Prof Ed September 2019 result (2022)


1. Teacher A avoids givingout-of-context drills. Instead

he makes use of real-worldproblems for his students

to solve. Doing so makesTeacher A _______in


A. Inquiry-based C. Reflective

B. Constructivist D.Developmentally

2. In the 4A’s offacilitating learning, the first thing

that a teacher should dois:

A. Abstraction C. Activity

B. Analysis D. Application

3. In the 4A’s approach tofacilitating learning, the

students learn best torelate ideas to real life


A. Abstraction C. Activity

B. Analysis D. Application

4. Which test measure isbasic to select and connect


A.. Multiple choice C. Mapping

B. Matching type D.Outlining

5. Which test a subjectiveand less reliable for scoring

and grading?

A. Completion C. True orfalse

B.Essay D. Matching

6. Teacher Dada wants totest student’s acquisition of

declarative knowledge.Which test is appropriate?

A. Performance test C. Short answer test

B. Submission of a reportD. Essay

7. A seating arrangementthat is used for a small


A. Traditional C. Circular

B.Horseshoe D. Rectangular

8. Teacher A would like tocover a wide variety of

objectives in the quarterlyexaminations in his English

class lesson on subjectverb agreement. Which of the

following type of test themost appropriate?

A. True or False C. Multiple choice

B. Essay D. Matching type

9. Among the types ofassessment below, which does

not belong to theconcept-group?

A. Multiple choice C. Trueor false

B. Matching type . D. Completion test

10. Which type of testmeasures student’s thinking,

organizing and writtencommunication skills?

A. Completion C. True orfalse

B.Essay D. Matching

10. What is the highestcareer stage of a teacher in

the PPST?

A.Distinguished C. Highly Proficient

B. Proficient D. Most Proficient

11. Senior high schoolstudent in private schools are


A. Scholarship C. Voucher

B. Low tuition free D.Discount in tuition free

12. When a child says thatthe sun is sleeping at night,

the child is in thepre-operational stage,


A. animism C. egocentrism

B. centration D.reversibility

13. When the daughter iscompeting with the mother

for the father's attention,the daughter is said to be

experiencing _____.

A.Electra complex. C. identity crisis.

B. Oedipus complex D.Sexual deviation

14. According to Piaget’scognitive concept, what is the

learning experience structureduring infancy and early


A. Accommodation C. Schema

B.Assimilation D. Equilibrium

15. Bandura's theory, theteacher who can be observed

in a school is____.

A. Symbolic model C.Virtual model

B. Livemodel D. Verbal model

16. Advance organizers use____ to make connections

among various pieces ofinformation for Efficient recall

A. Visual imagery C.Organization

B.Elaboration D. Rehearsal

17. Bruner said that thereshould be revisiting an old

curriculum and for fullunderstanding of ideas

A. Enrichment curriculum C. Spiral curriculum

B. Advanced organizers D.Concept mapping

18. A teaching cycle is notcomplete without _____ of


A. reviewing C. planning

B. recycling D. assessment

19. Among thinking skills,Analysis means,

A. Comparing informationproper choices

B. selecting relevant andimportant information

C.Breakdown complex information

D. placing information

20. Which cognitive abilityis tested in the essay

question. A listing of waysto tackle noise pollution.

A.Creating C. Inferring

B. Classifying D.Generalization

21 To learn complex subjectmatter, it is most

effective to

experience from informationand

A. classify facts C. construct meaning

B. organize ideas D. divideelements

22 The promulgation of Codeof ethics for professional

Teachers under Resolution435 of the PRC expressly

covers teachers in alleducational intuitions at the

following levels, andimplicitly at the________.

A. Elementary C. Preschooland Primary

B.Tertiary D. Secondary

23. Based on bloom'staxonomy, this activity is suitable

to contribute tocomprehension and learning but NOT to

include ___________.

Acausal relationship C. outline

B. analogy D. text reading

24. How does a novicelearner acquire information?

A. Selected information C. All the information

B. Important information D.Meaningful information

25. What kind of knowledgeprocessing was involved

when teacher when teacher Aasked his students to

reflect on themselves asself-learners?

