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Family meals
What "average" people eat in all times and places depends upon who they are (religious/ethnic heritage), where they live(urban centers? rural outposts?) and how much money they have (wealthy folks have more choices). American chefs in the 1970s got to choose between Julia Child (classic French) and Alice Waters (fresh innovation). When New Southwest Cuisine splicedinto the kitchen our American culinary map exploded into delicious fragments of provocative taste.

Most home cooks did not have this luxury of choice. Economic challenges of the 1970s went beyond the even/odd days at gas pumps. They also visited butcher counters in local supermarkets. Horseburgers, anyone?

Period cookbooks are imperfect barometers of actual plates served to real people. At best, they accurately reportthe collective vision of what average, middle class-people "should be" eating. For that reason they are worth examining.If you interview anybody who ate their way through the 1970s you are likely to find their meal recollections were pretty different fromthe following recommendations. People eat what's in the house. If the primary cook has time to cook traditional time-consuming recipes then so dines the rest of these house. Note: most folks through the ages valued food economy & prep time.

Breakfast: Orange Juice, Kuglehopf, Browned Sausage Links, Coffee, Milk.
Lunch: Creole Fish Soup, Savory Oven Vegetables, Ginger Pears, Coffee, Tea, Milk.
Supper: Peanut-Butter Sandwiches on Whole-Wheat Bread, Sliced Tomatoes, Ginger Jumbos, Coffee, Tea, Milk.
Breakfast: Applesauce, Poached Eggs, Buttered Raisin-Treat Toast, Coffee, Milk.
Lunch: Country Buttermilk Soup, Tuna Hoboes, Frozen Strawberry Mallow, Coffee, Tea, Milk.
Supper: Pineapple-Grapefruit Juice, Italian Rice Balls, Zucchini Rounds, Anchovies and Pimientos of Lettuce Leaves, Melon Wedges, Coffee, Tea, Milk.
Breakfast: Grapefruit Halves, Crumb Cake, Soft-Cooked Eggs, Coffee, Milk.
Lunch:Tomato Soup, Spicy Relish-Stuffed Eggs, Fruit Cocktail, Crumb Cake, Coffee, Tea, Milk.
Supper: Ziti Casserole, Hearts of Lettuce with Blue-Cheese Dressing, Watermelon Ice, Coffee, Tea, Milk."
---Family Circle Cookbook, Food Editors of Family Circle and Jean Anderson [Family Circle:New York] 1974 (p. 72-72)

What to serve at a 70s party?
The answer, of course, depends upon the type of "affair" you are hosting. Nostalgia birthday?Semi-formal dinner? Most libraries still have a copy the 1975 edition of Irma Rombauer's Joyof Cooking. This is an excellent source for authentic (albeit generic) menus and recipes. Ifyou want to try something more "popular" this source is excellent. If you prefer
...we have that too!


