill she is having less pawns she will win. She keeps on telling him ‘Aditya, please da chellam’ and to my surprise he killed my pawn. Then as expected Dharshini wins next, Me and Aditya are inlast stages and Dharshini and Darshana both helping and encouraging him ‘Come on Aditya! Come on Aditya!’. It is close call; I must put three and he must put four for win and I rolled first and I puttwo. He is going to put, Girls are cheering ‘Put 4 da Aditya! Put 4 da!’. He rolled and its 4! He won and they jumped and hugged each other and shouted. They were overjoyed and I could see thehappiness in their face, I have never seen Aditya smiled and laughed this much in my life. I feel happy for him. I know that after few months everything will change, and they will be back to school,and he will back to work. Then I came down to prepare lunch.
    They have started playing again. Everyone came down for lunch and telling my mom that I have lost the game. They told the whole story, Even Aditya told many things to her, I have never seen him talkmuch. My mom is laughing and hearing them keenly. Then they planned to watch some series, so I leave them and went to take my afternoon nap as I didn’t sleep well. Then I woke up in the evening andwe have gone to terrace and put a blanket and have something like tea party. There is swing in the terrace and plants are there as well. My mom started watering the plants and kids are watching itand asking so many questions about the plant. I have been sitting in the chair and watching the sunset. Its so pleasant with my favourite song playing in the background. I have asked them can we gosomewhere tomorrow. My mom told because of virus all places are closed, she has a friend who has a private beach in that area. She said she can check with them. Three of them are jumping in joy asthey never went to any beach before.

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    Grammar (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 13:24)

    Aditi what was the onced ?

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    Payal J (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 14:04)

    The Fault inour Stars-Part 4 Continued from 254

    From Next day onwards I started wearing saree all the time making hairbun looking like a housewife. It felt comfortable. Neha started teaching me all the femine things like how to walk, talk, doingmakeup, cooking and a lot. She used to put mehendi on my hands every alternate week and also taught me how to make different designs. Days passed like this and I gave birth to the baby and named herRena.

    After I walk up nurse gave Rena in my hands and tears rolled out of my eyes. Nurse asked me to feed her. I took my breast out bought my nipple infront of her and she started sucking it. After I camehome Neha taught me how to take care of the baby. She also made me do yoga to maintain my figure after child birth. It has been a year now my physic has changed a lot. Now I have long hairs till myhips, breast of 34DD, wide hips of 36" and slim belly of 28".

    One days when I was feeding Rena, Neha came and told me that her husband has got permanent role in US and she is moving to US next month. We looked at each other then hugged each other and cried alot. In just a year we have became very close friends I would say just like sisters. It is all because of her that I was able to get so far. I help her in packing and after a month she left home. Imiss Neha a lot. We use to do WhatsApp call everyday. Now it has been almost a month. One day I heard a knock on the door. It was as a man 1-2 years older to me. He said Hi I am Amit. I am your newneighbour. Can I get some sugur?

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    Sneha pls post next part

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    Sneha plz continue your story and can you provide me any of your social media to contact you

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    aditi (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 09:00)

    Next day, I wake up with full energy and went down to prepare coffee. I prepared and watched the sunrise from balcony. My mom came and prepared the dinner for us, and I have helped her. I wentupstairs to wake up the Kids and Aditya as they have watched movies till late night. I went to girls’ room, and I wake them up and kissed them on their forehead, asked them to get ready and come downfor breakfast. Then I went to Aditya’s room, he started staying in different room after he infected with virus. I usually work until late night, and I have video call conferences which will bedistracted if Aditya stays with me. He is sleeping in his room; he is wearing a Printed sleep t-shirt in olive green and a black pant. I woke him up, he said ‘5 more minutes please’. I could see hishair is so messy and long as it reaches shoulder length, his hair band is also dropped while sleeping. I cleared the hair from his forehead and kissed him and ask him to get ready. He involuntarilywakes up and went to brush his teeth. Everyone got ready and went down for breakfast, they have seen that idly for breakfast and said in chorus ‘Again Idly?’ ‘Idly is good for kids, so eat more’ Mymom says. I could see the disappointment in their face, and I have told them that evening we will go to beach and have something good while coming back. Their face brightened and they said ‘yeh’ andstarted eating. I asked mom what have happened, she said we can go post lunch so that we can see the sunset. She said ‘Sweeties, three of you should get ready sooner. It’s around 1 hour travel so wemust start soon’ They said ‘yes’. After breakfast everyone went to their room.
    After cleaning all the vessels, I went to their room to see what they are up to. Both Dharshini and Darshana is shouting and seeing all the dress to see which one they can wear. It’s been so longsince they went outside this house. They are mostly inside the room and on their mobiles always. So, they plan to wear something nice. I could see Aditya is sitting silently. I have asked ‘Whathappened Aditya? Why are you sitting silently? Don’t you feel excited to visit the beach?’ ‘No, I am very excited Pavi, but I don’t have my own clothes, other clothes I have here is only night suits.I have been thinking what to wear’ His face dulled. Dharshini noticed this and jumped in between to say ‘Stupid Aditya!! Why are you worrying for this da? You should have asked me da? I have takendresses for you on grandma’s shop. Right? I have taken other dresses also da. So don’t worry da’ Aditya’s face brightened, and he also joined with them. Then I have been checking their dress as wellto select good dress for them. Suddenly Aditya said, ‘How about we dress together in same colour?’. We used to do that sometimes, but we have been not doing that recently, all of us got excited andsaid ‘super da Aditya’ in unison and laughed. Everyone hugged each other, I told them that we will wear yellow. I told them to get ready before lunch as we will start after we eats our lunch.

  • #281

    aditi (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 09:01)

    I went down to get ready; I have worn a yellow rayon solid kurta with palazzo set pant. I have hair 2inches below shoulder and I have worn a banana clip in the top and worn a yellow flat slipper. Iwent to kitchen; mom have given me jasmine flowers for hair. Mom said she called the car, and it will come in another hour. She called ‘Chellakutties [like sweetheart], come down for lunch’ She isnot even calling Aditya separately. Three of them came down fully dressed, Dharshini wore a Stylish yellow kurta with mor Pankh printed near the neck and she folded the ¾ hand into half sleep andbuttoned it up with Black Leggings and Black ballerina flat. She has her hair in ponytail at the top. Darshana wore a girl’s skater knee length dress with matching yellow earrings and yellow 2inchheels, worn her hair in twister Braid. Aditya comes wearing a high waisted slim fit ankle jean which is above the ankle, yellow t-shirt which has ¾ sleeve and button light design on the left side ofthe t-shirt. He wore a white shoe. His hair is not combed. He looks bit dull. I asked him ‘What happened?’ ‘isn’t it bit girly for outside?’ ‘No, it looks nice’ I know it looked bit girly, but it canbe manageable. Dharshini asked in shock ‘Aditya! Don’t you like it da? I have spent half an hour searching for this top and gave you da. If you don’t like, then go and wear the something else andcome’ Aditya noticed her that she looks upset. ‘No Dharshu, it looks cool. I like it' Darshana also told ‘It look great on you Aditya’ Aditya smiled. Dharshini told ‘you should wear it da. Keep thatsmile on your face da. Okay?’ in demanding tone. Aditya nods and came to eat lunch. Few months before Aditya is the one who keeps ordering the girls, mostly Dharshini. But I could see the whole thingis reversed and Aditya accepts Dharshini’s words and, I have sensed some fear in him.
    We have started having lunch, my mom noticed that Aditya is not brushed his hair, she said ‘why da chellam, you haven’t combed the hair. You should maintain the hair, Aditya. While You are eating, Iwill brush your hair’ She went to take brush and she started combing his hair. His hair reached shoulder length, she has brushed his hair well and taken a side partition, it looks like a bob hairstyle, and she put the yellow head band to keep the hair in place. He looks so cute and so young. I could see his acne marks are reduced well. My mom kissed his forehead, he smiled back at her. Thenwe have completed our lunch, Car has arrived. We have taken our things and started. After nearly 1 hour travel, we have reached there. We have been greeted by an old lady who is like my mom’s age.‘Hi Meena, it’s been so long’ she hugged my mom, ‘yes Priya, it’s been years’. Mom introduced me as ‘Pavithra’ I greeted her ‘Hi Priya aunty’ she greeted me, Mom introduced them including Aditya as‘Meet my kutties, Dharshini, Darshana and Aditya, Kutties say hi to Priya grandma’ I was about to stop my mom that she introduced my husband as kutties, but they said ‘Hi Priya Grandma’ in unison.She replied, ‘Hi sweeties, you three look adorable’ and hugged them. I have stopped as I cannot say now, it will cause confusion only. She asked the maids to collect our bags. Its big house and shehave taken us to the home tour. We went outside to see a big garden outside its so big. Darshana got excited and ran towards it, she pulled Aditya also with her. My mom asked Dharshini to look afterthem. Dharshini also went, we have sat in the bench which is on the garden and started talking. My mom called ‘Kutties, come here’ My mom’s friend asked them ‘Sweeties, do you want to see the ocean?’Everyone said, ‘yes Priya grandma’. I look surprised to see that Aditya also calling her grandma without any hesitant.

  • #282

    aditi (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 09:02)

    Then she has taken to the backside and opened the back gate of the house. We are welcomed with Big Ocean and the beach. Everyone is awestruck by the view. Main beaches are closed due to lockdown, butfew rich peoples have maintained their own space in beach behind their houses as private beaches. Everyone becomes so happy and Darshana pulling Aditya’s hand ran towards the Ocean. I have told‘Dharshini, take care of them. Don’t let them go inside the ocean. They don’t know swimming.’ She replied, ‘Yes mom, don’t worry’. She started taking photos in her mobile. Its around 5 in the eveningso climate is not so hot, in an hour or so, sunset will happen. We have put a blanket in the sand, and we have started chatting. Three of them are so happy that they keep on running in the sand. Eachtried to catch each other, I could see them they are so happy. They have been taking selfies and giving different poses as well. Me, Mom, and Priya aunty has been talking, we have been discussingabout the virus and all. Priya aunty asked me about my husband. Me and mom have seen Aditya playing in sand building castles with the sand, we looked into each other eyes, and we know that we can’tsay that kid is my husband. I said that he got stuck in the city and taking care of our home. We have been talking for some time and Darshana run towards me and asked, ‘Come see our castles mom’. Wewent there and I have seen that, Dharshini suggested that we will take photos. I said OKAY, we have started taking selfies, she is asking me to show different signs in the hand and all, It’s fun. Mymom joins and say that she will take a good photo of our family. Me, Aditya, and girls have standing and giving poses, Mom is taking many photos in my mobile.
    Dharshini asked us whether we can go into the ocean, I first hesitated but they pulled me inside. First, I was afraid of the water and getting wet. But after getting drenched, I feel so happy, and Inever know that much happier in my life we have started playing in the water. My mom is taking candid photos of ours. Then I got a call from my mobile from office, so I went out of the ocean water.But they are still playing, and I could see they are dancing as well. Mom is filming all this. Then sunset stared I called them to sit beside me. Sunset happened, I feel tears in my ears, its happytears after long time I have been so much happier. I hugged Aditya and girls. They cheered me up and we have been laughing and mom took the perfect snap of our laughing together. I have gone insideto take bath and change the dress as the dress is wet because of ocean water. I have taken bath and changed the dress. I came to see that Girls and Aditya is still playing and dancing in the sand. Ihave called them to take bath so that we can start to home. They have had so much fun that they don’t want to leave. They came at last and went to refresh to go home. Aditya came back and I could seethat his hair is still wet, I called him and made him sit before me and started drying his hair with towel. After drying his hair, I have brushed his hair and tried putting a ponytail in his hair,but his sideburns are little bushy and looks odd. So, I brushed his hair like my mom did in the morning and put the head band. Priya aunty gave us coffee, we have and it. She asked kids includingAditya ‘Kutties, how was the beach?’ ‘It’s so good Priya Grandma, we have enjoyed so much and thanks for it’ ‘you can come anytime you want kutties’ Then we said her goodbye and we started tohome.

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    aditi (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 09:02)

    On the way home, I told them that I will buy them a good food at night, but every hotel is closed, and no one is permitted to sit and eat inside the hotel. I feel bad that good food will complete theday for us. Then Dharshini suggested that online deliveries are available so we can order pizza and still enjoy the night. Darshana and Aditya is sleeping because of tiredness. Dharshini is showingthe videos and photos she took in the beach. Photos looks great and I have asked her to share the photos with me. She has shown some videos, it’s like the videos they post in the social media likelip-syncing for songs and dancing for the songs playing in the background. To my surprise it has Aditya also dancing similar steps as Dharshini and Darshana. Dharshini said that ‘you know mom, Adityausually don’t dance and all, but today he seems to be so happy. I asked him and he immediately accepts. At first his steps look awkward, see’ I could see that he is struggling with the steps. ‘Butafter few times, he is dancing so well mom. Even better than me’ and she started laughing. I have seen the videos and its so cool and cute at the same time. He dances very well I never know that hedances well. We have reached home, and we have ordered the pizza. We have our pizza, and I could see that all of us happy today. Mom asked them to go to bed directly as they are tired. Once theywent, Mom brings a wine bottle and we started chatting. I don’t remember when I went to sleep.
    Next morning, I have woken up by my mobile ringtone, I have taken and seen that it’s Indhu from office. ‘Yeah, Indhu’ ‘Akka, you are sleeping akka?’ ‘Yeah, Indhu what happened?’ ‘Don’t you rememberakka, we have a meeting with Senior management, and it’s been started 5 minutes back’ ‘Oh Crap, give me two minutes I will join Indhu, manage somehow’ ‘No problem akka’ she disconnects the call. Ihave seen the time its already past 10 am. I have slept like this after ages. I have connected to the call and told that its due to Network issue and completed the call. Indhu called me again and wecompleted talking about the meeting. ‘What akka, seems like you have a great day with family yesterday it seems?’ ‘Yeah, Indhu I had a very good time. After pandemic even though we are together insame house we are not able to talk much because of this work from home’ ‘Yeah, Akka I can understand. By the way, your family looks so adorable akka, I never know that you have three children akka’[I have joined this company recently and they don’t know about me or family much.] ‘Thanks Indhu, three children? Where did you see?’ ‘You have changed your DP as well as you have kept status of yourday in the beach akka’ WHAT! When did this happen? ‘Okay Indhu, I will call you later’ I have disconnected the call. I quickly opened my message app, and I could see that my DP has been changed asthe selfie we took with me, Aditya and girls shows some symbol. Then I have kept status pictures as well, first one is Me, Dharshini, Aditya and Darshana standing with Background as Ocean, second oneis where we are playing with water and laughing, third one is where we are hugging each other after seeing the sunset.

  • #284

    aditi (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 09:03)

    I don’t remember when I have posted this, then remember having the wine last night. I might have posted after getting drunk, I know I am happier yesterday, but I don’t usually post status. Manypeoples have seen the photos, it is no use to remove those now. I have received so many messages from many peoples, few enquires about the place, few said the photo is good, only few got myattention. Few are surprised that I have three children, many have mistaken Aditya as my children. I know that he looks younger, but did he look younger to be my children? Or am I that old? But thosepeoples thought Aditya as my son, but few other messages are never expected. ‘Pavithra, I don’t know that you have three daughters’ ‘your three daughters are adorable’ ‘you look so happy with yourdaughters’ ‘you four look like sisters, not a mom and daughters’. I am surprised to see such remarks, how could they think Aditya as a girl. Then I have seen the photos, in those he wears the girl’st-shirt and a jean, he has a matching head band. I noticed now that he looks like a girl in the angle it was taken. I feel bad that I have posted this, then realized what if he has seen it, then Iwent to see who has seen my status, luckily, he is not seen it yet, But Dharshini have seen it. I have hidden the picture from him and Darshana. I replied everyone ‘Thanks’ since I don’t have muchchoice. Even peoples who known Aditya is not able to find it is him that surprises me more. He has lost weight and his beard. Then I compared the old pic of him and new one to realize how much he haschanged in these few months. Old one he usually wears formal shirt, crew cut hairstyle, Heavy moustache, and beard, chubbier even his face is chubbier. New one he wears a 13–14-year Girl’s dress,long hair till shoulders, no beard or moustache, his face looks like someone in his teen even younger than 20 which is mentioned in his lab tests.
    Then I went down to see that Darshana, and Aditya is still sleeping, and Dharshini is chatting in her mobile and smiling. I went to Dharshini and asked her whether she have seen the status and shetold yes. I have explained her what happened and how my friends have commented, few thinks him as my son, few thinks him as my daughter. She understands that I look upset. She convinced ‘Don’t worrymom, no one recognized Aditya, right? It will be fine mom, don’t overthink. He lost weight mom and he is always on shorter side; he looks young without his beard mom.’ ‘At least that I can understandDharshu, but what about the peoples who thinks him as my daughter, is he looks girly, we should have not given him that girly tops’ ‘Mom, for past few months he is wearing Girl’s dress only mom, youknow that we don’t have any other choice. We will buy new dresses once everything becomes normal mom. Think it as a Prank or something. You will laugh at it later once everything becomes normal’ Forsome reason her words bring me comfort, I hugged her. ‘Thanks Dharshu, do you know few peoples thought he is younger than you’ ‘yeah, I know few peoples have thought that’ We both laughed. ‘Thephotos really great mom, I don’t remember we four have enjoyed that much in our life’ ‘yeah, Dharshu I feel the same’. Then Aditya and Darshana enters in sleepy mode. Darshana wishes ‘Good MorningDharshu and mom’, Aditya wishes the same ‘Good Morning Dharshu and mom’ and realized what had happened. ‘I mean Good Morning Dharshu and Pavi’. Everyone laughed. ‘Both of them go down and havebreakfast, Grandma is waiting for you both’.

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    Koti (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 13:05)

    Wow adithi very nice story super please continue

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    Grammar (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 13:07)

    Aditi please come with forced concept

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    Vasantha (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 19:48)

    Adii your story very super pa pls continue make keep flowers and accessories ring

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    great aditi (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 21:13)

    Don't get pulled by others ,your idea and flow of the story is great keep up with the great work❤️❤️

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    Charu (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 21:59)

    Sneha, you are writing amazing, and yeah please do make son change to MIL and make introduce MIL who will be changed to man and husband of FIL and yes do add some strapon sex session to it

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    Priya (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 22:57)

    Aditi great story plz continue

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 00:24)

    Ishaaq, who was tied nude in the bondage position of BDSM, could not understand what was happening to him and why.
    Ishaaq - what are you doing? What kind of fragrance is this?
    Rudra - how is it?
    Ishaaq - what is all this?
    Rudra - In no time you will feel good!
    After that Rudra started licking Ishaaq's cheek with his tongue. Rudra's hot breath was now burning Ishaaq's face and Ishaaq was restless.
    Ishaaq - What is happening to me all of a sudden, how is my heartbeat getting so fast and what are you doing with me?
    Rudra - Your nipples are getting hard right now!
    Ishaaq - No! Please!
    Rudra - You are a horny boy!
    Ishaaq - No don't please! Strange sensation is happening in my body.
    Rudra - Oh no! Don't Come Just Yet! I bet you are never had this done to you before!
    Rudra started stroking Ishaaq's body and Ishaaq was unable to control his sensations.
    Rudra - You are crying from now on Ishaaq! Now is just the beginning. You are a cute boy and whenever I see such an innocent, devilish and little boy, I can't control my desires!
    Then Rudra made Ishaaq wear a mouth gag and tied both his legs and hung him in the air and started taking photographs of him.
    Rudra - You are very fond of photography, don't you? Looks like this camera is too cute for you. Even in today's modern era, do you use a camera with reels? This is quite well maintained.
    Click Click Click and So On!
    Ishaaq - Dam it, this bastard is taking my nude pictures with my own camera and that too in such positions.
    Rudra - Well you have got a scoop now, right! How about if I send these pictures to the same publisher with whom you get your photos published! Or do you want me to return these pictures toyou!
    Ishaaq - Give it back please! You will not gain anything by doing all this, Rudra!
    Rudra - Hmm! That's right you said! OK, I'll return these rolls to you!
    Ishaaq - Ahhhhh no, what are you doing, ahhhhh please oh my god! What are you doing, I am in pain Rudra! Ahhhhh!
    Rudra - Hahaha, how cute! Shall I put one more roll in the hole of your soft ass!
    Ishaaq - No, please! This is Terrible!
    But Rudra did not listen to Ishaaq and put another roll in his ass. Ishaaq was feeling unconscious due to pain and his pain was not tolerable from it. Ishaaq was crying and trying his best to bearhis pain.
    Ishaaq - Dam you!
    Rudra - You are really cute Ishaaq! I think I can leave you now.
    Ishaaq became very relaxed after listening to Rudra and Rudra also untied the rope of Ishaaq's feet. Ishaaq was waiting for his bound hands to open, but Rudra had something else in mind. Rudrasmelled perfume to Ishaaq once again and started smooching Ishaaq's lips. Ishaaq could not understand what was happening to him and he did not even know when his eyes were closed during the kiss.Suddenly Ishaaq felt the pressure in his ass and both the rolls came out from his ass. Ishaaq was half dead and was taking long deep breaths.
    Rudra - Come, I'll hold you!
    And Rudra lifted Ishaaq in his arms. After a while suddenly Ishaaq got a jolt. It was Rudra's cock which was now in Ishaaq's ass and every stroke of Rudra was causing so much pain to Ishaaq that evenhis sigh was coming out as a scream.
    Ishaaq - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god no please please ohhhh, ahhhhh, Rudra please, no!
    Rudra had hardcore sex with Ishaaq for half an hour, Ishaaq's ass was now bleeding, but it had no effect on Rudra and discharged his sperms in Ishaaq's ass and at the same time Ishaaq started feelinga lot of weakness.
    Rudra - I'm sure, you will never be able to forget this pain and joy!
    Ishaaq - How will I forget Rudra, why did you do this to me! I considered you my best friend and you did all this to me, shit!
    Rudra - Very soon you will know, but you are going to stay with me for the next one year.
    Ishaaq - What the fuck!
    Rudra - yah! What a fuck! I'm impressed, very soon you're going to be a perfect who!
    Ishaaq - I am a man god dammit!
    Rudra - You was once a man. But you think for yourself, how are you a man, whom another man got fucked.
    Ishaaq was very embarrassed to hear Rudra's words! Ishaaq's eyes narrowed and tears started flowing from his eyes!
    Rudra - Now stop crying like girls and go, relax. I am going to the market, lock the door from inside and yes, don't try to run away at all!
    Ishaaq - You can't kidnap me like this!
    Rudra - Sorry dear, you are in my control now and it is not your thing to get out of my grip. If you want, try and see, I will not stop. But if you can't run away, be prepared for the punishmentyou'll get!

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 00:27)

    Ishaaq - I don't want to stay here even for a moment!
    As soon as Rudra opened Ishaaq's ropes, Ishaaq stumbled and fell on the ground. Rudra immediately picked up Ishaaq and carried him in his arms and laid him on the bed.
    Rudra - Oh my life if nothing happened! You didn't get hurt!
    Ishaaq - Nothing has happened to me, leave me, and get away from me!
    Rudra - It's ok Ishaaq, I will come to take your medicines, and then you rest, it’s okay!
    Ishaaq did not reply to any of Rudra's words and turned his back. When Rudra came back from the market, he saw Ishaaq sitting in the room crying in a corner. Rudra convinces Ishaaq to cry once againand gives him his favorite momos to eat. Ishaaq ate momos and started crying once again seeing Rudra.
    Ishaaq - What wrong have I done to you Rudra, how can you do this to me? You are my best friend, means best friend and you took such illegitimate advantage of my friendship. Suppose I am lean in bodyand you are muscular bodybuilder.
    But that doesn't mean you can be physical with me!
    Rudra started smiling after hearing Ishaaq's words and gave Ishaaq medicine to eat.
    Rudra - eat this medicine, my life! You must be in pain and yes, apply some mustard oil on your ass hole, you will get relief.
    Ishaaq took that medicine without saying anything and immediately went to bed after eating. While lying on the bed, Ishaaq fell into deep sleep and when he woke up in the morning, he felt that Rudrawas holding him in his arms. Somehow freeing himself from Rudra's arms, Ishaaq went to the washroom to get fresh.
    Standing in front of the mirror of the washroom, as soon as Ishaaq picked up the brush, he saw that there was some other white liquid on his face. Ishaaq grabbed the liquid from his lip with hisfinger and looked at it by smelling it. There was no smell in that liquid, so Ishaaq rinsed and after brushing came back to the room refreshed. When Ishaaq came to the room, he saw Rudra lying nudeon the bed and his cock was standing like a tower. Ishaaq thought that why not take advantage of the opportunity, but he did not even have his own clothes. He opened the wardrobe and saw all theclothes in it, all of them were of the size of Rudra and also kept some female dresses which were very small. Ishaaq took out Rudra's t-shirt and put it on, in which he was completely covered. Afterwearing that T-shirt, Ishaaq's thighs were also covered with the same T-shirt. Then Ishaaq put on his own jeans and slowly came out of the house without any sound. Ishaaq saw, three men were standingin front with guns and two guards were standing at the main gate. Ishaaq secretly crossed the back road, twelve feet high boundary and as soon as he jumped on that side of the boundary, he wassurprised to see the front. Far away from there, there was only farmland and no way was visible for many kilometers. Ishaaq started walking and while walking he started getting a lot of weakness.Ishaaq did not even have water to drink and the end of the field was nowhere to be seen. Somehow even after walking fifteen kilometers in that harsh sun, neither any house nor any farmer was visiblethere. After walking some distance, a tree was seen where some women were drawing water from the well.
    Ishaaq - Hey!
    A woman said - say yes!
    Ishaaq - How far is the road from here?
    The woman started laughing and said - son, you have come in the opposite direction. You don't go straight for fifteen kilometers, there you will find a big bungalow and from there go straight fortwenty kilometers, then you will get a road.
    On hearing this from the woman's mouth, Ishaaq started feeling dizzy and fell unconscious. When Ishaaq woke up, he saw that he was again in Rudra's room and Rudra was staring at him.
    Rudra - You tried to run away Ishaaq and you failed! Maybe you forgot what advice I gave you. I told you that if you fail to escape, you will be punished. Now get out of bed and go clean thehouse!
    Ishaaq - You are not doing this right, Rudra!
    Rudra - I know this too, my life, but the amount of fun I am enjoying in tormenting you will hardly be of any other use. Now get up out of bed and go, in half an hour I want the whole house clean andready to face even more severe punishment if the house cleaning is not completed in half an hour.
    Hearing Rudra's words, Ishaaq immediately got up from the bed and started cleaning the house. For the next half hour, Ishaaq tried his best to clean the house completely but he failed and this waswhat Rudra was waiting for.
    Rudra - It is happening for more than half an hour, till now you have not completed the cleaning of the house. come here!
    When Ishaaq went closer to Rudra in fear, Rudra gave him a tight slap. Ishaaq fell on the ground as soon as he got a slap and started crying. Rudra's five fingers were printed on Ishaaq's cheek andIshaaq was crying continuously.

  • #293

    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 00:50)

    Rudra - stop crying girls and take off your clothes!
    Ishaaq - what?
    Rudra - Need another slap?
    Ishaaq - No no, I take off my clothes now!
    Then Ishaaq took off all his clothes and put them on the ground, but he was still wearing underwear.
    Rudra - You did not hear properly! I said, all the clothes!
    Ishaaq - But!
    Rudra stood up after hearing Ishaaq's words. At the same time, Ishaaq also took off his underwear out of fear.
    Seeing Ishaaq nude, Rudra laughed out loud and asked him to sit on his knees right in front of him. Ishaaq bent both his legs and sat in front of Rudra.
    Rudra - Hmm!
    Then Rudra unzipped his jeans, took out his cock and asked Ishaaq to kiss him.
    Ishaaq - I will not do all this!
    Rudra slapped Ishaaq another vigorously and grabbed him by the hair and began to forcefully insert his cock in his mouth. Nothing was in front of Ishaaq Rudra's strength and very soon he gave up andstarted kissing Rudra's cock. After doing this, Rudra closed his eyes and started enjoying. Slowly Rudra's cock became very tight and even Ishaaq did not want to take Rudra's cock in his mouth andafter the next twenty twenty five minutes of blowjob, when Rudra's sperm was discharged and Ishaaq wanted to spit it out, Rudra gave him sperm. Forced to drink Ishaaq had to drink Rudra's sperms evenwithout wanting to. After that there was a cruel smile on Rudra's face again, while Ishaaq's tears flowing from his eyes had no account. When Ishaaq wanted to get up, Rudra grabbed his hair and madehim sit again and asked him to sit. Ishaaq was shedding tears by bending his knees in front of Rudra.
    Rudra - Now stop crying and go, do the rest of the household chores and then from today you have to cook the food in this house.
    Ishaaq - But I don't know how to cook!
    Rudra - So learn and I don't have time! Go finish the cleaning and in the evening I will get you started cooking training.
    Ishaaq - But why!
    Rudra - Only I have the right to answer questions in this house, now you have asked one more question, then be ready for the next punishment! Now say sorry quickly and go do the household chores andhurry! I have more work to do.
    Ishaaq had no other way but to obey Rudra. He happened to put on his clothes silently when Rudra stopped him.
    Rudra - From today you will always be nude, you understand!
    Ishaaq - But why?
    Rudra slapped Ishaaq again and made him sit on the sofa in front of him.
    Rudra - You don't understand. Only and only I have the right to answer questions in this house.
    Then Rudra took out a spray from the wardrobe and sprayed it on Ishaaq's cock. As soon as he sprayed, Ishaaq's cock shrank and became as small as the fingernail. Then Rudra gave Ishaaq a nightie towear and Ishaaq also put on that nightie without resisting. After that, Rudra again tied Ishaaq with a rope to the position of BSDM and started slapping hard on his chutes. Ishaaq was screaming withevery slap, so Rudra put a mouth gag in his mouth and kept on raining slaps on his chutes for the next half an hour. Ishaaq's eyes had turned red while weeping, his nose, ears became hot and red, andIshaaq's chutes had also turned red. Rudra then untied Ishaaq's ropes and made him sit on his lap. Ishaaq was not even able to sit due to pain and but Rudra's cock was fluttering now. Rudra madeIshaaq sit on his cock and started fucking him as soon as he sat down. After half an hour of hardcore sex, Rudra discharged his sperms in Ishaaq's ass and threw Ishaaq on the ground.
    Rudra - Taking care that not a single drop of my sperm should fall on the ground from your ass, clean the house and do the household chores and come straight to me, you understand!
    Ishaaq's blood had dried up and without any question, Ishaaq wrapped Rudra's sperms in his ass and engaged in household chores and kept cleaning the house for the next two and a half hours. TodayIshaaq was feeling very strange, there was a strange pain and wetness inside the ass while doing housework felt many times that now Rudra's sperms will come out from his ass but somehow he kept hisass pressed. Whatever Rudra was doing with Ishaaq, Ishaaq was getting a lot of embarrassment and he could not understand at all that Rudra was his best friend and he did what hardly any friend wouldlike his friend. Do it together But why Rudra did this to him and why he was getting him to do all this, Ishaaq still could not understand it.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 01:02)

    After finishing all the household chores, Ishaaq went and stood in front of Rudra.
    Rudra - Hungry?
    Ishaaq - Yes!
    Rudra - eat here!
    Then Rudra put dry roti and some vegetables in a plate and caught Ishaaq and himself sat down to eat chicken biryani. With tears in his eyes, without saying anything to Rudra, Ishaaq ate his foodwithout bowing his head. Rudra had also eaten his meal, so he handed Ishaaq his plate and went to wash his hands. Ishaaq got up and as soon as he stepped towards the kitchen, that sperm starteddripping from his ass through the thighs. Ishaaq somehow saved the sperms from falling on the floor and went to the washroom and flushed the entire sperm from inside and came to the kitchen andwashed the dishes. After that Ishaaq was once again called to him by Rudra. When Ishaaq went and stood near Rudra, Rudra asked him to kneel down and sit. Ishaaq sat down in front of Rudra by loweringhis eyes and bending his knees.
    Rudra - Hmm! Take this, eat your medicine! This will cause you no pain!
    Ishaaq took the medicine and sat down with his head bowed.
    Rudra - In a short time a friend of mine will come, she will stay here for a few days and will also give you household training. Keep in mind that do not even try to flirt with him by mistake or eventry to fight with him. Whatever she will say, you just have to keep doing it silently, you understand!
    Ishaaq - Yes!
    Rudra's friend had come there in the evening, then Ishaaq was washing Rudra's clothes. When that girl came inside, seeing her, Ishaaq was blown away. It was Neelam, Ishaaq's junior in college,ex-girlfriend and Rudra's girlfriend!
    Ishaaq - Neelam you!
    Neelam - Hahahaha, yes Ishaaq! I! What is your condition, Ishaaq? What are you doing wearing a nighty?
    Ishaaq - I don't know!
    Neelam - You are the same Ishaaq, who used to give lectures on masculinity. Men are like this, men are like that and women are the shoes of men and they should do nothing except take care of thehouse! Got to know today how men are after all.
    Ishaaq - I'm sorry!
    Neelam - Come on, you wash your clothes, where is Rudra?
    Ishaaq - He is in the room!
    Neelam - Oh, how much you have really changed Ishaaq!
    Ishaaq - I don't know!
    Neelam - It's good that I broke up with you otherwise, how much am I embarrassment in my friend circle. Seeing a man like you like this is giving solace to my eyes today, I can't tell by oath. I alsoremember, nothing happened to you on the bed, neither did you have the stamina in your cock and neither did you. And look at yourself, wearing a nightie, you are washing the clothes of my ownboyfriend, this is your truth Ishaaq. You were only a man in name and now you can't even call you a man, hahahaha!
    Ishaaq - Please don't speak like that!
    Neelam - Hahahaha, you are really a femboy and always a femboy. Have fun, work hard, I'm going to see my boyfriend!
    It was going to be six o'clock in the evening, as soon as Ishaaq came into the room after getting free from laundry, Rudra again gestured for him to kneel down and sit in front of him. Neelam proudlywas sitting next to Rudra and was getting very happy seeing Ishaaq. Ishaaq was getting the embarrassment, but understanding Rudra's gesture, he again sat down in front of Rudra by bending his kneesand bowing his head.
    Rudra - I said no Neelam, your ex is impotent. Look how he is sitting quietly wearing girls' clothes. If there is a man in your eyes, then tell me, do you know that he also needs a boyfriend.
    Sapphire - Hahahaha, isn't it? Subham Bhaiya is very depressed for girlfriend. Why not Ishaaq, will you be my brother's girlfriend?
    Rudra - what an idea you have given Neelam! From today onwards it is your full responsibility to dress like a girl and train for house hold work. If you give her training to be a girl, get her allthe household chores done and show more tantrums, then immediately put four or five slaps.
    Neelam - Shall I get Ishaaq's nose and work pierced!
    Rudra - Oh wow! Sure why not!
    Ishaaq - I should not get my nose and ears pierced, I am not a girl and I have no interest in becoming a girl.
    Rudra - The porcupine chisels, fights the tongue.
    After that, Rudra tied both of Ishaaq's wrists behind and after laying him naked on the floor, tied both his legs with a rope and spread it. After that, giving a whip to Neelam, asked him to kill himon the chutes. Neelam was getting very happy seeing Ishaaq like this. Then hit Ishaaq's chuckles with a whip with a sapphire. Ishaaq's cheeks had turned red again and the crying eyes, nose ears andcheeks were all red.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 01:07)

    But Neelam was enjoying that moment as if she had been waiting for this moment since ages! After that Rudra stopped Neelam and gave her a dildo. Neelam knew what to do and Ishaaq had no idea. First,Neelam put a dotted condom on that dildo and then inserted it into Ishaaq's ass. With the sound of ahhhhh, Ishaaq started crying in pain. Ishaaq was crying too much so Rudra tied a mouth gag in hismouth. After that Neelam started operating that dildo from the remote. Vibration started in the dildo as soon as the power was turned on. Then as soon as Neelam pressed the first number button, thedildo grew half an inch with vibration and as the dildo grew, Ishaaq screamed loudly but due to the mouth gag, his scream was almost suppressed. Both Neelam and Rudra were enjoying this position ofIshaaq very much. Then Neelam pressed the second number button. By doing this, the vibration of the dildo became stronger than before and its size increased by half an inch.
    Ishaaq was getting such humiliation that he was breaking from inside. But here Neelam and Rudra were enjoying this moment. Now Neelam presses the number three button, due to which the dildo becameone inch long, her vibration and speed decreased but her strokes became more and with that Ishaaq started crying loudly, tried to scream but his pain, there was no one there to hear the loud call.Here Neelam throws the remote on the sofa and hugs Rudra and starts romancing with him. Rudra also lifted Neelam in his arms and started romancing her by making her lie on the couch. Here Ishaaq wasbeing chuckled continuously and he was crying. Also Ishaaq was uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pleaseeeeeeeeee no mmmmpfhhh with every stroke. At the same time, both Rudra and Neelam were nude in front of himand on seeing both of them started having sex. Ishaaq put on a dotted condom and took Neelam in his arms and started fucking like he had kissed Ishaaq. For the next half an hour, Rudra continued tohave hardcore sex with Neelam and during this time some such buttons of the remote were also pressed, due to which the dildo became thick and long. Ishaaq was helpless because of the mouth gag andalso unable to save himself from such crap. After half an hour, Rudra and Neelam calmed down but Ishaaq was still getting fucked and Ishaaq was now unconscious. Rudra and Neelam did not pay attentionto Ishaaq and fell asleep in each other's arms for a while kissing him.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 01:07)

    For the next half an hour, Rudra continued to have hardcore sex with Neelam and during this time some such buttons of the remote were also pressed, due to which the dildo became thick and long.Ishaaq was helpless because of the mouth gag and also unable to save himself from such crap. After half an hour, Rudra and Neelam calmed down but Ishaaq was still getting fucked and Ishaaq was nowunconscious. Rudra and Neelam did not pay attention to Ishaaq and slept in each other's arms for a while leaving him kissing. When Neelam and Rudra woke up, they saw that Ishaaq was still unconsciouson the ground and Dildo was still moving back and forth inside his ass. Neelam hits Ishaaq with a kick and wakes him from sleep. Here Rudra took off Ishaaq's dildo and took him out of his ass, tookout the condom and threw it in the dust bean. When Neelam untied Ishaaq's ropes, Ishaaq stood up. Ishaaq's cock was shriveled and his sperms were on the floor. Ishaaq was suffering from pain, soRudra asked him to take the mouth out of his mouth and asked to clean everyone and bring them. Ishaaq reached the washroom limping, got fresh and after cleaning the dildo and mouth gag, gave it toRudra.
    Neelam - So what did you learn from this punishment?
    Ishaaq - I'm sorry!
    Neelam - Hmm! Think a thousand times before fighting with your tongue. Now let's go to the room, do you know what will happen today? Today I will get your nose and ears pierced. And after that yourtransition will start, from sissy boy to hot chick girl.
    Ishaaq again happened to answer Neelam, but he could not say anything. Neelam took Ishaaq to the washroom and applied a special kind of cream all over his body and after ten minutes asked to take abath in the shower. He went on doing as Neelam said. After taking bath, Ishaaq noticed that his body had become very soft and silky. When Ishaaq wrapped the towel, Neelam taught him to wrap the towelon his chest like a girl. Ishaaq wrapped the towel on his chest just like that and came out of the washroom with Neelam. Neelam took Ishaaq to the room where Ishaaq had kept a sari, petticoat,blouse, fake breast forms and high heels. Ishaaq was not mentally ready for all this but he had no other way but to obey Neelam. Since Neelam was a good and experienced beautician. By pullingIshaaq's towel in Neelam, she made him completely nude and gave him to wear bra panties. Ishaaq wore the panties but he did not know how to wear a bra, so Neelam taught him to wear a bra. Then Neelamasked Ishaaq to untie the bra. Ishaaq took off the bra and after that Neelam gave Ishaaq a red petticoat to wear and taught him to tie a string. Then Neelam made Ishaaq sit in front of the mirror andstarted applying a liquid on his chest. After applying the liquid, Neelam pasted the fake breast on Ishaaq's chest and after a few touch ups, Ishaaq's chest looked like a girl's. After that Neelamasked Ishaaq to wear a bra and when Ishaaq wore the bra, he had become a fake breast tight fit. Ishaaq now had breasts on his chest, in which there was also a small button. When Neelam took out boththe buttons, a hole appeared in it. Neelam filled two kilos of milk in both the holes and again locked it with the button. Then Neelam made Ishaaq wear a backless blouse and after tying her string,picked up the sari. Ishaaq was getting very nervous, he had never even painted nails like a girl in life and today he had to wear a sari. Neelam taught Ishaaq to wear a sari step by step and alsotaught how to make plates of sari, how to pin it. The trick of wearing a sari was not so easy that Ishaaq would have learned it in a single day, but he had definitely got the idea of wearing a sari alittle bit. Ishaaq's figure was looking very sexy in a dark orange silk sari and red blouse. The emptiness of the thin waist and the weight of two kilos on the chest was making Ishaaq feel a lot ofembarrassment.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 01:10)