A. Deduction C. Metacognition

B. Observation D Induction

26. You are required toformulate your own philosophy of

education in the courseteaching profession, based on

Bloom's revised taxonomy,in which level of cognitive

structure or processing areyou?

A. Applying C. Analyzing

B.Creating D. Evaluating

27. Successful learnerscontribute to their own learning

by assuming the followingtraits except?

A. Goal-directed C. Docile

B. Active D.Self-regulating

28. How would you describeteacher J initiative in

relating to everyone inclass without playing favorite?

A. Exclusive C.Constructive

B.Inclusive`1 D. Competitive

29. What kind of multiplequestion is: "For an

agricultural country likethe Philippines, which should the

country advance for itseconomic development: (a)

agriculture production (b)industrial development (c)

tourism (d) finance andbanking"?

A. Application of a conceptC. Simple knowledge

B. Assessment of a problemD. Application of a formula

30. Which standardized testis used to measure

performance in completedsubjects at various grade


A. Remedial test C.Aptitude test

B.Achievement test D. Intelligence test

31. Along piagetprinciples, what will you apply along the

need to use props and visualaids to help children

understand ideas?

A. introduce dialogueexchange

B. usedrawing and illustrations

C. do drills and repetitiveexercise

D. Send pupils in a fieldtrip

32. Teacher A is sincereand honest in words and

deeds as he has____?

A. Buoyancy C. Intelligence

B. Innovativeness D. Reliability

33. A teacher who is moody,a loner, easily giving up

with poor interpersonalrelationship?

A.Buoyancy C. Intelligence

B. Innovativeness D.Reliability

34. Open environment fordiscussing opinions without

fear of being wrong

A. Debate C. Symposium

B. BuzzSession D. Committee

35. Proponent of Learningby heart, heads and hands

A. Herbart C. Pestalozzi

B. Froebel D. Vygotsky

36. The professionalstandard in the PQF is best


A. As by law C. As byethical code

B. Asby benchmark D. As by Civic conduct

37. Values of agreeable,disagreeable or strong sensual?

A. Vital Values C. Pleasure Values

B. Psychic Values D. Holyand Unholy Values

38. What type of test isNational Career Assessment

Examination (NCAE)?

A.Placement test C. Formative test

B. Summative test D.Aptitude test

39. According to JeanPiaget's, cognitive development

theory a childlikeCinderella is in stage of ?

A. Sensorimotor C. Egocentrism

B.Pre-operational stage D. Formaloperational

40. What is the lowest formof learning?

A.Perceiving C. Conditioning

B. Responding D. Teaching

41. Which of the followingis the study of human


A. Philosophy C. Ethics

B. Morality D. Psychology

42. According to Maslow,the highest of the need in

the Hierarchy of Needstheory is

A. Psychological need CBelongingness

B. Selfactualization D. Safety

43. More senses areinvolved in the learning process


A. Exhibit C. Demonstration

B. Lecture D. Field trip

46. Summative assessmentis______?

A. Assessment in learning C. Assessment for learning

B. Assessment as learningD. Assessment of learning

47. ______is an actualconcept sharing of teaching

and student

A.Inquiry-related C. Metacognitive

B. Substitution learning D.Constructivist

48. Technology advances ineducation by using_____


A.Audio visual C. Improvised

B. Digital D. Supplementary

49. The most importantcontribution of the Gestalt

psychology to the theoriesof learning

A. Use of multimediaapproaches

B. Importance ofreinforcement

C. Concept of readiness inlearning

D.Cognitive insight

50. If a student failed topass 2 subjects, he/she will

A. Retain in the same level

B. Takeremedial classes

C. Move to the next gradelevel

D. Transfer to anotherschool

51. Show the chronologicaldevelopment of curriculum

A. Legal foundations C. Historical Foundations

B. PhilosophicalFoundations D. Psychological Foundations

52. What materials can beused when intended

materials are not available?

A. Supplementary materials C. Improvised materials

B. Audio-visual materialsD. Digital materials

53. Teacher A observed thatone of his followers excels

in activities requiringstrength, speed, flexibility, balance,

and hand-eye coordination.According to H. Gardner,

such natural intelligencecan be identified as _____.

A.bodily-kinesthetic C. interpersonal

B. intrapersonal D.verbal-linguistic

54. Rote learning in theteaching-learning process is

best described as ___.