Cocktail-Buffet Menus

Hearty, Winter, knives & forks: Chicken Sticks, Moulded Guacamole, Peppy Almonds, Neapolitan Veal, Lisa's Noodles, Celery Heart Salad,Ginger Coffee Treat
Informal, Winter, forks only: Hot Frijole Chip Dip, Zippy Avocado, Sour-Cream Noodle Bake, Fisherman's Find, Barbecued FrenchLoaf, Wellesley Coffee Cake
Casual & Hearty, Winter, forks only: South-of-the-Border Dip, Chutney Olive Dip, Beef 'n'Beer, Chesapeake Crab, Ansalada de Arroz,Cheddar Corn Bread, Toffee Ice Cream Roll
Stand up, Winter, forks only: Chesapeake Clams and Cheese, Sunshine Sausage Rolls, Toasted Almond Dip, Veal Flamenco,Swedish Chicken Salad, Wilted Cucumber Slices, Herb Ring-a-Round, Fyrste Kake, Sweet Potato Pecan Cake
Oriental, Winter, knives & forks: Ham and Pineapple Savories, Pickled Mushrooms, Sassy Pecans, Beef with Oyster sauce, Chicken Lo Mein, Exotic Shrimp Salad, Celery with Waterchestnuts, Baked Fruit Desert, Almond Tea Cakes
Sunday night, Winter, informal, knives & forks: Onion Cheese Wafers, Down East Sardine Mold, Cassoulet, Lemon Pepper Tomatoes,Tangy Cucumber Ring, Smoky Bread, Paragon Queen's Heart
Elegant, Spring, forks only: Vienna Pinwheels, Shrimp Pate, Cannelloni, Artichoke Bottoms Filled with Peas, Pineapple Daiquiry Mold, Coffee Almond Cream Pie
Stand up, Spring, forks only: Oriental Shrimp, Wurst-stuffed Mushrooms, Basic Black and Gold, South Sea Beef, Chicken LiversGourmet, Betsy's Spinach, Tomato Ring, Marble Brownies, Miniature Cheesecakes, Danish Sugar Cookies
Sit-down, Spring, knives & forks: Mushrooms Stuffed with Anchovies, Black Olive Dip, Pier 4 Cheese Spread, Veal Marengo,Paella Salad, Zucchini au Gratin, Filbert Torte, Almond Tart
Fairly Elegant, Spring, knives & forks: Spinach Cheese Rolls, Ceci Remoulade, Cheese 'n' Chutney, Tomato Glazed Beef,Scallop Casserole, Artichoke Hearts and Peas, Sparkling Salad Mold, Frozen Macaroon Souffle
Informal, Spring, forks only: Chef's Favorite, Green Goddess Dip, Chili Cheese Jubilee, Seafood Santa Barbara, Piquant Asparagus, Poppy Sesame Petal Loaf, Super Bundt Cake
Elegant, Summer, knives & forks: Shad Roe en Brochette, Brandied Cheese Roll, Rosemary Chicken, Tangerine Rice, CucumberMousse, Cheese-filled Strudel
Stand-up Buffet, Summer, forks only: Zesty Parmesan Cubes, Danish Cheeese Liver Pate, Pearl of the Sea Mousse, Meatball Piemonte,Chutney Chicken Salad, California Vegetable Bowl, Italian Crescents, Easy Schecken, Chocolate Mint Sticks, Frosted Walnut Bars
Elegant, Fall, knives & forks: Shrimp in Jackets, Elysian Cheese Mold, Pickled Cocktail Beets, Green Noodles Chicken, VitelloTonnato, Avocado and Hearts of Palm Salad, Apricot Mousse
Simple, Fall, Stand-up, forks only: Eggplant Puffs, New England Lobster Mold, Pasta Florentine, Spiked Bean Salad, GarlicCheese Bread, Bernice's Most Heavenly Hash
Elegant, Fall, knives & forks: Ham Nuggets, Dutch Cheese Appetizer, Smoky Egg Dip, Herbed Veal, Chicken Tahitian, Tomato Aspic in Cheese Crust, Savory Butterflake Loaf, Mocha Icebox Cake
Sit-down, Fall, knives & forks: Hot Shrimp Toast, Riviera Roquefort Log, Coldon Manor Moussaka, Rolled Chicken Breasts,Nutty Rice with Mushrooms, Green Bean Salad, Tia Maria Cold SouffleInformal, Fall, knives & forks: Deviled Sardines, Crocked Cheese, Sweet and Sour Beef, Broccoli San Vincente, Beer Barrel Potatoes, Orange Spongecake
Cocktails only: Curried Crab Tarts, Ham Tarts, Puffed Cheesies, Aloha Spread, Shrimp and Artichoke Vinaigrette, FansifulCrabmeat Rolls, Ruby Red Franks, Cheese Pinwheels, Hammed-up Mushrooms, Tivoli Clam Dip, Snappy Cheese Apple, Antipasto Crostini,Meat-filled Triangles, Sour-Cream Onion Pie, Gourmet Butterfly Shrimp, Chili con Queso, Nantucket Pancakes, Finger Lickin' Spareribs,Nova Scotia Mousse, Pacific Avocado Dip, Eggplant Caviar, Brandied Country Pate. ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS: Martini, Whiskey Sour, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, Marguerita, Champagne Punch."
---Come for Cocktails, Stay for Supper, Marian Burros and Lois Levine [Collier MacMillan:New York] 1970 (p. xv-xxvii)