    Then Neelam, after applying kajal in Ishaaq's eyes, applied red glossy lipstick on her lips and after light makeup, started applying nailpaint on her nails. Nailpaint was completed in a while and nowit was the turn of the ornaments. Neelam donned Ishaaq's earrings with clipped earrings, nose clip, nathiyas, sari green and red bangles on her wrists and heavy silver anklets and high heels on herfeet. Neelam then covered Ishaaq's hair with a net cover and made him wear a bob cut wig. After that Neelam sprayed Ishaaq with female perfume from top to bottom and took her in front of Rudra bywearing a veil from the lap of the sari to her nose.
    Rudra - Wow Neelam, you have magic in your hands. You have made Ishaaq only a girl. Hahahahaha, to be honest, you have decorated Ishaaq like a bride.
    Sapphire - Thanks! Now will you arrange the groom for this bride or I should talk to my brother myself!
    Rudra - Get it ready before getting it married to your brother.
    Sapphire - Hmm! I like this girl for my brother. Let us introduce Bhaiya to this girl once, if Bhaiya likes this girl, then there will be no delay in marriage at all.
    Rudra - I only WhatsApp this girl's picture to my brother.
    Ishaaq - I am not a girl, you will get me married to a man. Enough is enough, now I'm getting out of here and I'll stab whoever tries to stop me, stay away from me you two! Rudra and Neelam saw thatIshaaq had a very big knife in his hand. Rudra made Neelam behind him and proceeded to stop Ishaaq.
    Ishaaq - stop there Rudra! You have taken a step forward, no one will be worse than me here!
    Rudra - Ishaaq, calm down. You know you can't run away from here. Put down the knife, I assure you that I will not punish you for this act of yours!
    Ishaaq - go back Rudra!
    Ishaaq did not listen to Rudra and came out of the house and locked Rudra and Neelam from outside. Ishaaq had just turned back and was ready to fight the guards when one of the guards twistedIshaaq's wrist and snatched a knife from his hand and opened the door of the house and handed it over to Rudra and Neelam.
    Rudra - Hmm! So you wanted to run away from here Ishaaq! I think the punishment given to you was less. Now I will give you the punishment which you would not have expected even in your dreams.
    Then Rudra left two guards at the main gate and called both the guards inside.
    Rudra - Balwant, Zorawar, tonight you both take this with you and celebrate the honeymoon with all your heart! But the next morning, after decorating it again like this, bring it here, understand!Now go, your shift was just till now, take it and enjoy to the fullest!
    On hearing this, Ishaaq's blood dried up. Ishaaq immediately fell at the feet of Rudra and Neelam and apologized.
    Neelam - The punishment for the mistake you have committed should have been worse but I am handing you both for just one night. Now stop crying and have a honeymoon with your two husbands. WhyRudra!
    Rudra - Yes Ishaaq, you are so courageous that you threaten me and Neelam! Now it has become even more important to punish you.
    Ishaaq - Please Rudra. Please don't do this to me! Give me some poison, I want to die!
    Neelam - Hahahaha, you want to die Ishaaq, but we want you to get your ass killed!
    Rudra - Oh wow, came up with a wonderful idea. Balwant, Zorawar, both of you have a honeymoon in front of us with this and Neelam, you make a video of your ex-boyfriend.
    Ishaaq - No no, please, I join hands, leave me for God's sake!
    Neelam - Can't leave you, definitely can fuck, Hahahaha! And what are you two looking at my face, your bride is sitting ready to kiss you both.
    Balwant, Zorawar - Lord!
    Ishaaq kept pleading but his crying did not affect either Rudra or Neelam, nor did Balwant and Zoravar. When Balwant signaled, Zoravar made Ishaaq stand up and Neelam started shooting the video withher high definition camcorder. Ishaaq's sandwich was made between Balwant from the front and Zoravar from behind. Balwant was kissing on his cheek and Zoravar on his back. In the midst of atwenty-minute romance, Zorawar and Balwant went on to remove the sari from Ishaaq's body and himself was seminude. Now Ishaaq in a blouse, petticoat and heels would shed tears between Balwant andZorawar, begging for mercy but Balwant and Zorawar also didn't mind his tears. Zorawar and Balwant were kissing every part of Ishaaq's body. Now Balwant Ishaaq's petticoat was also separating fromhis body and kissing his thighs, while Zorawar was licking Ishaaq's ass with his tongue. After a while Balwant stood up and Zoravar took off Ishaaq's panties as well.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 01:31)

    After that Balwant and Zorawar became completely nude by making Ishaaq on his knees. Ishaaq was blown away after seeing the cock of Balwant and Zorawar, he had seen such a big, thick and black cockonly in porn videos in life. Balwant and Zorawar were now in full swing. Zorawar stretched both the legs of Ishaaq, lifted him in his arms from behind and inserted his cock in his ass. As Ishaaqscreamed, Balwant put his cock in his mouth. Ishaaq was being kissed from both the front and back. Ishaaq was crying with pain and Rudra and Neelam were enjoying this moment the most.
    After a while Balwant and Zorawar changed their positions and now Ishaaq had Balwant's cock in his ass. Zorawar was also inserting his cock into Ishaaq's mouth and giving him a blowjob. After half anhour of sex, Balwant discharged his sperm in Ishaaq's ass and at the same time Zorawar also discharged sperm in Ishaaq's mouth and with this suddenly Ishaaq's sperm was also discharged. With thedischarge of sperm, darkness fell in front of Ishaaq's eyes and he fainted.
    Balwant and Zorawar get scared seeing Ishaaq lying unconscious on the floor.
    Balwant - the master has fainted!
    Rudra - Never mind, you both had fun?
    Zorawar - Sir, it was a lot of fun!
    Rudra - Well, you both can go!
    Zorawar - Master, let me say one thing!
    Rudra - Speak!
    Zorawar - Its ass hole was just like a young woman's vagina and the fragrance of its body is so sweet than sweet mango.
    Rudra - Hahahaha, you heard! Your ex boyfriend is being praised!
    Neelam - Yes Rudra, I'm so excited.
    Rudra - You two go now!
    Balwant and Zorawar left from there, Ishaaq still lying unconscious on the floor. Rudra took Ishaaq in his arms and took him to the washroom. Ishaaq's unconsciousness broke as soon as he turned onthe shower, then Rudra himself first lay down in the bathtub and started romancing Ishaaq with his cock on him. In front, Sapphire started making videos of both of them in the camcorder. Then Neelamasked Ishaaq to smell the same perfume that Rudra had smelled. As soon as he smelled the perfume, Ishaaq's heartbeat became very fast again and now he was not resisting that much. Rudra romancedIshaaq for a while and then made him out of the bathtub. After that Neelam switched off the camcorder and Rudra took her to his room and locked her from inside and slept with her till midnight afterhardcore sex. Here more than half was happening, Ishaaq was unable to sleep due to pain. She was crying thinking about what had happened to Ishaaq and was very ashamed of what she had to do withouteven wanting to. Ishaaq could not sleep through the night fearing what would happen to him the next day.
    At 4 o'clock in the morning, when Ishaaq fell asleep, at 6 o'clock Neelam woke him up and asked him to do household chores and went to refresh himself. Ishaaq did not expect from his ex-girlfriendthat she would behave like this with him. Ishaaq woke up from sleep and after sweeping the house started mopping, then Neelam deliberately again and again, started spreading dirt to disturb her andasked Ishaaq to wipe again. Ishaaq went to take bath after wiping it well without saying anything to Neelam.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 01:32)

    When Ishaaq came to the room after taking a bath, seeing that a towel was wrapped around his waist, Neelam slapped him hard. When Ishaaq started crying again in a slap, Neelam slapped again and askedto be quiet.
    Neelam - Ishaaq You are no longer a man, so there is no need to pretend that you are a man. Now tell me, are you a man or a eunuch, what are you? Tell tell! do not know! I'll tell You are a chudakkarboy who is going to be a woman very soon. Rudra and I will get married only after you get you married to my Shubham Bhaiya.
    Ishaaq was listening silently to Neelam, he had no idea that whatever Neelam was saying had been destined to happen. It was not in the hands of Ishaaq to save his honor by fighting with anyone andnow Ishaaq had lost his courage. Ishaaq knew that now what will happen to him is what Rudra and Neelam will have in mind. There was no end to the embarrassment and uneasiness, Ishaaq was badly brokenand it was not in his hands to reunite with his family. Ishaaq was missing his mom dad and brother a lot and wondered what must be going on in his family, how many missed calls and how much tensionhe would be in. Here Neelam took Ishaaq to the kitchen by dressing her in a sari and doing her make-up and started teaching him to cook. That night Rudra went out of the city for some important workfor the next one month and before leaving, Balwant and Zorawar were allowed to have sex with Ishaaq whenever they wanted. Now the lottery of Balwant and Zorawar was out. Neelam also had a lot of funwhen Rudra allowed Balwant and Zorawar to have sex with Ishaaq at any time. But Ishaaq's condition was bad. Whatever was happening to Ishaaq was happening against his will, but Ishaaq was not able tosave his honor. The next day, wearing light makeup with a yellow sari and backless blouse, Ishaaq was learning to cook with Neelam in the kitchen. Then Zorawar came to the kitchen and suddenly puthis hand on Ishaaq's waist and lifted him in his arms. Suddenly, Ishaaq cried out loud from Zorawar's action, but Zorawar smilingly took him to his housekeeping room. There Ishaaq was writhing like afish without water, how to save himself from Zorawar but Zorawar like a skilled player grabbed Ishaaq in his arms and made him lie on the bed and started romancing with him. Ishaaq had no idea whatto do even if he did, there was no one to save him. After a while, Zorawar made Ishaaq semi-nude and made him a mare on his stomach, inserted his black fat cock in his ass and started fucking him.After about half an hour of hardcore sex, Zorawar lay down on Ishaaq's ass by discharging his sperms. Here Ishaaq was buried under the heavy body of Zorawar.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 01:56)

    As Ishaaq's waist was still in the clutches of Zorawar's strong hands, Ishaaq lay still, shed tears and wondered why this was happening to him. After a while Zorawar would go from drowsy, thenstarted kissing Ishaaq's body parts and then took his cock out of his ass and got ready to do duty again and stood at the door. Ishaaq also donned the sari properly and went inside the house.
    Neelam - Oh wow, just as a bud blossoms into a flower by the kiss of a whirlpool, in the same way you seem to be in bloom, blessing. Now go get fresh, fix your makeup and do the rest of thehousework.
    Ishaaq didn't say anything, wiped away his tears, freshened up, fixed his make-up and got on with the housework. It was 2.30 in the afternoon, Ishaaq had finished his housework and now he had torest. But then Ishaaq remembered that there are a lot of clothes lying in the washroom to be washed, so he wrapped his sari around his waist and sat down to wash clothes. Ishaaq washed all theclothes and himself had become wet. Ishaaq thought that why not take a bath, then he started taking off his sari, then Balwant came there and knocked on the door of the washroom. Ishaaq opened thedoor and saw Balwant smiling at him. As Ishaaq wanted to close the door, Balwant grabbed his wrist and pushed him inside. Ishaaq was having weakness since morning and even after wishing he could notdo anything in front of Balwant's strength. After turning on the shower, Balwant, without wasting much time, made Ishaaq completely nude, spread both his legs and raised his arms in his arms,inserted his cock in his ass and started fucking him standing. Ishaaq started crying loudly, shouting because Balwant's cock was not as long as Zorawar, but was quite thick, due to which the rubbinginside Ishaaq's ass was getting more and more. Ishaaq cried a lot, shouted, pleaded but Balwant was enjoying every moment. Balwant also kept on licking Ishaaq for half an hour and after that as soonas he discharged his sperm in his ass, Ishaaq's sperm also got discharged and he fainted and swung in Balwant's arms. Balwant was terrified seeing Ishaaq so unconscious. Balwant somehow wrappedIshaaq in a towel and brought him to the hall where Neelam was sitting enjoying the TV. When Balwant made Ishaaq lie down on the sofa, Neelam scolded him fiercely.
    Balwant - mistress, what's wrong with me, forgive me!
    Neelam - Why did you lay it on the sofa, the whole sofa has become messy.
    Balwant - Mistress, forgive me, but he fainted.
    Neelam - Hmm! So lay it on the floor under my feet and get lost!
    Balwant - Oh mistress!
    Balwant went out after laying Ishaaq on the floor, then Neelam tried to wake Ishaaq by shaking his feet but he would not go. Ishaaq's breathing was fast, his whole body was shivering from the cold,so Neelam gave him a medicine to eat. After consuming the medicine, Ishaaq again fainted and at twelve o'clock in the night he regained consciousness, then everyone was asleep. Ishaaq went to thekitchen and had a little food to eat, so he ate the food and then slept on the floor. It was the daily routine of Zorawar and Balwant from the next day, when either of them wanted to have sex withIshaaq, they would come into the house and pick up Ishaaq and take him to his room and take him to his room. Ishaaq was now getting used to this fuck and for the whole month Balwant and Zorawar madehim fuck his whole life.
    In a month, Ishaaq was now completely expert in doing all the housework, wearing saree, salwar suit, lehenga choli, makeup like a girl. Ishaaq was being given heavy doses of female hormones daily forthe past one month, due to which unwanted changes started taking place in his body. Mood swings, crying over talk, shy like girls and seeing any man, his heartbeat had started increasing. The beard,mustache had stopped on the face and the hair of the head was becoming thick and black. Ishaaq's chest was starting to swell and had become like a twelve-year-old girl and his cock had shrunk to halfan inch.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 02:00)

    Since Rudra was not in the house for the last one month, Neelam was enjoying this transformation of Ishaaq alone. Haven't had much problems since last one month. Now Ishaaq started liking dressing uplike girls and had a good experience of make-up.
    Next day Rudra came back and was very happy to see Ishaaq's developments. Throughout the day, Ishaaq used to wear a sari and engaged in household chores, cooked food on time, washed clothes andutensils on time and maintained himself along with all this. Often Ishaaq wears a sari and does makeup himself. Ishaaq's hair was getting longer and thicker than before. Neelam had slept early thatnight and Ishaaq was working in the kitchen. Rudra kept looking at Ishaaq from the entrance of the kitchen for some time till Ishaaq had completed his work. As soon as Ishaaq finished all his workand came out of the kitchen, he saw that Rudra was staring at him and his cock was also taut. Ishaaq was about to leave the kitchen by bowing his head when Rudra grabbed his wrist and stopped himfrom going out of the kitchen. Ishaaq knew that if he tried to resist Rudra even a little, Rudra would definitely beat him up again. Rudra raised Ishaaq's bowed head and started smooching him. Rudrawas drinking alcohol and the louder Rudra smooched Ishaaq, he felt very strange. Because Rudra had never smooched her like this before. Rudra used to drink alcohol but his intoxication was climbingIshaaq.
    Rudra's breath began to dissolve in Ishaaq's breath, his heartbeat started increasing, tears came to his eyes and Ishaaq trembled. Then Rudra lifted Ishaaq in his arms and took him to the room wherehe had sex with Ishaaq for the first time. Putting Ishaaq on the bed, Rudra started romancing him. Ishaaq also did not resist much and kept supporting Rudra. Today this was happening for the firsttime with Ishaaq when he was getting himself to relax with Rudra.
    Rudra - How much has changed in the last one month, Ishaaq!
    Ishaaq - I don't know!
    Rudra - Why, look at your skin Ishaaq, how velvety it has become. Look at your thick long hair, you are looking so beautiful.
    Ishaaq - May be!
    Rudra - Your voice has got a lot more sweetness than before, how are you feeling!
    Ishaaq kept silent even after listening to Rudra, he knew that Rudra had drunk a lot.
    Rudra - Why don't you say anything, Ishaaq! Well tell me how was your life without me for the whole month?
    Ishaaq - I don't know!
    Rudra - why don't you know? ohhh! You are afraid that if you say something, I will hit you again!
    Ishaaq - Hmm!
    Rudra - Hmm! Fear is necessary. Well tell me, which one do you like more Balwant and Zoravar?
    Ishaaq - Balwant!
    Rudra - why?
    Ishaaq - I don't know!
    Rudra - Well tell me with whom did you enjoy having sex more, with Balwant or with Zoravar!
    Ishaaq - Not with anyone! This is not right Rudra, I am a man, there is no woman who can be happy even after kissing a man! Why are you doing this to me, what wrong have I done to you!
    Rudra - The answer will be found my life, but for the next one year you have to live like this.
    After that Rudra slowly nude Ishaaq and himself also nude and started having sex with him. After half an hour of hardcore sex, Ishaaq's sperm was discharged and after some time Rudra's sperm also gotdischarged and got absorbed in his ass. Both lay there for the next one hour. When Rudra took out his cock from Ishaaq's ass, Ishaaq felt even more pain. After sex, Rudra pushed Ishaaq down from thebed and spread himself to sleep. Ishaaq started to cry, but taking his misfortune as his luck, Ishaaq slept quietly on the floor.
    Time passed slowly, days, weeks, and then seven months passed. A lot had changed in these seven months. Ishaaq was no longer the same, unwanted changes were taking place in his body and in the midstof all this, not a single day went by that Rudra did not have sex with Ishaaq. When Rudra was not in the house, Balwant and Zorawar would have had complete freedom and would have sex with Ishaaqwhenever they wanted. There was one thing that Ishaaq does not have that much pain during sex. Ishaaq had become such a servant of Rudra's house, whomever he wants, and that too without permission.If even Neelam had her mind, she would have sexed Ishaaq with a dildo and would have enjoyed the bondage positions a lot.
    But for a few days, Ishaaq started bleeding after urinating, pain in the lower part of his stomach and body weakness.

  • #302

    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 02:01)

    For a few days, Ishaaq hid this thing from everyone, but then one day Balwant saw Ishaaq groaning in pain on the kitchen floor, he could not stay away from him. When Balwant told Neelam about Ishaaq,Neelam asked Balwant to lift Ishaaq and lay him on the bed. Balwant picked up Ishaaq in his arms and made him lie on the bed and left from there, putting his hand on his head. Balwant's hand on hishead gave Ishaaq a good feeling and tears came out of his eyes. After a while Neelam entered the room with a doctor. The doctor did a thorough checkup of Ishaaq and smilingly gave Neelam somemedicines and came out of the room.
    Doctors - Neelam, the medicines that were being given to Ishaaq for the last eight months are working well. Ishaaq will now become completely impotent in a few days and his body language will alsobecome completely female. The medicines I have given will make Ishaaq impotent more quickly and within a few days Ishaaq's bleeding and lower abdominal pain issue will also get resolved.
    Neelam - Thanks Doctor!

  • #303

    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 02:03)

    After the doctor left, Neelam gave Ishaaq medicines and Ishaaq immediately fell into sleep with the effect of the medicine. When Ishaaq woke up the next morning, he was feeling very refreshed.Ishaaq's pain had subsided and he was also feeling a lot of strength. Seeing Ishaaq wake up from sleep, Neelam became happy and asked him to do household chores again and sat watching TV. Ishaaq,having fixed his sari, freshened up. Today he did not bleed nor did he feel any burning sensation during urination. Ishaaq was busy with household chores when Rudra came there. He asked Ishaaq tocome to the hall and Ishaaq came to the hall.
    Rudra - I hope your health is fine now. Shubham Bhaiya is coming home with some friends to see you in the evening. Neelam, pierce Ishaaq's nose and ears now so that he can wear heavy ornaments in theevening. And Ishaaq you will be well dressed and in front of everyone like a woman in a veil. From today in Neelam house everyone will know Ishaaq as Ayesha and will treat her like a girl,okay.
    Neelam - Wow! Have fun Rudra!
    After that Neelam took Ishaaq to the room with her. By doing three dots in Ishaaq's nose on the right side and in both the ears, he pierced both the nose and ears of Ishaaq with nose piercing gun. Assoon as one pin on the right side of the nose and three pins in both the ears, Ishaaq became in pain. Then Neelam put a special kind of ointment in Ishaaq's nose and ears and asked him to finish thehousehold chores quickly and again sat on the sofa and started watching TV. Ishaaq got busy with the household chores with tears in his eyes. It was four o'clock in the evening and Ishaaq's work wasnow over. As soon as Ishaaq sat on the floor exhausted, Neelam came there and asked him to take a quick bath. Ishaaq had not eaten anything since morning, so he dared to ask Neelam for food. Neelamasks Ishaaq to eat quickly and asks to come immediately after taking a bath. Ishaaq ate the food and immediately after eating went to the washroom to take a bath. While taking bath, Ishaaq wasthinking that why all this is happening to him. Today he has to take permission from Neelam to even eat food, his back was stiff while sleeping on the floor. Due to medicine, where one and the upperbody was becoming like girls, the thighs were more muscular than before and the whole body became hairless. The cock had shrunk and had become very small and now Ishaaq started feeling a differentinferiority complex after seeing his cock. When Ishaaq went to the room after taking a bath, Neelam made him sit in front of the mirror.
    Holding Ishaaq a backless choli, Neelam asked her to wear it. Ishaaq noticed that the choli was very short, deep cut from the front and completely backless from the back. When Ishaaq wore that choli,his chest became very tight and the bulge of his chest started showing outside the bodice. Very embarrassed Ishaaq, but he could not say anything. Ishaaq bowed his head and Neelam tied the string ofIshaaq's bodice more tightly. After that Neelam asked Ishaaq to wear a blue jeans. Ishaaq wore those jeans. While wearing the jeans, Ishaaq realized that his chutters have become much bigger thanbefore. After wearing the jeans, Neelam made Ishaaq sit in front of the mirror and started doing her make-up. After a while, the combination of light make-up, red nails and beautiful hair was addingto the beauty of Ishaaq. After that Neelam asked Ishaaq to wear golden high heels, then Ishaaq wore heels. After that Neelam put on Ishaaq's feet in heavy silver designer anklets and put four nets onhis toes. After that Neelam placed an artificial Naulakha necklace around Ishaaq's neck, suhag chooda set with twenty four white red bangles on both the wrists, Mangtika on the forehead, Hathphool inthe palm, artificial heavy earrings in the ears, and two earrings and then in the nose Wearing a Bihari style Nathiya, trapped her in her hair with the help of a chain. Now Neelam covered Ishaaq'sforehead with a red chunari and set it with a safety pin.
    Ishaaq was being tormented by a strange fear inside and that fear was whether he would really have to marry a man. After that, what will happen to his parents, brothers and sisters, what will happento the girl he was going to marry? And what will Rudra and Neelam gain by doing so? Ishaaq was still engrossed in his inner conflict when footsteps were heard at the door which belonged to Rudra,Shubham and their friends. When Rudra came inside, Shubham and his friends also came inside. After a while Neelam came into the room and brought Ishaaq in front of everyone with a tea tray in hishand. Ishaaq, hiding his head in a veil, quietly stood up after serving tea to everyone. When Shubham woke up, Ishaaq's heartbeat started increasing. Shubham's height was six and a half feet and whenhe stood in front of Ishaaq, Ishaaq was feeling very embarrassed. Shubham raised Ishaaq's chin and smiled seeing him.

  • #304

    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 02:06)

    Rudra - Shubham Bhaiya, how did you like Ayesha?
    Shubham - this is so beautiful Rudra! Its height is very less, but I will love this girl.
    Neelam - Brother, look right, this is not a girl but a shemale.
    Shubham - what! I couldn't believe it!
    Rudra - So brother, take it to the room and see for yourself!
    Shubham - You are sure!
    Rudra - Yes yes brother! This special Shemale is made for you only.
    After that Shubham lifted Ishaaq in his arms in front of everyone and took him to the room. Ishaaq was becoming water with shame. Took Shubham to the room and locked the door from inside.
    Shubham - Are you really a shemale?
    Ishaaq - No! I am a boy!
    Shubham - Seriously, are your boobs fake?
    Ishaaq - No it's real!
    Shubham - Then you are really a shemale! And you are really beautiful. will you be my bride?
    Ishaaq didn't say anything, just bowed his head and stood up. Then Shubham put his hand on Ishaaq's waist and brought him to the hall with him.
    Rudra - Brother, how was Ayesha?
    Shubham - I like Ayesha.
    Neelam - Thank God brother, finally! Do you like any!
    Shubham - Hmm! This girl is so beautiful, I wanted a bride like this. Truly, for the first time in my life, I have seen such a beautiful shemale and I can't believe Neelam that you and Rudra togetherarranged such a cute bride for me. Marriage is fine but before that I want to live with it for a few days. If I like its nature, then I will definitely marry it, but if it turns out to be too picky,I will sell it to eunuchs.
    Rudra - Hey brother, that much will not be needed. Apart from being beautiful, Ayesha is also very intelligent and very cultured. Will serve you like a good and cultured daughter-in-law. Stay withAyesha till you feel like it, brother. From today it happened to you, what is marriage, a formality? Do what you want with it! And Ayesha! Serve Shubham Bhaiya well and make him happy, youunderstand!
    Ishaaq G!
    Neelam - Come Ayesha! Come with me!
    Neelam took Ishaaq with her to the room.
    Neelam - Congratulations Ayesha! Now you are going to be my sister-in-law.
    And from today only my brother will fuck you. No one will touch you or talk to you in a rude manner except my brother or without his consent. My brother is very good at heart and will love you verymuch when he marries you. Yes, they are definitely a little angry and they do not like girls who fight with their tongues. So from today onwards, consider my brother as your husband and serve him alot, you understand! In our family, daughters-in-law stay in veil throughout the day, do household chores, serve mother-in-law, husband and sisters-in-law and do anything for the happiness of theirhusbands. Your training is now complete, if my brother gets the happiness he wants from you, then he will marry you and take you home, Garhwal, Uttarakhand! And if you do any drama in front of Bhaiyaor complain to Bhaiya or try to provoke them, then they will sell you to eunuchs and we will have to make a boy a shemale for them again. So I hope you would like to live as a bride of my brother andnot as a eunuch.
    Ishaaq - No no Neelam, I will not do anything that will make your brother angry! But tell me one thing, I have only one question that I need an answer to!
    Neelam - Hahaha, let's ask sister-in-law!
    Ishaaq - Why did you and Rudra do this to me together! I had neither harmed you nor Rudra, why did I do this to me!
    Neelam - Come on, Ayesha, today I will answer your question. Why do you remember the queen?
    Ishaaq - Why won't I remember, she was my first girlfriend!
    Neelam - Good! Then do you even remember why you broke up?
    Ishaaq - remember well! The condom was torn during sex and after that the queen became pregnant. At that time I asked her to drop the child but she did not listen! Then we parted!
    Neelam - Seriously Ayesha! Incomplete truth! So you don't remember that you had kicked the queen's womb with a shove!
    Ishaaq - I don't remember anything like that!

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    Pooja (Thursday, 16 June 2022 02:21)

    Check out my new story “My Bharath”

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    aditi (Thursday, 16 June 2022 09:00)

    Continued from #284
    I asked mom to bring breakfast to my home as I have a meeting to attend. While having Breakfast, I was scrolling through the message I received on the picture. I got Most comments on the Firstpicture which is a group pic of us standing before the ocean. I looked at it, we all looked so happy on that, I have made them as my Mobile Wallpaper. I realized I have been so happy on the past twodays. Again, Work started, I have been working hard. I have my foods inside my room mostly. When I complete my work and go out, mostly everyone will be sleeping at the time. I usually prepare acoffee or have a cup of wine based on my mood and sitting outside and reading any book, only few pages a day. I sleep after 1 or 2 am and I have been waking up at 7-8 to start my work for the day.Due to virus, many new or temporary employees has been removed as part of cost cutting procedures. So, I have been working hard to maintain my position in the office. I have been given a complex taskand I have been trying so work but I could not be able to complete it. I have been on that task for around 2 weeks, but not able to complete on time. One day I have been on the meeting for that task,Darshana and Dharshini have been kept on coming inside. They have been playing Hide and seek, I told them in signs not to come inside, but Darshana have been keep on coming inside. Then I have beenquestioned on why I have been taking more time, I have been trying to explain the reason, but still, they are not ready to accept the answer. They asked me to complete it in another week or asked meto give it to someone else. They disconnected the meeting in angry tone, I am so upset and angry at the same time. In the meantime, Aditya comes to find Darshana and shouts her name ‘Darshana I knowyou are in there come out’ ‘Aditya she is not here, please go out’ I said but he keeps on searching everywhere and room saying her name again ‘Darshana, come out’ I became so angry, I caught his handand pulling him to the hall in downstairs. He is kept on saying it’s paining. I put him on the sofa and shouted ‘Aditya! Don’t you hear what I say that she is not there? Don’t you know how mucheffort I must put in my work; do you know how much bill we will be paying every month, we are paying our home loan, loan we took for renovating the shop, Credit card bills, your medical bills, schoolfees for Girls and other essential things. I have been not able to sleep properly itself, I only sleep for 5-6 hours. But You are not even working, at least you should understand our situation’ Hewas about to say something ‘I know you are not able to work, that doesn’t mean you have to simply sit on home. On top of that, you are playing with kids. Don’t ever come to my room again when amworking, do you understand?’ ‘yes’, in a feeble voice he said, I looked at him angrily, ‘Yes, I understand’ I could see that he is about to burst out crying.

  • #307

    aditi (Thursday, 16 June 2022 09:00)

    I left in anger, while getting upstairs I could see that he is crying hugging Dharshini. Then I started working again and, in the evening, I was able to complete few things in the task. I am relievedand I know that I will be able to complete the task sooner. At night, my mom brings me the food, I asked her what the kids are doing and whether they have eaten the dinner. She told that ‘Dharshiniand Darshana had dinner and went to their bedroom, but Aditya is kept on crying even after you left. Dharshini has tried consoling him, but she was not able to do it. He went to his room and kept oncrying. I called him for dinner, but he has not eaten anything and slept’ ‘Sorry mom, I was not trying to scold him. There are some huge tasks where I got stuck up. I know that I must leave my workat workplace. But we are working in home, and they kept on disturbing, so I don’t know, I just vented out everything on him’ ‘You know its not his fault Pavi, he has been working for so long years.Virus has affected everyone; he has gone to death bed and came’ ‘I know mom, bring me something to eat to his room, I will go and convince him to eat’ Then I went to his home, he is sleeping in hisroom. I wake him up and he sees me, and he turns his face. I told him to wake up, he doesn’t listen to me. My mom brings a glass of milk and few biscuits. I Said ‘Aditya! Wake up and eat this’ incommanding tone. He sits up, I could see that his eyes are puffy due to crying. He is still upset and angry, then I told him ‘Sorry Aditya, It’s my mistake, I should not have scolded you’ ‘it’s okay,I should have left to work’ ‘No, no, Aditya, I know virus has affected our lives, I know how hard it is for you also, I know how much you want to help, you did the same for us for long time’ hestarted crying and I hugged him and told ‘I will take care of everything Aditya, you take care of your health’ and feeds him the milk and biscuits. While drinking I could see that his hair isdisturbing him. I have asked mom to bring a comb, I brushed his hair while drinking milk and made it into a ponytail using a rubber band. I wipe his upper lip which has milk and asks him to sleepwell. I kissed him good night on his forehead.
    Lockdown has been extended again for one more month, Travel has been fully restricted, cases has been kept on increasing. I completed the complex task and I have been appreciated for the effort Ihave been put on that one. Things are going fine in the office, but the work has been increased, two more weeks has been completed, I have not much time to spend with the family. I have mostly seenthem while sleeping. Again, I have taken off and woke up early in the morning and prepared Breakfast for the family. Mom also helped me, she called ‘Kutties, come down for Breakfast’. Dharshini camewearing an Emoji print hooded sleep tee in sea green colour, Darshana came wearing a cool cactus top and capri set in purple colour. Aditya came down wearing a Polka print button me up Shirt andpyjama set reached able ankle in olive green colour, his hair has been put in a ponytail but not low as normally, little bit high. They see me, hugged me, and kissed me Good Morning in the cheeks.Everyone started eating and the whole time they are not even seeing the plate, they are just using the mobile and laughing at it. They have completed their breakfast and went to their room. I talkedwith mom for some time and thought of spending sometime with Girls and Aditya. I went upstairs to see their room has been locked from inside and some movie songs has been playing very loud frominside. I thought they are watching some movies and I left to have a sleep since am not getting a proper sleep nowadays. During Dinner also, I could see that they are busy with the mobile and noteven talking properly to anyone.

  • #308

    aditi (Thursday, 16 June 2022 09:01)

    One more week has been passed, I came down for breakfast and they have been using the mobile as usual, I have scolded them not to use it while eating. They are upset and eating silently, I haveswitched on the tv to see some news, it is announced that they have made all the students to get passed, 10th standard students has been awarded with marks calculated based on their mid-term exams.Girls have been so happy that they have passed their year. So, I asked them what they needed and ordered it for online delivery. We asked them to get ready as we can celebrate on the terrace. Foodshas been delivered, so I arranged all the foods upstairs. I went to their room to call them; Darshana is wearing a pink frock with floral pattern on it. She wore a single braid hairstyle withflowers. Dharshini is wearing a beautiful designer printed multi colour Kurti gown and she wore a high ponytail, and she is brushing the hair of Aditya who is wearing a watermelon printed t-shirt ingrey and blue jeans which is like the one he worn for the beach, but it is a faded jean. Dharshini put a mid-ponytail hairstyle and put a grey scrunchie in his hair. I could notice that his sideburnsare just reaching his ear-mid level. He has applied a cream for acne and his face becomes shinier after that. ‘Kids come upstairs once you are ready, no mobiles phones’ Then I went upstairs, Girlsand Aditya have joined, and we have enjoyed our food in a candlelight. I have my mobile with me, so I have taken few snaps on that night.
    Few more weeks has been passed; Government has announced that online classes for school students as the schools are not going to open for next few months. Girls looks so sad that they must attend theonline classes. But Aditya looks more upset, Darshana asked him ‘Dei Aditya, what happened da? Why are you so upset? Online classes are for us da, not for you?’ and she laughed saying that. I lookedsurprised that Darshana is also calling him like that. ‘No Darshana, you will become busy right?’ Dharshini in the middle said, ‘Don’t worry da sweetie, its only for half day, if you want you canalso attend da Aadhi’ and winked on him. Three of them laughed. I noticed that we are not going to parlour for past 3-4 months, so our eyebrows become so bushy, and face becomes dull. I asked my mom,whether she knows any beautician who can come to home. She tried with her friend and told that, ‘She can’t come it seems Pavi, maybe you and kids can go to their house on Saturday’ ‘Okay Mom, whethershe will cut the hair for Aditya also?’ ‘I will check with her, mostly she can do’ ‘Okay mom, we can go on Saturday’ ‘Girls get ready on Saturday, we will go for parlour’ Girls looks so happy.

  • #309

    aditi (Thursday, 16 June 2022 09:02)

    Saturday comes, we have gone to mom’s friends’ daughter home, we are welcomed by a girl who is around 20 years of age, named Raveena, she is very pretty, hair coloured in brown and highlighted inBlonde. She welcomed us ‘Hi Grandma, my mom said that you will come’ and she greeted me ‘Hi Aunty, I’m Raveena’ and she welcomed Girls and Aditya ‘Hi Sweethearts, my name is Raveena and today amgoing to make you all so pretty and beautiful’ Aditya says ‘you look very pretty Raveena’ She smiled and said ‘Thank you Sweetie and its Raveena akka for you’. I was laughing that his daughter isaround similar age to her. But Aditya said, ‘Okay Raveena Akka’. Everyone introduced them and I got a call from the office suddenly that I should attend a meeting in 2 hours. So, I ignored whatAditya said and asked Raveena to cut my hair and do some facial quickly as I should go early. Girls looks upset I told them ‘Don’t worry, Grandma will be here and will take you once everything done,I will buy some Chinese food tonight’ I went inside and she have worked on my hair, she has cut mine into a U-shaped haircut. She has done a facial and asked me whether she want to have my nailsdone. I told her that I will get that done next time. I have talked with mom and told her to take care of the kids and said to Aditya that he can get whatever cut he needed and said Raveena to sendme the bill details.
    I have started to home, had bath and attended the meeting. Evening I heard that everyone came home, and my mom asked me whether I need anything, I asked her to bring a coffee. She brought me a coffeeand told that Raveena have done a good job and don’t forget to order the dinner. I remembered and I have asked Indhu to take care of the work for some time. I went to have a bath again and feel thatafter long time, face looks so bright, and I feel energetic after the haircut. I have taken a claw clip and clipped my hair in the centre. Food has arrived and I went down to collect it and calledgirls and Aditya to come down. Dharshini came down and she have styled her hair in U-shaped layered cut, and she wore a high ponytail. She has trimmed her eyebrows. Darshana have not styled her hairmuch, she just trimmed the split ends and she have braided her hair in twister plait. I called Aditya to come down, but he has not answered anything. I thought he would have made a Crew-cut likealways; he might be shy to come out. I called him again, Dharshini said she will get him down, ‘Aadhi, come down da, Dinner is ready da’ Darshana also called ‘Aditya, Mom is calling come down da, noone will laugh da’, She turned towards me and said ‘Mom, don’t laugh at Aditya, okay, he might feel bad then’. I nodded. Dharshini held his hand and brought him down, I feel surprised to see him, heis wearing a Panda printed top Red in colour which has a short sleeve, White Pyjama cuffed pant with red colour cuff. His hair is not in crew cut, he has a Shoulder length medium length Bob haircutwith fringes on the front, he has worn a red colour hair band at the top of the head and there is no Sideburns. He looks so young and pretty. I was so shocked to see him in that state.

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    Xxx (Thursday, 16 June 2022 11:59)

    Aditi..keep going.. ur rockstar

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    great aditi (Thursday, 16 June 2022 12:18)

    Slow and steady good going buddy

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    Sahana (Thursday, 16 June 2022 13:01)

    Super story Aditi

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    Closing (Thursday, 16 June 2022 13:40)

    Aditi wow

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    Vasantha (Thursday, 16 June 2022 19:27)

    Aditi your story very super pa pls continue pa

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    Priya (Thursday, 16 June 2022 22:17)

    Excellent aditi great going plz continue

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 22:18)

    Neelam - Then I'll remind you! That night you kicked the Rani's womb so hard that not only did her child fall, but her hopes of becoming a mother in the future also ended. But the Rani did not expectthis from you at all. With heartbreak, Rani was so broken from inside that she destroyed her career as well as her life was also destroyed. Even that did not fill your heart, so you distributedRani's number among your friends. Know what they did, what everyone did not say to the Rani! Everyone called the Rani and made her so upset that the Rani was so broken from inside that you have noidea about it. Some would call the Rani a scour, some would call her to warm the bed for a night. What do you think Ishaaq, you are a good person? As you did to the Rani, now more will be with youthan that and don't expect any sympathy from me. I want you to suffer more than Rani! Shubham Bhaiya is the elder brother of me and Rani and it is only on his behest that you have been given a lifeof such disgrace. Shubham Bhaiya also wanted to see you broken in such pain. What do you think Ayesha, Shubham Bhaiya hasn't seen you before. I myself sent those videos to Shubham Bhaiya when you gotchudai. Now Shubham Bhaiya will do all that with you, which he always wanted to do with you. If you wanted, you could have become the son-in-law of such a noble house, in which you never even need towork. But it was not written in your destiny to become the son-in-law of that house. It was written in your luck that you go to that house as a daughter-in-law and see how desperate Shubham Bhaiya isto make you his bride.
    Ishaaq - I'm extremely sorry Neelam! But please I don't want to marry a man!
    Neelam - Come On Ayesha, Don't Start Again! Make sure Ayesha's brother don't let you down! Otherwise they will sell you to their Bangladeshi friend or they will sell you in eunuchs and you cannoteven imagine what will happen to you there.
    Ishaaq - Please Neelam, I'm so sorry about that, please don't do this to me!
    Neelam - If you say sorry, everything would have been fine, then what was the matter. But by saying sorry to you, neither the medical condition of the Rani will be cured nor will her child be able tomeet her again. The sin you committed cannot be forgotten and that is why you are being punished for your sin. Now it would be good for you to forget your old identity and enter the woman's life andtake special care of your future husband. And keep in mind that by becoming a cultured daughter-in-law, you will go to that house where the daughters-in-law have to obey everything about theirhusbands without any question and answer. You will have to wear heavy ornaments there, bow your head in a veil and obey the words of your mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband, brother-in-law andsisters-in-law, there you will neither get to watch TV nor read newspapers or magazines. Even you will not be able to remove your ornaments of your own free will and you will do whatever your husbandsays. Forget that you were once Ishaaq and me and Rani's boyfriend! Now you are the bride of Shubham Bhaiya, then from today consider Shubham Bhaiya as your boyfriend and become his girlfriend andstart serving him from today itself. I hope Shubham Bhaiya get sex change operation done in future so that you can give birth to their children from your womb! I'm so excited Ayesha!
    Ishaaq - Oh my God!
    After that Ishaaq started crying, then Neelam made him silent and prepared him and took him in front of Shubham. Shubham took Ishaaq to the room where three of his friends also followed behind. Raj,Mukesh and Sunny were friends of Shubham and Shubham wanted to know from him about Ishaaq's opinion.
    Raj - Man bhabhi may be a shemale but she is very beautiful. By the way, Shubham, you used to like boys, then when suddenly the interest in shemales started waking up.
    Mukesh - Yes Shubham, since when?
    Shubham - Look, now I have taken some boy to my house and ask them to accept her as daughter-in-law, what will happen to them? I don't want any problem that will disturb the place of my familymembers in the society. Anyway, Shemales are also gay, they just have a little more interest in grooming.
    Sunny - Hmm! But there is a problem Shubham! How small is the bhabhi!