A.automated C. discovery

B. in-depth D. motivated

55. Along piagetprinciples, what will you apply along the

need to use props andvisual aids to help children

understand ideas?

A. introduce dialogueexchange

B. usedrawing and illustrations

C. do drills and repetitiveexercise

D. Send pupils in a fieldtrip

56. Based on BloomsTaxonomy, which of the following

can be best effective formaking a synthesis of


A. A comparison standard C.A text reading

B. A definition D. A plan

57. This is a tool forassessment for spatially intelligent


A. Oral demonstrationenacting movie scene

B. Writing inner thoughts

C.Landscape drawing

D. Written report

58. Teacher Tess givesimportance to

"Wellness: Which needsto be developed

among individual learnersand so she

gives focus on _____.

A. Spiritual values C.Values of the holy

B. Pleasure values D. Vital values

59. Here is a test item:"Jose Rizal was born in

Calamba Laguna on June ___1861." What is WRONG

with the item?

A. Itis concerned in trivia

B. The blank is very short

C. It is open to more thanone correct answer

D. The black is near theend

60. In order for thestudents to clearly understand the

structure and content ofthe teacher's presentation,

the teacher should have

A.short preview

B. several years ofexperience as a presenter

C. short conclusion

D. a summary

61. Assessment of learningis _____ to the teachinglearning process.

A. auxiliary C. integral

B. enrichment D. add-on

62. Who authored thethree-tiered model of learningenactive, iconic and symbolic and emphasized thatwe

should not teach directlyto the abstract level without

adequate foundation of theconcrete?

A.Jerome Bruner C. Erik Erikson

B. Jean Piaget D. Lev Vygotsky

63. What is PQF?

A. Aframework for qualifications of professionals in


B. A framework of levels ofthe Philippine Education


C. A framework for allcourses in tertiary

D. A framework for jobqualifications to determine


64. The teacher asfacilitator adds vigor, light and life

in the classroom.

A. Composure C. Presence

B. Uniform D.. Reticence

65. The meaning of AQRF

A.ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework

B. Asian QualificationsReference Framework

C. ASEAN Quality ReferenceFramework

D. Asian Quality ReferenceFramework

66. On transferringlearning, how will you classify the

presentation of invitedsocial researcher discussing the

effect of social media.

A. Utilization -related C.Inquiry-related

B. Learner-related D. Concept-related

67. Riya is afraid ofexams. Her teacher usually gives an

exam every friday. now,riya is afraid of Friday even

though it is not certainwhether or not her teacher will

give an exam on the day.Which Theory illustrate Riya's


A.Classical conditioning C. OperantConditioning

B. Constructivist theory D.Connectionism theory

68. Which standardized testus used to measure

performance is completegrade levels?

A. Aptitude test C.Intelligence test

B.Achievement test D. Remedial test

69. According to Gardner'smultiple intelligence theory.

Spatial intelligencelearners are inclined /disposal to.

A. One's own strength,goals and desires

B.Colors, shapes

C. body language, moods,voice, feelings

D. Touch, movement physicalself.

70. A child treats hisfriend highly aggressive. The

reason behind this attitudein his past experience with

his father who is alsohighly aggressive. This is

demonstrated on whattheory.

A. Cognitive developmentaltheory

B. Operant conditioning

C.Social cognitive theory

D. Classical conditioning

71. The school conducted ageneral student election for

the Supreme StudentCouncil. The election is patterned

after the COMELEC system.The school is using what

kind of technique?

A. Symposium C. Simulation

B. Panel discussion D.Dramatization

72. The speaker showsCOMPOSURE in a big audience.

The capitalized word means:

A. Nervousness C. Calmness

B. Agitation D. Excitement

73. What is “frustrationcontrol” in the reading

Strategies of the teacherto student

A.Student’s frustration of not being able to read

B. Remove the stress

74. As a head teacher, whattask will you give to a

beginning teacher

A. Demosubjects C. Subject “pegs”

B. light subject D. Subjectoverload

75. Natural and Physicalscience is more important

than humanities

A. Empiricism C.Progressivism

B.Naturalism D. Essentialism

76. Focused in on 3 r’s

A.Essentialism C. Progressivism

B. Existentialism D.Empiricism

78. Gestalt theory is wellknown for its concept of


A. Situation. C. Cognition

B. Perception D.. Insight

79. Which psychologicaltheory states that the mind

insists on finding patternsin things that contribute to

the development of insight?