Cook-at-table Dinners
Cook-at-table dinners are a delightful combination of the exotic, the sophisticated and the intimate. There's somethingparticularly appealing about the sight of a flame flickering under a bubbling fondue pot or a handsome chafing dish. And these dinners are surefire icebreakers. Guests love the do-it-yourself aspects, the fun of cooking their own meat or dunkingbread into hot, creamy cheese. And from the point of view of the hostess, there are highly practical advantages to presenting a meal that can be prepared almost entirely in advance. Not to mention the joy of a main dish that keeps thehostess out of the kitchen and free to socialize. One kind of cook-and-eat meal is cheese fondue. This is a pot of meltedcheese combined with wine. Guests swirl cubes of bread (or ham or cherry tomatoes) in the rich mixture. Though it's fun to do all the cooking at the table, it ma be easier to do the preliminary cooking in the kitchen and then transfer the cheese mixture to a chafingdish or fondue pot for the final heating and serving. Then there's beef fondue: Pieces of raw meat are cooked one at atime in a container of very hot oil, then dipped into an array of sauces and savories. A third kind of table-cooked diinner is Orientalin origin. This offers a wide variety of combinations of meat or seafood and vegetables simmered in a seasoned broth. Since thesedinners are usually a bit foreign in flavor, they suggest all manner of appropropriate table decorations. The cooking pot canoften double as a centerpiece. Escargots and beef fondue can be somewhat French if the tablecloth is the traditional red-and-whitecheck of a Montmartre cafe and fat red candles are in the background. Or as part of the sukiyaki setting, use a glassbowl with two or three gardenias or anemones afloat or an arrangmeent of small figurines. Do keep in mind that cook-it-yoruself dishescall for a little extra elbow room. Don't crowd the table. And be sure, especially with fondues, that both the pot and the dips are within easy reach of everyone. You might take the precaution of using an easly laundered or wipe-off cloth. Then if a few splatters occcur, no one is embarrassed...remember that this kind of dinner is not meant to be eaten in a hurry--the self-service takes time, and the cooking itself is a major part of the evening's entertainment."
---Betty Crocker's Dinner Parties: A Contemporary Guide to Easy Entertaining, General Mills [Golden Press:New York]1970, 1974 (p. 44)
[NOTE: this book offers Cook-at-table recipes for Oriental Hot Pot,
Swiss Swirl Fondue (classic cheese).]

Broiled pineapple appetizers, guacamole, meatball dip, mini kabobs, pineapple cheeseball,pineapple yaki tori, piroshki, spiced prunes, stuffed celery, tuna tempters

Golden glow punch, hot pineapple mulled tea, peach daiquiri, pineapple fizz, tomato-onionrefresher, rainbow punch

Soups & sauces
Beef barley, chicken corn chowder, cream of asparagus, Italian minestrone, meatball soup, potatocorn chowder, Russian borsch, Swedish fruit soup, tomato mushroom soup, BBQ Sauce DelMonte, Creole sauce, spicy ham glaze, sweet-sour sauce, tartar relish

Salads & dressings
Asparagus vinaigrette, California chicken salad, celestial pineapple salad, cranberry pineapplemold, prune ambrosia salad, raisin slaw, spinach salad, three bean salad, tuna curry salad, tunatoastadas with guacamole, Waldorf salad, French dressing, creamy Russian, poppy seed, sourcream, soy, Thousand Island and vinaigrette