  • #317

    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 22:23)

    Shubham - Small, more than five and a half feet height is rarely found in girls.
    Sunny - Yes! But you see yourself too, your height is six and a half feet and that of Ayesha bhabhi is five and a half feet. Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan will look like a pair of both ofyou.
    Shubham - Hahahaha, even better.
    All the friends started laughing.
    Raj - So today you will have fun alone with bhabhi!
    Shubham - So should I put you on the bed wearing a sari too!
    Raj - Hahahaha, no one, enjoy! Anyway we're getting late! I have seen bhabhi, now we leave, we have to go to Lonavala too.
    Shubham - Alright, you all, I'll see you tomorrow.
    After that Shubham's friends left from there.
    Shubham went to the hall and called Neelam, then Neelam came.
    Shubham - Put Ayesha on the bed nude, wearing heavy ornaments and wearing a veil and asking her to wait for me. And yes, make sure that Ayesha wears the biggest nathiya on his nose and strawberry redglossy lips.
    Neelam - Oh brother! You have spoken my heart.
    Neelam enters the room smiling and she asks Ishaaq to be nude. When Ishaaq went nude, Neelam made him wear ornaments and as Shubham said, Neelam put the biggest nathiya around Ishaaq's nose. Ishaaqwith glossy strawberry glossy lips, kajri eyes and light make-up sat nude wearing heavy outfits, Neelam sprayed female body spray all over his body and veiled with a red chunri, asking him to waitfor Shubham, Night light on She came out from there. Ishaaq was trembling with fear, tears wanted to come in his eyes, but Ishaaq was so scared that his tears had dried up before reaching his eyes.Ishaaq was very much ashamed of his actions, he was just thinking that if he had not misbehaved with the queen that night, then he might not have to see this day today. But now Ishaaq could not doanything in his defense and now he was completely sure that now he had to spend the rest of his life as a girl. In the last eight to nine months, so much had happened to Ishaaq that now Ishaaq alsoaccepted this as his fate.
    He did not even know when Ishaaq's eyes fell while waiting for Shubham while sitting. After a while Ishaaq felt the heat of hot breath on his face and his eyes opened. Shubham was so close to Ishaaqthat Ishaaq closed his eyes in fear. Shubham lovingly grasped Ishaaq's face with both his hands and started kissing his lips lovingly. Shubham's kiss was so loving that Ishaaq had tears in his eyes.Shubham started kissing Ishaaq's limbs in a very romantic way through Ishaaq's lips, cheeks, face, throat, and chest. Today for the first time it happened to Ishaaq that a man was loving her in sucha romantic way that Ishaaq was feeling very good. The warmth of Shubham's breath was absorbed in Ishaaq's breath. Whether it was Sahil or Balwant or Zorawar, everyone wanted to kiss Ishaaq, but todaywhen Shubham was kissing Ishaaq's part, Ishaaq was unable to control his emotions. After intoxicating every part of Ishaaq with his kiss for a while, Shubham went completely nude. Seeing Shubham'sbig black cock, Ishaaq closed his eyes again. Shubham took out the big gold nathiya from Ishaaq's nose and smooched it vigorously on the lips. After that Shubham very slowly put Ishaaq's hand on hiscock and started caressing him. Shubham's cock had become very hot and Ishaaq was realizing it. After a while, Shubham released Ishaaq's wrist but Ishaaq was still kissing Shubham's cock with hishands and he didn't care at all. Ishaaq was feeling Shubham's cock and without saying Shubham, Ishaaq sat in the mare's position and took Shubham's cock in his mouth and started giving him a blowjob. Shubham was very excited and he lifted Ishaaq in his arms and made him sit on his cock. As soon as Shubham's cock completely entered Ishaaq's ass, Ishaaq's scream came out. Shubham lovinglysealed Ishaaq's lips with his lips and started licking him lightly. To balance, Ishaaq wrapped both his hands and trapped him in Shubham's neck and Shubham was going to fuck Ishaaq while standing.After half an hour of sex, Shubham took Ishaaq to the washroom and started having bathtub sex. After the next twenty minutes of hardcore bathtub sex, Shubham made Ishaaq stand up and rested his cockon the tip of his cock from the front. Ishaaq had no idea of dick docking and before he could understand anything, Shubham inserted his cock into his small cock and started fucking him from thefront. Ishaaq was not at all ready for dick-docking and today for the first time a man was putting his cock in his cock and was fucking it from the front. Ishaaq could not believe his destiny thathow he was allowing all this to happen. With each and every stroke of Shubham, Ishaaq was shouting loudly ahhh: ohhhh god, no please, aiee, no, please, ahhh and Shubham was enjoying Ishaaq'ssobs.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 22:23)

    After ten minutes of dick-docking session, Shubham discharged his sperm inside Ishaaq's cock and that sperm got absorbed in Ishaaq's cock. Ishaaq started getting jealous in the cock, he felt as ifhis cock would burst today.
    Ishaaq (crying) - What have you done, my cock is burning hard.
    After saying that Ishaaq was crying due to the burning sensation in his cock, then Shubham asked Ishaaq to masturbate. Ishaaq started crying holding his cock, then Shubham lifted him in his arms frombehind and once again inserted his cock in his ass and started kissing him. Ishaaq was trying to balance himself with the help of a big mirror hanging on the wall and while Shubham was banging himfrom behind, his cock was also being shaken continuously. Ishaaq was so embarrassed to see himself kissing a man in the mirror that he closed his eyes. After a while, as soon as Shubham dischargedhis sperms in Ishaaq's ass, his sperm was discharged from Ishaaq's cock, which were in large quantity. As soon as the sperm was discharged, Ishaaq's whole body started trembling and there wasdarkness in front of his eyes and he swung unconsciously in Shubham's arms. Shubham once again made Ishaaq sit on his cock in the bathtub and clutching him tightly in his arms started giving himlight strokes, but Ishaaq was unconscious, he had no idea what was happening to him.

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    New01 (Thursday, 16 June 2022 22:33)

    When Ishaaq woke up the next morning after hearing the alarm sound, he saw that he was sleeping in Shubham's arms with his head in his chest. It was four o'clock in the morning, when Ishaaq tried toget out of Shubham's arms, only then Shubham also woke up.
    Shubham - Where are you going Ayesha!
    Ishaaq - Housework has to be done.
    Shubham - Hmm! From today you do not have to do any work, there are servants to work in this house.
    Ishaaq - Then what should I do?
    Shubham - You are my queen, so come love!
    Ishaaq had the courage to refuse Shubham, so he slept as he was in Shubham's arms, closing his eyes. Ishaaq was getting very weak, he wanted to get out of Shubham's arms on the pretext of working,but when Shubham freed him from household chores, he was left with no option. Ishaaq was compelled to obey Shubham's words and he did not want Shubham to hand him over to eunuchs or sell him to aBangladeshi Seth.
    Ishaaq was left with only two options, the first was to accept Shubham as her husband. The second option was that he would not listen to any of Shubham's words and Shubham would either hand him overto the eunuchs or sell it to some Bangladeshi Seth. So Ishaaq took Shubham as his husband and started working day and night in his service. Ishaaq would wake up every morning, wearing Shubham'sfavorite outfit, mostly saris. The ornaments of Shubham's choice which were often heavy and heavy, the nose ka Nathiya would be particularly heavy, wearing which Ishaaq would take special care ofShubham's likes and dislikes. Ishaaq washes all of Shubham's clothes, even his underwear, himself and obeys Shubham as a good virtuous woman. Every night, Shubham would not only have hardcore sexwith Ishaaq, but also try different positions of Kamasutra. The blowjobs was now starting to like Ishaaq so much that without asking Shubham, he would take Shubham's cock in his mouth three or fourtimes a day and give him the pleasure of blowjobs and not even a drop of his sperms wasted. Ishaaq started liking Shubham's sperm test very much, the day also started with blowjobs. Now wheneverShubham had to wake up, Ishaaq would take his cock in his mouth and enjoy the blowjob. It was not even known when two months passed, here Ishaaq forgetting his past and his identity was servingShubham day and night and Shubham was very happy with Ishaaq. In these two months, Ishaaq's chest was completely round and big like a girl's, like a twenty one. And every night she loves Shubhamgetting her bulging chest and her nipples massaged. One day Shubham told Ishaaq that the time has come to take Ishaaq to meet his family members.
    The next day, Shubham made Ishaaq his girlfriend and brought him to his house. Neelam and Rudra were also with him. Red georgette transparent sari and red backless blouse, golden heels, thick longhair kept open and light make-up, ornaments were not too heavy, making Ishaaq look like a simple girl. A small nathiya was put in Ishaaq's nose. When Ishaaq met Shubham's mom dad for the first time,he took his blessings by touching the feet of both of them by wearing a veil with his aanchal.
    Shubham's mom - Hey daughter, always be happy! Come here, sit beside me!
    Then Ishaaq went and sat next to Shubham's mom.
    Shubham's mom - what is your name? What do your parents do? Where are you?
    Ishaaq - My name is Ayesha, mother!
    Shubham's mom - what a lovely name! You didn't tell, what do your parents do? And where is your house?
    Before Ishaaq could answer, Neelam intervened.
    Neelam - Mommy, Ayesha is an orphan girl! Used to study with me in college and Bhaiya supported it a lot and now wants to make her his bride.
    Shubham's Mom - Hi Ram! You are not an orphan from today, you understand! From today we are your parents! Although we thought that for Shubham, I will bring such a girl, whose height should come atleast to my son's shoulders, but when Shubham has decided to marry you, even though you are so small in stature. Why not, I like this girl for my son! What do you say?
    Shubham's Dad - Isn't the girl too young?
    Shubham's mom - what happened when she is young, look how beautiful she is!
    Shubham's Dad - Hmm! It's so beautiful.
    Shubham's Mom - Then say yes!
    Shubham - I can't go against your decision. This girl is very important for Shubham's happiness. I also like this girl Shubham's mother!

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    I was still in shock and dumbstruck, I don’t what to react at this. Darshana said to Aditya, ‘Dei Aditya, you look cute da, don’t worry’. she looked at me ‘Is it he cute mom?’. He is smilingawkwardly. My shock changed to anger, I shouted ‘What the hell is this Aditya, is this prank? Dress I can understand, but why you have cut the hair like this? What were you thinking Aditya’ He lookedsurprised and shocked, he holds Dharshini’s hand tightly and each step I take forwards, he goes behind Dharshini little by little and try to hide behind her. Darshana tries to stop me ‘Mom, stop it’Even my mom is holding my hand. I asked them ‘why are you stopping me’. I feel like I am going to beat him for some mischievous thing. Dharshini comes forward ‘Let me explain mom’ ‘yes young lady, Idefinitely need an explanation’. She takes me to other end of the room, I asked her ‘yes Dharshini, tell me why your dad is having that hairstyle, why you want to explain instead of him?’ she rollsher eyes and said ‘Mom, I want to explain because I am responsible for Aadhi’s Haircut. We had a bet, loser must do whatever the other person says, I wins’ ‘Bet!! Really Dharshini? but why did youmade him have this girl’s style, you should have made him do something different’ she could see that am still angry. ‘If it is before, I could have asked Aadhi to buy me something, now you know thatit is difficult, so I want to give him some difficult tasks, I remembered that he told me that he is going to have a crew cut again. so, I forced him to have this hairstyle mom, its my mistake. Ithought he would not accept it’ ‘Then why did he accepted’ ‘He said that he wants to show an example that, if we give someone a word, we should keep our word till the lost’. Reason is absurd, butlife lesson he tutors the girls is important in life. I always admire that on him.
    ‘Dharshini, you will definitely get a punishment for this’ ‘Okay mom, but don’t scold Aadhi, see, he already looks like he is going to cry’ ‘Fine I won’t’ I could see that Darshana is consoling him,Dharshini went and hugged him ‘Don’t worry da Aadhi, I explained to her that it’s my mistake okay, I will take care da’ She pat his head. He looks at me and everyone is looking at me, ‘Okay! Okay! Noproblem, you look nice Aditya’ I don’t want to upset him more, let him have it for some days, we can cut the hair once the lockdown gone. ‘Chinese food is ready, shall we eat?’ Everyone is excitedand we have started having the food. Mom serves food to everyone, Girls and Aditya started eating and chatting with each other, Dharshini taken photos of our foods, she asked us ‘Guys looks here, andsay cheese’ she is taking a selfie of us eating. I told her to start eating, she started eating. I could see that the Darshana and Aditya is fighting for Dim sums, there is only one is remaining,‘Aditya, it’s my favourite da, let me have it da’ ‘Its my favourite too Darshana’ it reminds me the old days where me and my sister fight for the food and it looks adorable. But only issue is thatone of it is boy and its father and daughter. Dharshini gives her one to Darshana and told Aditya ‘Aadhi, its bad habit da, you should share your foods and you should adjust with younger ones da, doyou understand?’ ‘Okay, I understand’. Its funny that Aditya used to say that when the girls are fighting.

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    They completed eating, they started leaving, ‘Dharshini, go and help your grandma in cleaning the vessels’ ‘Mom’ ‘What mom, it’s your punishment and also I have ordered some ice-creams, After youdone with cleaning, please take it to terrace and come’ ‘Aditya and Darshana, come we can go upstairs’ They are so happy and each grabbed my hair and we went upstairs, it’s a full moon day, they havelaid on the blanket and watched the stars on the sky and counting it, Darshana asked Aditya to count as well, I was sitting in the chair, Dharshini brought the ice-cream. Darshana and Aditya camerunning and get it and went to count again. Dharshini sits with me and have the ice-cream. Dharshini has taken selfies of us to show the transformation. I have asked her to share the pictures withme. Then we went to bed to sleep.
    One more week has been passed, Online classes for the school has been started for them, Dharshini moved to 11th standard and Darshana promoted to 8th standard. I went downstairs to have breakfast,Dharshini and Darshana is attending the online classes via mobile, Aditya is sitting simply in the Sofa and watching them attending the classes as Darshana is not having a separate mobile, I haveasked her to use Aditya’s mobile. I had my breakfast and chatted with mom a little. Another week passed, Girls are listening to the classes and Aditya is watching something on the Tv. Another weekpassed, when I came downstairs, Dharshini is attending the online class, but she is simply looking outside when the class is going on. I asked her to listen to the class. What surprised me is thatDarshana is listening to the class and Aditya is also sitting with her and listening to it as well. ‘Mom, what is happening, why Aditya is also listening to the classes’ ‘Oh! Aadhi said, he is sobored to sit alone without mobile, I suggested him to view Tv, but he became bored of it as well, I told him since you haven’t gone to school much, you can listen to the Classes. I thought he wouldnot do, but to my surprise he did’ ‘Really, let him do at least something, but he can listen to Dharshini’s class right, why he is listening to Darshana’s class’s’ ‘He tried with Dharshini’s class,but it seems so advanced, he doesn’t understand much and he slept hearing it itself’ she laughed, ‘so, he tried Darshana’s class and it seems to be fine’. I started eating. ‘Kutties did anyone needmilk?’ Dharshini said, ‘I don’t want grandma’ Darshana said ‘I want grandma with biscuit’ Aditya also said, ‘for me also grandma’. Did I hear that correctly? I have turned to see him, he listens andwatching the mobile screen. Mom brought two glasses of milk and biscuits to them.

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    Weeks has been passing and I have been busy with work, few times I came down for breakfast or lunch, Dharshini is doing something while the class is going. Darshana is always studious, so she listensto all the classes mostly. I thought Aditya will do it for few days and will move to other things, but to my surprise, whenever I went down, he listens to the classes, he even has a notebook to takesnotes of the lessons he learns. I could see the involvement and excitement he is having to learn new things. It gives me a mixed feeling. One Sunday, we planned to have a family dinner. While havingdinner, I noticed that Dharshini is using mobile and chatting as always, but Darshana and Aditya keeps on talking about something and discuss seriously, ‘Darshana, what are you discussing?’ ‘Subjectin Science mom about Pollution, Aadhi has few doubts on that mom, and I have been explaining, Dei Aadhi, tell mom what you have learnt?’ Aditya started explaining ‘Do you know how much pollution wehave been doing without our knowledge and how much we have contaminated the air and water surrounds us? I never know that we have made these many animals go extinct’ He started explaining about theconcept in so much eagerness, I don’t know what he is going by learning this, but he is learning something new that good. ‘Okay, okay! You can discuss after having food’ ‘yeah da Aadhi, mom is right’they stared eating. I have enquired Dharshini about the school as well.
    One Sunday, when I was having breakfast, bell rings and mom went to see who it is. Mom shouted from Door ‘Pavi, looks who comes to our home’ I went to door ‘Hey Keerthu, how long it’s been, how areyou’ I’m hugging her, its Keerthana, My schoolmate and one of my close friends. ‘Its so long, after you went to your father’s hometown, you forget this place itself’ ‘Nothing like that di, college,marriage life moves on di’ ‘yeah, I understand di Pavi’ My mom asks, ‘How is your mom, when you came to her home?’ ‘Yesterday only I came aunty, she is fine, she got affected by the virus aunty thatwhy she is not able to come here also’ ‘It’s okay Keerthana, I can understand, tell her to take care’ ‘Okay Aunty’ I asked, ‘Come and have breakfast Keerthu’ ‘I just now had di, Aunty, one coffee, Ialways loved your coffee Aunty’ My mom prepares coffee. ‘I never thought you will be here Pavi, I am so happy to hear that you were here with your family, yeah where is your family Pavi’, Mom givesthe coffee and ‘Kutties come down and a guest came to our house’ Dharshini came down first, she wore a Beige hoodie with drawstring and elbow-length sleeves designed with blue emoji print all overand matching pyjama and she wore a simple bun like hairstyle with big claw clip. ‘Keerthu, this is Dharshini my elder daughter’ ‘Say hi to Keerthu aunty she is my close friend’ ‘Hi Keerthu Aunty’,Darshana came down wearing a mint short green nightdress with floral print and short sleeves, wearing a braided bun. ‘This is Darshana, my younger daughter’ ‘Hi Keerthu Aunty’.

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    Darshana calls ‘Aadhi, come down da, a guest has been come to our home da’ She calls Aditya without any respect before other person. Until now it’s between us so, I don’t mind much but this is wrong.I was about to pull Darshana, Aditya came down wearing a maroon top with white heart print at the chest has a round neck and short sleeves, Light grey capri with floral and leaf print all over. Hishair is brushed well in medium length bob, and he hides the fringe with a thick maroon glitter at the head. Keerthana excited and whispered in my ear ‘Wow! Pavi, you have three adorable daughters,they are so cute Pavi’ I don’t know how to react. I got the comment for the photos, but I never expected someone to say it in reel, I don’t know how to explain her that it’s my husband. I was shellshocked to say anything. Aditya asked Darshana ‘Why did you call me di Darshana’ ‘This is Keerthu aunty, say hi to her da Aadhi’ He said, ‘Hi Keerthu Aunty’ ‘Hi Aadhi, you look so cute sweetie’ Hedon’t know what to say He said, ‘Thanks aunty’. ‘Pavi, is she your 2nd daughter?’ Everyone is shocked to hear that. Aditya was looking at me, Girls are looking at each other, I don’t know what tosay. I was about to say the truth. My mom says, ‘yes Keerthana’. ‘Oh, nice Pavi, my daughter is also coming tomorrow here, I was thinking how she can manage here, since she doesn’t know anyone, butluckily you have three daughters, they will be close like us for sure’ she hugged me and laughed. I was still in shock to say anything. Then she said she will come tomorrow with her daughter andleft.
    I bid her bye and asked ‘mom! What were you thinking mom, you introduced my husband as my daughter’ Aditya comes to me and asked ‘Pavi, why she is asking me as your daughter and why you said yes toit’ ‘Mom! Answer him mom, you are the one who said that’ My mom asks, ‘Then what would have I said?’ ‘The Truth’ ‘Really Pavi, look at Aadhi, he is wearing a teenage girls night suit and look at hishair, its styled like a girl as well. How can you expect me to say that it’s your husband, I know you hesitated to tell also’ Aditya said, ‘I feel ashamed’ and he is going to cry? She is hugging himand says ‘Aadhi, look at me da, its so difficult for us also da chellam, its Pavi’s close friend da, what she will think if she knows that her husband is wearing a girl’s cloth’ ‘What can I do, thisis the only dress which is there, no shops are open , my dress doesn’t fit me’ ‘No one blames you da sweetheart, I know its so hard for you also, she will be gone in few days and no one knows aboutthis da chellam, everything will be back to normal’ He cries a little but he understands. Dharshini and Darshana sees this and ‘Aadhi, come da, we will play some video games’ then Aditya’s eyesbrightened, and they went up to play the game. I asked ‘Mom, I understands that it is difficult to explain the situation, still she is my friend mom, she would have understood and how will we manageto tell the truth’ ‘Pavi, we can say that later everything becomes normal, we can explain the situation. She will be here for few days; we can manage until that’ ‘Mom why did you said him as mysecond daughter, we would have told something else’ I laughed at the idea ‘She suggested that, so suddenly I don’t know what else to say and I went with the flow we can’t call him Aditya right’ ‘Momits for few days only mom, may be we can call him ADITI, I always liked that name’ ‘Then Aditi it is’ we both laughed.

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    ‘It’s Monday again’ I wake up with up my mobile ringtone, It’s Indhu, ‘yes Indhu, I will be joining the call’ ‘Okay Akka’ I wake up and went to get ready for work. I logged in and started the routinelife of mine. It started with a Daily status meeting, mom brought me breakfast since past the time which I usually go down for breakfast, continue with same routine works. I always plan to havedinner with family, I have seen the time and understood the time is already late, I went to see that my dinner is in hot box, and I have it. I am in the mood to have a wine today, I have it in aglass and went outside to sit and thinks about the family. Again, the routine started, I did the same on the next day as well, then Wednesday I wake up early and try to have breakfast with family. Igot ready and went down, the online classes are already started, so I went and have the breakfast. Dharshini is using the phone and not listening to the classes as usual, Darshana and Aditya issitting and listening to the class, Darshana is taking notes and Aditya is also doing the same. I am so surprised to see Aditya’s interest in learning. ‘See Mom, I am here doing my work without muchinterest, even though I know that I am going to spend my life in this. But Aditya is learning with so much interest, even though its not going to help him in any way’ ‘Everything is useful in one wayor another Dear, Whatever you do, you should do with your heart, never do anything in the sake of doing’ ‘I could see who influenced Aditya’ and I laughed, she laughed and said ‘no, I didn’t doanything, Aadhi’s interest comes on his own, he is such a good boy’ Then I remembered and asked her whether Keerthana came to our home, she said that she will be coming. ‘No Pavi, she didn’t come’‘Oh! It’s good’ Thinking about Aditya and I went again to continue my work.
    Week has been passed; Sunday I went down to have breakfast and I could see that the everyone is there. It’s so happy to have everyone on the table. While having breakfast, three of them are chattingand discussing. ‘What you guys are discussing about? Shall we plan something for today’ Dharshini said, ‘Oh mom, we are planning to help grandma in cleaning here garden’ Darshana and Aditya said,‘Maybe you can also join, it will be fun’. ‘I would love to join dear; I have few errands to run, maybe I can join after that’. I have gone upstairs to send few mails and went down. My mom has asmall garden in the backyard, where she grows few flowers and few vegetables. I went to see everyone is wearing a glove and cleaning the garden by picking the papers and plastics which has been onthe garden. I asked my mom whether she needed coffee as I am going to prepare one. She said OKAY. I prepared two cups of coffee and called her. We sat on the table on the garden, then I realised Ihaven’t even asked Aditya, I know that girls don’t have coffee or tea. ‘Mom, I forgot to ask whether Aditya needed coffee’ ‘Don’t worry Pavi, Aadhi is not having any coffee/tea nowadays, he is havingonly milk like Dharshini and Darshana’ ‘Oh! That good for his health, he used to drink more coffee, I was thinking how to reduce the intake, relieved to hear so’.

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    aditi (Monday, 20 June 2022)

    Mom asked me to call them, ‘Girls come here, Grandma is calling’ Dharshini and Darshana. I asked Darshana to call Aditya as well, ‘Dei Aadhi, come here da, Grandma is calling’ ‘Yes coming diDarshana’ he came, Dharshini asked ‘Do you clean that area fully da?’ ‘Yes, di Dharshu’ ‘Good da, you are so fast’. My mom said, ‘Kutties, watch this, this is how we clean the area’ she teaches allthe necessary things how to water the plant, how to take care of the plant, how to use the fertilizers and all. Everyone is watching so eagerly and seems excited to learn something. ‘Maybe we can dosomething more interesting, how about I give each one of you a seed, you have to plant the seeds, water the plant and maintain it regularly, let see who grows it well’ They are so excited, and my momgave them seeds. Dharshini got the seeds ‘Thanks Grandma for teaching a new thing’ she went to dig a hole and put the seeds inside and close the hole. Darshana got the seeds and ‘Thanks Grandma forteaching a new thing’ she did the same and she jumped in joy after she did the process. Aditya got the seeds and said ‘Thanks Grandma for teaching a new thing’ I was surprised to see that Aditya iscalling my mom grandma like girls. I seen my mom and she understand and told that ‘he sometime slips and told like that, don’t take it so seriously and let him enjoy’. Aditya also followed the sameprocess. Everyone is overjoyed. I am so happy for them learn some new things other than studies. They started throwing mud at each of them and started playing.
    Everyone becomes so dirty, and I shouted them to stop and have a bath. Everyone went to their room to take bath. I also went to my room and have a hot bath; I was lying in my bed to relax, and I haveslept for some time. I wake up in the late evening and went down ‘Where is everyone mom?’ ‘They went to play outside’ ‘Again in the mud?’ ‘No Pavi, they went with their phones, and they usually playwith their phones in the evening’ ‘Oh okay mom’ I went to watch some television, The cases are bit decreasing, and government is planning to reduce the restrictions on the lockdown. They are alsoresearching on the vaccines. Then I have watched some movies. Everyone came late and they were dressed nicely like they went somewhere. I know that they can’t go anywhere due to lockdown. Then wehave dinner, and we went to sleep. Again, Monday starts, I have been working as usual. Then At 9 PM I received a notification in the mobile regarding the EMI. Then I remembered, today is due date, Itotally forgot that EMI debited from my account will account will go smoothly but, I will usually send money to Aditya’s account as the loan for Renovation has been taken in his name. I scoldedmyself that I forgot it completely. Then I have opened the account of Aditya to find that it went smoothly. I checked whether I have sent the money already, then I noticed that the account has beenreceived 10K from Dharshini’s account.

  • #344

    aditi (Monday, 20 June 2022 09:16)

    I was surprised to see that, how she got this much money and why did she send it my account. I went to check with her, everyone is there, Dharshini is wearing a hoodie night dress and Darshana ismini nightdress. ‘Dharshini did you sent a 10k to my account’ ‘Yes mom’ ‘Why and how did you get that much money?’ ‘It’s Aadhi’s money mom, Aadhi only asked me to send the money to you’ I turned tosee that Aditya is wearing a Teal blue top and pyjama designed with floral print all over, top has a round neckline and short sleeves with a frilled hemline. He is having a half up ponytail,supported by a rubber band hair reached shoulder length which is brushed nicely. ‘Aditya, how did you get the money?’ Aditya was thinking many times and about to tell something and getting stuck.Darshana noticed and said ‘It’s okay da Aadhi, I will tell mom’ ‘Mom, you know that we can put videos in a platform right’ ‘That one you put pictures and short videos’ ‘Not that mom, another onewhere we can post big videos and everyone started posting vlogs and all’ ‘yeah I know, I watch film reviews and songs in that only’ ‘In that we can post whatever we want and we can learn money fromthat you know?’ ‘Yeah, I heard peoples said that Darshana, but what it has to do with this?’ ‘Mom, Aadhi also started posting videos on that, Me and Dharshini akka have helped him to get more view,is it akka’ Dharshini said ‘yes mom’ ‘We can really earn this much amount in that, I am so surprised to hear that’ ‘Sometimes we got lucky and get money mom, not always’ ‘It’s good to know, ThanksAditya and girls for this, Go and sleep, you have classes tomorrow right’ then I closed the door and I hear then giggling and laughing.
    I came down and while having dinner asked my mom whether she know that they have been doing some videos to earn money, ‘Oh! So really, we can earn money by posting videos. Yeah Pavi, do you rememberone day you scolded him so badly that he is not understanding the situation?’ ‘Yeah mom, I remember that due to my work pressure’ ‘Poor fellow, taken it so seriously. But he knows that he cannot domuch to help, so he asked girls what the other way is to earn money, they have told them few things, and this is one of the ways. Next few days, I could see him do something with paper and so manythings, he keeps on filming something on this mobile and all. I have seen him so upset for next few days. Dharshini notices this and advise him on other few things. She consoled him and helped him alot’ I said ‘it’s so mature of her’ ‘yeah, he then films my cooking, he even asked me to prepare many dishes and films it. He even films the rangoli styles and all. After school starts, they arefilming much. Only on evening and weekends they take the mobile outside and doing something’ ‘yeah mom, its good to see them helping me to pay the bill. I am so proud of them mom, I felt bad forAditya that I scolded him badly on that day, but somehow it helps him also. I felt relieved somehow and went to bed. I got a call from Indhu ‘Hi akka’ ‘Hi Indhu’ ‘I have sent the status mail akka’ Westarted our conversation regarding the office and then I moved to asking her if she knows about the video platform and earning. She told it will be difficult to earn from that platform and if we arelucky or super talented then we can earn well. ‘Who started channel in that platform akka’ ‘My Daughters and’ I stopped remembering that I haven’t told them that my husband is with me here. ‘Yeah, Iremember akka, those three daughters of yours, super akka’ ‘Thanks Indhu’ I thought that three daughters again, I must explain something to these people also. ‘What’s their channel name akka, I canalso subscribe akka’ ‘Oh I forgot to ask that Indhu, I will ask them and let you know’. I went to bed and slept nicely.

  • #345

    aditi (Monday, 20 June 2022 09:17)

    Next day, I wake up with full energy and I went down, I noticed that Dharshini is getting ready for Online class ‘Good Morning Dharshini’ she looked surprised to see me early ‘Good Morning mom, youwake up early today’ ‘Yes sweetie’ and I kissed her in cheeks. ‘Where is Darshana?’ ‘She is in Aadhi’s room, she helps him get ready, see you down mom’ she went downstairs. I went to Aditya’s Room, Icould see that Aditya is sitting in the chair opposite to the mirror, Darshana is brushing his hair, ‘Aadhi, sit straight da and keep that mobile that side da’ ‘okay! Okay di’ she plucks the mobileand kept it on the side ‘Sit without moving da, do you how difficult it is to brush and style the hair’ ‘It’s simple only di Darshana’ ‘Oh! You think so, then I will make you brush my hair one dayda, then you know’ ‘Okay Di Darshana, I’m sorry now brush the hair soon, Classes are going to start soon, Grandma will be calling us soon’ ‘If you sit straight, then we can go on time da, I don’tknow how Dharshini made you sit silently while brushing’ Then she started blow drying his hair well, then she started brushing the hair. She keeps on brushing until it becomes shiny. His hair reachedwell below shoulder; she divided the hair into two horizontal sections. She gathered the hair from forehead and temples, she has taken a rubber band and put a mid-length ponytail and brushes theremaining hair near the shoulders well. ‘Done Aadhi, let’s go down’ I don’t know whether to be happy or not, but when she turned towards me, ‘Good Job Darshana’ and hugged her. She said, ‘Thanks mom,you woke up so early’ ‘yes sweetie, come let’s go for breakfast’ Darshana pulled Aditya also to breakfast table.
    Dharshini is already started eating, she looks at the mobile and scrolling through the feeds. I wished mom and started having breakfast. I could see that Darshana, and Aditya is kept on chatting andtalking about something. Before everything happened, Girl’s chat with Aditya only on weekends and they are close to one level. But once Aditya got affected and Dharshini helped him so much and theybecome super close and Darshana is left alone mostly. But once the school online class starts, I could see that Darshana, and Aditya become so close and left Dharshini alone. I feel like Dharshini ismostly in her mobile always. I told them that ‘Aditya and Girls, we will be having the dinner from outside on Sunday evening, you can have whatever you want, since you three were working hard, its mytreat’ Everyone is excited. Then I went upstairs to continue my work.

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    aditi (Monday, 20 June 2022 09:18)

    Sunday came, I woke up late and went down to have coffee. My mom gave me coffee and I was having coffee and checking the mail. ‘Where are the kids’ mom’ ‘They are upstairs Pavi, they had theirbreakfast just now and went’ Then we are having some regular conversation. Calling bell Rings and I went to open the door to see who it is. I opened the Door to and surprised to see who it is. ‘HiPavi, how are you’ Keerthana hugs me and said it. I was surprised to see her; I totally forget her, and the incident happened on that day. I feel happy to see my close friend and sad to remember tolie to her due to circumstances, ‘Hi Keerthu, I’m fine come on in’, she is similar height to mine, and she wore a marron Straight Kurta with palazzo and dupatta. Another girl is behind her, she isaround Dharshini’s height, and she is fair and so pretty. She wore a Stylish Kurta, and it looks so costly, and she has a hair braided which reaches below butt. ‘Pavi, this is my only daughter Meera’‘Meera, say hi to Pavi Aunty’ She wishes me ‘Hi Pavi Aunty, my mom told so much about you Aunty, you look so young aunty, I can call you akka instead of Aunty’ oh my god, she is such a sweet talker.‘You can call me by name itself dear, you know you mom is senior to me in school’ and I laughed. ‘Is it aunty?’ Keerthana interrupts ‘She is lying Meera’. She hits me in my arm. Everyone laughed.‘Where were you, you haven’t come here for 2 weeks’ ‘yeah, di Pavi, my husband is not able to drop her, so I went and pick her up’.
    ‘Where is your angels, I convinced Meera to come here because of them only’ ‘They are upstairs, I will bring them, Mom give them Coffee’ I have shown her signal to manage them until I’m back. Ishould inform girls and make them manage for two more days. I Went upstairs and to find that Dharshini and Darshana is sitting in the room, Darshana is wearing a Black maxi skirt and a green top withtwisted Braid, Dharshini is wearing a Baby pink sleep T-shirt designed with text print in black colour, short sleeves, and grey boxers. She wore her hair in a top ponytail. Aditya is not there ‘Whereis Aditya?’ Dharshini said, ‘He went to washroom; he will be back’. ‘Do you remember Keerthu aunty?’ ‘Yes mom, your friend who came on that day, what about her?’ ‘She came today also, she isdownstairs. Do you remember what happened on that day?’ ‘What happened mom’ Darshana interrupts ‘Akka, don’t you remember, that Grandma said that Aadhi is mom’s daughter’. I said ‘Exactly, could youplease maintain that today also. I don’t want her to know that your dad is dressed in girls dress’ ‘Okay Mom no problem, I guess we can manage’ ‘Good, remember this okay, for today, Aditya’s name isAditi, and he is my 2nd Daughter, oh I don’t know, why mom said this?’ Darshana said, ‘Aditi is a cute name, mom’ ‘Don’t forgot it, adjust for today’ Dharshini said, ‘I don’t know how Aadhi willreact mom, he is upset on that day itself, it is taken much effort to let him forget that’ ‘I understand Dharshini, I don’t have much choice here, you go downstairs I will tell him and bring himdown’.

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    aditi (Monday, 20 June 2022 09:20)

    I was about to go to Aditya’s room; Keerthu was outside and drags me to downstairs. I haven’t even told Aditya anything. Meera introduced herself to them, ‘Hi, I’m Meera, I am doing my 1st PUC, whichis like 11th standard here’ Dharshini looks happy as she is also doing the 11th standard. ‘Hi Meera, I’m Dharshini, I am doing my 11th standard, nice to meet you’ ‘Really, I am glad to meet you too’Meera immediately hugged her and said, ‘we will have a nice time’ and both smiled. Darshana introduces herself ‘Hi Meera akka, I am Darshana, I am doing my 8th standard akka’ ‘you have a cute name asyou are Darshana’ I could see that Meera easily won everyone over. ‘Pavi aunty, I heard you have 3 daughters, where is the other one Aunty’ I said, ‘he... I mean she is in washroom Meera; she will bedown in few minutes’ I feel uncomfortable telling my husband in girl pronoun. I starred at my mom, in the meantime, Aditya comes down, He is wearing a Light-yellow top with power puff print at oneside, round neckline, short sleeves with blue pyjama with trendy triangle print all over. His hair is styled in half up ponytail hairstyle, but ponytail is in top of the crown and instead of rubberband or tie his hair is used to wrap around the ponytail. This is the girlish hairstyle; I have seen him. Keerthu looks at him and waves at him, ‘I said speak of the devil, here she comes’ he looksuncomfortable, but he smiles and say ‘Hi Keerthu aunty’ ‘aww! You remember me, you are so sweet dear’ she pinched his cheeks. Meera introduced again to Aditya When Aditya is about to say something,my mom interrupts and said ‘This is Aditi, Pavi’s 2nd Daughter’ Aditya sees me and remembers the incident, but he looks like thinking where the Aditi came from. He simply nods.
    Meera says ‘Wow Aditi, you look so adorable, if my grandma didn’t tell you that you are not 2nd daughter, I would have thought you as youngest of three, what are you studying sweetie’ she laughs. Icould see that Aditya is so angry, Meera doesn’t look like winning Aditya. I don’t blame Meera; she is talking to my husband not some small girl. He smiles still and my mom says again ‘She is oneyear elder to Darshana, but we have joined them in same class in school. She is studying 8th standard as well’. He looks so angry and surprised. My mom says ‘Aditi, say Hi to Meera’, ‘okay Grandma,Hi Meera’. Meera looks like she is going to say something, but she stopped and smiled. He asked me to follow him, I have followed him. ‘Pavi, what the hell are you doing?’ I told him to talk slowly‘I thought you will explain Keerthana everything, instead of that you are extending the lies and introducing me as your daughter to her daughter. I don’t think its going to be end well Pavi’ ‘I’msorry Aditya, I completely forget Keerthu and I never thought she will bring her daughter along, kindly manage for today, I will explain them until then kindly act as my second daughter’ ‘Pavi, I amnot comfortable doing this. I will do this for only one day. What is this Aditi, you haven’t told me anything’ ‘I can’t call you Aditya now right, so only? I was about to tell you, but you went torestroom. I have explained everything to girls, they will also act like your sisters’. Keerthana calls me ‘Pavi, come di, Daughter and Mom are having some secrets huh?’ she laughed. ‘Nothing likesthat di, she is asking for something to online classes.’. Aditya is still standing near the sofa. Darshana calls him ‘Dei Aadhi’ Dharshini hits Darshana ‘sorry I forgot, Aditi Come here di, Keerthuaunty and Meera akka has brought Ice-cream for us’ Aditya looks confused at first then he understands and come towards the dining table. Darshana said ‘Here di, your favourite strawberry flavour’ hesaid, ‘Thanks di’ and he whispered to her ‘Darshana, why are you calling me like that’ ‘Mom only told me to do da, adjust today da Aadhi’ and she holds his hand. Meera asks, ‘what happened sweeties,Aditi doesn’t like the ice-creams’ Darshana told ‘No akka, he I mean she likes it akka, she just told that you look pretty akka’ Meera felt so good and told, ‘Aww!! Thank you, sweetheart,’ she showsheart symbol to Aditya. ‘Enjoy the ice-cream before its melts’ She started to talk with Dharshini. Darshana asks me to eat the ice-cream.

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    Aditi (Monday, 20 June 2022 13:04)

    No problem I will call again

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    Aditi (Monday, 20 June 2022 19:19)

    Super adithi continue as many episodes as soon

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    condition 1 (Monday, 20 June 2022 20:24)

    Ali was talking to his neighbor karan, he was in a vest and shorts. His younger sister priya arrives from college. As she goes past him, she calls 'Ali bhayya, what are you doing outside' and shesigns very strongly with her eyes, for him to go inside.. Ali ignores her and says 'get lost'. priya nods her head sideways and angrily goes inside.
    Ali enters the house later, while he saw priya in her nighty and tight hair bun on top, watching tv, he sees her turning towards him and smiling as he enters, so he felt nothing wrong and came andsat on the other side.
    'Ali bhayya, why are you talking to the boy, and didn't mom said not to go outside, you know your medical condition right'
    he says 'I know what to do, and what not to do'
    P: bhayya, I am saying for your good, look they are getting bigger, and you can't keep wearing vests and going outside
    Ali gets angry as she mentions how his chest is getting bigger, he is fed up of staying in the house for last year.
    A: get lost, mom is on business trip, I will do whatever I want
    P: Ali bhayya, mind your language, and don't forget you need my permission to go out..
    A: permission what are you talking about, you are little sister you will do whatever I say, not the reverse..
    P: not so soon bhayya, don't you remember last time she left you incharge you made a mess with your friends, so..
    A: so.., so what..
    Priya authoritatively crosses her legs, and while tapping the remove on her other hand, she says
    P: yes that's right big brother, I am the INCHARGE of this house.
    A: bull shit.. and tries to go outside again..
    as he gets up...
    A: ahh, aahh my hair..
    ali shouts as priya grabs his hair,
    P: where do you think you are going brother, and what is that vest, are you trying to expose your new boobs to the neighbor.
    A: what, they are not my boobs, leave my hair... and he pulls off of her grip..
    P: well they do look like boobs to me..
    He stares at priya, then remembers how his mom hit him last time he raised his hand against priya, then he storms off in anger 'alright, they are getting big, but they are not boobs, and I am notexposing, i will wear a tshirt'
    priya giggles as he storms off.. 'yeah that's right, go cover them with something, boys can be naughty'
    he has teary eyes, as he goes to his room, and checks out how large infact they have become, wondering why is it happening to him.
    However he comes back normally after sometime wearing a tshirt.
    P: this is better..
    A: ha, ha, I don't need your approval.. and I will ask mom when she calls us next time about who is incharge.
    P: anytime big brother.. she says in a condescending manner.
    they eat dinner cooked by maid, and go to sleep in their rooms.