A. Piaget's psychology C. Gestalt psychology

B. Bruner’s theory D.Kohlberg's psychology

80. The theme of Vygotsky'ssocio-cultural theory

emphasizes the role of appropriateassistance given by

the teacher to accomplish atask.

A. competency technique participation

B.scaffolding D. collaboration

81. Which educationallevel/s provide/s for free and

compulsory education asstipulated in Article IV, Section

2 of the PhilippineConstitution?

A. Elementary level

B. Secondary level

C.Elementary and secondary levels

D. Tertiary level

82. Human developmentbegins in this stage.

A.Conception C. Schooling

B. Birth D. Early childhood

83. The results ofassessment must be provided

the soonest possibletime______

A. Parents C. Registrar

B. Principal D. Students

84. What is the purpose ofa pre-test?

A. To assess results

B. To apply an intervention

C. Todetermine entry knowledge or skills

D. To grade learners

85. What is the philosophyof education derived?

A.National education policies and goals

B. School spirit

C. Theories of teaching andlearning

D. Comparative curriculum

86. What does a philosophyof education provide for the

school agenda and those whobenefit from educational


A. Curriculum C. Values

B.Vision D. Goals

87. What kind of sources docritical thinkers rely on for

attaining truth orresolving problems?

A. Biased C. opinionated

B.credible D. vested interest

88. Which learningactivities involve estimating,

calculating, budgeting andanalyzing?

A. Research C. Datagathering

B. Literacy D. Numeracy

89. What kind of assessmentis a post test?

A. Process assessment C.Diagnostic assessment

B.Outcome assessment D. Self assessment

90. Especially in researchwhich activities lead to

discovery and insights onissues and concerns?

A. Interactive C. Integrative

B. Interdisciplinary D.Innovative

91. Which of the followingcan best encourage

participating by learnerson the issue of family


A. Graphs and Charts C. Role playing

B. Power-point presentationD. Photos

92. What is the specialprogram given to the students

who can't read?

A. Readingprogram C. Language program

B. Literary program D.Phonic program

93. Performance experimentis an example of ___.

A. demonstration purposeful experience

C. contrived experience

D. dramatized experience

94. When do we need toevaluate the curriculum?

A. Whenever somebodysuggests it

B.Whenever necessary

C. Every academic year

D. Every quarter

95. Which is an exemptionin the code of ethics of


A. Principal C. Divisionoffice superintendent

B.Librarian D. Master teacher

96. Teacher A wanted hisstudents to rate their own

work using the scoringrubric

A. Applying C. Analyzing

B.Evaluating D. Synthesizing

97. In Bruner'sThree-tiered, which is action based?

A. Iconic learning C.Inactive learning

B.Enactive learning D. Symbolic learning

98. Which pillar oflearning describes the phrase "Unity in


A.Learning to live together C. Learningto know

B. Learning to be D.Learning to do

99. When a child says thatthe sun is sleeping at night,

the child is in the pre-operationalstage,


A.animism C. egocentrism

B. centration D.reversibility

100. When the daughter iscompeting with the mother

for the father’s attention,the daughter is said to be

experiencing _______

A.Electra Complex C. Identity Crisis

B. Oedipus complex D.Sexual Deviation

101. In a classroomcurriculum implementation, which is

referred to as the"Green flag" ?

A. Content delivery bias

B. Too much chalkboard talk

C. Rigid Movement

D.Student interest

102. Who coined the term"scaffolding" ?

A.Bruner C. Vygotsky

B. Piaget D. Pavlov

103. As an investigativetool, assessment can help

discover various aspects ofstudents learning, but these

does not include_____.

A. what students alreadyknow

B. what students can do

C. what students expect to learn

D. metacognitive knowledge

104. Among importantcharacteristics of successful

teaching, which connotesdress, physique, freedom from

personal defects, personalmagnetism, neatness,

cleanliness, posture, andpersonal charm?