Eggs & cheese
Basic cheese souffle, corn souffle, maracroni & cheese, quiche Lorraine, Spanishomelet, tuna cheese omelet, tuna quiche

Meats, poultry & fish
Apple kraut pork bake, beef goulash, celebration ham loaf, chili dogs, Creole pork chops, crownroast of pork, eggplant casserole, enchilada casserole, hamburger-corn pie, islander spareribs,meatloaf Wellington, Polynesian broil, Swiss steak stew, tropical bean bake, veal parmigiana,cherry chicken supreme, chicken cacciatore, Hawaiian chicken, peachy oven fried chicken, sesamechicken, lemony salmon crepes, salmon loaf, shrimp Creole, sweet sour shrimp, Tuna chowmein

Bean curry, beets a la orange, Creole style green beans, green beans au gratin, peas withmushrooms and onions, pineapple squash, pioneer succotash, sweet potato islands, zucchinirissoto, zucchini tortilla casserole

Acapulco burgers, bagel sandwich, broiled tuna burgers, cheesey pinewiches, French toastedsandwich, pineapple Monte Cristo, Quesadas, triple decker treat, tuna-cado sandwiches, tunacheesewiches

Celestial peaches, cherries jubilee, pears Helene, pineapple ambrosia, pumpkin parfait, applesaucecake, pineapple upside-down cake, lemon sunshine cake, tomato spice cake-cream cheesefrosting, saucy chocolate cake-lemon cream frosting, cheesecake pear pie, pine-lime pie, prunebavarian pie, pumpkin pie, gremlin bars, harlequin bars, peach chews, pineapple oatmealcookies.
---Del Monte Kitchens Cookbook, Del Monte Kitchens [San Francisco:1972]
[NOTE: Throughout American food history, companies promoted their products throughcookbooks and brochures. The pitch was convenience. The purpose was sales. That's what makesthese items excellent sources for discovering popular period foods. Of course, this particularsource is full of pineapple!]


An Italian Dinner
Melon with Port, Veal Scallopini, Noodles with Pesto Sauce, Sauteed Zucchini and GreenPeppers, Bread Sticks, Butter, Biscuit Tortoni or Spumoni, Chilled White Wine, Coffee.

Festive Friday Dinner
Gazpacho, Fillets of Sole Florentine, Crisp Potato Sticks, Bibb Lettuce with Oil and VinegarDressing, Toasted Herb Rolls, Warm Apricot Souffle with Whipped Cream or Old-FashionedStrawberry Shortcake, Chilled White Wine, Coffee.

Formal dinner
Cocktails, Salted Nuts, Royal Consomme Madrilene, Toasted Crackers, Rack of Lamb Provencal,Browned New Potatoes, Stuffed Mushrooms, Red Bordeaux or Burgundy, Green Salad Bowl,Rolls, Butter, Chocolate-Nut Torte or Creme de Menth Sherbet, Demitasse, Liqueurs.

Patio Spring Dinner
Chilled Tomato Consomme, Roast Leg of Veal in White Wine, Casserole of Potaotes au Gratin,Fresh Spinach Mimosa, Sauteed Mushrooms, Basket of Hot Rolls, Butter, Honolulu Coconut Pie,Chilled White Wine, Coffee.

The Cocktail Party
Daiquiri Punch Bowl and other drinks, cheese Pate Pineapple, Assorted Crackers, Guacamole Dipwith Crisp Vegetables, Cocktail Shrimp, Chafing Dish of Swedish Meatballs, Savory Steak Slices,Basket of Party Rye Bread, Salted Nuts, Coffee.

Hearty Sunday Breakfast
Fresh-Orange Spritzer or Honeydew with Lime Slices and Mint Sprigs, Buttermilk Pancakes withStrawberries and Soru Cream, Maple Syrup, Baked Ham, Sausage, and Bacon, Warm DanishPastry, Coffee.