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    Priya (Monday, 20 June 2022 21:04)

    Superb aditi story very interesting plz continue

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    Priya (Monday, 20 June 2022 21:09)

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    Condition 2 (Monday, 20 June 2022 21:38)

    Next day priya's college was finished early, as she walks home and stops infront of her house, she angrily stares at Ali talking to the neighbor karan again, she shouts angrily 'Ali bhayya, what didI tell you yesterday' Ali replies 'mind your own business priya, I am wearing a tshirt today'
    Priya walks up to him, watches that karan is staring at the bumps near chest in her brother's tshirt, without ali watching him.. she nods her head sideways,
    'you don't understand Ali bhayya, come inside first, I will explain' Ali resists, karan also agrees and says 'dude, she is your little sister, tell her to go away, priya go wear pigtails and watchcartoons'
    priya angrily walks towards karan 'ohh KARAN, I will see about you later, let me deal with my brother first'
    Ali says 'he is elder to you, why are you refererring karan bhayya by name, you idiot, go inside I won't come'
    Priya gives a long stare at ALI and 'alright, enough is enough, you are coming inside now' she grabs Ali's hand and drags him inside..
    As they enter inside, Ali whips his hand, and angrily Slaps priya, THAPPP,
    'enough of your dominance priya' he shouts
    priya's turns towards him in anger, Ali has never seen her sister like that, she loosens her ponytail, makes it into a bun, goes into the bedroom angrily, comes back with something in herhand..
    'bendover' , she shouts..
    A: what?
    she bends him over the table, grabs both his arms on back side, with her left hand and lifts his tshirt, and starts spanking his butt through night pant with hairbrush..
    A: Ahh, ahh, priya stop, what are you doing..
    as she keeps spanking, she says ' I was doing for your own good, mom said in your medical condition, it is not good to go outside, but, you wouldn't listen, I tried to control a lot Ali'
    A: sorry priya, I will not go out, please don't spank me I am your big brother..
    'well well, and look at that karan gawking at your boobs, but you shamelessly talking to him'
    A: what, I don't know, please priya stop, it is paining..
    'ahah, how stupid you didn't know, and you call yourself my big brother'
    A: sorry priya, please stop, its hurting..
    'alright now' she slows down a bit ' now will you be a good boy for me and stop going outside, until mom gives you permission'
    A: sure priya, I will not go outside..
    'and will you listen to me, now tell me who is INCHARGE of the house'
    A: you priya, you are INCHARGE.
    'GOOD BOY!, I think this will be enough for now'
    Ali stands straight, and while rubbing his butt, looking scared of his younger sister, he rans to the room and locks his door, and comprehends being humiliated for a while.
    Priya on the other hand sits and watches tv like nothing happened, later the cook comes and makes food and goes away.
    after they both eat food, ali goes to room, could not face his younger sister, who just spanked him.

    Later while priya was sitting in the hall, her phone rings, it was her MOM on video call.
    Priya was surprised her mom called in such odd time, anyhow she looks herself in the mirror, she was in nighty and tight high bun as usual, she then lifts the call..
    P: Hi mom..
    M: hello my sweet pie..
    P: mom, don't call me that, I am not a little girl, I am going to college..
    M: I know, okay, okay, nice hairstyle, you are getting good at making the top bun, just like mine..
    P: ohh, thank you mom, after all you left me incharge, I wanted to look the part..
    M: well, I trust you Priya, after what Ali did last time, I believe you will do better..
    P: ya mom, I will take care of him, don't you worry..
    M: alright, but don't spank him too hard next time..
    Priya surprised..
    P: Mom, how did, how did you know.. she stutters..
    M: Ohh I know priya, I know how you spanked your big brother, I know everything..
    and she checks her ipad to see the video streaming on her phone, from the camera she installed in her house.
    P: but how mom
    M: I have my ways, now call your brother I want to talk to him..

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    Condition 3 (Monday, 20 June 2022 22:10)

    P: sure mom, Ali bhayya, Ali bhayya..
    he comes to hall..
    he takes the phone..
    M: how are you Ali, everything alright..
    A: yes mom, all good.. he lies, with his worn off face after crying..
    M: how are they..
    A: they??
    M: I meant your boobies son..
    A: MOMMM..
    priya giggles from side..
    A: they are fine, just getting bigger day by day..
    M: yeah I could see..
    he tilts the phone up immediately..
    M: I talked to dr. shalini, after seeing the reports of last scans she doubts, that if they will slow down growing..
    A: what did she say.. he asked excitingly..
    M: even with medicines, it will not stop for another year Ali, you know, listen to your sister says, and she will help you if you need anything, okay..
    A: but mom, I am the elder one right, shouldn't I be incharge..
    he asks while priya was not listening..
    M: Ali sweetie, don't bring this topic again, Priya is incharge and this is final, you can ask her any clothes if you want..
    A: what??
    M: i mean, yours are not fitting properly right, I could see..
    A: stop it mom, these fit alright..
    he hands the phone to priya and goes back to his room.
    P: hey mom..
    M: hey priya, you should try my banana clip and claw clip, you will look good
    P: come on, mom, I already look so old in this bun, I will look like an aunty..
    M: okay, okay, just a suggestion..
    later she hangs up, after saying good bye..
    Ali was living in fear of his little sister like never before, he would do whatever she says..
    priya keeps ordering Ali bhayya do this, Ali bhayya do that..
    atleast he was happy she was referring him respectfully..
    one day, priya goes to her mom's room for getting something, and as she walks back she saw something on the dresser, her mom's hairclips.. she stops there..

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    Priya (Monday, 20 June 2022 23:42)

    Condition nice story plz continue

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    vasantha (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 00:45)

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    Malarvizhi (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 01:02)

    Hi Aditi ur story super but going to slow...use some forced and femdom...ur story good and realistic..make forced wear inners and hair style... humilate it make more realistic...

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    aditi (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 08:20)

    Aditya always likes ice-cream, whenever he is good mood, he brings ice-cream home. He always enjoys his ice-cream; he always says he will eat only ice-cream if it is possible. But for the first time,I could see that he is not enjoying his ice-cream to the core. His face looks upset and sad. I can understand him, few months before he would have never imagined that he will be wearing a girl’sdress that too of a teen-age girl, even he doesn’t like girls dress, he never feels uncomfortable wearing before us, because he understands the situation, no one expected this situation will come.But now he wears it before other peoples, they are thinking him as a girl, a teen-age girl instead of a mid-aged man, also a daughter to the woman you married and sister to your daughters. I feel sadfor him as well, but what can I do, how can you introduce a guy who looks like girl and dresses in the girls’ dress with girl’s hairstyle as my husband to my close friend. What will she think of me,she knows that most of the boys in the school and college has proposed me, she knows that I’m so popular in my college days, I married Aditya due to some unforeseen circumstances, I don’t blame himfor that, he is nicer, but this is one such situation, he has to understand that, so, many thoughts are crossing my mind, Suddenly I heard Keerthu’s voice ‘Pavi, Pavi’ then I came to sense, ‘Whatwere you thinking di? Eat you Ice-cream its melting’ I said ‘Nothing’ then seen that Everyone is eating their ice-cream. Everyone completes their ice-cream, Aditya pulling Darshana’s hand, Darshanasaid ‘Mom, we will be in our room’ I understand and said ‘Okay Darshana’. While leaving Dharshini calls ‘Aadhi…ti...! Aditi!’ They are not hearing it, Meera calls him louder ‘Aditi’ Aditya sees back‘Dharshini is calling you’, he looks at Dharshini, Dharshini asks him to come near, he came towards him, she takes her kerchief and cleans the ice-cream from tip of the nose, ‘Clean the face usingwater’ she smiles, I feel that Dharshini is so affectionate towards Aditya, ‘Thanks di Dharshini’ Aditya smiles and leave. Dharshini and Meera went to watch some Tv, Keerthu said she has some workand she left, I helped mom in the kitchen, I have told her how much I feel bad for Aditya, she consoled me that we have no other option and not to worry. ‘After few months, we think of thissituation, we mostly laugh about it, try to enjoy the moments Pavi, don’t get stressed, your work is already making you more depressed’ ‘Yeah you are right mom, I should worry less, its bad to myhealth only’.
    Evening I remembered that I have told them I will buy the dinner tonight, that too their choice. Keerthu came back again; we made coffee for us and made some snacks and Milk for the kids. Mom calledthem ‘Kutties, come down for milk’, Aditya and Darshana came down slowly, I could see that Aditya is trying to avoid contact with Keerthu and Meera. Dharshini and Meera also came, and we gave themsnacks. Meera asked for coffee instead of milk ‘Meera, see even Dharshini is drinking milk only, coffee is bad for health at young age’ Keerthu said, ‘Mom, I understands that mom, It will take timeto adjust’ Keerthu went and came with a cup of coffee, Meera calls ‘Aditi chellam, Could you please take that cup for akka’ Aditya looks in shock, yeah as per the age we told she is elder to him, butin reality its quite the opposite. Even am shocked to hear that, but it’s not Meera’s fault. He passed the cup and she told him ‘Thanks di Chellam’. He smiles without much choice and says, ‘Noproblem, Meera’. I don’t want to call them girls, so I called them like my mom ‘Kutties, as I promised, I will give you treat tonight, what you want? Keerthana and Meera, Maybe you can also tell whatyou want, you can have dinner here itself’ ‘No problem, Pavi, we can have it our home’ ‘Come on di Keerthu, just say what you want’ ‘Fine I want chicken biriyani it’s enough’ Meera asked Dharshini‘Dharshini, we can have Pizza and finger chips with cold drinks, what you say’ ‘Super Idea Meera, Mom, I can have a pizza with finger chips and cold drinks mom’ Darshana said ‘I need Momo and noodlesmom’ Fine I looked at Aditya, he is not saying anything. Darshana sees me struggling ‘Aditi, what you want di?’ Aditya is silent, my mom asks ‘Chellakutty, answer you sister, what you want fordinner’ Darshana understand me and says, ‘Mom, she always likes noodles mom so, she will have what I can have mom, we will share it'. Keerthu notices and asked me ‘what happened Pavi, why is shesilent’ ‘Nothing di Keerthu, she sometimes confuses with dishes’

  • #360

    aditi (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 08:20)

    We have ordered the dishes and it has arrived, Dharshini and Meera are so eager to open the parcel and we have opened everyone’s dish and arranged it in the dining table. We have started having ourfood, me and Pavi has been started discussing about the past, how much we have enjoyed the life in the past, what we have wanted in the life and how much it has been changed. I could see thatDharshini and Meera is enjoying and laughing. Darshana and Aditya is talking with each other and discussing. Meera gave a Pizza slice to Darshana and Aditya, Darshana said ‘Thanks akka’, Aditya said‘Thanks Meera’. She smiled and started having the dinner. After long time I have a good time, I always like talking with Keerthu but after these many years I’m still enjoying the time with her. Sheis always funny, and she can easily make me laugh. We have been laughing so happily. They bid us good night and went back to their home.
    Next day, Mom brought me breakfast and I have asked her ‘Mom, where are the girls and Aditya, did they have their breakfast?’ ‘Your three daughters have finished their breakfast and they areattending the online classes’ ‘Mom!!’ ‘Okay Relax, Girls and Aadhi is doing fine, Aadhi is somewhat upset for some time, then he becomes normal once the class starts’ ‘That’s good to know mom, Takecare of them’. I was kept on thinking about how much Aditya would have been upset and how girls would have taken that. Then I got involved in work, work stress is becoming more. I have worked tilllate night. Next day I went down to have breakfast and Girls and Aditya is eating, I wished them good morning, girls wished but not Aditya. They have their breakfast and attend their class. Icompleted the breakfast and started my routine work. Even though I slept late, I woke up early and prepared the food for them, I prepared the Aditya’s favourite Chapati, I called them downstairs forfood. They are surprised to see me soon and girls wished me good morning and Aditya is still silent. I served them chapati and they started eating, I asked ‘Aditya, how is chapati’ he has not repliedanything, and I have asked again, Dharshini says, ‘Aadhi, mom is asking you only da reply’ he didn’t say anything and left angrily. Dharshini calls him again, but he left. Darshan said ‘I will takecare of him mom’ then she went behind him. I was so sad, and I completed my breakfast and went upstairs. Work is also piling up and I could not be able to concentrate much on work. Same continues forfew more days, Aditya is not talking to me after the last Sunday.

  • #361

    aditi (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 08:21)

    Saturday comes, I have requested no work on weekends as I have planned to spend time with the kids. I know many works are piling up in the office but still I want to give my kids and Aditya sometime.I prepared food for them in the morning and served them the food again. Aditya is not talking with me again, I kept on trying to talk, but he is not answering, I become so angry and shouted, ‘whatdid you want me to do Aditya?’ he breaks his silence and said ‘I want you to explain the situation to your friend and her daughter, I don’t want them to think me like some girl’ ‘Aditya, you knowthat its not so easy’ ‘Why it is not so easy Pavi, you can simply call and tell’ ‘Do you really think I want this Aditya, I also want to explain only, but its not easy as you think’ ‘I don’t carePavi, I want you to explain them, that’s all’ Girls try to talk with them, but he told everyone to shut up and he left angrily. I feel so depressed, and I simply went to sit on a chair, I felt sohazy everything is becoming so dark. When I opened my eyes, I am in a hospital and Dharshini and Keerthu is there, ‘Mom, how are you feeling?’ ‘I am fine, what happened Dharshu’ ‘Mom suddenly you gotfainted, we don’t know what to do, so we called Keerthu aunty and taken you in her car’ ‘what did the doctor told’ Doctor came at the same time, ‘How are you feeling Pavithra’ ‘I’m fine doctor’‘Good, You seem so stressed, you BP got fluctuated, you are not sleeping properly it seems’ ‘I have been stuck with work pressure Doctor, may be that’s the reason’ ‘don’t worry it will be fine, don’tget stressed more, eat properly on time, do some exercises or yoga and you will be perfectly alright’ then the doctor left. We left to home ‘thanks Keerthu’ ‘No problem di Pavi’. We reached home,Darshana came and hugged me tightly, mom came and asked me how I am, Aditya is still standing at the corner and looking sad. I went upstairs to take rest. I went downstairs after some time, Keerthuwelcomes me and asked me to sit down, Mom calls everyone for snacks. Aditya is still behaving awkwardly and angrily. Keerthu and Meera bids bye after the snacks and went to their home.
    Darshana pulls Aditya by the hand and drags him to the room, Dharshini said she will take care and she follows them, I also followed them to their room, Darshana shouted, ‘Dei Aadhi, what do youthink you are doing da? Have you lost your mind? I can understand that you were angry because of what they told to Keerthu aunty and Meera akka, but even after mom got fainted because of you, stillyou were angry and not talking to her even after she tried to talk to you’ ‘because of me? What I did?’ ‘Don’t you really know that its because of you da, she got fainted because she is so stressedwhy do you think she is stressed, she works all the time why you think she is working always?’ ‘I can understand that, but why did she have to introduce to others as a girl and I’m your dad so try togive respect’ ‘Seriously Aadhi, now you need respect, I don’t give you da, I will never give to one who behaves like you da’ Aditya is about to burst to tears, ‘Why are you speaking like thisDarshana, you never talks to me like that’ Dharshini went and hugged him, he burst crying ‘It’s okay da Aadhi don’t worry, she is just angry and worried about mom, that’s why she scolded you da, nowwipe your tears’ She made him sit on the bed and wipes his tears and explained him everything ‘Do you really think mom want to show you as her daughter to his friend? Do you really think mom want tomake you sad like that? Think from Mom’s perspective Da Aadhi, think how hard it is for her, you were infected from virus, she takes care of you daily, you were not able to work so she worked harderso that we can live a good life, why do you think she is stressed?’ ‘Because of work’ ‘Do you really think work alone make her like that, its because of you also, don’t you think mom is uncomfortableand sad for saying like that to her friend, she never called you as his daughter or by your name, only we did, because we know how hard it is for her’ I am surprised to see how matured Dharshini istalking and explaining to her dad. ‘You really want to call you dad and with respect? We know you have enjoyed talking to you like a friend, because we never seen you that much happy in our life.Don’t you?’ ‘Yeah, I like you guys getting close to me, I never felt it before’ ‘So you want us as friends, but not as sisters? Sisters are also friends in their way, don’t you think’ ‘yes’ ‘youshould understand mom and you must help her da, what were you doing is wrong da, don’t you think mom knows better?’ She wipes again his tear and she left him alone for some time and came downstairs.I was hearing the whole conversation and I don’t want to disturb them, and I came down.

  • #362

    aditi (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 08:22)

    I hugged and kissed Darshana and Dharshini for the understanding. We were sitting downstairs, Aditya comes down after some time, he slowly walks towards me, I am sitting in the chair and he standsnear me and said ‘Sorry’ in low voice, I looked at him, ‘Sorry, I can understand that its hard for you also, I have done things without understanding anything’ I hugged him and said its okay. ‘Howare you feeling, I am sorry that I have not even asked you that’ ‘its okay da Aadhi, I am fine, you don’t worry da’ I never called him like that before, but it flows like that. Then he went toDarshana, ‘Sorry di Darshana’ she simply said ‘okay’ ‘Please di talk normally’ ‘you only told to talk with respect’ ‘I said in anger, you can call anything you like di’ ‘really’ ‘Yeah really di’‘Okay di Aditi’ she says and laughed. Aditya also laughed with her. Mom brought a plate of food, I asked them to come, and I started feeding them myself, Dharshini and Darshana was excited as it islong time since I have done that. They got their share and looking at Aditya. Aditya also opens his mouth and I feed him. Everyone smiled and day started with sadness and ends with a happynote.
    Next day, Keerthu calls me ‘Hi di, how are you’ ‘I am fine di Keerthu’ ‘Okay today I prepare lunch for everyone in your home, so don’t prepare anything di’ ‘Hey it’s not necessary di’ ‘shut up, tellaunty not to prepare anything’ She disconnects the call. I informed my mom about that. On the afternoon she came to the home, Meera came wearing a Salwar suit with blue colour top and a green colourpalazzo type pant and green dupatta and her hair is braided in a single plait with a rose in it. ‘Hi Aunty, how are you’ she asked me, I said ‘Am fine Meera’. Meera went upstairs to see Dharshini,Pavi hugged me and prepared the table, she brought chicken biriyani, chicken gravy with chick 65. After few minutes, Dharshini came down with Meera wearing a short black night dress designed with‘Donut worry, be happy’ text print on the front, round neck, and short sleeves with frilled hemline. Darshana came down wearing a yellow button-down printed shirt and shorts set with matchingearrings. Her hair is braided well. Aditya wears a magenta button-down shirt designed with owl print all over and pyjama, his hair is made into half down ponytail with fringes in the front. He comesand hugs me, I never expected that. ‘Hi Keerthu aunty’ ‘Hi sweetheart’ ‘Hi Meera’ ‘Hi Aditi’ he looks so energetic and warm.

  • #363

    aditi (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 08:22)

    Everyone started having food and chatting with each other, After they have completed the food, calling bell rings, Meera said ‘Darshana chellam, could you please get that parcel from the door di’‘Okay akka, Aditi come with me di’ ‘where di’ she drags Aditya and went to the Door. I went behind them, its food parcel, he asked, ‘Did any named Pavithra live here’ Darshana said ‘yes uncle, she ismy’ looks at Aditya and said, ‘our mom’. He gave the parcel and they opened it there itself and found that its ice-cream, they are so happy. Darshana said ‘thanks uncle’ Aditya followed the same‘thanks uncle’ and they started running towards the dining hall. I said, ‘go slowly’, then they asked everyone to take one. Everyone is enjoying their ice-cream. Evening I went for a walk in thegarden as per the doctor’s advice, Meera and Dharshini is sitting in the bench and talking with each other and Darshana and Aditya is watering the plant they planted.
    Next day, my work started, and I become so busy, my mom brings me food to the room itself, for the whole week, I am unable to go down itself, next Monday I went down to have breakfast, I could seethat the Darshana and Aditya is listening to the classes, but to my surprise, Dharshini is watching the classes and near her is Meera. I asked mom ‘What Meera is doing her mom’ ‘Oh, she is cominghere during the online classes for past week, since you are not coming down, you didn’t know’ ‘Oh, it seems Dharshini is also listening to classes’ I had my breakfast and went to my room for work.One more week has been passed, Keerthu called me and told that she will be going to her hometown for some work, after some time, Dharshini came to my room, ‘Mom, Are you free?’ ‘Yes Dharshini, comeinside, what happened’ ‘Keerthu aunty is going to her home town’ ‘Yes, I know’ ‘Mom, Meera doesn’t want to stay in her room alone, so she asks me whether she can stay in our home’ ‘Oh Dharshini, Noproblem Dharshini she can stay for sure’ ‘But mom, you know me and Darshana is already sharing the room and we don’t have any other separate room’ ‘What you are implying Dharshini, say it directly’‘Could we stay in Aditi’s I mean Aadhi’s room or you can ask Darshana to stay with him for few days’ ‘Oh, I don’t know how Aadhi will react Dharshini, I will check with him and let you know, ask himto come to my room’ Aditya comes to my room, he is wearing his hair in a ponytail and wears a Peach top designed with cyan blue, baby pink and lilac pineapple, round neck and short sleeves, Capri isdesigned with yellow and blue pineapple print. ‘Aadhi, Meera is going to stay in our home for some time’ ‘okay’ ‘so, Dharshini and Meera are planning to stay in same room’ ‘okay, so’ ‘So, I want youto share room with Darshana’ ‘What? No, I can’t give my room’ ‘Seriously, okay you won’t listen, I got fed up with these’ ‘Darshana, come here baby’ Darshana comes to my room ‘yes mom’ ‘Darshana,Meera is going to stay here for few days, so you are staying with Aadhi’s room for few days’ ‘Wow’ ‘But Aadhi looks unhappy’ Darshana looks at Aditi ‘Really di?’ he looks at her and opens his eyeswide, ‘Really da Aadhi, you don’t want to stay with me’ ‘No Darshana, I didn’t say like that’ then I said ‘Okay then its settled, you two are staying together’. Darshana is excited and drags Aadhisaying, ‘I know you are happy di, come’.

  • #364

    aditi (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 08:24)

    Two more weeks has been completed and I have been busy with my work, haven’t noticed what is happening in the room itself. I called Indhu and asked her to take care of the day and I went down tonotice that no one in the house, except mom. ‘Mom, where is everyone’ ‘They were in garden Pavi, they will be back in sometime’ ‘okay mom, put me a coffee mom’ Meera comes first ‘Hi Aunty’ she iswearing a white button-down shirt and pyjama designed with floral print all over. Dharshini is with her ‘Hi mom’ she is wearing a Beige and black checked button-down printed shirt and shorts set. Shehas a Knotted hairband matching the dress. Then Darshana follows back, ‘Hi mom’ She wore a red printed shirt with a full button placket, short sleeves and notched lapel collar, navy, and red matchingshorts. Her hair is not in her usual braid hairstyle, she simply wore a centre clip. Aditya follows Darshana, he is wearing a Mustard yellow checked button-down shirt with stylish collar design andshort sleeves and a matching short. His hair is styled in a low pigtail where each side of the pigtail is having a mustard yellow hair tie. I have never seen him wore shorts recently, his legs andhair are hairless there is no traces of having a hair, his face is so soft and there are no marks, his eyebrows seem neat not thin but neat. Everyone came and sat on the chair, Meera asked ‘Aditi,you haven’t said hi to your mom?’ he struggles to say, so I said, ‘Hi Aditi’ I called him by this name for the first time, He replied slowly ‘Hi Mom’. I changed the topic ‘where were you guys?’Dharshini said ‘we were in the garden mom taking some photos’ ‘Dress looks new, I don’t remember getting this dress’ ‘oh, no mom, we bought this mom’ ‘why you have bought new dresses when you haveold ones and no shops are available, how you bought it’ She says ‘some Online is available mom’ ‘why you are wasting money’ ‘we bought it with that video platform money mom’ ‘whatever don’t wastemoney’ and I left to my mom. I could hear Meera ‘Dharshini, you got it for free right, you can tell that to aunty nah?’ I could hear ‘Meera don’t shout, she won’t understand’ ‘Why can’t she?’ then Icould hear Darshana saying ‘Meera akka, keep your voice low’, ‘yeah akka please’ who is that second one calling her akka. I have turned and everyone seen me and started giving a fake smile. I feelsomething fishy, I went upstairs to continue with my work.

  • #365

    Samantha (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 12:23)

    Nirmala ...Part -1
    Me(Nirmal) and my childhood friend (Sathya) love each other. Daily we started to talk and chat. Sometimes we used to meet in the parks.
    One fine day I proposed her and she accepted my love but she kept a condition that after the marriage I have to be her wife. I was devastated. She told me, you agree than, you have to meet metomorrow wearing saree. Saying so she left.
    I went home and started to think about it. My. Mom noticed and asked me are you thinking about Sathya? I was shocked and she told me that she know that I love Sathya.
    So I decided to tell her about my problem. After listening to it, my mom told me you are very lucky to have girl who understands you properly. I didn't understood. My mom asked me, would you like tohave long hair? I said yes. Then asked me, would you like to stay in home and cook food for her. I thought for a while, because I am very poor at studies and I can't earn money and I love cooking, soI said yes.
    My mom told me, being a wife also,
    just like this, but you have wear sarees and obey your husband. I was in total confusion.
    Finally my mom asked me, do you love her, if so then you have to whatever it makes her happy.. For now she wants to see you in the saree. I love her a lot, so I OK to wear saree.

    mom woke me up early in the morning and I washed my hands. Then my mom asked me to take bath. When I came from Bath. My mom is waiting for me.My mom showed me some Sarees and asked me which one isnice. I selected a saree and asked my mom that why she is asking me. My mom told me because you are the one who is going to wear it. I was shocked. I said no. But my mom told me it is the onlyoption. Then I agreed.
    I wore the blouse and my mom filled it with some cotton balls and I wore the pavada and my mom started to drape the saree. She is enjoying it. Finally she pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. Thenshe made me to wear golden bangles, long dangling earrings, anklets, bindi then she braided my hair and kept dozens of flowers. Now I am ready like a traditional women.She adjusted my hair andflowers properly.

    She is giggling and laughing. She teased me say, " today my daughter Nirmala is wearing saree to meet her husband" ". I felt shy listening to her. Now I am ready to go. Luckily my dad also not in thehome. I called Sathya and asked her to come to the park. I asked my mom to drop me near the park. My mom started her scooty and I sat on the back, like a women. My mom dropped me near the park andleft.
    I slowly started to walk. I saw Sathya, waiting for me. When she saw me, she was surprised. She praised my beauty and hugged me. I started to feel like a women. She kissed on my lips and cheeks. Sheis unstoppable. I told her, everything is after the marriage. She just laughed and said OK. I will tell our story , how we both are fell love with each other in next part....

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    Grammarly (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 13:56)


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    Deepu (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 15:20)

    What's wrong with people here, why writing boring themed stories with mom and daughters involved?? No crossdressing, no humiliation at all. All boring stories!

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    Priya (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 21:54)

    Aditi interesting story plz continue

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    Anandhi (Tuesday, 21 June 2022 23:59)

    Samantha good start di continue fast

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    Customer (Wednesday, 22 June 2022 09:01)

    Deepu i agree with you, no humiliation, no forced concept, no pricing

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    Genderless (Wednesday, 22 June 2022 13:35)

    Hi Everyone. I'm soooooooo sorry I couldn't continue my last story "What Started off as an innocent gesture". As I got busy with some personal issues, i never had free and peaceful time to continueor complete the story.

    I feel if i start continuing now, i may not do enough justice. We have some wonderful authors here. Hence I'd like them to takeover my story and build on it.

    Thanks for understanding.

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    Sunita (Friday, 24 June 2022 01:43)

    Can any body write a story on maid(with her family involved - siaters and mother) making her owner to be her own maid. Usually sneha writes this story . It's been long time. Can somebody write.
    Also sneha if u still there share me ur email id

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    Samantha you started well please continue

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    If you want to earn while you write crossdressing stories i am planning to do setup of this it will cost me 15000rs hosting domain and scripts from code caynon including. But i am happy to do that ifyou are interested please reply or my money will get waste

    If we got adsense approval you earn upto 10,000rs per writing your stories

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    अगर मेरी कहानी पसंद आई हो तो चैनल को लाइक, सबस्क्राइब जरूर करें और अपने दोस्तों मे शेयर भी जरूर करें । मैं और भी कहानी जरूर लिखूँगी ।

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    Nice story Adithi
    Plz make a scene of role reversal between Father & Daughter
    Like Adithi has to call Darshna(Darshan) her daddy and vice versa

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    Arun I think I have seen your comments on ex q zit blog and you like mother and son role reversal am I right

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    Yes Shweta

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    Sakshi (Monday, 27 June 2022 16:22)

    Jeevan and Sakshi Pt 1.

    It was a big day today, I woke up at 6 am and started preperation.

    I took a shower, did my morning routine of a little bit of yoga and started to prepare coffee and cooking breakfast.

    I took the cup of coffee and walked into my bedroom and looked at my husband who was sleeping peacefully. A satisfied smile came across my face as I looked at that sight.
    It was a big day for her and I was happy to see she had a good night's sleep.

    I woke her up and showed her the coffee cup and kept on the table next to the bed. She smiled looking at me and woke up to take the coffee.

    I walked back to the kitchen to finish cooking breakfast .

    As I walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. My husband was in the washroom taking a shower.
    I took out her outfit for the big day.
    I took out a pair of black trousers, a white shirt, a black blazer, black socks and black polished shoes and kept it ready for her.

    I then started to get ready myself.
    I chose a yellow designer saree and an yellow blouse with silver border. As I wore my saree and finished my make up and did my hair, I adjusted my mangalsutra and picked up a pair of golden jhumkasto put on. As I put one of them in my left ear and then proceeded to put on another one on my right ear I suddenly wondered as I look d at my happy face in the mirror as to how did I reach here? I ama male. I am getting dressed in a saree and putting on jewellery while wearing a mangalsutra which was tied to my neck by the female who is taking a shower in the washroom for whom I've kept a 2piece suit ready to wear. How did this happen? This question took me to the time before my birth.

    My parents who lived in a village, had been trying to have a child from the first year of marriage but in the 5 years of their marriage my mother had 3 miscarriages.

    In the next 4 years they could not conceive a child at all. They consulted all doctors and went to every religious person possible.

    Finally an astrologer predicted that they will soon conceive a child but for that child to be born and live healthily they have to take oath that they will not have any more children again and namethis child "Sakshi" regardless of gender.

    My parents were confused but they were desperate and agreed and took the oath and the miracle happened and in 9 months I was born.
    My parents were happy that they had a son but we're concerned about naming their son Sakshi, which is a female name. But they did not want to take a risk and named me Sakshi. They did not have anychildren after me. I was a line child.

    As I grew up I realised I've been named a girl's name but I got used to it.

    But somehow by the time I turned 14 I realised I was an unusual person.
    Through out my childhood I studied in school in my village which had majority of girls. That was the closest school and the only one my parents could afford. We had a class of 43 girls and 4 boys. Igrew up playing and being involved with girls.

    Also our school was very famous for encouraging extra curricular activities and bharatnatyam dance was a major one in that.

    I started bharatnatyam since I was 5 and as I grew up I felt an urge to perform more and more not because of the passion of dance. Because as a male bharatnatyam dancer I was attracted to thedressing and look of the female bharatnatyam dancers. The least I could do was stay around then so I kept on doing it.

    As I became a teenager and got into my final year of school.
    I got permission to grow my hair longer in school as it made me feel better about my performances.

    My parents did not restrict me for anything as they just wanted me to stay healthy and alive as their previous 3 children did not survive.

    As I turned 16, things became even more unusual. I started feeling very strongly feminine. I was feeling very close to the females, I felt more as them than the guys, I felt happy for the reasons thegirls felt, I cried for the reasons they cried for. I even started feeling conscious about my busy, like I always wore a shawl or a stroll over my t shirts or kurta, I was strongly attracted towardsfemale clothing and make up. I took extra care of my hair. My facial hair never grew all that much neither did my voice broke like the other boys. My voice sounded like a 10 year old boy or a younggirl.

    I used to get compliments from girls and even guys about how pretty I looked. I used to blush whenever I heard them.

    To be continued....

  • #389

    Sakshi (Monday, 27 June 2022 16:51)

    Jeevan Sakshi Pt 2

    As I turned 18 I moved to the city to get into University my mind opened. This was a new atmosphere, people were accepting towards everything and after a while I could not stop myself from opening upabout my feelings of femininity to a friend of mine.
    She encouraged me and helped me dress like a girl and did my entire makeover and absolutely encouraged me to perform bharatnatyam dressing up as a female dancer.

    Even my lecturers were open minded and encouraged me to dress up as a girl and attend classes, they explained to me that being a male and being a man is different. They told me that I am a male but Icould be a woman so I should explore it.

    As i did more research on it. I too thought this mite be true.
    I even went and role my parents about it.
    They were initially upset but after hours of tears and explanation they agreed to support me and I officially started to dress entirely in female clothes.
    My name anyway fit in with it.

    As I was in University I wore salwar kameez, skirts and tops, half sarees and leggings and Kurtis with earrings, jhumkas and studs and became a pro in make up.

    My girlfriends and i discussed about sex and love and romance and a lot of them asked me about my sexual preference, I was always confused. Woman did not attract me. I always felt I was one of themand could never think of having sex with someone whom I identified with.

    The thought of men and the male sexual organ almost disgusted me and I never wanted to be physical with a man.
    I was not asexual either. I had some very sensual experiences while watching some of the romantic songs a few times.

    I was absolutely confused.

    As this happened all of my girlfriends and me went on a 3 day trip to a resort.

    We went there and all dressed up in many different matching outfits and took pictures and did photoshoots.

    We dressed up as brides, as party girls, as bike chicks and everything and in the night we all dressed up in low cut one piece dresses and went to a party in the resort.

    We were having fun and partying and one by one all my friends got tired and walked back to their rooms.
    I was not ready to leave it and kept on dancing and drinking.
    As the pub closed k started to get out of the building I had to walk almost two kilometres to my room.
    I was drunk and wearing a pink one piece and my back length hair was flowing and my silver colored dangling earrings and walked on holding my purse. I was struggling to walk on my 5 inch heels.

    As I walked on a 100 metres, I saw a bunch of men all huge and burly following me. I turned back and saw all of them looking at me like a hunter looking at a prey.

    I started panicking and tried to run but wasn't able to and as I tried the men chased me and I was terrified.

    I tried my best to run and as I ran I tripped and was about to fall.

    I was held by someone to break my fall.

    I saw a guy who was around 6 ft tall. And wearing a sports jacket. And black jeans and sneakers. He took my hand and held me to stand and the men chasing me stopped and looked at the guy holding mein fear. They then looked at me and said sorry and ran away.

    The guy who helped me took off his jacket and put it on my shoulder and helped me walk.

    The guy then asked me if I'm okay. He was very attractive and I was feeling very protected and started feeling shy.

    I was confused as to if I'm getting attracted to a man.

    He asked me what's my name, I said Sakshi blushing as I pushed my hair behind my ear.

    He said his name is Jeevan.

    I just blushed.

    Suddenly as we reached near my room he stopped and looked at me and smiled. He asked me you are a male aren't you?
    I was shocked.
    He then said. Don't get me wrong. You are a beautiful woman but you are a male rite?

    I said yes, but how did you know?
    He said, because I am a female. I am a man but a female.
    I was shocked and surprised.

    Jeevan just smiled and said, ask around the resort about me. Hit me up if you wanna talk and smiled and walked away.

    I went into my room and shocked and changed into a pink baby doll nighty and braided my hair and went to sleep.

    My sleep was disturbed by thoughts of Jeevan. I was getting chills with memories of jeevan holding my hand and her breathe on my neck as we walked along.

    I just woke up smiling and was constantly blushing thinking about her and went to sleep playing with my hair and the hem of my nighty.

    To be continued.....

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    Pavitra (Monday, 27 June 2022 19:12)

    Sakshi welcome back.. As always a great start

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    Need (Tuesday, 28 June 2022 01:30)

    I need co writers for role reversal stories- ready to pay
    Good English
    Crossdressing story writer

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    Samita (Tuesday, 28 June 2022 02:02)

    I can help you Need

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    Need (Tuesday, 28 June 2022 02:30)

    Contact me on instagram id xer4702 ( create fake profile if you are not comfortable)

    Soon coming with fabulous story for readers

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    Sakshi next part please

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    Customer (Tuesday, 28 June 2022 13:16)


  • #396

    Sakshi (Tuesday, 28 June 2022 18:19)

    Jeevan and Sakshi Pt 3

    Continued from #389

    I finally fell asleep and it was around 6am when my door bell rang.
    I suddenly woke up and sat on my bed and suddenly I remembered Jeevan and how she asked me to ask about her. I was feeling very excited and also very shy. I was attracted to Jeevan and the wholethought that I being a male who is a woman meeting Jeevan a female who is a man and us being romantically involved made me smile and blush uncontrollably. I had butterflies in my stomach.

    I got up and opened the door. There was a man standing there and he asked me "Ms.Sakshi?".
    I replied yes.
    He handed me a letter and a box.

    I took it and came back to my bed and read the letter.

    It read.
    "Hey Sakshi, good morning. It was a pleasent surprise to meet you last night. I could not sleep all that well last night. I know I told you to hit me up but I could not wait.

    I checked and found out that you and your girlfriends are checking out today morning.

    Your friends have already checked out. I have spoken to them. I wanted to meet you in private and spend some time with you.

    I am giving you a 3 day all expense paid trip in the resort. In the box is the key to the VIP lounge. You can check in to that room and enjoy the next 3 days here and also spend some time withme.

    If this offends you, please accept my apology. You are free to leave whenever you want.

    If you are not and take me up on my offer. Please check into your room and freshen up and be ready by 9 for breakfast.


    I was surprised. I called my friends and they confirmed this and I was thrilled and decided to take jeevan on her offer.

    I took the kep and went to the VIP section and entered the room and it was mind blowing.

    It was a penthouse with a beautiful balcony and was overlooking the sea.

    I went to the room and to my surprise it was perfect for me.
    It was pink, bubbly and so cute.

    I opened the closet and saw all kinds of dresses, sarees, skirts, blouses, high heels, Jewellery, all kinds of make up, hair care, skin care products. Even lingerie of all kinds were there.

    I saw the time and it was 7 I decided to use the next two hours to make myself look as beautiful and cute as possible.

    I took a hot shower, wrapped a town around my chest and dried my hair, did a whole blow drying exercise, painted my nails peach, tied my hair into 4 small braids and started to do my make up.

    I had access to the best make up in the world in that room and used them all to make my face look like the kind of girl who deserves all these.

    I later wore hoop earrings and freed my tight 4 braids which gave my hair a wavy bounce touch.

    I wore a one piece orange floral dress.

    I wore 4 inch heels and took my purse and kept rechecking my lipstick.

    I don't know why I was so obsessed about how my lips looked. Was I hoping Jeevan would find it kissable?

    I had never kissed anyone before..

    As the clock turned 9, I heard a ring on my door.

    I was super excited and jumped towards the door and opened it.
    It was another man who gave me another letter.

    I opened it and it said

    "Waiting for you poolside".

    I got out of the room and started walking towards the pool.
    I was feeling very shy and excited and kept walking while toying with my hair. I took me hair back, i pulled it in front, I put some on my breast and the rest behind. I even stopped and tied my hairwith a clutch then removed it.
    I kept checking my dress. Everytime I did any of these things I started to blush more and more.

    Finally I saw the poolside cafe and just before I could enter. I saw a mirror and I took a huge sigh and checked myself out one last time. I adjusted my dress, my make up, my hair and smiled. I couldnot control my happiness and I stepped inside.

    The cafe was empty as I kept walking in with my eyes looking for Jeevan I was getting scared and excited at the same time.

    I finally spotted Jeevan.
    She stood up and looked at me.

    She was wearing a track pant and a puma pullover. Looked like she just came from a gym.

    She looked at me and gave a hugge welcoming smile.

    I looked at her my blushing turned into 100x and I smiled back and walked towards her looking down while pushing my hair behind my ears.

    To be continued...

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    Samantha (Wednesday, 29 June 2022 02:39)

    Nirmala Part -2

    #continued 365

    It all stareted when was 16 years old in my school every one must participate in a completion and my mom made me compete in classical dance as she is a classical dance teacher .let me introduce myself I am Nirmal my dad was in military and my mom is housewife and i have one brother(kavin) . when I was very young and my mom is dance teacher in my school .
    I lost in the dance but my mom became furious as her son failed in dance completion I competed in bharathanattiyam dance form for girls thats why I lost but my mom didn’t understand it and she toldme u must win in same dance form next year and for one years as a punishment in failing you must concentrate in dancing and you will be appointed as my assistant for one years and i cried and toldmom I wont became your assistant as dance is for girls and I am a boy this made my mom very angry and told me you are became more sexist so I will punish you … apart from your uniform you will wearonly girls dress form today and yoyu will assist me..
    When I reached home I was shocked all my cloths where gone I thought my mom was telling that just because she was angry and will forget when she reach home but alas my mom is very stubborn women shetold me she gave all my cloths to to orphanage and brought new cloths and told me to take bath and I didn’t had any other option when I looked all my soap and shopoo changed it is a soap and shampoofor girls then when I came out after bathing she told me to tie my towel like girl and teach me that she gave a pink pantee to wears and alight red training bra and made me wear it and gave me a redcotton nighty and she applier bindi to my face and kajal in my eyes an told me from today onwards she will call me Nirmala and I must win the next compition untill then i nedd to live like agirl….
    when I enterd dance class like that at first my moms students laughed but seening my mom they stopped and suppressed laughing they were all afraid of my mom …
    Ands she introduced me as Nirmala and told them about my punishment and told them they must not make fun of me if they do so they will also have to face punishment they were all afraid of my mom theyall accepted me instantly And I started my traing as a dancer that day…

  • #398

    Samantha (Wednesday, 29 June 2022 02:58)

    Nirmala Part-3
    I was joined in an 11th different school. I will be at home dressed as a girl and i will waer pant shirt while going school. After came back from school I had to change clothes and go to dancepractice and this is my daily routine. Three months passed and my breast started to grow a little bigger .I had doubt so I stopped taking the pills. I knew my mom would have done something like thisbut I couldn’t ask her directly. after that I can not wear a shirt like before, the breast looks just as big if I wear a shirt. So I started wearing the shirt a little too big, and my friends got toknow about my breast. even some of my friends made fun of me. So I stopped speaking with them. One day the principal invited all the 11th stundents and she told us to join in a sports competition tobe held between the schools zonals games next month.