A. Drive C. Dominance

B.Attractiveness D Buoyancy

105. Once the gradingperiod is done and all grades are

recorded to whom theteacher will present the grades?

A.Students C. Principal

B. Parents D. Registrar

106. Which of the followingis consider as the nursery of

the state?

A. Home C. Religion

B.School D. Politics

107. Which of the ff. isUniversal and unchanging?

A. Freedom C. Love

B. Justice D. Beliefs

108. A small group ofstudents usually 3-6 persons

discussing or solving aproblem?

A. Debate C. Group dynamics

B. Buzzsession D. Open forum C. Group

109. What type of testitems requires students to blend,

combine, fuse and integrateideas or causes?

A. Application C. Synthesis

B. Evaluation D. Analysis

110. Which of the followingconstruct is NOT at the level

of critical thinking

A. preferring andevaluating C.guessing and believing

B. grouping and classifyingD. associating and grasping

111. Learners areinformation processors. Whose thought is


A. Gestalt theorist C.Behaviorist

B. Metacognitivist D. Cognitivist

112. Of the following,which is most effective for

influencing human emotionfor retention and discovery

of learning?

A. Drills to argumentretention

B. Useof inspirational tool ( book,film,art,etc.)

C. Telling of jokes inteaching

D. Emotional delivery oflessons

113.. Which of thefollowing is an acceptable initiative

conducive to the teacher’smaking a difference in the

achievement of newgenerations of the country’s


A. Greatest prestige in thecommunity

B. Wearing of distinctiveteacher’s uniform

C. Highest pay in thecountry

D.Quality teacher preparation

114. What kind of knowledgeprocessing was involved

when teacher A asked hisstudents to reflect on

themselves asself-learners?

A. Deduction C. Meta-cognition

B. Observation D. Induction

115. Which is understood byan eye wink, simple nodding

of a head, or wave of ahand?

A. Facial expression C.Verbal communication

B.Gesture D. Body language

116. The first step inconstructing achievement tests.

A. Determine the highestrating to be given to students

B.Determine the content and skills covered by test

C. Determine thecharacteristics of the examinees

D. Assess the teachingcapability of teachers.

117. When you beginteaching with concrete experience

then come in withconclusion, which method do you


A. deductive

B. it depends on your typeof generalization


D. it depends on thequantity of details you bring in

118. Which method is moreinteractive?

A. deductive

B. deductive, if teacherwants to


D. Inductive, if teacherchooses to

119. When you beginteaching with the generalization

then bring in details,which method do you employ?


B. it depends on your typeof generalization

C. inductive

D. it depends on thequantity of details you bring in

120. A teacher discoversthat a product of a certain

bottling company bringsabout damage to teeth. Much

as he wants to share thefindings of his study , he

could not because thecompany is harassing him.

Which teacher's right isviolated?

A. Academic freedom C.Right to property

B. Right to one's honor D. Right to make livelihood

121. Teacher Dada’s lessonwas on “what man can do

to arrest climate change”.She made students do the

talking, the arguing, andthe synthesizing. She gave her

lecturette after studentshave participated in the lively

discussion. Which teachingapproach did Teacher Dada


A.Learner-centered approach

B. Activity-centeredapproach

C. subject matter-centeredapproach

D. Teacher-centeredapproach

122. Learning is an activeprocess. Which one is an

application of thisprinciple?

A. Letstudent learn the steps In opening a computer

bymaking them follow the steps.

B. Group students for workor project that way project

becomes less expensive.

C. Teach your content froma multidisciplinary


D. Avoid drills which areout of context.

123. For those whosuccessfully pass the Licensure

Examination for Teachers,the _______ signed by the

Chairman of the PhilippineRegulation Commission Serves

as evidence for lawfulpractice profession.

A. Professional Oath copy

B. Professionalregistration fee receipt

C. Merit examinationcertificate

D.Professional license

124. What kind of authorityis best applied in guiding

millennial youths orlearning?

A. Laissez faire C. Authoritative

B. Rigorous D. Relational

125. The_____is a quietinformal group (usually four of

five students ) serving asan panel with an audience.