Tea for the Committee
Pineapple-Apricot-Nut Loaf or Lemon Tea Bread with Sweet Butter, Toasted English Muffins,Strawberry Jam, Almond Tile Cookies, Petits Fours, Hot Tea.
---The New McCall's Cook Book, Mary Eckley, Food Editor of McCall's [RandomHouse:New York] 1973 (p. 572-6)


Party Brunches
Clam Juice on the rocks, Asparagus Pinwheel Pie, Stuffed Tomatoes, Corn Muffins, Coffee or Tea; Pineapple-Orange Shrub, CrabImperial Chesapeake, Chicken Livers, Strogonoff, Fluffy Boiled Rice, Cherry Tomatoes, Coffee or Tea.

Party Luncheons
Sherried Mushroom Bouillon, Filets de Sole a la Catalane, Fluffy Boiled Rice, Buttered Baby Green Peas, Frozen VenetianParfait, Coffee, Tea; Creany Watercress and Leek Soup, Souffled Broccoli Roulade, Sweill-Cheese Sauce, Peeled Cherry Tomatoes,Oil and Vinegar Dressing, Georgia Peach Shortcake, Coffee, Tea.

Dinners That Glamorize Beef Leftovers
Vegetable-Juice Cocktail, Chuck-Wagon Beef Casserole, Summer's Best Green Salad, Hot Biscuits, Fresh Fruit Salad on Angel Cake,Coffee, Tea, Milk; Mirabeau Beef Pie, Tomatoes Lutece, Rice Imperatrice with Cherry Sauce, Coffee, Tea, Milk.

Dinners that Glamorize Chicken Leftovers
Celery-Clam Borth, Chicken a la King, Fluffy Boiled Rice, Grapefruit and Avocado Crescents on Lettuce, French Dressing, CoffeeIce Cream, French Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Coffee, Tea, Milk; Apricot Nectar on Crushed Ice, Chicken Croquettes, Silky Veloute Sauce, Buttered Broccoli, Hot Rolls, Yankee Fruit Cobbler, Coffee, Tea, Milk.

Cash-Saver Buffets
Clam-Cream Dip, Assorted Crackers, Cassoulet, Marinated Squash Rings, Garlic Bread Chunks, Pears Aosta, Coffee, Tea; SpanishDip, Carrot and Celery Sticks, Party Meat Loaf, Lima Salad Cups, Rainbow ice Cream Cake, Coffee, Tea.

Glazed Liver Pate, Scandinavian Appetizer Tray, Salmon Mousse in Aspic, Fish Balls with Parsley Sauce, Turkey Galantine, Sweet-SourBrown Beans, Dilled Potato-Salad Platter, Caraway Cabbage Toss, Breads and Crackers, Dessert Cheese Tray, LingonberryTorte, Swedish Apple Cake.

Party Buffets
Appetizer Vegetables, Molded-Cheese Pineapple, Herbed Roast Beef, Chutney Fruit Sauce, Mustard Cream, Parker House Midgets, SeafoodSalad Souffle, Tiny Tim Pecan Tarts, Coffee, Tea; Dilled Relish Tray, Crisp Crackers, Buffet Glazed Ham, Sweet-Sour MustardCream, Button Biscuits, Meatball Miniatures, Cherry Tomatoes, Candlelight Cake, Holiday Punch.