    So far our school has never won a game and said I trust you this year students . 12th standards students are not going to attend this so 11th std all should to attend and win and we said ok too. Theentire day the students in my class were talking about it. Immediately a one of my friend asked me 'Hey Nirmal whoever you play with, Its better you join the girls and that is good for you becauseyou can not play with us with breasts like women. I did not know what to do when I heard it, I tried to hit him, then the other students stopped both of us from fighting, while holding me one boygrabbed my breast and pressed it well and its very paining and i cried as I could not bear the pain. my class girls shouted them and they supported me . one girl came near me and sat down andcomforted me and " her name is Satya my future husband". Then girls complainted to my class teacher Uma about this. The teacher took us to the principal room and she told to principal what hadhappened. The principal told our parents to come, my mother would come to my school. Uma teacher said what happened to me, the mother would get angry and beat those students. Uma Teacher stoped mymom and she told them to go out . then Uma Teacher apologized to my mother. Mom angrily asked principal' how the teacher put a boy and my girl on the same bench. Please let my daughter Nirmala sit onthe bench where the girls are, as well as add Nirmala to the girls' game. while hearing this Uma teacher and school principal were shocked to hear her mother say. I was standing there as if this wasnothing new to me. Uma Teacher looked at me and laughed and I bowed my head in shame. The school principal told Uma Teacher to do the same. Then the mother left for home. Uma Teacher picked me up andtold me to go to class and sit next to Satya and the others in the class looked at me and smiled but i didnt see anyone.then uma teacher warned other students and she she left.

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    Vava (Wednesday, 29 June 2022 09:11)

    Adti chechi where are you... missing you word's...

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    Priya (Wednesday, 29 June 2022 11:45)

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    SRS (Thursday, 30 June 2022 09:31)

    Samantha good going, please don't forget to continue with humiliation and forced concept. Add more pricing and girly hairstyle

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    Kalavati (Thursday, 30 June 2022 12:36)

    Aditi continue your story

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    Mommy (Thursday, 30 June 2022 18:20)

    Sweetie 1:
    You mught have read this kind of story many times before, I am writing this as many stories as i can, i might be stopping inbetween, i will write small parts which are enjoyable by itself..

    Alright, let's get to the story..
    We live in a small city, my mom recently married again, which is how I got a new step dad and step sister in my life. Neha is my step sister's name, I like her, she is nice and all, except when shecalls me..
    Neha/N: sweetie... sweetie..
    I was snapped out of my day dreaming, yes I hate it when she calls me that.
    N: sweetie, mommy is calling, go drink the milk, she said angrily..
    Ritwik/me/R: ohh sorry neha..
    I went to mom, grabbed the glass of milk came back to the hall, I have seen neha is sitting on my chair, it used to be dad's chair, and i was using it after he left..
    R: neha that's my chair..
    Neha was sitting cross-legged in her shorts and t shirt, holding a coffe cup with left hand while reading a magazine in other hand..
    N: sweetie you said something..
    R: I said it's my chair Neha.. I said affirmatively..
    N: you're so cute with that angry face, why don't u grab other chair, you can see I am already here right..
    R: don't call me like that, I am 1....
    I was about to tell my age , but mom shouted and interrupted..
    M: enough fighting you guys, ritwik come here..
    I stopped and went near her..
    R: mom, why is she not listening to me, tell her to get away from my chair..
    M: ohh ritwik be a man, when neha and her father moved into our place, i told they will be treated well, so please listen to me and let her be.
    Alright.. blah blah..
    R: mom??
    M: yes sweetie..
    R: ohh mom why do you all have to call me that,
    M: who else called u that.. she looks puzzled..
    I didn't want her to know..
    R: not many, but why do u call me, I am 18..
    M: ohh sweetie, how much big u might be, ur still my sweetie.. and she puller her saree pallu and rubbed the left over milk on my upper lip.. and squeezed my cheeks
    I could see neha having a glace of it..

  • #404

    Mommy (Thursday, 30 June 2022 18:58)

    Sweetie 2:
    Neha was smiling ..
    R: stop it mom, I pulled back..
    M: ohh sweetie, can't your mom do that, alright go back..
    R: okay, okay, mom how old is neha?
    Mom looked doubtfully with big eyes..
    M: she is around ur age, a couple of years, why??
    R: nothing nothing, just wanted to know which college she goes, after summer..
    M: oh no no, she is couple of years younger than you, she just turned 16, still in school.
    wait, she is younger, this doesn't make sense..
    M: wait, did you think she is older than you..
    woww, why is mom so surprised, isn't neha a little taller than me..
    I slowly mumbled, 'no, no'..
    M: ohh sweetie, I first thought so too, she got her height from her dad, he is almost 6 feet, she will reach him soon.
    R: ya, ya, I will grow too..
    M: ohh really, grow past me first, I am just about 5 foot..
    R: ohh mom stop ridiculing me..
    M: okay baba, you are the older kid, and Raj knows too.
    what does she mean, I am the elder one, infact, i put a pouting face..
    M: wait did neha say something bad to you.. she said with an angry face..
    R: no no mom, she is good, I can handle her, I am the elder kid, you know, I said proudly.. but inside I was nervous how confidently neha is moving around me, like I am a kid..
    M: really, u don't want me to talk to her..
    R: ohh mom, I can handle myself..
    I went away.. woww, I should tell neha not to call me sweetie, she might be thinking I am younger,
    Later Next day morning,
    I got ready, and went to sit for breakfast near

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    Mommy (Thursday, 30 June 2022 18:59)

    sweetie 3:
    --end of story--

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    Indira (Friday, 01 July 2022 18:22)

    Gender Gap:

    After 2 hours of continuous work, I took a quick pee break and retired myself to the washroom. When I pushed the fly down and took penis out to relieve, there she was, right beside me, in her darkblue suit and red tie. At this point of time, it had been months since she sat down to pee. Though she didn't look down towards mine, I took a quick glance at the big flaccid silicone dick thatalmost looked bigger than my erected one.

    "How's work, Varun?" She tried to make small talk.
    "It's been great, Sir."

    'Sir' - yes, 'Sir' - This is the story of how my wife reached the top floor due to a small wager between us, just with a few adjustments up and down.

    And yes, she's still my wife and we still live together.....

    (Let me know if you want this story to continued - will be a role reversal one)

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    Hi,anyone know what happened to author ex-q-zit. She didn't post any stories for the past 3 years

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    Indira please keep it in looks interested

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    Yet another blog with stories (mine): http://arthisramblings.wordpress.com/.

    You may want to bookmark it or otherwise follow it. I'll post semi-regularly at least for some time to come.

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    @Indira: great teaser.
    Loved the opening dialogue and scene.
    Looking forward for your story

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    Darshini (Monday, 04 July 2022 14:23)

    "Please Darshan!!!"

    "Don't be silly!!! It will never work, and I'll be laughed at by everybody, and things going wrong for you!"

    "I promise - no one will ever realise - and you have all the basics to make it work! Slim figure, long hair that most girls are jealous of, baby face..."

    My cousin Sasikala had been pleading with me to help her on a date with her boyfriend. He was from out of town, and was visiting that weekend. He had brought a friend with him and wanted her toarrange for another girl to come with her to keep him company. But it being a long weekend it happened that her friends were either away or busy. Now from my final term in school I had been growingmy hair, and now three years later it fell to my waist. Like most of the ladies in my family my hair was thick and healthy, and as Sasi said, most girls were jealous of it. I also had soft features,very little facial or body hair, and a voice that was not very deep. With all that I was slim and height around 5'5". So often I was mistaken for a girl. Sasi and I were very close and a couple oftimes when I had been over at her place when no one else was at home she had persuaded me to dress in her clothes, and once or twice she had even taken me for a walk dressed in salwar.
    So now she wanted me to dress as a girl and be the date for her boyfriend's friend. I really wasn't sure that it would work. Also I didn't like the idea going on a date with another boy. What if hefound out? But Sasi was very persuasive, and I wanted to help her if I could. So after a while I found myself agreeing to her scheme.

    Sasi was thrilled, and hugged me. "I owe you big time" she said.

    So when the day came I went over to her house. Her people were out, and so we were not interrupted. I had shaved that day so my face was smooth. On Sasi's instructions I put up my long hair into ashower cap and took a shower. She then fixed a pair of breast forms to my chest and got me to go back in and tuck myself. I then wore a pink bra and panty set she had chosen and came out.

    "Wow!! Nice figure! I'm jealous!" Sasi said. I blushed and pretended to smack her. Sasi sat me down and began to apply light make-up to my face. It felt strange sitting there in bra and panties whileshe made me up. Next she painted my nails a burgundy colour. She then sprayed me with perfume. She then helped me to carefully put on the dress. It was a flower pattern shift dress, sleeveless andcoming down to a couple of inches above my knees.

    Next she sat me down again and removed my shower cap. She let down my hair, commenting once more on its length and thickness and applied a little bit of scented hair oil. She then brushed it out,parting it in the middle. She then fixed a hairclip behind each ear. This was followed by clipping on earrings to each ear, a choker round my neck and a scrunchie on my right wrist. She then got myto put on a pair of ladies' slippers, and pronounced me gorgeous! However she would not let me look in the mirror but made me sit outside while she got ready. When she finally came out lookingabsolutely stunning in a green dress, and her hair down she finally took me back to her room and let me look at myself. My mouth fell open as I saw myself - I would never have recognised myself inthe pretty girl I saw in the mirror!

    Slinging purses over our shoulders and after having made me say a few sentences in as girly a voice as possible we went down to await our dates. It wasn't long when they turned up. I was introducedto the two guys as Sasi's friend Darshini. Both of them seemed to be highly taken up by my appearance. We went out to the park, and while Sasi and her boy friend Subash went ahead hand in hand Istayed behind talking to Mayuran, his friend. I was shy, not sure if he would realise that I was a boy. But then I realised that he was shy as well. Later only I found that he was taken up by mylooks. So after a bit I made conversation and gradually the ice broke. So much so that after a while he held my hand to help me down some steps, and afterwards put his arm round me while we watched amovie. (Sasi and Subash watched the movie in each others arms!)

    So ended my date as a girl. Sasi was very grateful and promised to give me any help I asked for in the future. Subash was also grateful and had told Sasi that her friend was a really nice girl! Asfor Mayuran, when we parted he held my hand and told me he had had a lovely evening, and told me I was beautiful!

    Now Sasi tells me that he keeps asking Subash to get my contact details. What do i do now?

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    Priya (Monday, 04 July 2022 20:48)

    Dharshini good story keep on writing

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    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 July 2022 21:09)


    I carefully poured more wine, a subtle but tell-tale signal from Mistress summoning me from my place on the wall. She continued chatting with her friend, ignoring me entirely as I refilled theirglasses, turning the bottle just as I was taught, remembering the spankings I received for drips in the past. Back in its wine holder, I returned to the wall, hands folded in front of me, heelstogether, the petticoat of my red saree perfectly smoothed, happily awaiting further instruction on how to be her good girl.

    Mistress' friend, Miss Arooshi, had known about me for years. I was still a bit of a mystery to her less kinky friends, yet all of them I'd been introduced and shown off to had been nothing but niceand supportive, if a bit confused. After all, most women don't have their own personal sissy, clit safely caged and holding the key, to use for whatever their heart desires. My Mistress, thankfully,believed it to be a necessity of life.

    I first met Mistress years ago at a BDSM club downtown. Mismatched outfit, unpracticed make-up, teetering in three inch heels, I was a complete and nervous mess. Drawn to me, quickly drawing thestory of Rashmi out of my blushing face, she took me home. We chatted all night, Mistress taking me under their wing as their pet, her sub, her dutiiful husband. It also helped that I was rich fromsome soun investments from my grandfather. Through her I learned about servitude, control, obedience, and how to be a good girl. Years later, I was so proud to be their sissy, sub, pet, andtoy.

    Despite Mistress' constant reminders to ignore me unless needed, Miss Arooshi thanked me for the refill. I withere, knowing how much it annoyed Mistress, not daring to look up at the glare I knew wasbeing directed towards me. The two women settled back into discussing the issue Miss Arooshi was having at work, a University library and the troublesome students it contained. She knew a lot of theissues she faced from them came from stress, especially during finals. Yet, she simply didn't know what to do, or how to help. With a limited budget, and lack of support, finding a solution seemedimpossible, even for a brilliant librarian such as herself.

    Mistress smiled, that subtle smirk spreading to the corners of her mouth. This was rarely a good sign, especially for me. Miss Arooshi wasn't the only brilliant woman at the table, and Mistress'brilliance was usually directed towards her sissy, more often than not involved tasks that made me humiliated, groaning, embarrassed, or sore. Very, very, sore. Sometimes, it involved all of thosethings. Tormenting her bratty sissy was a favourite pastime of hers.

    Well, why don't you take Rashmi with you?

    Eyes wide, I stared at my Mistress confused. How was I going to help!? I didn't know a thing about stress or libraries, the only thing I'd studied in the last few years was how to clean Mistress'house to perfection...as well as her lover's cock. Miss Arooshi, equally puzzled, inquired as to why.

    Stressful young people, Mistress exclaimed, needed many things. Usually a better diet, sleep, lower course loads, all of which were out of her hands. But at the library, tense and under the pressureto succeed, having someone they could tease, boss around, use, and torment, would help greatly reducing the weight on young shoulders.

    Everyone is less stressed after an orgasm...

    Miss Arooshi gasped, and I internally groaned, slumping against the wall. Leave it to Mistress to come up with the most absurd, ridiculous idea. Laughing, Mistress ironed her point home a few moretimes, telling her to think about it, even bringing her in for a "test run". Scoffing, the idea was pushed to the side, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

    Yet it seemed Mistress wasn't ready to let it go, as the next time Miss Arooshi came over for drinks I found myself out of my typical uniform. Red saree matching the bindi on my forehead, blushingand glaring at Mistress as I was dressed for the evening. Ballet flats instead of heels, and a slightly ruffled blouse, long dangling earings, nathni, red lipstick, kajal, eyeliner, mangalsootra, anda long necklace. I also wore payal, 12 bangles in each hand, kamarbandh and my long hair had flowers.

  • #418

    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 July 2022 21:15)

    Part 2:

    Mistress's lover didn't help at ALL either, siding with my wife as his hands explored my attire. Blushing, enjoying his touch, it was evident the outfit worked well, finding myself on my knees takingcare of the results. Before leaving for the night, he suggested a matching mangtika in my hair to complete the ensemble, my glare now shifting in his direction. But there I was, curtsying to MissArooshi, blushing deeply as she commented how pretty I looked.

    Setting out glasses, pouring wine, I listened as Mistress commented at how having Rashmi around dressed as such would provide the students with a much needed distraction, more so if they chose topursue it. Miss Arooshi sighed, admitting that I did look adorable, and she actually could use help from someone organising. Wide-eyed, I screamed internally. I couldn't be a librarian! I didn't knowanything about it, not to mention being at a university dressed like this! My personal struggle not going unnoticed by Mistress, her smirk once again haunting me.

    Groaning, Miss Arooshi had me kneel in front of her. Heart racing, desperately hoping she shot down this idea, I was pestered with questions. Everything from previous experience, books I've read,organisational skills, and more. Sitting on my flats, I dutifully answered them all, Mistress behind me, her hands playfully in my hair. Leaning back, staring at the slightly frightened sissy beforeher, Miss Arooshi softly sighed.

    Well, at least I know she enjoys being told what to do.

    My caged clit pulsed at that statement, the very idea of being bossed around by such a beautiful and confident woman sending excitement through my body. Despite all the protests I had about the idea,that notion sat surprisingly well with me. Mistress smiled, supportive hands on my shoulders, telling her friend it would be a wonderful thing for both of them. Ensuring that I would obey her as ifshe was my Mistress, hanging on every word, working my sissy self as hard as need be, in whatever was required. A defeated sigh, staring up at the controlling eyes that governed every aspect of mylife, I said my two favourite words in the whole world.

    Yes, Mistress.

    Over the next week the two women argued over my attire for my first day, back and forth. Mistress casually tried to dress me like a street whore, while Miss Arooshi countered with outfits suitablefor a respectable young lady. Changing from dresses that barely covered my clit, to dresses that made me look old. Fishnets and high heels, to pantsuits and sensible shoes. Finally, after muchdebate, they settled.

    Extremely nervous, I shakily stepped out of Miss Aurora's car for my first day. I smoothed out the green kurti that had been chosen for me, hugging but not too tight, ruffled slightly below my waist.it was certainly more sensible than Mistress had dressed me in the past, yet in public I felt as if I was completely on display, a permanent blush coating my face.

    Beige high heels, tall enough to make me focus on each step, with just a hint of a peep toe. Nails painted bold red, tan tights on my legs, bangles in my hand, dangling earrings, small nathi,mangalsootra, sindoor, payal, and pony tail made my outfit complete, my fate sealed. Ushered along, I followed Miss Arooshi with dainty steps, trying hard to contain the emotions coursing through me.If being placed in my pretty outfit and presented in an area I hadn't been before wasn't nerve wracking enough, Mistress ensured I had other things to worry about.

    She spent all morning preparing me, wrapping my body in lingerie. Black and lace, snugly holding my clit, I couldn't take my eyes off myself in the mirror. Hugging me from behind, she forced moansout of my painted lips as her hands found my clit, ensuring her good girl was nice and excited for her first day. Bent over, she also happily stuffed her favourite plug inside of me, knowing everymovement would remind me of what I was. Her sissy. Her good girl.

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    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 July 2022 21:22)

    Part 3:
    Miss Arooshi, of course, knew none of this, just my wide-eyed expression as I was ushered me along, sitting me down at her desk. Blushing, still unsure what I was to do, I listened as she listed offa set of chores. A dominant woman, a pretty outfit, and a list, suddenly it didn't seem so daunting, far more familiar to what I was used to. Off I went, collecting books, greeting students,unlocking rooms, and organsing shelves.

    Mistress was right about one thing: I drew a lot of eyes. Students left and right, weary and tired faces, stared at the new librarian assistant. I felt as if I blushed all day, my clit straining as Itried to ignore it all, being a good girl for Miss Arooshi. My first day seemed to fly by, beaming as my new boss complimented a job well done. Brought back home, I told Mistress all about it,congratulating me with a well needed fuck, spanking her sissy hard as I came on her cock. Exhausted and sore, I fell asleep with a smile on my face, excited to work for Miss Arooshi tomorrow.

    Day 2, feeling far more confident in my role, I strutted through the stacks in my heels, cute tartan pajama tickling my clit as I reached up to return books to their rightful place. Miss Arooshismiled, sensing the confidence building in me, enjoying the blush she brought to my face with compliments throughout the day. Again, hungry tired eyes followed me, a short reprieve from studying,curiously following the new assistant they knew nothing about.

    By the end of the week a few students had even approached me, friendly conversations masking innate desires. It was easy to spot, especially for a caged sissy. After all, that was the look behind myeyes almost every day of my life. A look Mistress enjoyed cultivating in me. One such student, Tarun, always smiled and looked up when I passed. Today, he seemed even more stressed than before, haira mess as he dove into a book. Talking to him, I could sense him reaching a boiling point, sighing as I knew, yet again, Mistress had been right.

    I reached out to take his hand, pulling a confused Tarun behind me into a back room. Sitting him on the edge of a desk, I ran my hands up and down his legs, saying part of my duty here was to lookafter stressed students. Staring into those tired, excited eyes, I sank to my knees in between his legs.

    Would you like me to help with some stress relief?

    In a daze, he could only nod, watching as my hands fetched his cock out of his sweatpants. I always enjoyed stroking a nice cock, mostly due to mine being taken away from me. Feeling it grow,watching his foreskin contract with each tug, it gave me a longing sensation for my own, vicariously living through someone else's pleasure. Not wanting to tease Tarun too much, I smiled as I ran mytongue over his head, shoving his pretty cock in my mouth.

    Groaning, hands gripping the desk for support, I giggled as I worked him over. Switching from sucking the head, to shoving him all the way down my throat, I used all the tricks Master & Mistresstaught me, expertly bringing him to the edge. Tarun shivered, moaning loudly, barely able to warn me he was going to cum. Never breaking eye contact, I worked him harder, desperately wanting hisrelease to fill my mouth.

    Exploding, trying to stay quiet, Tarun could barely stand as he erupted inside of me, jets of cum seemingly endless as it coated my throat. I patiently waited for him to finish, pulling off histwitching cock to show him his impressive load. It took two swallows, but I was a good girl, smiling as I went back to clean his cock. Ending with a cute little kiss on his spent head, I tucked Tarunback into his pants, patting his cheek as I told him to come find me whenever he needed some stress relief.

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    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 July 2022 21:26)

    Part 4:
    I walked back to the main desk, finding Miss Arooshi waiting for me. I blushed under her glare, brushing a strand of hair that had escaped behind my ear, feigning ignorance. The rest of the day wentas normal, the only difference the giant smile on Tarun's face, renewed enthusiasm towards his studies.

    Closing down, Miss Arooshi surprised me before we left, saying there was one more thing to take care of. Bent over in her office, my pants was pulled down as she berated me for what I did. I tried tosay it was what I had been told, but my words were robbed with a hard spank, stinging butt making me squeak. I felt the sting of her hand and a ruler (which I rolled my eyes at the first time, howcliché), over and over as she punished the slutty sissy in her service.

    Tears in my eyes, she informed me that each day I decided to act like a slut I'd find myself in her office, a sore ass greeting my walk home. Giggling to myself, I knew soon I'd find my self bentover her desk quite often. At home, Mistress and Master laughed as Miss Arooshi scolded me, her disdain falling on deaf ears, both proud of their little sissy.

    Not only did Tarun have a nice, pretty, and big cock, he also had a big mouth. Word spread quickly about the librarian's new assistant, soon finding myself under desks, in back rooms, and multipletrips to the bathroom. True to her word, I also found myself under the sting of Miss Arooshi's punishments, her hands seeming to linger just a bit longer each time as she rubbed and spanked me. Butas I stared at all the smiling, happy faces around me, I knew a bit of a sore butt was completely worth it!

    All day I spent in cute saree, kurti, dresses and heels. Smiling to myself as I did what I was told, helping Miss Arooshi as needed. I kept my lipstick on hand, constantly ruined by the yummy cocksbeing shoved down my throat. The taste of cum a constant in my life now, a change from the occasional blowjob I would give to Master, or when they found others for me to service. Now, I had cocks tosuck almost every day! And on rare occasions, pulled into back rooms by some female students, complimenting my outfits while my tongue made them cum.

    Each night without fail I'd find myself bent over Miss Arooshi's desk, whimpering as she punished me. Borrowing paddles and canes from Mistress, she became quite efficient in punishing her sissyassistant, enjoying leaving marks over my excited ass. Rubbing me afterwards, I would moan feeling her hands on my ass and clit, sometimes pushing on my plug. I would recount all the things I didthat day, given corrections on things she wanted done differently.

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    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 July 2022 22:51)

    Part 5:
    After a particularly stressful day, I even found myself under Miss Arooshi's desk, licking away like a good girl while she stayed late, catching up on paperwork. It made my spankings seem a tadhypocritical after that, but I took it all with a smile. Hearing her moan above me, gently licking and sucking on her tender pussy, I didn't mind at all the injustice that came with myposition.

    The last few days of finals, library starting to thin as more students went home, I found myself pouting with less to do, both for my job and my mouth. However, what I didn't account for was how muchstress was involved in marking and dealing with upset students about their grades, which soon meant the library was home to grad students and professors. I once again had a lot of work on, and in, myhands.

    Professor Sameer, a giant of a man, literally dragged me with a scowl on his face, squeaking as I hurried to keep up, my heels clicking with small dainty steps. Pulled into a dark room, he wasted notime in shoving his cock down my throat, eyes watering immediately as I stared up at this powerful, dominant force. Mumbling about being a teacher, I simply held still while he used me, taking outthe frustrations of the day.

    Needing more, he pulled me off his cock, removed my saree, bent me over the desk as he pulled out my plug. Having not been fucked in weeks, Mistress enjoying the effect my denial was having on me forwork, I moaned loudly as he roughly shoved into me. Rough hands gripped my waist, bottoming out inside of my needy hole, already feeling my orgasm, my pent up need, coursing through me. Long beforehe grunted, filling me with cum, I made multiple messes on the desk. An exhausted, yet satisfied sigh, he politely spanked my ass, a silent thank you as he left, leaving a well used and tired sissyto lick up her mess.

    On the final day of finals, Miss Arooshi came over early with a surprise outfit for me to wear. An adorable black see through saree, white opaque blouse, and a red rose in my hair. I blushed theentire time she got me ready, not allowed to help, as she dressed her assistant herself. She put lot of jewelry, she used all 3 of my ear piercings with heavy dangling earrings, large black bindi,sindoor, large necklaces and a large mangalsootra, 12 black bangles, payal, bright red lipstick, blush, kajal, eye lashes, eye liner, and mascara. Mistress couldn't help but smile, seeing theenjoyment her friend got out of playing with and using her sissy.

    All day Miss Arooshi found time to sneak a pat on my butt, running a hand up my leg, cupping my clit when no one was watching. By the time I found myself over her desk, I had been worked up anddesperate, a submissive mess in her hands. She caned me hard until I cried, swapping to spankings, my ass reddened more than ever before. Kissing my cheek, calling me her good girl, she told me howproud she was, and how well I had done over the last few weeks.

  • #422

    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 July 2022 23:03)

    Still sniffling, but smiling from her touch and compliment, I whimpered as her gloved fingers entered my ass. Rubbing my g-spot, the aching excitement I had felt all day surged forward, desperate torelease. Not slowing in the slightest, I quivered as cum erupted from my clit, Miss Arooshi's smiling, showing no signs of being done. I came three times from her fingering before she relented,watching as I licked it clean with my tongue, even dribbling some of my release on herself for me to tend to.

    Sadly I looked back as I left the library for the last time, finals finished. No more stress to help with, no more fun sneaking into rooms and under tables. Later that week, I hugged Miss Arooshi asshe came for dinner, finding myself in a familiar position on the wall, listening. She tipped her hat to my Mistress, informing her of the far more relaxed atmosphere around the campus because of heridea.

    Smiling, Miss Arooshi looked in my direction as she said it was something they should make a habit of. After all, finals happened three times a year, as well as different hell weeks through thesemesters. Blushing, I smiled with my eyes cast down, giggling as the two women began to argue once again on my uniform for the position.

    It didn't matter to me what they made me wear, as long as I got to step out of Miss Arooshi's car, staring up at that library, lips painted cocksucker red, greeted by the hungrily stressed staresthat needed my comforting. Rashmi had a new calling, occupation, and role in society as a Librarian's Assistant.

    And I quite liked my job.

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    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 July 2022 23:04)

    Hey everyone,

    Please write some forced feminization/sissification stories.

  • #424

    Thrishi (Tuesday, 05 July 2022)

    I have found there was an old story about a macho girl and her mother force a boy to be girl and marry her boylish girl. Please help me to find that story .

  • #425

    PriyaSri (Tuesday, 05 July 2022 03:03)

    Permission 1:
    I went about my choresin a red saree, I felt frustrated as I felt the material swish against my petticoats. At first the saree had made me burn with humiliation, so ridiculous with all the makeup and jewelry, I had begged Mistress not to wear it. But she would just laugh, giggling to herself as I was sent off to do chores, face burning the entire time. Now, I reluctantly humiliated myselffor her, and embraced being her sissy maid.

    Underneath my saree and petticoat, my clit sat frustrated in its cage. Mistress had taken a very serious turn when it came to my denial lately. I was no longer allowed to touch myself at all, withher taking control of cleaning, shaving, teasing, and pleasuring me. Although, noticing a trend, the last one was slowly happening less and less. The aching frustration between my legs was becoming aconstant familiarity.

    With the switch to my clit being locked in her tiny pink cage, Mistress had gotten very good at making me cum from my g-spot. Whether it was bouncing on her cock, being toyed with by her vibrator, orworked over by her fingers; she knew my ass better than me. It had gotten to the point where I was more excited to see her strap-on than her key. What was happening to me?

    Lost in thought, I didn't hear my Mistress sneak up behind me. I gasped as I felt her hands on my ass, playfully snapping the panty. She pulled me down by my mangalsootra to her mouth, whisperinginto my ear, asking if I was being a good girl. Giggling, I nodded, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her hands on me. Smiling, Mistress kissed my cheek, still holding my mangalsootra, and led me tothe living room.

    Finger hooked through my mangalsootra, I quickly teetered on my heels after her, whimpering when I saw her chair. Mistress' chair, with straps on the legs and back, able to snugly hold me in place. Ihad been the victim of endless teasing at the hands of that chair, the worst being never knowing what was in store for me. Sensing my hesitation, Mistress laughed, forcibly escorting me to stand infront, ready for my torment. She motioned me to remove my saree, petticoats, and panty. I was left standing there in my bra, and jewelry of a married housewife.

    As I waited, heels together like a good girl, I thought about how I was the owner of this house, yet slept on floor in kitchen. I was a man yet wore saree and jewelry for my mistress. I was rich yetworked as a maid in my own house. Soon I watched as Mistress returned with her dildo. Moaning at the sight of it, knowing the pleasure it has brought me, my clit began to strain against its cage,excitedly knowing my ass would soon be full. She casually lubed it up and placed it on the chair, nodding for me to sit down.

    Feeling it spread my ass wide, I whimpered as I began to slide down her cock. Slowly, up and down to spread the lube inside of me, it took a few attempts to be able to firmly sit in the chair. Onceall the way down, feeling full, Mistress quickly strapped me in. Hands behind me, chest pulled back, thighs shackled down, and finally my ankles, I was trapped. Denied even the tiniest of movement, Ijust sat there, wide-eyed, staring at my Mistress for what was to come next.

    Ignoring my pleading expression, Mistress disappeared once again, returning with a towel and her shaving bag. Pulling out her key from a place that I never seem to be able to notice, she slid it intoher cage. The softclickas it opened sent shivers through me my bangles and payal making sweet noise as I shivered, a tiny gasp escaping my red lips as my full attention was directed to myMistress. Which of course she enjoyed, taking her time, prolonging my anticipation, my torment.

    Pulling off the cage brought forth my erection in rapid succession. Giving my poor clit and balls some much needed attention, Mistress rubbed them, enjoying the cacophony of noises emitting from me.Keeping me nice and hard, she went to work, spreading cream over my denied genitals. Taking her razor, ignoring my pleas, she focused on her task. I watched her meticulously remove all the hair frommy privates, rinsing in the bowl beside her. Going over me thoroughly, she made sure that I was completely hairless, smooth. My clit was already screaming for a release, having been so long, pre-cumbeginning to form at the tip.

    Wiped down and cleaned, she inspected me once again. Running her hand up and down, just enough to keep me hard, she made sure every inch of me was hairless. Finally satisfied with her work shesmiled, staring into my eyes, watching the frustration behind them. Mistress softly laughed, amused by her little toy. Her hands put down the soap and water and reached for the lube, and I knew mytrue torment was about to begin.

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    PriyaSri (Tuesday, 05 July 2022 03:06)

    Mistress slowly moved up and down my clit, forcing moans from my lips. She watched me intently, enjoying every second of my emotions. I felt myself get close so quickly, so eager to cum. I wanted tobe quiet, I tried to pretend I wasn't on the edge, because I knew she would stop. But the need was too powerful. The need to obey. The need to listen. The need to be her good girl.

    Mistress, I'm gonna cum

    Such a simple statement. No begging, just a notification. No control, just information. It wasn't asking for permission, I wasn't allowed to do that anymore. I was at her mercy. I was in her grasp.Knowing how hard it was for me to say those words, the smile grew on my Mistress' face.

    And she stopped.

    Whimpering as she let go, trying to thrust my cock in the air, to get stimulation from something. Clenching around her cock in my ass, I tried with every fiber of my being to push myself over theedge. But my body did not allow it, she saw to that. My training did not allow it, she saw to that. My desire to be hers, owned in every way. She saw to that.

    Calling me her good girl, hand gently on my cheek, she waited for me to calm down. Her hands massaging my swollen and denied balls, smooth to the touch after her grooming. Cupping and squeezing, sheplayed with her favourite toys, waiting for my clit to lose a bit of its excitement. With a gleeful smile, she went back to pleasuring my frustrated clit. In what felt like seconds I was back, close,so tantalizingly close.

    Mistress, I'm gonna cum

    Once again, she let go. Once again, I humped the air. Once again, I was denied.

    Our game continued, over and over.

    Mistress, I'm gonna cum

    She would stop, and smile. Calling me her good girl, she'd wait to continue before her hands returned to my torment.

    Mistress, I'm gonna cum

    Enjoying my torment, seeing the difficulty of voicing those words, she devilishly grinned at her sissy.

    Mistress, I'm gonna cum

    She would stop, basking in my frustration, seeing the aching need behind my eyes.

    When she brought out her vibrator my whimpering was mixed with tears. Mind melting into submission, I could do nothing but sit there, losing myself in her touch. She expertly touched the toy to thehead of my clit, just slightly, pushing me to the edge.

    Mistress, I'm gonna cum

    And away it went, waiting. Patient. Reading me perfectly, she placed it back on my head only when I was ready, only when I could take it. Just a touch was all it took now, I felt like I wasconstantly on the edge, constantly feeling like I needed to cum. I couldn't speak. I couldn't think. I could only stare at my Mistress, into those beautiful terrifying eyes, silently praying she tookmercy on me.

    Mistress, I'm gonna cum

    But mercy wasn't really her style, leaving me in my state of torment. My state of denial. Doing so with a big smile on her face. I couldn't take anymore, barely whispering my warning.

    Mistress, I'm gonna cum

    Mistress, I-



    I would have done anything for her in that moment. Given anything to her. Promised anything to her. I needed her. Her touch. Her control. But she already had it, had it all. I was hers to touch. Hersto control. And Mistress knew it. Knew I was her toy. Knew I was her mangalsootraed slut. Knew I was her Rashmii.

    With a final jolt with her vibrator, she left me on the edge, leaving me in a world of denial as she put away her toys. Only able to watch, my clit refusing to believe it wasn't getting a release. Iheard her walk behind me, freezer opening, returning with ice and a cloth. Slowly and carefully, she softly placed the ice on my clit, stealing the life from it. Gasping and whining, still unable tospeak, I watched as my erection subsided. I watched as it wilted. I watched as she once again slid the cage on. And I watched her, eyes filled with glee, as I heard the lock for the second time thatday,click.

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    PriyaSri (Tuesday, 05 July 2022 03:06)

    The End:

    A final kiss on my cheek, she released me from her god forsaken chair. Legs shaking, my denial still at the forefront of my mind, I stayed leant back in the chair for support. Mistress casuallywalked over, putting a finger through my mangalsootra, and brought me to the bedroom. As I climbed between her legs, mind still in a daze, I began to lick. Feeling her hands in my hair, she moanedfrom my tongue.

    Getting close, Mistress pushed into my mouth, hand forcefully keeping me in place. She let me know when she was close. Let me know her enjoyment, the very same thing she denied me moments ago. Theaching in my clit a constant in my life now, the need that drove me to be her good girl. Yet, in this moment, it pulsated through my entire body, each frustrated throb coursing through me. I listenedas she taunted me. I listened as she tested my resolve to be her good girl.

    Rashmi, I'm gonna cum

    And I could do nothing as I watched her do just that.

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    Well-wisher (Wednesday, 06 July 2022 01:51)

    Aditi waiting for your story.. please don't leave us ...

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    Sneha (Wednesday, 06 July 2022 12:23)


    One day i received a message from my mom that she will be out of town for one month due to her work. So i thought moving to my friends house i left to his house with my luggage but his house is alsolocked, But neighbor aunty called me and enquired me, I said my friend stay in that house he went to his home town. I said thanks aunty but she stopped me and asked me why are you so sad. i Saidnothing aunty currently my family is out of town so i came here to stay with him and i don't have other friends i think this whole month i have to stay alone.

    Aunty said dear you are looking so emotional like a girl, what do you mean aunty i asked, she said don't take me wrong i just felt you are soft and emotional like girl. I said you are also talkinglike a man openly and bravely we both laughed and she said let's have some tea. She brought tea and poured for us. she having tea asked me why do you thought i was like a man. i said you called mebravely and said openly like a man. she with a smile said let's play man and woman. I said aunty i didn't get you.
    She: You will be my wife and i will be your husband for one month
    Me Why aunty
    She: just for each other company, we can also stay like we are but if someone finds our true identity then we will be in soup
    Me: sounds interesting baby
    She: baby with shocking face
    Me: yeah generally wife calls husband as a baby
    She: nice it means you accepted my offer i will pay 10 lakhs
    Me: i got excited with that amount asked her what to do next
    She: go to this address and you will understand everything

    I left from their with my bag as she said, i reached address where she told me, one women welcomed me inside and asked me to remove my dress and so i did but she asked me remove completely and staynude. I did what she said she waxed my body completely even at penis area, she smiled seeing my penis and said it is too small. I kept my head down with shame. she did my eyebrows and adjusted myhair since i have long hair. finally she taught me how to wear sari and apply little makeup. Finally when i see myself i am looking middle aged high class wife, beautician said you look beautiful asa woman. I said thank you and she booked taxi and gave a bag full of sari's and nighties.

    I Reached that place and gave driver amount it a farm house i ranged the doorbell one guy opened it and invited me inside i went inside and asked about aunty, he said i am only aunty earlier knowyour husband. I was stunned and we hugged each other kissed on lips he told cook lunch my daughter and son in law are coming for lunch i was shocked. But he said it is my order go and cook now didn'tlistened me took my bag and kept in our bedroom. I cooked food for my step daughter and Son in law.

    After some time my husband asked me to welcome young couple with thalli so i went keeping my sari pallu on head and i understood that my son in law is my real mother
    Please post your comments

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    Priya (Wednesday, 06 July 2022 12:31)

    Waiting for the next part sneha.....

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    Arpana (Thursday, 07 July 2022 01:38)

    @Snwha - Wonderful story premise... Pls expand the story as to how the new mother in law enjoys this new role and the mother who is the son in law worships his mother in law... Pls as well add howthe new mother in law and step mother applies prosthetic hips, breasts and bums to become a voluptuous aunty and the aunty who is now the husband enjoys having sex with his wife...

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    Raj (Thursday, 07 July 2022 09:51)

    Sneha next part please

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    Jasmine (Thursday, 07 July 2022 23:11)

    Sheha please continue and complete the story DEAL you are one of the best of writter here . Please rite soon

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    App coming soon (Friday, 08 July 2022 07:20)

    One of my old story
    Soon we are launching app.
    App description- forced feminized story humiliation and gender role reversed story but not gay app

    Aman(lead character male sensitivity but passionate)

    Hi I am Aman (21 years old), a small town boy with big dream. Don't judge me because of small town. I am really passionate about job but my dad told me to be careful as this is a women-dominatedworld. I am a little scared. My mom was not allowing me to go outside, not because of concern, but she thinks place of boys is only in kitchen. Still I ran from house in this big city to explore newthings and here every boy is exposing his body parts, and they say this stupid clothing as fashion. Yes I know I wear old fashion men clothes but I don't want to be raped by those horny girls. I gotjob offer as a receptionist in a big company.

    Tomorrow is my first day at job. After so much struggle from getting a job to house everything was hard but things were okay now. The house was not that bad. It was a single room with a single bed,closet, and an empty desk. Miss Kumari, the owner of this house, gave me this room and was really nice to me. Although she is a little strict but far better than other women who are creepy and lookboys like a sex toy. She also had two daughters which are like my sisters, they promised me that they're gonna protect me but still I was scared, How will be my new job? There was another tension fortomorrow. I only had saree[this is role reverse world, so men wear saree, top and skirt and women were jeans and shirt]. I thought of buying a salwar which was a little modern compared to my villagelife but my mom was not here to scold me so i can do whatever i want in limit without crossing line. Atleast that's what my father told me. After spending 500rs on salwar I was really left with veryless money just enough for 1 Time food. Guess I will call it a diet till my first salary comes. I was really happy, after all I was the 1st boy from my village to be independent and I was proud ofmyself but I know there are many challenges to face. I have to sleep properly because tomorrow is a big day that I don't want to be ruined. Waking up early in the morning, I did normal make up. Ifboys do too much make up they are called characters less or sluts and I am definitely not one of them. I took a walk to my new office and reached there in half an hour. You know, no diet, no money.As soon as I reached office and entered, I introduced myself as the new receptionist. Everyone started laughing, and someone pinched and slapped my bum(ass). "Ouch" I yelled. I almost got tears in myeyes. Then boss (Mrs Megha) entered and everyone immediately got quite. She saw me in tears and ordered me to come to her cabin and said that she want to talk to me. I got more scared with my heartpounding as if it will come out.