A. committee C. buzz session

B. round-table D.critiquing group

126. Teachers oftencomplain of numerous non-teaching

assignments that adverselyaffect their teaching. Does

this mean that teachersmust be preoccupied only with


a. Yes, if they are givenother assignments justice

demands that they beproperly compensated.

b. No,because every teacher is expected to provide

leadershipand initiative in activities for betterment of


c. Yes, because othercommunity leaders, not teachers,

are tasked to lead incommunity activities

d. Yes, because teaching isenough full time job

127. Teacher A wants thegroup to evaluate an issue by

having the group act outjury trial. Which technique will

he employ?

A. critiquing C.majority-rule decision making

B. panel D. simulation

128. The new globallandscape of the 21st century shows

the following EXCEPT one.Which one is not?

A. Learners environment canbe any place.

B. There are multiple waysof teaching.

C. Teachers are ICTequipped.

D.Learners are attuned to rote memorization.

129. According to Gardner'smultiple intelligence theory,

naturalist learned can be____.

A. use hands to fix andcreate, and use bodily


B.analyze ecological and natural situations and data

C. mediate, reflect,exhibit self-discipline, maintain


D. work with people andhelp them overcome problems

130. The ability to workwell with others by tapping

each other’s talents andskills

A. Citizenship C.Creativity

B.Collaboration D. Critical thinking

131. Which is the criteriafor the selection and use of

instructional materials?

A.Alignment with intended outcomes C.Varied

B. SMART D. In threedomains

132. Among thinkingstrategies, Comprehension

Monitoring is theability_____.

A. to check progress

B. to make appropriatechoices

C. to be relaxed yet alert

D. tosynthesize new information

133. Which assessment toolwill you use that

performance result highlymeasurable?

A. Tests and quizzes C.Journal writing

B. Essay requirement D. Demonstration of skills

134. Among major school oflearning theories, which

consider how the individualperceives the learning

environment or situation?

A. Cognitive theories C.Behavioral theories

B. Social theories D. Field & Gestalt theories

135. According toConfucius, what is the best way to rule

a people and attainharmony?

A. by allowing people to doas they please

B. by allowing consultingthe governed

C. by force

D. bymoral example

136. In introducing a newlesson what is important to

consider by way of lessoncontinuity.

A. introduce new lesson

B. prepare new audiovisuals

C. have a pre-test for newlesson

D.relate new ideas to past lesson

137. Teacher A sees to itthat her classroom is clean

and orderly so his pupilswill less likely disarrange seats

and litter on the floor. Onwhich thought is his action


A. Reconstructionism C.Progressivism

B. Existentialism D. Behaviorism

138. One cognitiveadvancement in adolescence is

metacognition, What doesmetacognition mean?

A. Ability to do problemsolving

B. Ability to recall andexplain

C. Ability to analyze andsynthesize

D.Ability to identify one’s own thinking process and


139. When teachers conducta series of evaluation to

determine the extent ofteaching, what must be


A. Hidden curriculum C.Taught curriculum

B. Learned curriculum D. Assessed curriculum

140. To teach students tobe less competitive,

which teaching approachshould be used more?

A. Interdisciplinary C.Integration

B.Collaboration D. Reflection

141. For selectivity in thelearning process, the Novice

Learner attempts to process______ they receive in


A. selected information C.manageable information

B. important information D. all information

142. Which of the followingis true of a case study?

A. It requires data fromother events

B. Itis always reliable and dependable

C. It applies specificallyto a population

D. It is applicable to theuniversal population

143. Which of the followingis NOT a function of

scientific research?

A. To test assumptions

B. To determinecause-and-effect

C. To test hypothesis

D. Torely on controlled methods

144. What is the mostappropriate tagline for the

slogan on Culturaldiversity, "Different roads sometimes

lead to the samecastle"

A. Cultural diversity

B.Unity amid cultural diversity

C. Cultural norms

D. Cultural identity

145. Without abandoningother duties of a teacher,

Teacher A considers herselfmainly as a facilitator by

which her students becomecurious a discover idea on

their own. This ideal for a______class.

A. Activity-centered B. student-centered

C. lesson-centered D.teacher-centered

146. What is the processfor Piaget done during our

growing years, acquiringnew experiences and ideas?


B. Equilibrium

C. Schematization

D. Accommodation


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