Menus for the Charcoal Chef
Cypress Fling, Guacamole, Corn Chips, Napoli Chicken Broil, Baked-Potato Bundles, Continental Green Salad, Quick Cool LemonSouffle, Coffee, Tea, Milk; Lime Cooler, All-American Beef-Roll Roast, Chili-Bean Salad, Fresh Corn on the Cob, Hot Garlic Bread, Chocolate Ice Cream Supreme, Praline-Applesauce Cake, Coffee, Tea, Milk.
---The Family Circle Cookbook, Food editor of Family Circle and Jean Anderson [Family Circle:New York] 1974 (p. 84-88)


"Two Informal Summer Buffets
1. Chicken or Turkey loaf, Tomatoes Sutuffed with Easty Tuna Salad, Jiffy Deviled Eggs, JelliedGarden Vegetable Salad, Herbed Potato Salad, Danish Meat Balls, Buttered Noodles, FreshPeach Crisp, Coffee
2. Glazed and Decorated Cold Ham, Macaroni and Shellfish Salad, Bean and Beet Salad, TomatoAspic, Parker House Rolls, Ambrosia, Florentines, Coffee."
--- (p. 77-8)

"Two Formal Summer Buffets
1. Smoked Salmon, Pate-Filled Ham in Aspic, Chaud-Froid of Chicken Breasts, AvocadoMousse, Shellfish and Saffron Rice Salad, Lemon Fluff, Gingered Honeydew Melon, Coffee.2. Fresh Fruit Cocktail, Whole Salmon in Aspic, Country Captain, Boiled Rice, WiltedCucumbers, Russian, Strawberries Romanoff, Meringues Chantilly"
--- (p. 78)

"Four Back-Yard Barbeques
1. Guacamole, Taramasalata, Corn Chips, Creackers, Charcoal-Broiled Hamburgers,Charcoal-Broiled Frankfurters, Buns, Relishes, Chili Sauce, Mustard, Sliced Bermuda Onions,Three BeanSalad, German Macaraoni Salad, Assorted Ice Creams, Sweet Lemon Loaf, Soft Drinks, Beer,Coffee.
2. Andalusian Gazpacho, Charcoal-Broiled Sirloin Steak Stuffed with Mushrooms,Charcoal-Baked Potatoes, Sour Cream-Almond Sauce, Corn on the Cob, Grapefruit and AvocadoSalad,Biscuit Tortoni, Sangria, Coffee.
3. Oysters or Clams on the Half Shell, Charcoal Spit-Roasted Loin of Pork, South American HotBarbecue Sauce, Charcoal-Baked Butternut Squash, Beans Lyonnaise, Caribbean Compote,Pecan Crisps, Coffee.
4. Antipasto, Charcoal-Broiled Portuguese-Style Chicken or Turkey, Scalloped Potatoes,Ratatouille, Basket of Fresh Fruit, Crackers, Assorted Cheese, Coffee."
---(p. 72)

"Four Formal Dinners
1. Clam Juice on the Rocks, Duckling a l'Orange, Wild Rice, Buttered Green Beans, PoachedMeringue Ring with Algarve Apricot Sauce, Demitasse
2. Coquilles St. Jacques a la Parisienne, Tournedos of Beef, Bearnaise Sauce, Bulgur-MushroomKasha, Minted Green Peas, Green Grapes and Sour Cream, Demitasse
3. Cucumber Veloute, Crown Roast of Lamb or Pork, Carrots Vichy, Danish-style New Potatoes,Cherries Jubilee, Coffee
4. Melon on Ham, Paupiettes of Sole with Rosy Sauce, Snow Peas and Scallions, MushroomRisotto, Classic Pots de Creme au Chocolat, Coffee
---(p. 73)

"A Summer Cocktail Party
Pretty Party Pate, Melba rounds, Cold Marinated Shrim, Crisp Cucumber Rounds Tokyo Style,Garlicky Cocktail Almonds, Beer Cheese Spread, Caponata, Crackers.

"A Winter Cocktail Party
Chuntney-nut Meat Balls, Rumakis, Quince Tartlets, Spiced Olives, Garlic Nibbles, Taramasalata,Sesame Seed Crackers."
--- (p. 77)

"Teenagers today are about three times as worldly as their parents were at the same age. Manyhave traveled, if not abroad, at least to big cities where there are ethnic restaurants. They havesampled Smorgasbord, whole repertoires of pasta and Chinese classics, Shish Kebabs, BeefStroganoff, chili (not the canned but the fiery Texas Type), Tacos, and very possibly Paella,Moussaka, Bouillabaisse, Borsch, Tempura, Sukiyaki, and Teriyaki. Let you own teen-ager helpplan the menu. He or she knows what's in and out.