    Disha [Lead character, female, strong, open-minded]

    (Hero of our story)

    Hi I am disha i recently had breakup with my boyfriend. These boys just want girls' money. All boys are gold diggers, wear short dresses exposing their body and too much make up to impress girls. Youmay say what a sexist person I am but my boyfriend, and I were in relationship for 4 years. Still for money he slept with my friend so don't judge me as a sexist. I am just a little angry. By theway, I am 6'1 feet (1.85 m). I am 23 years old and was the youngest person in my office. As usual, I was again late for office. Mrs Megha will definitely yell at me now. Mrs megha is my boss who isalways angry. A 40 year old angry lady. I think today a new receptionist is going to come. Oo fuck! I was too late for office. I took my jaguar car (yeah I know I am rich). I reached office, and saweveryone was quite. I got nervous. I moved to the cabin of miss megha and a random cute boy was crying there wearing salwar kameez. Wait, salwar with average make up. He is really cute. This Meghamonster has no heart. How can someone trouble this cutie...

    Any suggestions for next part and app
    Please please please comment

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    Harshika (Friday, 08 July 2022 07:31)

    App coming soon ... Apka app free hoga ya paid

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    App coming soon (Friday, 08 July 2022 11:27)

    Absolutely free!

  • #437

    Jasmine (Friday, 08 July 2022 14:18)

    2060 nice going please complete the story

  • #438

    Closing (Saturday, 09 July 2022 10:00)

    Any one can write the best

  • #439

    Priya (Saturday, 09 July 2022 18:20)

    Please continue the story

  • #440

    great aditi (Sunday, 10 July 2022 01:31)

    Aditi do you really care to write the remaining

  • #441

    2060 (Sunday, 10 July 2022 04:44)

    Aman pov

    After all drama i got back to work as receptionist. I saw two hulk type ladies staring at me like hungry lion and i was cute deer in front of them. They were coming closer to me i got scared. I don'twant more problems today already their was mess in morning.

    They got closer and one of them said "hey my friend thinks you are cute". I said to myself i should be polite so i said "thanks mam and welcome to our company how can i help you" no time wasting shesaid "i want to release some juice can you help".

    Both started laughing, i know that was adult joke. But i made poker face with no expression. I don't know what this woman think that by throwing these type of line, they can impress me? The answer isno boys like decent women who has manners how to talk.

    She said atleast you can laugh that was good joke. I curled my lips and forcefully give her smile. Now she said that's better. All of sudden she grab me in her arms. I was scared by her boldness. Iimmediately let myself free her arms and said if you don't want anything then please side other customers are may waiting.

    "Oo we got little one angry i guess" other women said. I think one who grabbed my waist got angry "hey you little slut get back to my arm's right now".

    I was more scared now. I put my head down and didn't move. I don't know why this woman's can't understand we have feelings too.

    She said "can't you understand get back right now". I know i was about to get rape by this strong woman. And there was no one around who can help me. Some women were their thinking this was joke andenjoying my humiliation.

    Seeing her angry face i move forward in her arms and she squeeze my waist with power. I yelled Ouch and being to cry again.....

    More forced feminized story (premium story) on app(coming soon)

    Inspired by Princecai

    Comments where should i take this story

    Romance with disha
    More humiliation
    any storyline suggestions for app

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    Payal sharma (Sunday, 10 July 2022 04:58)

    Hello Guyss My cd stories New page...


    going to post variouty of stories...
    ap comments mai bataye kis type ki story post karu

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    Husband to little girl (Sunday, 10 July 2022 05:41)

    Husband to little girl

    Hi my is name is abhi i am successfully business owner and i have my rivals also i have beautiful wife name neha. For honeymoon we have come to Canada from India.

    Their was early morning i though sometimes is different my legs were short and my hands were short too. I thought it was dream

    But i wake up when my wife came she said who are you little girl. I thought little girl wait i was little girl. I explained her i am her husband. She didn't believe. I told her story how wemet.

    Finally she believed i am her husband. I got panic what to do next. She said we will first move to India then we will go to best doctor.

    I thought ok that is great idea. She packed everything then after we went to taxi. I was really tensed and she was flirting to taxi drivers. But i thought i should not think too much. I slept in herarms like little baby.

    When we reached airport i was little baby now i don't have any proof that i am her baby. So security guard stoped us. I was really confused what to do.

    But my wife said Don't worry everything will be ok. Then security guard took her inside i don't what was happening. Or wait i know what was happening. I heard some noise like aa aa aa fuck me daddyof my wife.

    I began to cry and i pee in my panties i was not wearing diapers even. I was crying a lot everyone was thinking this is just baby throwing tantrums.

    When she came out i saw white cum drooling from her mouth. She kiss on my lips with that white cum. I was too tensed that slept again pee all over....

    I am not getting any ideas what should be next part please suggest

    2060 or husband to little girl on which story i should work


  • #444

    Priya (Sunday, 10 July 2022 06:20)

    Please write 2060

  • #445

    Pooja (Sunday, 10 July 2022 11:37)

    Write husband to little girl please

  • #446

    heyy aditi (Monday, 11 July 2022 01:18)

    What about your story

  • #447

    Champs (Monday, 11 July 2022 13:04)

    @Indira: please continue your story “Gender gap”
    Looking forward.

  • #448

    Indira (Monday, 11 July 2022 18:46)

    Gender Gap:

    "Varun, you don't understand. We do the same work at the same position at different companies, yet, I get paid less than half of what you and my male-coworkers get . You don't understand - Gender Gapis real." This wasn't the first time Indira had tried to explain to Varun wtf was happening.

    "You know you joined the industry three years after me, right? Your coworkers have more experience than you in this position. They get paid according to that."

    "Riya was the topper of your batch. Now, Her salary is same as mine, and less than you. And she's way more qualified than you. And I fucking know I am more qualified than her since we're earning thesame fucking amount despite the three years gap."

    "Indu, Every time you bring this up, you are always condescending to me and my work. If you think you are so much qualified and so much smarter than me, then why the fuck don't you turn into a man.We'll have so much money since you'll be a top level executive and earning the rupees that you fucking deserve, huh!" Varun's sarcastic tone would have been enough for Indira to be less petty and endthe argument.

    But not that day.

    "Alright! make me a man."


    "You made it clear that if I were a man, I'd be earning way more money. So, make me a man. This'll prove to you how exactly gender gap works. Let's bet on it - If in two years, I'll earn more thanyou; no fuck this! if in two years, I earn ten times more than you, you'll quit your job and be a housewife - and by house wife, I mean a fucking housewife. And if I even earn a rupee less thanthat,......."

    "You'll hack your millionaire brother's bank account, create a safe funnel for me to receive all of it. You'll never talk about this weird shit again. You'll find my second wife with considerablybigger boobs than your a cups. Don't worry I won't divorce you. You'll live as the pretty second housemaid/wife that you actually deserve to be." Varun, though drunk, had a very serious expression onhis face.

    Indira knew this wasn't like any regular fight they had had. While she thought of the consequences of all this, Varun lifted his right hand up for a deal to begin.

    Indira felt this would pass with the night. So, she shook his hand and they both went to sleep.


    Next morning, Indira rubbed her eyes to wake up to another lazy day of remote work and the covid bullshit. She turned to her side to find that Varun had already woken up.

    She found him jotting down something on a notepad in his small remote workspace in the living room.

    "Hey, Good Morning. What are you writing down?"

    "This is our to-do list for today. We'll need to get these done as soon as possible to start with the actual transformation."

    Indira now realised this wasn't really a small drunk wager she thought it to be.

    (Open to suggestions)

  • #449

    Tom (Tuesday, 12 July 2022 04:01)

    Write 2060 first want to see future men in saree and do household work and obey their wives. Take care of house and children's if possible make men pregnant and have monthly periods...please writeand complete the story write soon very soooooon.

  • #450

    I became maid (Tuesday, 12 July 2022 04:31)

    Hii my wife name is neha and i am Aman we were having good relationship. But our sex relationship was not that good. I was always bad at bed while having sex.
    But still my wife used to love me a lot. We were in same company. One day out of nowhere she became HR manager. Then her behavior also changed. She started getting more dominant.

    My boss starts frequently visiting our house. I know there was some matter going on. But what was exactly i don't know. Slowly i started growing breasts and my hip were also growing. I don't knowwhat was happening. She also started getting dominant in bed. Day by day i was getting weak.

    One day she said all your clothes were dirty so i gave them for washing. I said so what should i wear. With no expression she said my clothes. I became angry started yelling at her. How can I wereher clothes.

    She came and slapped me twice. I started crying i don't know what was happening i should fight her back but my brain hormone was doing something else. She give me evil smile.

    Neha pov

    Hi my name is neha and my husband name is aman. I used to love him but he was really bad in bed. One day my boss called me his musculature hypnotized me then We had great sex. After lot of days i wassatisfied.

    He told me plan to make my husband crossdresser. So we can easily win divorce case. Then we will make him maid or sissy. I was too hypnotized i was not getting what's wrong and what's right. Istarted giving him female hormone in dinner everyday. One final day of plan i burn all his clothes and degree certificate.

    Told him i have given his clothes for washing. He became angry tried to fight me but i was going to gym and giving him female hormone so i easily won against him next thing i was going to tell himwas i burn his certificate and clothes. Because of female hormone he was doing crossdressing secretly and i made video of his with hidden camera. So there was no chance he going to win againstme...soon humiliation will start

    Don't worry i am going to complete all my stories 2060, husband to little girl and this one also any suggestion and which one you like most

    And app is on review on playstore i hope they approve our community app

    Thanks Harshika, jasmine, priya, pooja, tom for you comments

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    The sau (Tuesday, 12 July 2022 05:02)

    Trying to write all genre stories like role reversal, humiliation, gentle femdom, age regression,romantic crossdressing story, sissy story i am trying my best just write comments so i feelencouraged. 2060 will definitely come first because majority of you want that.

    Working on new story just giving you little hint

    Ancient kingdom with feminine prince suddenly his father died then strong woman warrior attacks his fort captures cute prince And make prince her wife as sign of victory and then.... love story (inspired by Princecai)

    Love story of feminine prince and and strong handsome woman warriors ( flipped version of jodha akbar) let me know your views on this story

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    Priya (Tuesday, 12 July 2022 11:08)

    2060 I am waiting really for u r update

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    Amritha (Tuesday, 12 July 2022 14:02)

    Hey Samantha where are you di please continue your story waiting ❤️

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    Gender Gap Lover (Tuesday, 12 July 2022 21:16)

    Indira Please Continue

  • #455

    Champ (Tuesday, 12 July 2022 23:38)

    @Indira: Nice start.
    Please continue.
    Would be better if you include some muscle growth and detail about the suit that indira would be wearing ;)

  • #456

    2060 (Wednesday, 13 July 2022 11:54)

    Disha pov

    After all drama i went to my cabin thinking about my break up. Ya my boyfriend slept with my friend for money. All this boy's are gold diggers they act cute first then take girls money.

    I really want to rape my ex boyfriend with 10 inch of strap on and spank him harder so he knows his mistake. But i realized my mom and dad didn't raise me this way. They thought me boy's are likeflowers you have to protect them.

    Ya it's true boy's are like flowers but my boyfriend was cactus. I was thinking too much so i went outside for walk. i saw two hulk type ladies harassing a cute boy for no reason. they were strongerthan me. But i was ufc fighter in my college days.

    I went there asked "what's going on". One of them said "mind your own business girl" without wasting time i throw punch at that girl. We had good fight then i defeated both of them. I was alsoinjured little. Then i realized this is same boy i saw in morning cute with little makeup and salwar.

    But i remember this boy's act cute first then take girls money so i ignored him after fight. But He came near me hugged me with tears in his eyes said thanks for saving my life. I took him to starbucks coffee center to fresh his mood. We both were quite it was getting awkward. So i break a silence asked him what's your name. He replied aman is my name then he told me his story how he ran fromhis house to be financially independent boy he didn't want girls money he wants to prove he is different from other boy's.

    I immediately fell in love with him. I started dreaming there he can be my wife take care of my children, do housework and if he didn't obey me i will spank him then every night i will fuck his roundass like crazy. Suddenly waiter come with bill and my day dream was broken.

    Aman said he want to pay bill waiter said 10000rs he was shocked. Looked at me then look down with tears in his eyes said sorry i don't have enough money. I said "it's ok this treat is from my side".I don't know why he began to cry more. I can never understand this boys. why he was crying now i was confused. Did I said anything wrong? He might be on periods i thought so he has mixed feelings.Without wasting time i said are you on periods. He gave me angry look and said byee.....

    Writer note

    What do you think talking about boy's period was right or she did big mistake or was that rude or she was concerned about aman please please please comment

  • #457

    2022 (Wednesday, 13 July 2022 13:13)

    2060 y

  • #458

    Supporter (Wednesday, 13 July 2022 13:25)

    Great start. Please keep it up

  • #459

    Priya (Wednesday, 13 July 2022 20:38)

    Nice 2060. Aman will have a periods and an angry look how disha got to know..... He started falling in love with disha

  • #460

    2060 (Thursday, 14 July 2022 06:52)

    2060 new thread

    Hii my name is Vijay and i do household chores and my wife name is Shrutika, she is manager of big company. We had love marriage in college time. I was also topper of my batch but shruti don't allowme to work.

    And i am ok with that this is 2060 we have to obey our wife's order. And second thing I didn't like is wearing saree but Shruti become too strict after marriage.

    Before marriage i was free bird i used to wear jeans top salwar and my parents were also okay with that. Riya was also okay with my dressing style. But after marriage everything changed. She becamemore strict and i didn't like that.

    By the way i also have two children saurabh and rutuja. They always fight with each other i don't know why. I have to take care of them as well.

    One day Shruti came drunk at house. First time she came drunk. I said what is this, what children will think and please be quiet they are sleeping i don't want your bad habit affect them.

    Shruti became angry said "you slut don't tell me what to do". She was using bad language for me once there was time she was trying so hard to propose me. And now she is calling me slut. No time ibegin to cry.

    She came near me hold my neck and said shut your mouth bitch. I pushed her back she was drunk so she fall backside. And now she got more angry. She pulled out her belt and started beating me. I can'teven cry loudly because my children were sleeping. I was in too much pain but i can't even cry.

    Next thing she did was pick me in her arms took me to bedroom throw me on bed. Take out 12 inch strap on. I got scared because normal strap on is 6 inch this was double the size.

    No time she take me to her lap started spanking me this time it was not romantically this time is was rudely. I was in immense pain. Then she made me in doggy style fucked me with 12 inch strap on. Iwas crying whole night....... next day i was in pain still i made tiffin for my children. Shruti was sleeping. It's hard to be boy in 2060

    Writer's note

    Do you like this story i am really unsure about this story. Please comment do you want this or i should stop. I don't know i am confused.

    App is still on review

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    Priya (Thursday, 14 July 2022 09:52)

    Both the 2060 is nice waiting for more parts

  • #462

    tom (Thursday, 14 July 2022 22:58)

    2060 nice going please write soon waiting for next part and add more ghungat and burkha , make all married men wear mungalsutra and sindoor

  • #463

    Devi (Thursday, 14 July 2022 23:43)

    2060.write about school uniform,ladies function,strict rules only for boys in school,traditional pooja,and some nude humiliation like ragging in school.please add this

  • #464

    2060 saurabh version (Friday, 15 July 2022 06:26)

    2060 "saurabh version"

    Hii my name is saurabh my mother name is Shrutika manager of big company and father name is Vijay very talented but wasting all his knowledge in household work. I don't know why boys have to servewomen. I will definitely change this one day. And also my parents don't care about me. They just care about rutuja di because she is girl and i am boy.

    So it was normal day i wake up early in morning drawing rangoli infront of house suddenly rutuja didi come and step on my rangoli. And said sorry by mistake she did this giving me evil smile.

    I know she did this purposefully. I said i will complain to mom and dad. She started laughing and said yes baby go ahead. I know complaining mom and dad was of no use because she was favorite ofboth.

    Our family was traditional so every morning i have to do pooja wearing saree and i hate wearing saree. But i done everything got ready for school wearing skirt and blouse doing minimum make up. Ihate school uniform also, so much body parts are revealing( whole navel exposed whole back side exposed) but this 2060 no excuse. With skirt and blouse body was exposed and also there was coldoutside. And girls uniform was jacket shirt pants they never have to face this cold problem.

    I went to school walking because my evil sister didn't wait for me. Ya she have bike name bullet. I always want to learn bike but my parents don't allow me.

    I saw three rowdy girls outside classroom ragging my friend pratik i immediately went there to save him. I said angrily hey why you are ragging him you don't have brother or father at home, learn torespect boy that's what makes you gentlewomen.

    They look at me with evil eyes said to pratik you may go we will take ragging of this bitch. I said ok you want to take ragging of me i dare you. I know I hate my sister so much but she willdefinitely help me in this situation. I said wait let me call my sister. But wait i don't have phone to call her, now i got scared. Pratik immediately ran from there as he was free, putting me intoproblems. Boy's don't have unity like girls and second thing is i am idiot.

    One of them came near me and said what's color of your panty, all of them started laughing. I was quite keeping my head down, suddenly she lifted up my skirt and saw my pink and strawberry patternpanty. I started to cry this was getting brutal. All of them said remove the panty now I got more scared, not there mistake i only challenged them for ragging.

    They take me to backside of school. One Hold my hand one of them pulled my panty down. 2nd thing they did was unhook my blouse button.......

    Writer's note

    I don't write this type of stories often i like more romantic stories like love story of disha and aman. But i tried my best. comment your views. And can someone tell other story ideas because i loveto write stories. Thanks priya devi tom for your comments i definitely listen to my reader suggestion and try to implement in stories. So tell me what you want.

  • #465

    Priya (Friday, 15 July 2022 06:40)

    Write the cutest love story..... In 2060

  • #466

    Tom (Friday, 15 July 2022 17:18)

    2060. Continue with the ragging write the whole scene let the sister enter only after he is completely nude and from next day the parent ban him from going to school and see for a handsome girl andget him married

  • #467

    Tom (Friday, 15 July 2022 17:21)

    Write what happened to Vijay after taking 12 inch inside him

  • #468

    girls 1 (Saturday, 16 July 2022 00:12)

    Mom: girls, stop fighting, what did I say..
    mom shouted from the other room..
    I stopped as soon as mom shouted that, ohh why is mom referring to me as a girl since we came to the resort,
    my little sister alia from the side, 'ohh big brother, maybe if you packed your bags right, she wouldn't call you that'
    staring angrily at alia, while wearing alia's clothes, i did not have an option as the clothes I wore as I came in were wet with rain 'i know you definitely had a hand in it, don't act innocent aliaokay'

    there was also alia's best friend shilpa with us in the resort. she came towards me

    s: what did alia do, aren't you the one, who bought the wrong bag.. she came close towards me as to intimidate..
    riyan/me: ohh don't try to intimidate me shilpa, I know you are best friends but my little sister is culprit and you know that.
    she came much closer, I couldn't move backwards as I hit the wall.. I know shilpa is a little taller than me, and maybe stronger too, so I didn't try to fight back, but I still kept on insisting thatalia is the culprit.
    shilpa advanced more on to me..
    r: oucchhh, ow ow owww.. it's hurting ow ow..
    s: ohh poor boy, so you do have something down there..
    I could see from the corner of my eyes, that alia is smiling at my humiliation..
    r: okay okay, It was my mistake, I am the stupid one, leave me..
    s: there you go it isn't that difficult, is it?
    I sighed in relief as she left my balls.. woww I hope alia doesn't tell this to mom, already mom has so much anger on me..

    s: okay come on alia, I think this is good enough for this sissy, let's go out and play..
    I thought of saying something for calling me 'sissy' no one calls me that, but seeing what she just did I controlled my anger..

    mom entered the room,
    m: where do you think you are going girls..
    a: we are going out mom, and look we got ready as you told..
    m: ohh sweetheart you look wonderful, and your friend shilpa too..
    and she turned towards me, and sees me..

    m: are you forgetting something girls, I asked to help get your brothers hair straight..

    r: whattt, my hair..

    a: yeah mom, we tried, but he wouldn't let us touch his hair..

    r: what's wrong with my hair mommy..
    I said as I hold my messy long hair, i know i had it too long than my friends in the band, I will cut it as I go back home

    and why are alia and shilpa giggling, wait.. I referred to mom as mommy again, Damn I should get a grip.

    m: yeah well, I would've accepted if you were wearing boys clothes riyan, but this messy hair doesn't suit your pretty dress.

    'so WHAT, you will make me into complete girl, are you STUPID, I am a boy..'

    m: what are you staring at riyan, answer me..

    wait, I didn't say that loud, thank god, If mom heard me call her stupid, she would kill me, or rather would spank me, can't even imagine that with shilpa being here, so I instantly agreed..

    r: okay mom, as you say, but please don't make it too girly..

    m: okay girls you heard him, now you can go play, once you do his hair..

    a: alright big brother, take a seat, while I make your hair prettier.

    r: heeyyy...

    they ignored my concern of them making my hair pretty..

    alia started brushing my hair..

    it's been a while someone brushed my hair, mom used to do it few years ago, when I had shoulder length hair..

  • #469

    Devi (Sunday, 17 July 2022 04:02)

    2060 super super.so exciting.pls continue and write do ladies function for saurabh.and strict rules in school for boys like spanking etc

    Second story where boy is proposed to a girl ask him to pt ha what is the proof.so she said as a proof propose me in underwear( bra and panties)

    Third story is write about movie shooting where hero where sexy dresses and heroine pant and shirt.and add hero get embarssed bikini

  • #470

    Devi (Sunday, 17 July 2022 04:05)

    Hero get emaberssed in bikini.and director and heroine and other female actress teases hero in bikini

    Please write this stories 2060

    And still I have ideas

  • #471

    Customer (Sunday, 17 July 2022 10:27)


  • #472

    Amritha (Sunday, 17 July 2022 23:37)

    Girls 1 superb start di please continue

  • #473

    REEMA (Monday, 18 July 2022 09:33)


    It's been long time here.

    I had sent one of the story to Anjali but looks like thr has been no response from her end to post the story on her site. If you all OK for me to add here will do it. It's a just a love and simplecrossdressing story between husband and wife in lockdown. let me know

    Hope you all enjoyed my previous stories

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    Mithra (Monday, 18 July 2022 11:06)

    Reema start ur stories we are waiting

  • #475

    vasantha (Monday, 18 July 2022 11:25)

    Reema there your story I couldn't find pls tell me pa

  • #476

    Anjali (Monday, 18 July 2022 13:16)

    Dear Reema,

    If you are talking about me, Anjali Roy from CD Tales, I apologize for any inconvinience happened. But please note that, I double checked and couldn't find any Reema in my inbox. Once again, if youwere talking about me, kindly resend the email, else please ignore this comment.

    Love you all. :)

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    Reema (Monday, 18 July 2022 14:19)


    Anjali could you check once again and reconfirm your email address. Thankyou

  • #478

    Anjali (Monday, 18 July 2022 14:29)

    My email address is working as it should be. :)

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    Is there any crossdresser in Delhi or NCR, who wants to enjoy crossdressing session along with me, i will come to your place

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    Reema if you interested you can post your stories on my blog

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    Sasumaa and damad role reversal story write please

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    Husband to wife's secretary (Tuesday, 19 July 2022 13:56)

    Hi this is Kartik. I am manager at a private company. I earn lot of money. I am not that muscular, I am slim . Fair skin and silk hair since childhood . My wife's name is Riya and she owns a smallbusiness. She is a little chubby and little brown but she is cute . One day all of a sudden company closed and i became jobless .

    Also due to company losses they took all our house and cars. All my colleagues too became jobless. I was still lucky as my wife earns a little. She has too much work now a days because we are facingfinancial problems . One day she got irritated and said " atleast do the housework ". I was still lying their watching tv.

    She started yelling me again but I pretended like I am not listening . Then she came near me, hold my ear took me to the kitchen and ordered me to wash dishes. I was surprised by her strength, stillI was about to fight I tried to hit her but she slaped and beated me up. I started crying.(I didn't knew she was going to gym.)

    After completing the dish washing, I started cooking food . Yeah, I know cooking also . Then at time of dinner I served her with tears in my eyes. I didn't eat and went to sleep .

    Next day i wake up remembering how she treated me yesterday i got tears in my eyes. She also wake up giving me angry look and said from now onwards you will do all kitchen work. This hurted my maleego. Again i yelled at her. This time she hold my long hair get me to her lap spank me till i said sorry. My bum was completely red. Next thing she said was remove your clothes and wear this saree. Iwas shocked but i didn't show resistance. I wear panties and bra then blouse and finally saree.

    Next thing she did was removed her mangalsutra tied to my neck. Put sindoor on my forehead. And order me to touch her feet. I did what she said because i was scared of her now coz still my ass was inpain.

    Next thing she ordered was to be her personal secretary in office and wear sexy female clothes all time in office. I was about to say no but i know consequences

    Writers note

    Comments how was story so i can write part 2 of this. Continously writing 4 - 5 stories according to readers hope you like them. Your lovely the sau and app in 2 days for sure

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    2060 we are waiting for u

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    Comment to post the story on my blog I will contact you soon.

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    My facebook page

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    Priya i am bored writing 2060 so trying new stories like husband to wife secretary. But i will complete all stories as i promised.

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    Hello I'm planning to create a group for cd sister where cd sister can talk with each other and shere her experience if u are interested tell me

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    Body swap (Wednesday, 20 July 2022 09:17)

    Gender swap

    Hii my name is raj and my wife name is neha we were like love birds but recently we have lots of fight. She always used to say girls life is so difficult and i never agreed to that because you knowboys life is more tough we have to earn, go to office work hard and women just have to do little kitchen things and watch saas bahu tv shows how simple there life is right.

    One day we had big fight she said i wish we can do body swap then we you will know whose life is difficult . I laughed at her statement and slept.

    Next day i wake up i notice there is something different in my body my chest area was bigger i walk till mirror and i scream because it was body swap.

    I thought it was dream but neha near me she was also surprised she started laughing because she always wanted to boy but i never wanted to be girl.

    She came near with such a muscular body. I was scared. she hold my cheek tightly and said let's the fun begin. My cheeks wears in tremendous pain she had no idea how much poweŕ she has.

    I started crying in pain told her to remove her hands. She removed her hands from my cheek and said stop drama i hold your cheek lightly. I was still crying and said you don't know your power. Sherealized her mistake but she didn't said sorry.

    Next thing she said stop crying, you have to save this tears because you are in my body and i am on periods so enjoy the pain at night.....,and give me evil smile.

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    Closing (Wednesday, 20 July 2022 13:22)

    CAN anyone

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    Husband to wife's secretary (Friday, 22 July 2022 05:36)

    Nose piercing part 2

    The day started with me doing all housework like cleaning floors, sweeping, cooking food, wearing saree, mangalsutra, sindoor which i really hate but there was no option left because riya was angryand now she wants me to be her secretary. I can't say no to her because she was owner of house and company. I started to cry slowly coz i don't want to be her secretary.

    Next day she showed my uniform of secretary it was backless blouse and short skirt not covering my knees even. I looked at her with my puppy eyes but they didn't work. I wear that with makeup therewas no trace that I was man i was a about to cry but she said don't ruined your makeup by crying like little girl.

    She took her bullet bike i didn't new she learn bullet bike. She said to sit like girl on one side both legs i done what she said to me. She started driving so fast that it scared me. I startedcrying please slow down. She got angry stopped bike and said from here you will come walking. I said sorry begging her no because if i walked with heels in this outfit i will definitely get raped.But she didn't care.

    She left me alone with purse. I started walking it was hard with heels to walk my legs hurting but i learned in few steps because i am quick learner. But while walking my ass was automaticallyswinging and i hated that. Wind was blowing suddenly my skirt was going up revealing my pink panties i have to cover that as well.

    Everyone was looking at me because of my outfit they were thinking i am slut. But i reached office somehow i went to her cabin i was angry because she left me alone without caring what if someoneraped me. It's her duty now to protect me. I said to her " you monster don't have any heart It's your duty to protect me bitch" by mistake i said bitch to her.

    She came near me and said " i have sent two guards secretly to keep check on you that you are safe " and 2nd thing did you just call me bitch. I said sorry to her but i know that was of no use. Shecalled someone and told something in ears they both laughed. She came near me and said Time for punishment baby get ready, we will piercing your tongue so everytime you speak it would be like babygirl cute.

    I started to run from her cabin two lady guard come catch me one come with piercing gun. I was crying and resisting her too much not allowing them to piercing my tongue. She said if you resist toomuch we will piercing your nose and belly also. I was still resisting her. She then piercing my nose my belly and tongue.

    I was angry tried to speak and said " u al so badh i donth lub u". She started laughing so badly said " aww my baby". She put round nose ring in my nose. And belly button. I looked into mirror i waslooking like dance bar girl. I started to cry even more.

    She said enough of crying now get back to work as secretary. Days passed i was really good at secretary and doing household chores. I started loving my duty. One day i notice her with anothercrossdresser boy in 7 star hotel and he was more cute then me yes he was but that doesn't mean riya will start cheating on me i went home crying.......

    Writer note

    Comments down what should be next. And i wrote body swap story i thought all sister will like but no comment after that story. I hope you like this story and google is like government office takingtoo long to publish our app. Sorry for delay.

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    The sau_ super story
    Pls write stories what I given
    3.movie crossdessing humiliation

    Pls write this stories sau your a good write so i want to read stories on this plots please please sau

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    Aditi one question... Will you be back or you are not gona come back ...

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    Husband to wife secretary nice going making threesome and make two cds as sisters and help each other to make husband happy...

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    Bhanu (Saturday, 23 July 2022 06:20)

    Body Swap .. good start and different. Pls continue

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    Xyz (Saturday, 23 July 2022 06:56)

    He watched his reflection in the mirror has he slowly turned. There wasn’t much else to do but watch and wait, wait for her return. How long had it been? He had no idea but thought it was probablyless than he imagined. He had long ago given up trying to stop the turning it was a result of his trying to ease the strain on his arms as he hung from the hook in the basement ceiling. He washanging so that the toes of the white high heeled sandals he was wearing just barley touched the seat of the stool under his feet. He had to shift from one foot to the other to take the pressure offhis arms. But the extension of his leg to do that was also painful, so he had to keep up this little dance and the slow turning that allowed him to see himself in the mirror. The dancing feet nolonger looked at all like men’s feet. The bright red toe nails under the sandal foot panty hose and the strappy white shoes screamed girl at him as he turned. The dress looked summery and cool,lavender and white with a full skirt and a low cut neckline. The hem was just below the knees and moved gracefully as he hung. The cap sleeves had fallen back on his upraised arms his shaved arm pitsvisible in his rotation. Under the dress he wore a white corset. A beautiful garment that caused him great agony and only allowed short little breaths. The beauty of the corset hid the pain itcaused. The built in bra cups supported his C sized breasts. The face was no longer his, the electrolysis and the hormones had changed him from a handsome man to a lovely girl.
    He felt a stirring in his crotch, something he seldom felt anymore. The hormones and the device he wore kept him flaccid and unable to erect. The impotence was something she enjoyed exploiting. Sheliked to free him from the device and manipulate his member with her hands or mouth. He could still orgasm and she would time her manipulations until he was on the brink then she would lock him backup with a withering look at him. The device, as she called it was humiliation in and of it’s self. It was just a semi stiff plastic tube that was cut down the length to allow it to expand andretract. The penis wore a condom then was placed in the tube the tube held the penis tightly but allowed the head to protrude. This was then placed in a sheath that was not unlike a small corset astiff ruffle was at each end the ruffle next to his pubic bone flared out like a little skirt and the one at the head was like a lace collar. The sheath was laced with a ribbon and tied with a cutebow. The whole thing was drawn back between his legs and tied. She had managed to make a penis feminine. Today the penis was clad in lavender panties. She delighted in selecting the panties he wouldwear each day. She always made a fuss over how girly and soft he had become. Wearing only panties, his corset and of course the device he would assist her in her dressing. She favored skirted suitsand closed toe pumps. She carried a neutral colored Coach handbag, wore small stud earrings and used minimal makeup. He on the other hand usually wore the most feminine of dresses and shoes his hairin ringlets make up full and feminine he always carried a bag that matched his shoe color and his pierced ears were adorned with dangling ear rings. She called him her pretty one then with one fingershe would point at her feet; vagina or anus and he would kneel and get to work. When they first met, when he still could get hard he had refused to use his tongue on her, saying that he had what sheneeded between his legs. Well she had seen to it that that was no longer the case. She had made it clear that it would be his tongue that brought her pleasure and not his soft girly penis.
    He heard the door to the house open and he heard footsteps, two sets of footsteps. He could hear muffled conversation, water running and things being done in the kitchen. She was home and makingcoffee. She had company and it was a woman. He heard laughter from the kitchen but couldn’t make out words. After a time the door opened his back was to the door he tried to hurry his rotation so hecould see her as she entered. In the back light he saw two figures. Oh my GOD she was bringing a woman down to see him trussed up like some big sissy doll. They stood in front of him now she steppedback and put her hands on her hips with some pride. The visitor smiled and said, "this is perfect". His cheeks burning with embarrassment all he could say was "hello mother"

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    Grammarly (Saturday, 23 July 2022 10:06)

    Husband to wife's secretary good going

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    anon (Saturday, 23 July 2022 21:34)

    babysitter 1:

    mom/m: KIDS, stop fighting, anju leave your brother sharan's hair..
    oh no, mom is here, what will she think if she sees us like this, ohh god she is holding my hair so tight, how is she becoming stronger day by day..
    sharan/s: leave me, you little piece of shit, aahh ahh..
    m: SHARAN.. she shouts..
    m: language, or else you know me right..
    s: sorry mom, this little anju is trying to take my video game..
    m: enough, I already told you guys to share..
    s: but mom, you bought this as my birthday gift..
    m: enough arguing, my word is final, anju you can take the game, sharan you come to me, your hair is such a mess, let me brush it.
    s: I can do it myself..
    she has been doing it for a while, I am big enough I should do it myself now..
    anju(anjali/a): ohh bhayya, did you become a big BOYY so your mama can't do your hair ahh, ahh..
    she was grabbing my shoulder with her right hand whipping me and questioning me.. I hate it when she does that..
    s: leave me, idiot..
    and I walked along with my mom outside.. mom wrapped her arm around my shoulder
    m: sharannnn, language, next time I am not warning you again..
    s: sorry mom, but she is very dominating, why can't she act like my little sister for once..
    m: (why not, after all she is my daughter.. mom thinking inside proudly) ohh I know sweetie, it's not that she hates you, you know she is a foot taller than you right, so sometimes her actions mightfeel a little dominating, don't worry about it much..
    huh, a little, really.. it is embarassing how she is dominating our fights, I should be growing soon, and will take control..

    s: okay whatever..
    m: ohhhh my sweet little baby, come on, don't be upset, tell me what should I do to make your mood better..
    s: ahh, chi mom, don't refer me like that, I am teenager now..
    m: ohh silly, you are always my sweet baby.. and she squeezed my cheeks so hard..
    s: stop it mom.. i said a little ascertainingly..
    m: ohh alright young man, as you wish, okay now tell me what hairstyle do you want..
    s: what do you mean, my regular one, just brush it and put it in low pony..
    m: ohh so boring..
    what is she thinking should i be excited to get all girly hairstyles or what..
    m: well what is the use if you have such a pretty long hair and just do this one, why don't you cut and be like a normal boy..
    s: you know many popular boys have long hair..
    as she started brushing my hair, she turned my head towards her..
    m: yeah I know, but their hair barely reaches below shoulders..
    s: so what..
    I could then feel her placing all my hair onto the front, which reaches upto my belly..
    m: does anyone of them have this long hair, why don't you cut it to have shorter haircut, maybe atleast until the shoulders..
    actually this the only thing other than video games in which I am better than my little sister, I hate it that she could dominate me in most of the things now, but mom would not see the same,so..
    s: but, I want it long..
    m: why..
    s: I love it this way.. i accidentally spilled what I didn't mean
    mom was smiling ear to ear, I could do nothing except blush and turn front as I whipped my hair back, I didn't knew how girly it felt to others seeing me..
    m: I need that answer my dear son, now I am satisfied, but I feel pity, that I couldn't do anything else to your hair other than a low pony..
    ohh mom, will you stop it already, how does she expect me to wear it..
    s: whatever..

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    Charu (Sunday, 24 July 2022 01:11)

    Anyone, write story about mother son crossdressing role reversal and do add concept of artificial vagina, fake boobs, ass, fake muscle suit and artificial penis

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    2060 (Sunday, 24 July 2022 06:43)

    Flim industry

    Hii my name is raj work actor i don't why this flim industry work this way all man have to suffer casting couch and all important roles are given to women and we are just to seduce horny teenagersgirls in theaters so movie can become superhit. I am tired of wearing bikini in movies just to sell more tickets to female audience.

    It was just regular shoot day. Jenny director of movie said ayee cutie you have a bikini scene. I got angry and yelled at her why always exposing body parts at least come with good storyline. Shecome close and said listen bitch wear it or you know consequences, you will become industry slut if i wish, i have all recording how i fuck with strapon.

    Yes i had sex with jenny when i was new to flim industry to get roles but don't judge me this is how these dirty industry works. but i didn't know she will record and blackmail me. I went to mydressing room cried a lot "why god why mans have to suffer".

    I wear strawberry colored bikini and come out. I saw actress neha she was hero for other and villain for me. She have too many sexual harassment cases on her of innocent boys but who cares. I gotready for scene out of nowhere she came and give hard slap to my ass. It was soo hard that her fingers red marks was on my ass.

    I started crying and everyone was laughing like it was joke to them. My ass was burning coz she hit it so hard. Director jenny saw all this i thought she will scold neha but she came and slapped mefor ruining the make up. Jenny said it takes too long for boys to do makeup and you messed up by crying. Giving me angry look she said stop crying now.

    I stopped crying i done make up again, took me 2 hour now everyone was frustrated. Scene started neha started playing her role it was romantic scene so she kissed me and bite my lips harder i was notexpecting that but i didn't loose my attention i continued she put one hand down on my cute bulge in panty and squeeze. I yelled ouch neha what you are doing this is not in script. Now jenny was toomuch angry coz i messed up scene of shooting.

    Writer's note
    Hey any good writer anyone with good story ideas or with good vision of story ideas contact me insta id xer4702 it's very urgent.

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    Customer care (Sunday, 24 July 2022 06:51)

    No one cares

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    Sneha (Sunday, 24 July 2022 11:15)


    My name is kiran and my mother madhu after my fathers death we are in huge debt, My mother planned to clear all debts with dowry of my marriage since we don't have any source of income. I am tryingfor jobs but it is not successful because of my grades. One day when i went for interview and i got a call from our family friends regarding marriage proposal but i am out of town. So i called my momand informed her about the situation, First she thought to go their and discuss with their parents about marriage and explain about my situation, but we understood that only girl coming, actually shewant to discuss with me, before to take further. My Mom said don't worry i will handle you concentrate on interview i said ok and disconnected the call.

    In the evening with heavy heart i am sitting in my room, because once again i failed in interview. I am cursing for my situation because of my helpless and making my mom suffer, even i can't diebecause of my mom. I got a call from my mom first disconnected without lifting the call, but she is calling me continuously so i picked her call and i was shocked she said hi mom. I didn't understoodwhat's happening and she said in a hurry mom i am going with nisha tonight i will come home in the morning she disconnected the call. I am bit confused why did said like that also she spoken like aman not like a woman. I slept without thinking about it.

    Morning i called my mom and she picked the call and said mom i am in nisha's apartment, i will there home in one hour and disconnected call. I am confused and waiting for my mom's call but i didn'treceived call from her in 2 hours, so i called her and asked her did you reached home, she said yes then why you didn't call me, she said i am bit tried i said ok and asked about yesterday'sconversation. She said she will say some other time and suddenly she no i will tell you know only, i said ok because i never seen my mom so confused and excited.

    She started explaining actually i thought about your meeting with nisha, I don't want to take any chances with that meeting. So i went as you in your place for meeting i said what you did mom, ifthey finds out what happen, she said i though i look like you if i dress like a guy but after cutting my hair i looked differently. I said you cut your hair she said yes listen to me first i said okgo on.

    But big problem now we have is Nisha liked me and wants to marry me, How is that possible. She said let's take dowry to clear all our debts and i marry nisha after marriage i will give divorce toher. I said mom what you said is totally illogical and we are spoiling girl's life, she said it is very common in rich house are with me in this are not tell me. I said no she scolded me for all myfailures and disconnected the call. After a hour i called her but she didn't picked my call and i sent a message i am in.

    Immediately i received a call from my mom, she said thank you dear you have to play role in my wedding with nisha i asked her what should i do she said i took your place then you have too. I saidwhat i have to take your place she laughed i understood i said mom you are going crazy, she said tell me if you any idea to get out from debts. I said ok beta she felt happy and kissed me i said i amcoming tomorrow please come and pick me with nisha. she said no she will find the truth about us i said don't worry i will tell you.

    I went to near by stores and took 2 cotton sari's and i sat at tailor and told to stitch the jacket of my size, i told i need this for play and shop lady helped me too pick bra and lingerie i said isit required she said yes sir, you can't wear banian inside the jacket and lingerie is comfortable in sari. tailor gave me jacket in one hour i went to my room and saw videos in you tube how to drapethe sari. I tried to drape sari i took me one hour to drape the sari i did video call to my mom and she shocked seeing me because i am looking like a middle aged women. I was also shocked she iswearing my sleeveless T-shirt and boxers. I asked her why are in this look now she said i am comfortable in this look

    Please post your comments

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    Sneha story is amazing

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    App launched

    Hey sister i have written more than 10 stories ( 2060, husband to wife's secretary, body swap etc) this month if you love my stories you can continue on our app. Few demo stories are uploaded soon, iwill post more stories

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    Finally sneha is back, so please miss sneha, this time continue your story and don't stop until you finish it and yeah please do add my points of, fake ass boobs vagina dildo and muscle suit

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    sneha (Monday, 25 July 2022 11:39)


    Next Day morning i got fresh up and i asked for help from the lady in the shop for dress up in sari, actually i don't need help to drape sari but i am curious about what people think about me when idress. Shop lady also agreed to help for free, she gave her house location i went their thru cab. I saw area is totally empty since it is early in the morning, I knocked the door and she just woke upwith my knocking she invited me inside the house. She told me to have a seat and she is wearing boxer and T-shirt, she went for fresh up her mother came and discussed with me about my family and toldabout their family only shop lady and her mother stays in the house, Finally shop lady's mother asked me purpose of my visit. I told her she said ok and left from the house to work she works as amaid in the houses.

    Later shop lady brought tea for me and she changed into formal shirt and pant, She said sir why are lying to me if you want sari for play then you need to purchase only one sari you purchased 2sari's from my shop, kindly let me know if you are crossdresser i will help you. I said it is not like that i brought 2 sari's for play only one for rehearsal and one for play. Ok can i come for yourplay she asked me i am fumbled and said ok i will send you passes thru whatsapp after i reach theatre. She said why can't speak with your manager know and arrange passes for us. I said i will do tochange the topic i asked how did you agreed to help even without knowing properly i am just stranger for you. She said you may be stranger for me but i like woman in you she pampers, likes to showoffsilently also you have so many woman qualities, without any doubt i can call you woman. How you are sure about woman in me i asked her. she said man in me attracted to you, I said what. she said i amwoman for world and man for me. I said it is confusing but you have not answered my question she said yeah i like to dress up man in women's clothes specially when i dress up as a man. I said ohothat's why you dressed in formals now. She said yes and i asked only outers you dressed as a man or else inners too. She said yes inners also i wore underwear and banian. I asked her to show a roomto dress up she showed me room and said i will also come with you, i said i will wear inners and you can come. she said it's ok you can wear in front of me i aid please. She said ok and i went to theroom checked for camera's not found anything she knocked the door in 10 minutes and said any help required call me from outside she said and i replied ok i will call you wait. I removed all myclothes and wore panty, lingerie, bra and jacket. After that i opened door she stood door and waiting for me to open the door.

    I said why are you waiting i said i will call you, she said i thought you need my help and i said please come in. While coming she staring my navel and she sat on bed. I bend down to took sari shesaw my breasts thru my jacket and smiles in her self. I covered my breast with sari after seeing her she keeps her leg over her another leg like a man, I can see lust in her eyes but i can't sayanything to her she took sari to drape first she hold one edge for sari and she kept her hand inside my lingerie and touched my penis i was shocked gave her serious look. she gave lip kiss cool babyshe draped sari and started touching boobs, finally she pressed hard my boobs after draping the sari and gave deep lip to lip kiss, i had a tears in my eyes she got back in her sense and said sorryhugged to console me i said ok , she fixed wig and did little makeup after i saw my self in the mirror i am looking like a middle aged aunty, she said sorry since it is my fantasy i couldn't able tocontrol myself but i am not a man like that. I said it's ok thanks for the help we hugged each other her mother came out and confused looking me she said i am looking like woman i said thank you. Ileft from their to railway station yesterday night i booked ticket in tatkal in first class A.c as 40 year old woman, i went to first A.C and settled in my berth and closed curtain after some timeone woman has came inside the seat and she said nice to see you i will have a company whole journey, she started speaking with me even i enjoyed chit chat with her we became good friends in veryshort time. While leaving we hugged each other and she is bit taller than took her number for chit chat since i can't speak with my older friends now.

    From now onwards I means madhu and mom, he means kiran and son.

    I took my luggage came out from train kiran with one girl waiting for me

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    2060 even I am waiting for u...

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    Priya for which part of 2060 you are waiting. There are many sub part like aman and disha, Shrutika and Vijay, saurabh and ragging, flim industry which part you like i will definitely love to write

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    I love all the parts...... U can write any part...... I love u r stories

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    Add some romance..... Let all guys share their romantic nights with others

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    Auntie made me maid (Tuesday, 26 July 2022 02:32)

    Hii my name is aman son of rich businessman, fair, chubby, and i love my long hair like Rockstar. I am not good at studies but i was good at art and craft, cooking like chef. One day i was on myphone i came across some sites rajibalan, crossdressing world app by the sau. I started reading stories and i secretly started loving crossdressing. But i don't want to tell anyone ever, i alwayswant to be secretly wearing saree.

    I always dream to be in 2060 year of sau story and yes i am now secret crossdresser but i don't like men or not attracted towards men i love girls even i have girlfriend name neha. She didn't know iam crossdresser.

    All of a sudden my mom and dad died in car crash. My auntie immediately take control of business she said till you grow up i will take care of this big businesses. And i was ok with that.

    Auntie has one child name pratik. We always hate each other you know brother's problem.

    One day all maids were on holiday i secretly went to there room started to wear saree blouse panties. I notice renu one of my maid catch me crossdressing. First she didn't recognize me then shedidn't said prince is that you

    My heart beats stops of while. I explained her everything she started laughing and said ok i will help you to become women. She take me to bath give me cream all my body hair were gone. Appliedmakeup even now i can't recognize myself. She then drop a bomb on me said you have summer vacation till then you have to work as maid with me in other houses. It beg her to say no but she didn'tlisten and said should i tell everyone then you are crossdresser. I said ok because i don't want auntie to let know about me and my crossdressing.

    As promised i went to other houses for work as maid and i realized i am at my girlfriend house she saw me and immediately recognized me i am maid ........ comment what next

    Writer's note

    I was supposed to put this story on app ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=www.mycrossdressingstories.com ). But backend some work is remaining so posting stories on rajibalan. Pleasecomment let me know how was story - the sau

    Priya i will continue 2060 story soon on app because many sisters didn't like that story

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    Thank you all for your love, i have been thinking about next plot i will post next plot tonight

    Sorry for keeping you all awaited

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    I could easily found some changes kiran's body and i am starring him continuously meanwhile both of them came near to me. Nisha came near to me and hugged me, after that she said how was your journeymom. Listening that word i couldn't able to react i felt like earth quake underneath me, I was unable to express but she is going to be my Daughter in law so if i won't react it wouldn't be so nice isaid nice beta. She said nice sari mom i said thank you, Meanwhile kiran oho know we can't leave for a second they will go to sari's or jewelry. Nisha what about you men, if we leave alone you justdrink, what kiran is drinking i gave confused look, oho sorry it seems to be mom doesn't about your drinking habit. Kiran said mom that's happen only occasionally i gave a serious look. Nisha saidmom let's go we left from their. I was mute unable to express anything just as a spectator watching both nisha and kiran.

    Kiran brought the car both of them took front seat, so i sat on the backseat. I just closed my eyes and tried to relax but i heard giggling of nisha and i opened my eyes nisha kept her head onkiran's shoulder and kiran showing with his finger to calm down. So i kept my eyes closed and let the show go on, i was disgusting of myself because i can't see my dear one's happiness. We reachedhome and this house is not our house kiran said mom nisha's father gave us this building. We both went inside the building nisha said mom i kept all your things here because kiran said you have kneepains you can't climb the stairs. I said thank you very much beta.

    I went inside the room and kept the door closed checked windows whether these are opened. Removed my clothes and tied towel to my breast went inside the bathroom and sat on commode startedrecollecting all things happened and started crying what is happening to me. But i can't stay inside for long time so quickly i had a shower and wore my mom's sari came out. Nisha sat in front of thetv and i asked beta what you want have for lunch she said no mom me and kiran are going to office, actually my dad made kiran ceo of my company and today he is joining , because he wants to take yourblessing before taking charge as a CEO. I heard sound of shoe that someone is coming down stairs, I saw kiran is coming he dressed in suit and he is looking great but his muscles are tight in suit,Nisha said handsome and kissed him, kiran fell on my feet took my blessings i kept my hand on his head. They both left from their.

    I cooked food for myself and had food watching tv, after one hour i got a call from unknown number i lifted it and said hello in female voice only, it's nisha she asked me mom did you had your lunchi said yes beta what about you she said we just finished mom. due to travel i am feeling tired so i changed into nightie and slept for the noon. evening when i woke up i saw message from kiranactually i din't changed his name on mobile i changed contact as a kiran from mom. He said wonderful job mom you are doing great and without your knowledge you became my mom and Nisha liked you verymuch.

    I am totally confused after reading that message

    Please post your comments

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    Sneha I like your story alot plz make more parts for this story and complete this one also plz share your Instagram or email id

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    After reading that message i have become blank, Next day morning i made coffee for kiran and went inside his room, he woke up hearing door sound and covered his body till neck. Oho know i thought hestarted enjoying his manhood but i am wrong he became man totally. I said can i speak with you know he said one second wore his T-shirt and i kept my head down, he settled in the bed. Yeah mom pleasetell, I said let's stop this craziness if we caught then we will be in very bad situation, He said chill mom nothing goon happen to us. I said stop calling mom, he laughed and said what should i callyou madhu, i said don't irritate me.

    Madhu: Mom we have to carry on this
    Kiran: But how many days
    Madhu: till the day it has to go
    Kiran: I said i can't do this any more
    Madhu: see how good mom you are becoming you are taking care of house and me, know you are thinking of my future and fearing that something will happen to me, this what moms does
    madhu: But i'm not a mom
    Kiran: But i'm your son
    I sensed something fishy so i asked why should we do this since nisha has already paid all our debts, know we can escape from here and start our life some where happily. Kiran Mom if i want to escapefrom, even with debts also i could have escaped. Then Why you doing this all i asked kiran.

    Kiran: Nisha i madly in love with her
    Madhu: What are you saying how can you be with her
    Kiran: I' m feeling positive aura around her and she pampers really well till date nobody has done to me.
    Madhu: But marriage includes more than love
    Kiran: you mean sex that i will take care apart from sex i have all the qualities of nice husband

    Hearing kiran's answer i was totally confused and i said then what about me how can i live being your mom, kiran was silent and said stay till our marriage and after that you can take your decision.madhu it means you are agreeing me as a mom. Kiran said yes i gave a smile and left from their. I went inside my room i removed my sari and wore satin nightie which was their till my knees and on topit is sleeveless i went out and kiran is having breakfast. Kiran said what are you wearing mom nisha will be here anytime, i said ok let her come what is new in that she comes home daily. Kiran saidgo and wear sari then i replied this how you speak with your mom and you want me to control my life. Kiran sorry mom please go and change into sari. I went inside and changed into sari, Nisha hascome and they having break fast. I wished nisha and started serving breakfast to her. she said mom i can take it please have your food, I said yes kiran you are right she is a very nice girl. Whathappened aunty nisha asked me and i said nothing dear we will discuss later, Kiran was totally afraid that what i speak, I said nisha you have good dress sense and modern too, If dress up in westernoutfits is it ok for you, why not mom it's your life and you can do whatever you want. Actually i like to discuss more about clothes, fashion with you but you are very busy we will catch up someother time.

    Nisha said i too love it please message me it will be stress relief for me. Then quickly i went inside wore same nightie and sat in front of nisha, Nisha said wow mom you have a good taste and saidkiran to go to office and left with me to gossip.
    Please post your comments

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    After kiran left i started discussing with about the dresses which i use to surf, because i am crossdresser she believed that i am her mother in law totally she became close and started discussingabout all the matters, she shown her new dresses that she brought recently i picked one for her occasion she felt really cool and hugged me. While leaving Nisha said mom you have great dressing senseand fabric selection you can start your business. After she left i thought open one boutique by selling my jewelry, so immediately i sold my jewelry and took a place for boutique.

    After starting my boutique kiran came to know about it and asked me about that, i said yes i opened it he said you should have asked money for that. I said no need money adjusted, but mom why youneed to work you can take rest. Nisha came suddenly and said what's wrong in that kiran why are you bullying her, i kissed nisha on the cheeks and said i have great daughter in law, Nisha said even ihad a great Mother in law. We laughed by seeing each other, kiran doesn't liked our closeness tried to change the topic. Kiran said then mom how are you going to boutique i said i will manage, nishasaid mom i have a car which i am not using you can use that car, i said boutique is near by i can manage if require i will definitely ask you, I just went inside the kitchen kiran pinched on nishanavel and nisha said aww, i dropped jar in the kitchen i don't know i felt jealous at that point both came inside the kitchen i said jar has slipped and told them to go out. While leaving kiranturned back and i gave a wicked smile and kept his hand on Nisha's shoulder and pulled her near nisha hits on his hand and says slowly baby.

    I cleaned the floor, kiran came and said we are leaving mom both left from their i went to boutique i forgot what happened in the morning and became busy in my work. Evening i came home i felt tiredand went for bath, I started starring my body parts i got a good breast shape if any man sees them they will squeeze them, Then suddenly i got glance which kiran gave me in the kitchen and iunderstood, he is also feeling jealousy if nisha spends time with me. I understood that kiran is so desperate about nisha.

    I called nisha to my boutique to show some new collection, she trailed every dress and after she took one dress i said i knew you will take that dress, Nisha how you know mom that i will this dress,I said i know your taste dear that's why i brought matching pearl set for you which matches your dress. Really mom you are too gud i said thank you dear lets have lunch i brought lunch for us both. Iasked them are you guys having lunch at your house, nisha said no mom we will have in any restaurant, I said it will damages health and kiran will not do any exercise also. nisha said i will appointa coach for him from tomorrow one fitness trainer come your home.

    Please post your comments

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    Rajesh 15
    Reshma 12
    Swetha 24 maid
    Jessica 22 maid
    Rajesh to Ramya - 1
    hi i am rajesh completed 10th exam and staying in home for holidays i have long hair up to shoulder because of vow for exam pass. we wealthy family no problem for money father business man he inabroad and mother work for govt she too busy only weekends v all together in our home is so big and we have two maids for our home service i wont give respect to maids because i feel like boss and myyounger sister is more stronger than me actually she is adopted (she dont know that only my mommy and father knows) one car accident her total family died and she only saved us from accident so sheis favorite for all in my family what ever she does my mom and dad scold me only so i wont talk over with her. thats all about me and family one day while crossing maid room unexpectely seen Jessicastanding in bra and panty i feel something weird and get away from there next day i got feel little scary and fever and some days went normaly again same scenerio while crossing i saw jessica shegoing to change dress but heart to move out from there but my brain told to stand and watch her it continues for some days Rajesh didn’t expect this. He enjoyed watching his maid clean all the time.Little did he know, that she began to watch him to catch him and give him the right medicine. Rajesh, liked the way his maid works, his desire to watch his maid lean and clean aroused him, thethoughts of fucking her hard in the kitchen even more aroused him. He couldn’t control his emotions, even after jerking off million times, his urge was so strong. One day he peeked at his maid whileshe was changing her dress. he take her dress while no one around and take smell it make him so crazy
    He smelled her panty and masturbated, while watching her adjust her pallu and adjust the pleats and hair before she leave for the day. This was continuing for more than a month. His maid, found hiscum filled dirty underwear and understood the kid is not a kid anymore, he is growing to be a man and decided to be more decent around the house. to be continue (english little diffcult )

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    Pratik POV

    My name is Pratik 5.3 feet , fair and glowing skin, good at study, dancing is my passion, parents are little strict but caring. In short my description is I am cute or good boy that's what peopleknow about me . So it was regular day I wake up early in the morning getting ready for my school suddenly, my mom called me I got scared . mom is too strict when it is about studies this time i getlow marks i know .she called me and said, dancing is affecting my studies so I have to leave dancing academy. Immediately I got tears in my eyes ( I get emotional quickly) I started convincing my momand after that started to cry loudly . dad come running from kitchen to see what happened.we both are scared of my mom. but still i manage to convince mom and promised I would be 1st ranked not3rd(ya unfortunately I come 3rd this time). Then I went to school my mood was off and I saw some stupid, arrogant girls who love to trouble others standing at door . what a horrible day i thoughtstarted to avoid them Suddenly, one of them slap my bum(cute butt) and said what's up cutie I yell in pain, "ouch" I want to pounce that girl, but they were stronger than me so I shouted I willcomplain to teacher and they started to laugh

    Neha POV

    My name neha(dangerous girl of school ) 6.2feet my parents died when I was kid(don, 't show sympathy now I am okay) raised in street life. Like every other day I wake up late so I don, 't take bathand went to school. My bestfriend shivani and puja were also their.we were smoking suddenly I saw nerdy boy class topper Pratik.i hate front benchers .he was avoiding us I don't why. He was fair withthe glowing skin like a cute angel (I am not loving with him okay. Stop assuming everything) i saw his butt round and sponge.i couldn't control my hands and give little spank to his bum.he reactedquickly said ouch he is so adorable and yell at us that he gonna complain about us like a little kid we all laugh

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    Closing (Tuesday, 02 August 2022 13:07)


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    I was really annoyed today. i sat on front bencher as usual and was waiting for teacher. Neha came and give me evil smile for no reason. I got scared, "why god i can't have peaceful life". Teachercame started teaching suddenly paperball hit my head from backside i saw neha was one doing this.

    I complain to teacher about neha. But even teacher's are scared of her because she is most dangerous girl of our school. Rather scolding her teacher shouted at me and told me to keep quiet. Enough isenough i was angry so i started to cry. Yes there was no other thing i can do i can just cry.

    School was over i went back to home. I was on way to home i saw some girls teasing me. One of them came near me and hold my dupatta i got scared and said you don't have brother or father at home? Shereplied i have brother and father at home but not cutie like you and grab my ass. I know she was drunk she was about to rape me because they are six in number and i am just alone cute dear in frontof them.

    Out of nowhere neha come and hit kick to that girl. She beat all that girl like hero. I was crying neha come near me give me my dupatta. I was soo impressed unknowingly i kissed her on lips. Shepicked me in her arms i was blushing whole time. She made me sit on her bike and dropped me to home. And my mom saw me with girl and you know how strict my mom is ......

    Writer note
    I saw this type of story in movie so i flipped the scenario. Tell me what next so i can write accordingly.

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    And i am really a big fan of you 2060

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    Bank Assistant

    I worked as an office assistant in a small bank. I am still 20 years old. There were only four misses in our branch. Chalani sister is the one who fits me perfectly. She ain't even married yet. Boyfriend is in abroad. The other misses are a little older. I was stuck in a boarding. When I feel bored at night, I call Chalani sister. Some days we talk for about an hour.
    "Hello sisters"
    "Hello in the bag"
    "Adanam sister had come wearing a beautiful saree"
    “That’s why the boy turns around and looks at me several times in the morning and I looked at why”. Why is saree only beautiful? "
    "The one wearing is also beautiful. So sister has a good collection of saree, isn't it? "
    "I have only a few of my own bro. Most of them belongs to mother and my elder sister"
    "Elder sister's yellow color floral saree is also beautiful. Wore it yesterday"
    "Since I got salari today, I am thinking of shopping for sarees in this weekend." "
    "The way sister wears the saree is very beautiful, orderly"
    "I am the one who sews saree and jackets, brother"
    "I also like to wear a saree"
    "Ah... Is it true? " by saying... Then said "Wait, I'll make you fool one day"
    We talk like this through the phone.
    While I am in the office, I will comment on my sister's clothes everyday.
    "Shah says today beautiful, beautiful saree, floor sister in the jacket"
    Sister is very happy with them.
    One day at the office when I was short of work, my sister called me for the lunch room.
    Sister got my meshment from a tape saying “Hold on I gotta get some of your mashments”
    “Can I even floor a shirt?”. " I just asked for it.
    Said "Yes that's what matto" with a smile.
    Even if the bank is closed, some days we will be in the office till afternoon for documentation work. Those days Chalani sister's home in her scooty.
    So I'm going on the bus. Some days my elder sister is going to board me. Now when sister buys saree and gowns online, she shows me and asks my thoughts.
    Sister doesn't have a friend of her age in the office. I am the one who fill the void. Sister has told about me to the boy too. I have no bad idea about elder sister. Except for a fit friend.
    My twentieth birthday came when it goes on. Even though there are only a few people in our office, we will order a lunch on everyone's birthday and give a present.
    So for my birthday I gave the four misses a lunch. Gave me a present by miss manager.
    “Miss Chalani was sewed by her own hands” Ms said. I remembered the day I bought meshmont that day.

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    But that was a day we had a lot of work" Mr. Manager and others had personal work down so manager miss said me and Chalani sister have to work this weekend.
    They told us to come and work without opening the office. Chalani sister is working, I am her assistant.
    "Tomorrow elder sister is my madam boss" said when I was calling at night.
    “Ah yes yes gotta be the way I say. Be ready early tomorrow morning, the bag can go on my scooty" sister said.
    We went to the office early in the morning. Sister wore a jeans and a T-shirt that day. Should wear sarees on normal days.
    No one is coming because the office is closed. Sister called me before I started work.
    "My assistant should wear the way I like today" when she gave me a parcel called sister, the yellow color saree was there.
    "Isn't that the saree you like brother? “ I just smh my head.
    “I’ll wear this for you today”
    I couldn't believe it. Had a desire but never wore female clothes.
    "Oh sister I've never been relevant to saree, if anyone sees it"
    Cawuth don't see why one day said love to wear saree. Guess this is a birthday gift from me"
    Gave me under skirt, panties, bra saying “Now take off those clothes and wear these”
    "Do you want to wear this too? " I just asked for it.
    "This little brother don't scold me. I know he likes underwear too".

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    One available long shirt. The floor is in order at a glance. Looks like one bought from the shop. I just thanked everyone.
    But that was a day we had a lot of work" Mr. Manager and others had personal work down so manager miss said me and Chalani sister have to work this weekend.
    They told us to come and work without opening the office. Chalani sister is working, I am her assistant.
    "Tomorrow elder sister is my madam boss" said when I was calling at night.
    “Ah yes yes gotta be the way I say. Be ready early tomorrow morning, the bag can go on my scooty" sister said.
    We went to the office early in the morning. Sister wore a jeans and a T-shirt that day. Should wear sarees on normal days.
    No one is coming because the office is closed. Sister called me before I started work.
    "My assistant should wear the way I like today" when she gave me a parcel called sister, the yellow color saree was there.
    "Isn't that the saree you like brother? “ I just smh my head.
    “I’ll wear this for you today”
    I couldn't believe it. Had a desire but never wore female clothes.
    "Oh sister I've never been relevant to saree, if anyone sees it"
    Cawuth don't see why one day said love to wear saree. Guess this is a birthday gift from me"
    Gave me under skirt, panties, bra saying “Now take off those clothes and wear these”
    "Do you want to wear this too? " I just asked for it.
    "This little brother don't scold me. I know he likes underwear too".
    I wore my under skirt, took off my pants, panties and bra. One filled bra.
    "You wore nice bra like a practice"
    And then I got the saree jacket. Gave two holes to be installed about three inches tall.
    "Sister Shah.. This one is worth it. "
    Sister said, "Both the shirt and jacket from the meshments taken that day".
    And then sister started wearing the saree. It took about ten minutes to wrap a round around the edge, under the waist, beautifully wrapped the waist and made the saripota and put the blouse on theblouse.
    "Sister, you brought the saree very fast"
    “I’m used to that everyday from today”. Is the boy's wish fulfilled now? "
    I looked in a mirror in the office. Just like a girl under the neck
    "Thank you sister," told me.
    Started working saying "Now brother's shape, we have a lot of work to do today"
    Our office was on the ground floor. Stocks upstairs, had the photocopy.
    Had to go to the Upper deck several times to do what Chalani sister says. Because the saree is messed up, he climbed the stairs in front of the saree and did the work of sister.
    I thought I was an office girl.. Made a tea for my sister. Sister told me to sit with the saree in hand while sitting. Sister had about rice with me too. They have eaten and worked in theevening.
    Managing the saree because I'm interested in sarees anyway.
    "Brother, you should have born as a girl" said. It's about 8pm after work. I told my elder sister to take off the sheets of the saree.
    "Wear the saree and go to boarding. No one will recognize me because I wear helmet. "
    I had a desire to go on the road wearing a saree with my elder sister. Went to boarding with elder sister saying anything. I went in before anyone saw.
    After a while, elder sister went home and took a video call to me. I'm too greedy to take off the saree. I fell asleep with it on. Sister told me to keep saree and jacket and other outfits.

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    hey ritu (Saturday, 06 August 2022 21:50)

    Try to use grammarly ,so sentences doesn't make any sense

  • #580

    Amritha (Saturday, 06 August 2022 22:53)

    Where are you Samantha your Nirmala story started well pls pls pls continue pa

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    anon (Sunday, 07 August 2022 22:33)

    condition 4:

    In previous parts (comment 354), Ali was punished by his little sister for talking to karan, their neighbor, where he was not at fault, but it was karan who was gawking at ali's newly developed boobswithout his knowledge. Priya however though, doing more than asked for her by her mom who was on a business trip, by taking incharge of the house, and even protecting her big brother from bad boys :Presponsibly.

    Today ali was dressed in tshirt and jeans, he stopped wearing vests as they could be revealing, priya came from her room, dressed in nighty and bindi, and bulky hair bun in a claw clip

    Ali was sitting in the hall, and as he saw priya, he was smiling, or kind of giggling..
    p: what's so funny big brother..
    A: nothing.. he stopped smiling and closed his mouth with both hands..
    p: ohh really, I don't believe you, there is something.. priya sighs while making her eyes big..
    Ali who was taken aback by his sister's glare, awkwardly says..
    A: nothing, I was wondering how you were becoming more like our mother, stupid hairstyle, haha..
    and he smiles, buy priya doesn't find this funny..
    p: ohh big brother, don't make me angry, you know who is incharge of this house, and also you know what happened when you made me angry last time.
    Ali was silent, and was irritated as she reminded the incident he badly wants to forget.
    After a while, ali asked what he though of since a long time.
    A: priya, you know how some of the parts in my body are growing right.
    p: ohh come on bhayya, say proudly that you are growing boobies, why beating in the bush..
    A: they are not boobs, it's just a chest enlargement..
    p: alright, whatever you call it, what is your request..
    A: yeah as they are growing, there is something that is not growing, my beard..
    p: ohh yeah, I observed, your skin is smoother than mine.. she pouted..
    A: let me complete, so with my long hair I am looking a bit odd..
    p: you mean like a girl.. and she was laughing hysterically, while sitting authoritatively..
    Ali was so annoyed..
    A: yeah, and I don't want to look like this, I want to get a hair cut..
    Priya became angry..
    p: ALI, you know mom wouldn't allow you do to that, let alone allow you to go outside..
    he was midly shocked as she referred by his name..
    a: but I am looking bad.. it is getting very long..
    P: ohh I am sorry ALI, I know long hair can be trouble, I can't let you get a haircut, but you know I can help with it, brush it, or braid it..
    a: what, braid??
    p: okay okay, just let me brush it..
    a: please don't do this I am your big brother.
    priya smiling wildly..
    p: ohh bhayya, I am doing this as you are my older brother, if you were younger, I would have forced you into my old frocks, and dress completely as a girl by now..
    ali was stunned at her comments, and didn't speak anything..
    p: ohh bhayya, I was just kidding, now go and get the hair brush and oil, from my room.
    Ali reluctantly obliges and goes into the room, he doesn't find what he needs and looking confused at the items..
    maid gita, who was cleaning her room at that time asks, 'ali beta, what are you looking for'
    Ali was startled as she asked that, and he explains..
    maid, 'ooh I got it' and she opened couple of drawers, and pulled out the needed and handed over to him. He thanked her and was about to leave..
    'Ali beta, one second'
    he turned around, but she forced him to turn back, and pulled out the rubberband holding his low ponytail..
    he shouted 'heyy'.. as his long locks flow loose on his back..
    'it's alright beta, you should have your hair loose, you look good like this'
    he was thinking to himself 'what's wrong with her, ewww, letting my hair loose like a girl', and he forcefully grabs the hair band from the maid gita and ran into the hall.. as he ran, he shouts,'priya, I got the oil and comb, brush my hair' he don't know why he was so excited, maybe feminine hormones were kicking off, some parts of his brain.
    As she acknowledges and makes him sit infront of him, Ali was in shock to see who was infront of him..
    Karan: Hi Ali, how are you, didn't see you in a long time.. said his neighbor/friend.
    Ali couldn't muster any words, as his younger sister starts brushing his long hair.
    P: ALI, say hi to karan..
    As he gains consciousness, he unknowing checks if his boobs were exposed, and then looked at karan.
    K: I am sorry Ali, that was very cheap of me to look at your boobs..
    P: It's alright karan, you already apologized to me a lot..
    'apologized to you, why are you talking to him, you used to hate him, why is he even here' ali was thinking to himself..

  • #582

    anon (Sunday, 07 August 2022 22:36)

    condition 5:
    K: okay then, I must give a compliment, you are looking very pretty Ali, you are in good hands, priya will take good care of you..
    Ali speechless again, he was avoiding karan after he got to know karan saw his boobs, but when did priya and karan became friends..
    p: say thanks ali..
    A: what is going on, you used to hate him, why is he even here..
    P: ALI, is that how you talk to guests.. and she hit him with hair brush on his hand.
    Ali was flabbergasted as how priya is treating him..
    K: it's okay priya, Ali, you know that priya is in final year, and she is doing a project that I have experience, so she wanted some tips, and I am here to share.
    P: is that enough, here play video games in the phone while I oil your hair, and let me talk peacefully..
    Ali had reluctantly grabbed the phone and start playing, while they were talking like adults, and he couldn't understand those technical terms.

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    Payal J (Monday, 08 August 2022 17:17)

    Desire-Part 1

    My name is Preetam. this story starts when I was 14 years old. That is when I learned about cross dressing. I was very fair and slim. In my family was me, my mom and my big sister. My father diedwhen I was 8 yrs. He felt a good fortune a big house and multi crores in account. My mom used to work as a manager in an MNC company and my sister was doing 3 class ahead of me.
    When ever I was alone I used to crossdresser in my sister and mom's cloths. A year later I got a desire to be a girl permanently. One day when I was browsing internet I read that how boys can convertto a girl by taking estrogen tablets, but it was difficult for me to get that directly. Then I found reading that anti pregnancy pills contains estrogen. I got an idea I had a friend whose familybusiness was distribution of medicine and he used to sit some time in godown when his father was out of town. I found the correct opportunity and gave him a call and asked him to meet. He told me hewas in his godown. I went there and asked for party. He asked me to sit in the godown and went to get some samosas.
    Once he was out I started looking around and found the pills I immediately picked a box and places it in my bag. I stayed there for an hour and came home. When I opened the box it was a supply of 4years with 4.5 years of validity.
    I started taking 1 pill every day. Days went by I clears my 10 board. After taking medicine fo 2 years i could see few changes. I had no body or facial hair, my skin was soft my hair grow well likegirls i kept it till my shoulder my voice was not still broken and I got b size boobs. In next one year i crossdressered a lot as my sister and mom were always out they when in the morning and camein the evening. I started wearing bra of my sister and crossdressered in different dresses but my favourite was saree. My boobs were now growing fast and I was now at C cub. It was getting differentto hind in school, hence I thought of telling my mom. I went to my mom and said her that my chest is paining a lot. She asked me to open my shirt and by seeing my breasts she was shocked. Sheimmediately took me to doctor. Doctor asked to do some test. I know this could happen so from last one week I stopped taking pills so that no trace of pills can be found. Test report came and we wentto doctor, she checked the report and told my mom that your son has 80% female harmones and his body has stopped producing male harmones and hence all this. Mom asked for the treatment. Doctor said.Anything we try may harm the body. It would be better you except the way it is.

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    vasantha (Monday, 08 August 2022 23:24)

    Payal j your story super continue pls

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    Father-in-low and daughter-in-law, father and daughter, mother and son, son-in-law and mother-in-law role revolves story can anybody write this type of story please please please

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    Poornima (Tuesday, 09 August 2022 14:49)

    Nice story plot Payal. Please include more humiliation especially by his big sister and face many outdoor scenes with other girls.

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    Sneha (Wednesday, 10 August 2022 11:06)

    Sorry guys for delay


    Kiran was came home, He had his dinner with full tummy i just gave one wicked smile. He didn't understood the reason of my wicked smile. Actually nisha was about to sent trainer for kiran in themorning we both kept it secret, I messaged Nisha that kiran had a food with full of stomach, she sent laughing emoji. Kiran became more manly and shameless because everyday i am seeing his dress onlyi am seeing office wear, he is not wearing night wear he is sleeping nude understood.

    Next day morning i knocked door of the kiran, He woke up after so much time he slept on the bed he is totally nude and covered his body with blanket. I gave him green tea and he was confused seeinggreen tea and asked me what is this, i said this is nisha's Initiative. He was confused asked why i said don't know and said coach is waiting for you. He was shocked and i said nisha sent coach foryou get ready for exercise. Kiran came unwillingly and started exercising.

    I went to bathroom i removed my sari i saw my boobs and started squeezing them i want a strong hands to squeeze them, my boobs has taken good shape and i removed bra started rubbing my navel andtouching boobs. I had my bath came out, dressed in sari came out, served food for kiran, Kiran said mom i am leaving.

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    Sneha (Wednesday, 10 August 2022 12:28)


    I am feeling lonely, Even in boutique there was no one to give me company. suddenly one visitor has come inside my boutique and i know her, she is the same sales who helped me earlier for wearingsari. we both hugged each other and started discussing about us, I said here i am acting like a mother to bigshot so he gave money boutique, she asked why you he can choose any women i said don'tknow i asked only about payment, that he is giving me. She also agreed yeah it is better not to go in deep if we are dealing with big shots. She said her mother has expired and debtors are took herhome, she came here to stay in her uncle's house but her aunt is not happy staying with her. I said join with me i need helper you can stay in the room on top. She agreed and said even i haveexperience in this field. I said as a helper, means she asked i said what does helper do, she said helper does whatever owner says but. I said if you are interested come and met me in this addresstoday afternoon also bring all your luggage. I had my lunch went to the place where i called her.

    I sat on the sofa i heard bell rang, I saw that girl and said come in raju. She said who is raju, i said you raju, she said i am confused mam. I said you made woman and i will make you man.immediately she lifted with a joy and i said slowly dear.

    Raju: is it possible mam
    Me: you know about me and still you are calling me mam,
    Raju: Yes i will also become raju
    Me: Then remove your dress
    Raju removes his punjabi suit and stood in bra and lingerie, I went near to him and said see raju you don't need this from know removing his bra and he says i know mam but i want you to do this forme. I pinching his cheeks said naughty boy, he said mam only bra i replied i will remove remaining in bathroom, he took towel and tied to his navel went to bathroom i changed to from sari to satinnightie which is covering till my thighs, sleeveless and v-cut so that my boobs will be visible for him.

    I went inside the bathroom, he shocked seeing me like that and said mam why are you changed i said i have to bathe you and if water falls on sari it will damages, he said water falls on this dressthis will also damages so remove this too. I said shameless wait for sometime and removed his lingerie and removed one dildo from hole between my boobs and i kissed dildo and tied to his navel. Hehold my head ok give me first blow job mam, he didn't even gave chance to speak just inserted his dildo inside my mouth and made me to suck it hard.
    Please post your comments

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    2060 need update from u

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    Payal J (Thursday, 11 August 2022 04:59)

    Desire-Part 2

    My mom and sister were very said for few days and I also portrayed the same but inside I was very happy. Doctor has asked my mother to make me wear bra. Once while coming from office my mom broughtfew pairs of bra with her for me and asked me to wear them to avoid chest pain. I showed that how said I was and said no, but inside I was very happy and wear it right away as it was my first brathat I will own. After hearing my no, mom said beside me kept her hand on my head and said beta if you don't wear this your pain will increase and also your chest size. I agree showing tears in myeyes, my mom took me to my room and asked me to remove my shirt and helped me wear the bra and wore my shirt above it. That night I just slept in my bra and undies, which I weared the cut once tolook femine.
    Days passed by, i cleared my 12th board before all this and my mother made decision that I would now take admission in college and do my graduation externally. By now I had my hair had grown till midback breast has grown which i felt as my Bra was tight and my hips have widen a little bit. After about six months one day when after bath in the morning I was trying to wear my clothes I was notable to get into my undies or pajama. I told this to my mom. It was a Saturday so my mom and sister both were at home. My mom bought a measurement tap and took my body measurements. First my breastit turned out to be 36D then my waist which was 28 and then my hips which turned out to be 34. Then mom asked my sister to go and get one of her salwar kamiz and once we all are ready we will go tomall to buy some cloths.
    I was very happy. My sister bought a beautiful green salwar kamiz of her and my mom asked me to wear that and went to their rooms to get ready. I wore the salwar kamiz immediately and looked my selfin the mirror, it was looking good on me, but was tight on the breast and hips. I came down to the hall and waited for my mom and sister. After half an hour they came. My sister looked at me and saidyou are looking good but few things are missing. My mom said yes we need to do few things or it will look odd. Then they tooknme to my sister's room. There they did my make-up, applied foundation,the mascara eye liner. Once that was down then my mom bought two gold bangles and put that in my hand. And my sister put a ladies watches. The my sister combed my hair and made a braid and said nowyou look perfect. I looked myself in the mirror and was amazed. I used to crossdressered but never looked like this.

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    Customer care (Thursday, 11 August 2022 13:18)

    May I help u

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    Samantha (Friday, 12 August 2022 07:47)

    Shravani...Part -1

    My mother and I went to meet someone to talk about my younger sister . he showed some photos and we are watching that photos in his phone. I was shocked. Then he looked at us and smiled.
    He showed me the photos that he and my sister had taken together, some of which we could not see, its very sexy photos. My mother asked him why are you taking such photos and can you take such photosof the girl who trusted you and she scolded him. I asked him to give us what he is going to do with this photos, but he refused give the photos and he said 'he want something from us . i asked him'what u want form us' and Mom looked at him and said what are you threatening me with these photos and I will tell the police, he smiled and said, complaint the police if you want but before I willsend this to all my college students, then I will also go to jail, and asked if you will be alive to see it.I didn't know what to say.
    I asked him ok so what do you want, he looked at me and said that , 'my brother fell in love with you the first time he saw you'. We confused and shocked while hearing and what he said and we woke upwithout understanding. he looked at us again and said that my brother does not want to marry a girl, instead he wants to marry a boy . I decided to keep it, when the man said it was none other thanyou, my mother and i are sitting with shock face. Again, he said you have to agree to this, otherwise I will do as I said before.
    He looked at me and said, 'Shravan(Myname), if you agree to marry my brother, then everything will be fine, if not, you should not think about it, there will be so many problems, think carefully anddecide, I said yes without even thinking anything. my mother looked at me and said, 'Are you ruining your life for your sister?' and she cried. Then he told me 'my brother will call you do as hesays', I said ok.
    I will tell you about us and them in detail in the next part..

  • #600

    Samantha (Friday, 12 August 2022 08:28)

    Shravani ...Part -2
    I was born to a working class family based Chennai. My father(Raju) was working in HR procession and my Mom (Rohini) is working in software office. I had an younger sister (Vaani), with whom I wouldbe fighting a lot like any ordinary household with my sister and we have brother & sister special bond. My parents especially my mother was very supportive towards me and would always take myside. I was also becoming more and more docile due because of my mother. As she was over protective about us, she would not allow us to get in fight with anyone and even if I had a quarrel with anyone, it would be her who would stand and fight for me and providing me with an extra protective cover. I am working as Physical Trainer in private school and my height is 5 feet and and my sister isfinal year student and she is studying in college. she also like athlete and she is 5'8 .Some times she used to tease me about my height and my hairs , yes i have hair up to my shoulder.

    Present Time...

    We have reached our home , at the time Sister Vaani is busy with phone and my got angry and she scolded her. i stoped and my mom and i requested her dont tell anything to sister and my dad , i wentto my room and thinking about my future. Next day i woke up late and i am getting late for my work and i asked my mom bring my shirt.

    Mom is busy in the kitchen and couldn't hear my voice. i shouting again, mom come fast.. mom stopped the mixer and looked at me sternly and asked, "what is it?" and i said 'today friday so i wantwear white colour t-shirt and i can't reach white t-shirt, pls help me to get that t-shirt and i will take bath.
    she made her eyes big, and "can't you see i am busy, can't you wear other shirt?" "no i want that white one, why did you even kept it on top shelf" and mom said it your sister , she only arranged thedresses. wait Shravan, let me call", she shouts "Vaani, come help your big brother". she comes out of her room, shrugging off her shoulders. she asked 'what mom what happend ? and mom said ' Vaani gohelp your big brother without complaining", she mockingly says "okay big brother shall we go?", knowing the fact that she is way taller than him being an year younger.

    i sees her all sweaty and asks "what are you doing, what is all this sweat", "ohh I am training in my room and i doing exercise", i am looking at my younger sister from bottom to top and said "well,isn't this enough?", she said "oh of course big brother, there are, not everyone is short like you big brother" mocking him again saying big brother and she sid don't be sad, mom says boys grow late,you will grow too..i smiles and said i am elder brother ...the she said i know brother dont worry bro...and she left the room..i went to school.