A Teen Birthday Supper
Cold Marinated Shrimp, Guacamole, Crackers, Corn Chips, Ripe and Green Olives, Pizza with aChoice of Toppings, Marinated Roasted Peppers, Tossed Green Salad, Choice of Dressings,Biscuit Tortoni, Lemon Chiffon Cake with Lemon Butter Cream Frosting, Milk, Soft Drinks."---(p. 80)

SOURCE: The Doubleday Cookbook: Complete Contemporary Cooking, JeanAnderson and Elaine Hanna [Doubleday & Company:Garden City, NY] 1975


Weekend Brunch
Grapefruit juice, sausage, bacon, cheese scrambled eggs, herbed tomatoes, cinnamon crescents,hot fruit compote, coffee.

Children's Lunch
Nutty pups (grilled hot dogs served with chunky peanut butter), pineapple-carrot toss, potatochips, pickle relish, popcorn pops, milk

Club Women's Lunch
Club chicken casserole, tomato slices, carrot sticks, cran-raspberry ring, fudge ribbon pie

Dinner for Four
Green pepper strips, cauliflowerets, carrot sticks, vegetable dip, beef fondue, creamy onion dip,cocktail sauce, butter-browned mushrooms, mustard sauce, tossed green salad, oil and vinegardressing, French bread, butter, pineapple sherbet, wafers, coffee

Saint and Sinner Dinner
Cheese board, assorted crackers, broiled beef steak, boiled lobster, buttered asparagus,grapefruit-avocado salad, brioche, butter, cherries jubilee, coffee

Potluck Buffet
Swedish meatballs, noodle ring, pease with mushrooms, spiced peach halves, carrot and celerysticks, olives, buttered rolls, chocolate cake, coffee, milk

Late Evening Buffet
Guacamole, olive cheese balls, corn chips, assorted crackers, ham and rye rounds, coconutmacaroons, raspberry foldovers, cafe au lait

Outdoor Barbecue
Barbecued short ribs, roasted corn, grilled garlic slices, Italian salad bowl, cantaloupe and icecream, beverage

Supper party
Classic cheese fondue, French brad, apple wedges, spiced tea.
---Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book [Meredith:Des Moines] 1976 (p. 380-3)

How about a "Watergate" theme party? In the 1970s two popular period recipes were . Twotongue-in-cheek cookbooks were published to "commemorate" this event in 1973: TheWatergateCookbooks (Or, Who's in the Soup?), The Committee to Write the Cookbook and TheWatergate Cookbook, N.Y. Alplaus. These may have been inspired by The WashingtonPost writer Tom Donnelly, who published an article titled "Serve Hot, Then Count theSilver." The recipes in these books are classic 1970s, the names cleverly allude to the players andtheir rolls. Sample dishes from the Committe to Write the Cookbook:

Nixon's Perfectly Clear Consomme
Ellberg's Leek Soup
Liddy's Clam-Up Chowder
Plumers' Soup
Magurder's Dandy Ly'in Salad
Sauteed Slippery Eeels a la Deanoise
Republican Peeking Duck
Mitchell's Cooked Goose with Stuffing
Cox's In-Peach Chicken
Martha's Sweet and Sour Tongue
Hunt's Stewed Tomatoes
Nixxon's Hot Crossed Wired Buns with Tapping
GOP Cookie Crumbles
Madame Jean Dixon's Propheteroles
Pick Your Own Hero Sandwich
Inouye's Hawaiian Punch
Your librarian can help you obtain copies of these books. If you just want a sample recipe or two,we can provide. 1990s sidebar:

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