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    Amritha (Friday, 12 August 2022 11:28)

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    Sahana (Friday, 12 August 2022 12:34)

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    2060 even i am waiting for u r love u stories

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    Grammar (Friday, 12 August 2022 14:53)

    Samantha will it be forced

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    fun 1 (Friday, 12 August 2022 21:51)

    ram was looking at the mirror wondering,
    ram: mommy, I am really a boy right ?
    mom was about to laugh, but stopped, and with serious face..
    mom/m: ohh sweetie, yes of course you are boy, why did you get that doubt?
    r: but mommy, I am almost 18 years old, why don't I get beard like other boys.
    mom couldn't say anything, as she doesn't know the reason too..
    m: because, because...
    as she was stuttering, neha walks into the room, who was five years younger to ram..
    n: aww sweetie, you are boy now, you will grow once you become a man..
    ram turned around at his sister, little angry as she called him sweetie, he only allows his mom to call him that..
    r: when will I be a man..
    n: you, a man, hahaha, never..
    ram had a concerned face..
    m: stop joking neha, don't worry ram, you will be once after few years, some boys grow beard late..
    ram was settled as he heard it.. and his mom started brushing his long hair..
    m: sweetie, what hairstyle do you want, ram..
    ram seeing his sister smiling, gets angry at his mom..
    r: am I a girl or what why are you asking me such stupid questions..
    n: aww sweetie, maybe you want pig tails, huh..
    she comes towards his face in threatening manner..
    even though ram's tone irritated mom, she was more pissed off of neha's behavior..
    m: neha, what do you think you are doing, respect ram, and don't call him sweetie, he is your big brother, for god's sake.. and she twists her ear.
    neha obliges from pain, and apologises, but looks seriously at ram who is smiling at all this.
    she puts his long hair in low ponytail, and lets him out for the day.

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    Samantha (Saturday, 13 August 2022 01:22)

    Shravani...part -3
    I left for school on my bullet bike. Afternoon I got a call from a new number and it was none other than Vinod's brother Rajesh, I didn't know what to say. I picked up the phone and said hello, hetold me to meet him in the evening and asked him to come to a coffe shop near the school and I said ok. I don't know what to do. That evening I went to the shop and called him and he was alreadythere and he was waiting for me. I went near him and asked him to sit on a chair. I didn't know what to say and kept quiet, then he told me my name was Rajesh and he said ' Shravan you have manyquestions to ask me ,pls ask if u want know the reason. I kept quit and again he said if you want to ask anything. I looked at him and said 'Why don't you marry a girl instead of maaring me and u canleave me?' He laughed at that and said 'I like you that's why I agreed to marry you'. I asked him ' are you gay'. He immediately told me that I am not gay, I am a man, and then I asked why did youagree to marry a man. Again he laughed and asked why my brother did not say anything to you and why we chose to marry you, I said no. Then I said tell me the reason why and he said let me tell youpast ...

    My name is Rajesh and i am woriking in bangalore ...and my brother vinoth is studying college in chennai, our native town is chennai.Both of my parents are govt employees and from my childhood ialways love to ride superbike but my parents are feared to get me superbike because they believe that fast is dangerous...during clg time i asked my parents for bike but they ignored that we can evenbuy u a car but not a bike...without informing my parents i purchased R15 v3 bike with monthly emi in Bangalore ....i believed that doing parttime job or bike racing i can pay money for emi...so istarted to do racing also.

    3 months before i came to chennai and my brother told me that " week end he is going to partcipate in racing so he asked me to join with him and i said ok. i went home and my parents know about bikeand the scolded me and I feel very sad so i took my bike and went for small ride in highway at that time suddenly 2 superbike crossed me in 150kmph after 2 mins i saw that 2 superbike standing in onehotel to see the rider...when i saw rider i got shocked because they two are girls..i saw both bike number but i didnt see face and i tried to see but no luck.

    weekend i came to racing place and i saw that two bikes . I somehow decided to race with them and went with them but I could not win. After that I raced with him twice and still could not win. theyteased me and it was very difficult for me. When I saw the girl for the first time, she reomved helmet but she were wearing a face mask so I couldn't see full face properly but that moment I fell inlove with you. I asked to inquire about that girl. i was shock when my brother told about that girl because she is not girl and he is boy and name is Shravan , yes none otherthan you . I thought theperson I fell in love with was a boy. After that my brother showed your photo and you details. After that I came to participate in the race again, I lost again but more than losing, your friends madefun of me and my younger brother. one of your friend said that ' you can compete with women only and don't come here from now on', my brother got angry and at the same time you also looked at me andsaid that he was right and said that you are not fit to compete with me ', that's why I decided to take revenge on you . One day my brother asked me do you like sharavan and I said yes. Heimmediately said that if u will marry shravan and he will become my sister-in-law and again he said ' i will take revenge like this and u will get beloved one bro.

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    Samantha (Saturday, 13 August 2022 03:44)

    Shravani...part -4

    Rajesh finished is his story..After hearing all this I don't know what to say. I looked at him and i asked him to forgive us and pls leave me and my sister'. Rajesh smiled and said that is notpossible now I fell love with you shravan and he told me another shocking thing "Your sister and my brother had sex and my brother took video and it is with my brother. i got angry and i slapped him.Rajesh looked at me and said, "If you don't do what i say from now on, I will send that video to everyone. its makes very angry but I couldn't do anything. Rajesh looked at me and said, 'Whenever Icall you, you have to talk. Finally he asked me to remove my moustache and from now on your face looks like a girl.' He said it should be beautiful to look at, and I said yes. i left fromthere.

    A week passed, Rajesh asked me to come to a hospital and I took mother along with me. Mom and i begged him at the hospital but he didn't agree, then he talked to a doctor and called me and mominside. We both went inside and Rajesh pointed me and it was for him. The doctor took me close and touched my face skin and then she appiled some gel and rubbed it.Then Mother asked him what are yougoing to do with my son, doctor said nothing, your son's skin is hard , I am going to give it an injection to make it smooth, and also I am going to give it an injection to prevent it from comingbecause he has a lot of hair on his face. mom requested him but he didndt listion anything. The doctor gave me an injection and gave me a tablets to take daily. Then Rajesh took me to the beautysalon and changed my hair to look like a girls's. I asked him this is enough for today and he told me to go home. I told to mom that if Vaani sees me like this, she will find out that I went to thebeauty parlour, and she said that I will manage her.

    We entered home and vaani is watching tv and i went my room. she came my room and i sked her what do you want ?, she said i will take my shirt and its in shelf. she stares at me and asked whathappend bro ?.. i said nothing and she mockingly says and taps twice over my head. i go angry heyyy, don't do that...she said ' something is happend bro and your behaving differently and see yourhair, 'wow your hair is so smooth, did you do something to it". i told her ' no i did not.
    again she said ' nahh, you did something, it looks far girly than that messy boy's hair you had before... i reacts to her comments and blurts out "what, girly? , please leave my rrom . she smiles,and says " well i doubt it's a womens's salon, your hair look so girly," meanwhile mom enters the room, i saw mom and she gave signal to me and says 'are you guys done ?' she said yes mom, I was justappreciating big brother's hair, which men's salon did you take him to ? mom told thats oh come on vaani, do you think men's salon does such things, they just chop it off, look at it, the new girl inpinky aunty's beauty parlor did a flawless job. i gave shock reaction 'is its beauty parlour mom really?, mom told ohh kid what do i do with you, what are you listening, i told, right, men's shopswere closed yesterday, when did you listen to me, oh godd? and mom left . vaani teased me girly hair from beauty parlor haha...and i sadi her you are jealous of me, girls go crazy over long hair, iknow.. she left with laugh...

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    anyone pls suggest an online store or link to purchase half sarees. i really love half sarees and i cant find it anywhere online. pls help me and also help me with finding large size bangles inonline. my mother's and sisters bangles were not fit me as i am little fatty.

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    but my fattiness made my boobs look larger and now my bra size is 38B. i love to be fat, because of that i got real flesh boobs. if i try i can self suck my nipples. what a feel it was to self suckmy boobies nipples. i will finger my ass and it will also give crossdressers like us a good pleasure. But i am not gay, i really want to marry a woman to love and fuck with her as a girl.

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    Hi Guys ....Thanks for your but i will try to write give my best

    Shravani..part -5
    Next day rajesh called me and he wants me see with low ponytail. i informed to my mom. then mom did the ponytail and i took photos sent to rajesh. while taking photos vaani saw me and i puts headdown and she comes to my side, and pulls my ponytail that is hanging until my waist up, which makes me head go up, and i scolded, 'heyy leave my hair'. Vaani laughs.. i becaome angry "stop it vaani,I know you are just jealous of my hair, and mom told, this style looks good on me, also I watched english movies where rockstars have hair like me" Vaani raises eyebrows and says 'aha, okay then,keep your girly hair like that, i don't have any problem'
    i also angrily turns around and says 'get lost, it is not girly'.. as i turns around, she could see my ponytail swings from back to the front, she smiles and goes back to her room and somehow imanaged her.

    Rajesh called me and asked me to come to the mall tomorrow to meet his mother. I also went to meet them with my mother. he came in black t-shirt and blue jeans. I went in my sister's scooty wearingwhite shirt and black pant formal to give a good impression. He said not good so we will get a new one for you. We have taken pink t-shirt and blue tight jeans for me and he asked me to change it andI went and wore than and came he said you are looking cute.

    he asked me what you are going to take i said formal pant shirt. he said we can take a kurta. I never worn one before he selected a kurta red kurta with golden colour pajama and she selected amatching sandal with 2 inch heels said since you are shorter than me it would adjudt our height. he gave some hair and mack up cosmatics after that we reached home. rajesh orderd me to wear thatsandal and its difficult to manage. we went to home. my dad saw all those things and he started to scold me and i put head down and went to my room.

    After some time My mom came to my room and consoled me. Mom encouraged me, in my new look. Because of all the conditioners I am using, my hair is growing fast. My hair is till my mid back. One day,while me and vaani talking my hair is disturbing me by filling on my face. Vaani took a rubber band and made a ponytail for me. I didn't say anything about it. my dad scolded me but my mom defendedme. life going like this..

    Exams over and In summer holidays, So I stayed in home. One day in the evening, I was watching TV. My mom set beside me with a comb and oil bottle. She removed the rubber band in my hair and appliedoil to my hair. Slowly she massaged my hair. I felt very relaxed. Then she took a comb and started to brush my hair. After some time, my mom got up by placing something on my shoulder. I was shocked.My mom braided my long hair. I started to shout at my mom. At that time my dad came near me. My dad told me, you have long hair like girls and there is nothing wrong wearing braids like girls. My dadtold me, if you don't cut your hair than your mom will whatever she wanted to do with your hair. If you ever shout again at her than I am going to kick you out of the house. Listening to it, I wasshocked. I simply stayed quietly.
    Now daily my mom started to braid my hair both in the morning and as well as in the evening and daily i need to send photo to rajesh .

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    Samantha (Sunday, 14 August 2022 03:31)

    Sharavani...Part 6

    One month passed ..i am going to work by bike only and rajesh orderd me if u want to go for work by bike use your sister scooty or bus don't go with bullet bike. I was embarrassed to ask Vaani, Ialso had no choice i went to my sister and told thats " vaani you want to ride my bike for a long time, she said yes. Slowly i asked her if you want , can we exchange our bikes and she said yes, myluck is she didn't asked reason. in my life first time i am riding girls scooty and for me its lttle difficult But Vani drove my bike very well.

    Rajesh agve me more tshirts and jeans and he asked me wear the t-shirts. he asked me to call every morning and evening . even gave some men's kajal and said its new fashion so wear it daily Ihesitated. My mom and sis seen me and asked about that. I said new fashion they haven't said anything. In school some students compliment me about my look and i fely very emberssent. everyday nighthe is call me and ask me show my dress and we will speak some time. he asked me try kajal and mascara to make my eyes more attractive I started using it and he gifted me pinkn tshirt and jeans whichreaches only ankle. My dad and sister seen me and asked about it . i didnt say anything and I went to school and some girls students are praised me .
    After one week rajesh asked me pierce my ear and have a stud but i refused . but he didnt listen so he asked pierce both ears and i worn earstud on both the sides. i dont know how to manage my dad. Iwent to home because of hair no can be able to see my earstud. So I'm happy because dad will be angry. but i informed to my mom about earing and she cried . next day while going school rajesh came& seen me and he said your earstud is not visible. We will work on that and he asked me to put ponytail using a band. Now it's visible and he asked me to keep ponytail from now on. I said ok. Butafraid that dad will find out. So while going home i removed the pony tail.
    So I keep it in ponytail whenever I meet him. But not in home and school. One morning I am getting ready to school he called me to meet him but I forgot to put ponytail. he is angry and he slapped meand i started to cry . then i put ponytile and left to school. I forgot about pony tail and went to school. Every girls see me and surprised. They have now seen my two side earstud and ponytail. buti dont know really they are prasing or making fun . Everyone said you are looking beautiful sir. I dont know how to react. Day went like that and I went home in same hairstyle. dad and sister isthere they have seen me.
    Dad got angry and scolded me. What is this shravan and ask me to remove ponytail. Why you pierced your ears that too both ears . I said i like it. he scolded me and said I should not wear ponytailagain and he asked me to cut my hair but i refused it and he got angry and slapped me. at the same time My sister teased me may be you should put nose ring also and laughed.I haven't worn ponytailfor few days. I went to see rajesh he have seen me and he is angry and he threatned and he is going to share Vaani photos to his friends. I told everything to mom. I'm so sad and went room and texthim dont share anything and i will do whatever your saying. he replied ok then only i became relax.

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    Note:- although my wife is very cute and sweet but she is very strong and strict woman ... but she has allowed me to wear all types of dress ... I really love her and I am lucky to have her...

    Please crossdressing brothers let's make us sure that we make our dream a success... I will share a secret that ... its a beautiful experience to have your own big round 36 size bossom... with longhair upto your butt's �

    Thanks to all my CD brothers

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    Shravani... Part -7

    Next day i wored t-shirt and tight jeans and mom combed my hair and put a clutcher in back. while going to work vaani seen me and brought a bindi and placed in between eyebrows and teasingly said nowyou are more beautiful Sister Sharavani. while seeing this my dad became very angry and slapped me . i took bidi and throwed away and i went to school. in school i am thinking about my dad, he dontknow anything and why i am doing this like this thats why he is reacting like this and i made my self calm. again nextday i combed my hair and put a clutcher in back and went to my sister room andtake a black small bindi and placed it between my eyebrows. My sister seen me and laughed and said you are going like this to school. I said yes and she teasingly said ok shravani be careful. Ihaven't understand and left dad saw me outside and scolded me badly. my mom cried while seeing me.

    Rajesh is waiting for me in neer school , he seen me with bindi and said wow Shravan and asked about bindi and he said u looks beautiful on you shravani. I said why you are calling me Shravani. hesaid Shravan is boy name and you are my GF so i will call you as a Sharavani. without any option I said ok . I went to school girls see me in bindi and said beautiful Shravan sir.

    Sunday holiday and he asked me send the photo so I have worn a yellow t-shirt with Jean till ankle length. I have worn a yellow clutcher and yellow bindi with glitter and eyeliner mascara and bluecontact. My sister seen me and said teasingly beautiful shravani. I put my head down. My dad seen me and scolded me very badly I said its new trends. he scolded me and ask me remove everything , Iwent to my room i started crying and mom came console me and she kissed me in forehead. I felt comfortable in her hands. again rajesh called me and he asked to come coffee shop and mom bought ayellow purse matching my dress and asked me keep it in it. I kept it and bought eyeliner and mascara and kept it as well. i took my scooty and went to meet rajesh.

    i went coffee shop and he said now we are going to beauty parlour. We went to beauty parlour, he booked a appointment for me.
    I went inside the beauty parlour. One of the beautician made me to sit on the chair. Then they started to show there work on me. Soon they trimmed my hair at the bottom,. Then they did waxing,threading and all the beauty treatments. When I saw in the mirror, I was shocked. I am looking like a girl. My eyebrows are shaved. I was shocked. I scared for my dad and i went home. My sistershocked seeing me like this. My dad gave a angry look and he took his belt and he beated me. My mom came and defended me and she asked me why you wearing the earings and eyebrow trimimg . I told herthat I would like to Wear earring. dad asked me to go out of the home and my mom also said same thing. I asked mom where can I move she said thats your wish but i will come with you and i will takecare you. while hearing this my dad got shocked.

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    Samantha (Monday, 15 August 2022 06:41)


    Father asked to my mom ' why are you leaving ', she said why should I stay in this house when my son who has done nothing wrong is leaving home and I am going with him and one more thing if you don'tlike it then don't ask him. father said that' I will never ask about your son from now on and left the house angrily '. My mom just gave a smile and she hugged me and she said always i will supportyou.

    I started to wear ear stubs in home & schools. One day in the evening rajesh came to me with a box and gave it to me. I opened it, they are jhumkas and he told me they are for you. I was shocked.I said no rajesh, I can't wear them. he said you shoud wear this jumikhas and send me those photos.
    Than I said OK , I will wear them. evening i went to home and told to mom. My mom helped me to wear it. I can feel the weight on my ears. next day i roemoved jumikhas and I went school.

    I reached school and office boy informed that today teachres meetings is there. i attended that meeting and were introduced to a new teacher, her name was Kavya. Head master introduced everyone bysaying name and while introducing me and he said he is PET sir , Then she(kaviya) smiled and asked " before joining her i heraed one beautiful staff is working here , he is the beauty right sir. Iput my head down in shame. After some time Kavya comes to me and she asked me to forgive her, for she made fun of me in the morning when everyone was present. I told her it's okay, and i saideveryone is teasing me after I left, you told me directly and nothing is there is to ask apology. The next day Kavya came and sat beside me while I was sitting alone eating. I tried to get up and sheasked me 'why u didn't like talk to me. I said not like that and i sat down again.she shared the food with me. We both became friends. i told to my mom about kaviya and she felts happy.

    days are passing like this...one day i woke up late and i didnt comb and i went to school . asusal me & kaviya are sitting and talking about my hair. She told more about hair style and asked metry to be more fashioned. I said no .but She said i will help you in that. Then she taken the comb and brushing my hair. She said your hair is beautiful shravan may be we can style a little to matchcurrent trend and she combed different style. She made sit in put kajal and put a eyeliner design which comes outside my eyes and made me put a hazel lens. She plucked eyebrows I'm going to stop herbut she said you want to be trendy or not. I stopped so she plucked and made not so thin eyebrows. She designed bindi in eyeliner and take lip balm which gives me strawberry color lips. shravan youlook beautiful and she came near me Hugged me , i felt very different feelings and suddenly i got and i went and i dont know how to react.

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    Samantha (Monday, 15 August 2022 06:58)

    Shravani ...Part -9

    Rajesh msg me and evening he will wait in coffee shop , Rajesh waiting for me , when he saw me, he said that Shrawani is beautiful. Then he said let's go shopping, I said no and already we havepurchesed lot of dress. But Rajesh didn't listena and he said let's go, he forced me and we went for shopping. Directly we went to girls side, he asked me to select dresses for me. i dont have anyother choice I selected some plain tops he stopped me and said to go for trendy ones so he selected floral designs. We bought jeans in floral design as well.he asked me to change into one so I wore ared top with flowers are top and a white jeans. I came out he says cute and say me to keep it and I said I can't keep my wallet. So he bought a one purse and one handbag and ask me to keep it. wepaid and moved to shoe store.he asked me to take heels sandals so that I will match with his height. So bought one inch heels sandal. then finally he purched 3 bras and panties for me. he asked mewear tomorrow onwards and i took and came to home.

    Next day I wore a pink top with floral design 3/4 sleeve and high ponytail and pink 3 inch wedge. my mom praised me and in school i spend time with kaviya. thats day night rajesh asked me why you arenot weared bra and panties , i said i dont know how to wear it. next day morning i woke up and saw the phone , rajesh has sent my sister photos and he told me if you are not doing anything what amsaying ,so next time i will share in socia media. i replied him " sorry really i dont how to wear Pantis & Bras " and he gave last warning to me. Then i take bath and came I worn a pink panty andtried to hook pink bra and I'm struggling I don't know how to put. mom came and put it on me.Then worn the leggings blue color and orange top with blue flowers on it. It looked perfect and mom combedmy hair and put a large clutcher in orange some spray to hold it. She handed me a orange with blue dangling earrings little bit larger than I normally wear. Put a bindi to match. i went out sisterwas seeing with shocking reaction. i went to school and i took some photos and i sent to him.

    rajesh sent msg to me " in 2 weeks his birthday is coming so he asking me to give surprise for him".i sent ok. I asked Kavya and i want to give surprise for my friend.she said " you want surpriseyour friend but with dress , i said yes. Then she asked me " Have wored saree , i said no , if u want give surprise then wear saree go and meet him', i said no , let me try another dress and i amthinking of what else to wear. While we were discussing aboout dress one guy came and gave me parcel. I bought it and opened it and it was an anarkali dress along with some jewellery. Rajesh called& told me " wear this dress for my birthday fuction'. i asid ok.

    Two weeks passed i went to his birthday party and he introduced me to his mother as his girlfriend and I had to act without any other choice.Then I fell at his mom feet and took her blessings.Rajesh's mother told me that one day she would come home and talk to my parents, and I said yes. she put a jain on my neck and aunty is not leaving go anywhare and she asking me stay near by her. iam praying to god to complete the fuction soon and somehow i managed and came to home. Next day I told this to Kavya and she said if you like Rajesh then marry him. I told her 'i am a man how can Imarry another man ' and she said " you are the only one who can call yourself a man, as far as others are concerned you are neither a man nor a woman so, you cannot be a man for now and become awoman " . I got angry and left without speaking anything . Since then I have not spoken to her and i almost 10 days over.

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    Samantha (Monday, 15 August 2022 08:20)

    Shravani...Part- 9
    Rajesh massaged me and he asked me to come coffee Shop , i sent ok. he waiting for me , when he saw me, he said that Shrawani is beautiful. Then he said let's go shopping, I said no. But Rajeshdidn't listene , he forced me and we went for shopping. Directly we went to girls side, he asked me to select dresses for me. i dont have any other choice I selected some plain tops he stopped me andsaid to go for trendy ones so he selected floral designs. We bought jeans in floral design as well.
    He asked me to change into one so I wore a red top with flowers are top and a white jeans. I came out he says cute and say me to keep it and I said I can't keep my wallet. So he bought a one purseand one handbag and ask me to keep it. we paid and moved to shoe store. he asked me to take heels sandals so that I will match with his height. So bought one inch heels sandal. then finally hepurchased 3 bras and panties for me. he asked me wear tomorrow onwards and i took and came to home.
    Next day I wore a pink top with floral design 3/4 sleeve and high ponytail and pink 3 inch wedge. my mom praised me and in school i spend time with kaviya. Night he called me and asked about bra andi said no I am not wearing, he asked me why you are not weared bra and panties , i said i dont know how to wear it , he got angry and cut the call. next day morning i woke up and saw the phone ,rajesh has sent my sister photos and he send this msg ' your not doing anything so i will share in socia media. I sent apologies and told don't share and i will not repeat . He sent ok.. then i takebath and came I worn a pink panty and tried to hook pink bra and I'm struggling I don't know how to put. mom came and put it on me.Then worn the leggings blue color and orange top with blue flowerson it. It looked perfect and mom combed my hair and put a large clutcher in orange some spray to hold it. She handed me a orange with blue dangling earrings little bit larger than I normally wear.Put a bindi to match. i went out sister was seeing with shocking reaction. i went to school and i took some photos and i sent to him.
    Rajesh told me in 2 weeks my birthday is coming so he wants to me surprise him ..i said I will try my best. I asked Kavya about this surprise and she suggested me to wear saree but i refused , at thesame time one boy and gave me one parcel and i bought it and opened it and it was an anarkali dress along with some jewellery.He sent message and he asked me to wear this dress for his birthdayfunction. I went to his birthday party and he introduced me to his mother as his girlfriend and I had to act without any other choice.Then I fell at his feet and took his blessings. Rajesh's mothertold me that one day she would come home and talk to my parents, and I said yes. She put a jain on my neck and she is asking about my family details and she talking about Rajesh and i got frustratedand i don't know when this function will complete. After the function immediately I left from the place . Next day I told this to Kavya and she said if you like Rajesh then marry her. I told her " Iam a man how can I marry another man " . For that she said that " you are the only one who can call yourself a man, as far as others are concerned you are neither a man nor a woman so, you cannot bea man for now and become a woman" , while hearing this i got angry and left without speaking. Since then I have not spoken to her, 10 days passed like this.

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    Samantha (Monday, 15 August 2022 09:09)

    Shravani...Part -10

    I also thought and what kaviya said was right but my anger didn't accept it, I couldn't stop thinking about Kavya and I didn't understand why. One firday rajesh mom asked me to come temple. i went totemple and aunty is waiting for me. when she saw me and she gifted me a box and opened it and it's golden Bangles. She asked do I like it? I said yes and aunty made me wore it. we went to inside thetemple. I was holding hands and prayed well. They gave kumkum and flowers. she akded me to put forehead and then aunty asked me turned and She put all the flowers in my hair and we spend some timeand we left for home.

    i reached home and my sister asked what's in that in you hand ? and i said nothing , She have seen my chest and asked what the hell is this. I said it's just padded bra. She said wow so now bra elsewhat else is there shravan, Wow see yourself wearing chudi ,heels and bra. Earrings and bangles, What else you are planning to do. dad came in middle and said even painting nails. Better wear sareeand nose ring it will match you and vaani said me to remove everything and come. I said I can't remove and i said I'm happy now . My sister got angry and said already peoples are saying you are mysister. Maybe you are that right now go away shravani sister.
    I went to room and cried mom seen me crying and She consoled me and said everything will be fine I cried and slept in her arms itself.

    Next day head master informed me " inter-school is coming next week so she asked me and Kavya to go with the girls as the inter-school sports were to be held next week. I went with Kavya and theschoolgirls. we reached the school and they have given 3 rooms for us, we gave two rooms for girls and one for kaviya and i told them i will stay outside. but kaviya asked me to stay with her. i saidno but she forced me and we went to room and kept everything. We are talking and we said we should change and sleep. kaviya said ok and started removing her top and jeans. She is standing in bra andpanty both pink. I closed my eyes and said I can go out and come. She said came near me and removed my hands and said shravani we are friends so need to be shy with me. i am considering as a girlfriend and you are not man anymore.
    I said ok and she kissed my cheeks she changed to shorts and top and I too removed my top and jeans. She laughed after seeing my panties and bra. I changed to top and shorts. I went near kaviya andsaid thanks. She hugged me and said anything for my shravani dear. I hugged her and cried a little. Next morning I dressed in blue shirt and black pant and kaviya came asked me to remove shirt andpant. she gave a t-shirt and track pant. Now it looks good and even my front is flat. Then I put eyeliner,mascara and lip balm. she combed my hair and put it in a ponytail bit high and said else itwill be damaged. Then she brought a earrings and it is flower design and said it would look good on me. I worn and she said super . I said ok de we both laughed. after finished he games we came toour home. i felt very happy last two days.
    i came to home and i cant able to find my mom. Next morning mom wakes me up and kissed me in forehead. Her cheeks are red and hand impression and i asked her what happened she said nothing . I againpulled her hand and asked what happened. She told that you went to camp and your dad asked me about your behavier and i said nothing But he haven't listened and he slapped me. he also said me that "i am the reason for all. Finaaly he said " still saree is pending and he said make him wear saree and nose ring also. I got angry on dad and i got up but my mom stoped me and she requested dont askanything to your dad. I said sorry to mom . I cried on her shoulder and hugged her.

  • #640

    Amritha (Monday, 15 August 2022 09:19)

    Excellent Samantha keep rocking and continue to more portion of wearing flowers he also likes to wear flowers he asked with shy to Rajesh or his mom bought flowers for him

  • #641

    Lakshmi (Monday, 15 August 2022 13:21)

    Excellent writting skills Samantha

  • #642

    Grammar (Monday, 15 August 2022 14:02)

    Samantha please add nose pricing. Try to write in forced concept

  • #643

    Sampa (Monday, 15 August 2022 14:59)

    Sneha continue to write Debt story please please please

  • #644

    Payal J (Monday, 15 August 2022 16:04)

    Desire-Part 3

    We went to the mall and we first went to Shop for inners. My mom asked the salesgirl for some bras and panty of my size. She showed us some and then mom asked me to try. I went to the changing roomand my sister came with me to assist. I was so happy on my first bra shopping. I tried few of them and we purchased 7 pairs. Then we went to buy some dresses. My mom and sister picked some ladiestops, jeans and skirts. I tried almost 30 different clothes with my mom and sister bringing clothes one after another. We purchased many clothes. Then my sister also brought some night dresses for mewhich we till thighs. Then my sister said let's go to parlour as my sister wanted to get some things done. We went there and my sister wanted to get haircut. The parlour lady looked at me and said tomy mom I think your other daughter also need haircut. My mother looked at me and in the fear of getting caught she said yes. The parlour lady one after another keep on adding things and asked mymother to which my mother noded yes. She did my hair trim, then facial, medicure- padicure, body waxing and more. Then once we were done she said to my mom, ma'am I think your daughter also need herear pierced and she pierced my ears and added a ring. We finally reached home my mom asked me to change and wear the night dress.

  • #645

    Pratima (Monday, 15 August 2022 17:53)

    Comeback u r really lucky and all the best for new journey as fill time wife please share ur true cd experience

  • #646

    Tamanaah (Monday, 15 August 2022 20:04)

    Sneha continue with your debt story

  • #647

    Samantha (Monday, 15 August 2022 22:58)

    Shravani ...Part -11
    I will share everything to kaviya so I shared my dad behaviour with kaviya . she said "your dad is right and he is scaring abouhaving like this and one more thing he can't show anger to you thats whyhe showing to your mom ". my suggetion how many days you can live like this so better choose if you want be a man or women and she asked to think about future. now i got scared and i am thinkingabout my future. i know Day by day I becoming feminine and girly without my knowledt future so thats why he is bege .
    One saturday night 8 PM Rajesh called me and said he will come and pick me within 10 minutes. i dont have time and i need to go out immediatly otherwise he will come to my. now I wored one Salwarduppatha. i came away from my home and i am waiting for rajesh . I asked him where we were going and he didn't say anything. I sat one side but he asked me to sit double side. Then he rode his biketo the race road and I was nervous because the people here were familiar to me. I don't know what to do. Then there was a couple race and rajesh also partcipated and he asked me sit his back. i wasscared and he going very fast on a bike and after a long time i going like this. Rajesh lost that race, then he asked me to get off and he left.The winning boy asked me sit his bike and i asked why.he told me " rajesh lost the race and he bet on you so now your mine so behave like my GF, I was shocked. he asked me to wait there , I slowly walked up and away the place.
    Rajesh was standing there and i scolded him but he started to laugh and he came near and he is use this chance to show his muscular attitude and he hold my long hair and drag me and he asked how urescaped from there, i screaming and i told him it is paining and i asked him to leave me but again he pull my hair I am crying and I am helpless in front of his strongness ,he easly drag me using myhair , he is laughing seeing my condition in front of him and he left me. then I adjusted duppatha and i started to walk. Rajesh is smoking and he put westel and doing call for me I am feelingembarrassed and run from there.
    I simply walking long thinking all and went to alone place and it's already become dark then I realised and going back to home but suddenly I saw some durnken people coming towards me they mistakenme as girl and fellow me I run from there they also run behind me I am very scared and again run back to rajesh . I begged him to save from that drucken people and i fell his feet. rajesh said " ifyou will wear saree on tomorrow , i will save otherwise no without thinking i said ok. Then Rajesh put westel and everyone started to laught , now i understand all are rajesh friends. Finally we leftfrom there , while going to home and he put sudden break and i fell down and i got injured on my head. He admitted me in hospital and he called to my mom and told her about accident and she cameimmediatly. Next day morning we went my and doctor asked me to take 2 days rest. Kaviya came to my home and asked about health condition and she some vitamin tablets and she asked me take daily . momalso said ok and thanks.
    one month passed while having lunch kaviya told me ' Shravan i can see some changes in your body and i said no , i am normal only no changes. again she asked really shrava , i said yes. after oneweek again asked about my body changes and i dont know why she is asking continiously , she is my best friend so i didnt care about that.
    One day I was wiping my body with a towal, and then I saw that my breasts on both sides were small and round in shape. I didn't know what to do, I was thinking whether to tell mom about this or not,if I tell her about this she would think about me and she will worry about me. so i told Kavya about this when I went to school. I asked her why it would come like this.Then she said because ofhormones imbalance breats will increase. she told me " dont tell to anyone and we will check with doctor, i said ok . again she said " my friend is doctor so we will check her so dont go another andi said ok.

  • #648

    Abin karim (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:12)

    please continue debt story sneha

  • #649

    Samantha (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 04:41)

    Shravani...Part- 12
    The next day I asked Kavya when we can visit your friend. Kavya said that she is out of town now and i will take you when she comes. I said ok. I didn't even think of this because i have some otherproblems also. Whenever I ask Kavya she says she has not come yet. My breasts are increasing and bra become tighter. So i brought new bras. Even my voice become high like girls and i haven't shown tomy mom also. my voice is chaged like girl and my dad started to beat and he thrown saree to my face and he said get lost .
    Almost two months passed New years comes, Rajesh asked me to wear saree and he informed to my mom also. so we went shopping and brought dresses for us i asked my mom to buy saree for me and wepurched 3 sarees ... Before day of new year I painted my nails golden colour wore a white with golden colour chudi with golden chunni I did my makeup well and asked mom to comb my hair and she combedmy hair.i felt tight I asked her but she said to wait then she shown me it is frendch braided. First time am wearing a braid. I wore golden Bangles in my hand. Vaani came she wore a saree with braidand flowers she brought flowers and gave me I put flowers in my hair. i went to school and kaviya arrived in top and jeans .she brought me a gift and I opened it's a pink chudi and an anklets. sheasked take permission we will go our home . then we took permission and went to kaviya home. we went her room and i removed chudi. I'm standing in bra and panty before kaviya. She asked me to turn Iopened my breast with my hand since this is the first time I stand before her like this.she asked me remove my hand I removed she seen my breast and shocked. My breast is well developed and bra formsa nice clevage. Suddenly she kissed me deeply and said I love you so much de baby. I kissed her back but after some time we both relaised and i put my dresses and i came to school.
    Rajesh called me and asked me to photos with saree and nose ring . i went inside the home and i told my mom and I wanna wear saree and nose stud.
    mom said it will make your dad angry. After that she gave me a red saree with golden Borden. We gave measurements to blouse.I went to shop and pierced my nose. Next day new year I bathed and wearinga pink bra and panty. I put my blouse
    I put petticoat and mom comes. mom helps me wearing the saree. she combed my hair and put it in braid. I take flowers from fridge and put it in hair. Put Bangles on each hand. Jumkas in ear. i askedmy mom to take photos and i sent to rajesh and he sent heart symbol but i didnt replied. We came out from room and my dad and my siter standing and I wore a 3 inch heels. they both face are becamered and thay are not ready to come with us.so me and my mom went to temple and came.
    We came home and mom asked me to remove saree and i said ok but its new for you and you will not feel comfortable . i removed my saree and my mom seems my breast. Once done she ask me to removeblouse. I said no she forced and removed and saw it. She got shocked and see my breast and she cried. I consoled her and I cried as well. she said because of your sister and you rained your life andnoone will marry you now and she started to cry loudly. that day evening mom spoke with rajesh mom about my marriage , i said no mom and i dont like him but mom said " shravan you dont have anychoice and one more thing who will marry you " , for this i dont have answer so for my mom sake i agreed for this marriage.

  • #650

    Samantha (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 04:53)

    Shravani ... Part - 13
    one week passed....one day while I was I'm kitchen, my mom came to me happily. I asked what is the matter?? My mom told me that soon her daughter is going to be a bride. I was shocked. I gotshivering. I called kaviya and she told me that she will meet me tomorrow. that day night i asked my mom how you managed dad and sister , whether they are agreed for this maarige , mom said yes. Nextday, I was ready in saree, jewellery and Wearing lot of flowers. The Rajesh family saw me and said OK for the marriage .My mom told me to wait in my room, she said Rajesh wanted to talk with me. Iwent to my room, suddenly door opened and I saw the feet and he put his hands on my shoulder. I started to feel nervous. He told me not to worry about anything, after marriage he will take care ofme. before seeing him and he left. After some time, I was in tears, some one set beside me, it's vinoth. he asked me, "" why my SIL is crying ? "" I was shocked. he told me, he took his revenge on meand he decided to turn me into a women. I was shocked to listening all these. he told me, you have no other choice except to marry my brother but he will not marry you so u wont get any boy or girl.now Everyone knows you wanted to be a women. If you tell your parents they wont beleive it . Even though you wanted to stay like a man,, I will post all your pics in the Internet. Everyone in theschool also know that you wanted to be a women.
    The best choice is live like as women and if you want money i will give you money but u have to satisfie me. I started to cry even more...i said about the marriage and my mom accepted the proposal.She said no I can't. I asked why she said nothing and left.
    I am worried and thinking about the reason. Next day i went kaviya home and i asked her reason. she said " i want to tell you some thing and i am feeling guilty so please forgive me shravan ", heykaviya why are you asking sorry to me . but continuously she crying and she felt on my knees. Then she wiped her tears and said rajesh is my friend and one day he called me and asked me to do afavor. I asked what help you want ? and he said his younger brother is a Guy so no one will give him a girl. I asked him what I should do for that. Then Rajesh's younger brother vinoth told me that 'you and vinoth were in love and you broke up with him because your parents didn't agree' . Vinod said that ' you want to be a girl but your family doesn't support it' . That's why I wanted to getalong with you and bring out that feminine nature in you. later i realized that you are not what they say you are, but a real man. they gave you injections to grow breasts and but before knowinganything I also gave you pills. That's why I often asked you if you noticed any changes in your body. I came to know only after talking to your mother that you are doing all this for your sister.Every thing i told your sister also and your sister is on the way.

  • #651

    Samantha (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 04:56)

    Shravani...End part
    I heard Vaani shouting "Surprise!!!!" from back. I turned back and i was shocked .Vaani said "I can't accept this in my family". Then she came to me and slapped me.
    Kaviya shouted at Vani. she said " Vaani, I thought you are matured and have a good heart. Vaani said " I am sorry Sharavan. I behaved very badly with you. MOm explained me about your sacrifice andhow hard it is for you and doing and tolerating everything . From now on you are my sister Sharavani. Lets go for home today.I left without speaking anything.but Kaviya holds my hand " I thought ofhelping them by changing you girly. But after some time things you did for me made me fall in love with you. I tried to stop you but you already crossed. i tried to tell you but i cant able to tellyou.Now I m feeling so guilty. She said sorry and cried.
    I was shocked and said her to go and cried. She tried to convince me but I said her to go.
    She got my hand and said sorry I said her to leave. But she haven't left I'm so crying and hugged her. I said I thought you as friend my only best friend I ever got. She said you are my best friendshravani not only i fell love with you. I'm crying so much she console me and said at first i tried to take his revenge but after some time you seem so happy. After that I become so close to you andbecome real friend. After that only thing I needed is you want to be happy. She asked me whether you are happy these days.Then I realized that I'm more happy these days than my older days. I said yesto her. She kissed me in my forehead and said that what I want sweety. I hugged each other.
    My sister and kaviya and I made a plan together. First is to kidnap both of them, second is to destroy the photos and video of my sister that they have, then to destroy my photos. we planned toexcute with in3 months. My sister told me that they can be made into women the same way they made you into a girl. I said no but neither of them listened. I asked the doctor to erase their memoriesand make them to serve for my mom. Then Kaviya and vaani changed them into women and then I brought them and asked them to work for my mother, I thought this was the right punishment for them fortorturing my mother. she take some thing from her packet and it's a ring. She asked will you marry me? I said yes yes and she put the ring in my hand. Next day I went to college in saree and gavethem the invitation cards it says Kaviya Weds Shravani.Yes I'm the bride in the marriage so kaviya tied mangalsutra in my neck and our life starts.My mom told me, it is the one of the best day inwomen's life. We took blessing.and in the night it is our first night. I was ready beautifully with lot of flowers. I went to my room. My husband was waiting for me. He told me, he likes girly boys alot. He pushed me in the bed and started to have sex with me. It was very painful, he hugged me tightly. He is very strong.soon I moved to my husband's home. My mil and fil started to call me asdaughter in law and neha as bhabi.
    I started to live with my fate.

  • #652

    Rupali (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 05:10)

    please continue debt story sneha. When are you going to complete this story

  • #653

    Akshata (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 05:57)

    why condition story has been aborted in middle..

  • #654

    Sophiya Khan (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:37)

    For hang out : Sophiya.khan0908@gmail.com

  • #655

    priyadharshini (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 09:08)

    Superb story samantha i read all the part im waiting for your new story

  • #656

    VRT (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 11:49)


  • #657

    vasantha (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 19:57)

    Samantha your story very super pa continue with new story pa

  • #658

    Priya (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 22:05)

    Sneha waiting for your story....
    Samantha please extend the story in revenage module.... Where two brothers became dil for the family with of restictions and romanace.....
    U can turn the story where mother and father of shavarani are divorced and both mother and vanni married both brothers...

  • #659

    Priya (Tuesday, 16 August 2022 22:06)

    Sorry samantha for giving suggestion if u like it u can continue if not so sorry......

  • #660

    Samantha (Wednesday, 17 August 2022 03:37)

    Thanks for comment's friends...As far my point of view , who all are doing cross dressing , they are liking to wear girls dress or they want to be live like girl , so I don't like to write a revengeor forcing kind of story.

    Pls forgive.me friends...if i said anything wrong

  • #661

    Sangita (Wednesday, 17 August 2022 04:21)

    My mail id is singh7732@gmail.com

  • #662

    Priya (Wednesday, 17 August 2022 10:09)

    Sorry Samantha....
    Atleast can u write continuation of that story.....

  • #663

    Rupali (Wednesday, 17 August 2022)

    please continue debt story sneha. When are you going to complete this story

  • #664

    Dipa (Wednesday, 17 August 2022 12:23)

    sneha are you going complete DEBT story or leaving it right there.

  • #665

    Grammar (Wednesday, 17 August 2022 12:46)

    Samantha forced concept not there

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