Stadium Goods is rated "Poor" with 2.2 / 5 on Trustpilot (2022)

Stadium Goods is rated "Poor" with 2.2 / 5 on Trustpilot (1)Stadium Goods is rated "Poor" with 2.2 / 5 on Trustpilot (2)

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Stadium Goods is rated "Poor" with 2.2 / 5 on Trustpilot (3)



Worst place to buy foot wear from

Worst place to buy foot wear from. I order a pair of size 6 Yeezy slides for my wife for Mother’s Day and a size 13 sneakers came! Already a terrible experience from start but it gets worst. I contacted them about the mistake and after having to send countless pictures they offered me a refund after I send the shoes back first and then offered me 10% off the store! Why would you not just send the correct pair but that’s there process which sucks. I wanted to speak to a manger because I felt 10% wasn’t good enough since they messed up my wives gift. Management took almost two weeks to get back in contact with me and they could not do anything better. I still had to return to get a refund and then re order! This place is the worst. Do not waste your time.


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Ordered a pair of Jordan 1 as soon as I…

Ordered a pair of Jordan 1 as soon as I opened the box I knew they were fake. I payed 157.00 for fakes. The quality is terrible. Buyers beware do not buy from them. I was going to return them but I cut off the tag like a dumbass. Forfeits the return of the fake. So now I’m stuck with them. Shame on you stadium goods!

An order was placed for $700 but my…

An order was placed for $700 but my debit card was charged twice. Once I called they admitted immediately that it was an error. But because the second charge didn’t produce any order number they have to investigate. It has been almost a month later and they are still investigating meanwhile my account is $700 short. Customer service sucks.

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Sadly this site sells Jordans that are…

Sadly this site sells Jordans that are fake. I'm just glad that I only bought one pair. The price I paid was too good to be true. A bought a pair of navy Jordan 1 Mid. After wearing them one time there were creases all over the front of the shoes. I didn't even wear them for more than a few hours. What a shame.


Just received my new air jordan 1s unc…

Just received my new air jordan 1s unc mid blue shoes last after spending 468 AUD in the post last week only to find that they're absolutely fake, they're so light and not real leather, after a week of double and triple checking the authenticity of my shoes, they're the fakest pair of jordans, I've just wasted nearly 500 bucks on ta pair of fake jordans, do not buy from stadium goods !


DONT BUY FROM HERE!!!!!!!! I ordered a pair of Jordan 1s.a few weeks later I received a email saying that they had been delivered but I had not received them.then they sent me a pic of the receipt and I’m the signature it was two faint lines.I then contacted them and they said that they would check building cams and would do a 1 month investigation they did no such thing I then called them and they said that they will not give me a’s sad honestly cause Ik 200 dollars isn’t a crazy amount of money but it is still a lot and I’m my country 200 dollars is like 42k so it’s a big deal for me.




Bought 2 shoes from them. 1 was $265 and another $280 but my card was charged for $385 and $449! Sent email to the customer service and they said it was due to my country's tax. My country only charge 7% tax , how do you justify ?


Sent me a pair of literal FAKE YEEZYS I…

Sent me a pair of literal FAKE YEEZYS I have so many real ones the moment I opened the box I instantly knew they were fake who tf inspects these shoes ??? If you buy be very careful and be sure to inspect properly !! Disgusting company lying about authenticity

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I purchased a pair of Jordan 1 85…

I purchased a pair of Jordan 1 85 Georgetown Blue, ordered on Monday, May 16th, and received authentic J's on May 18th. Very satisfied with the service and the sneaker is brand new and perfect and the box. A little pricey, but I wanted them, so I was gonna pay for em. 2 Thumbs up.

so disappointed

so dissapoointed! I purchased a shoes but it takes 3weeks and the delivery takes too long until I cancelled it. their customer service is just telling me that they will do a follow up with their internal team but it takes already 1week and no response.

*UPDATE* satisfactory result

Well, I recently ordered Jordan 1's mid island green they come on the 19 but after these reviews I'm nervous lmao, *Note*If I have a satisfactory Copp then I will change my review

*UPDATE* I got my Jordan's and were packed as any other shoe, Overall, they are real, packed well, and a plus is that they were shipped 1 day early, so I personally think they are trustworthy, the only con I have is that they are overpriced, I recommend going to Flight club, but if you do not mind if it is overpriced this is a legit place to order from, though there are better websites than stadium goods, such as, flight club, stock X, GOAT and so much more, but, overall a good place to order kicks.



Stadium Goods is a terrible company, with terrible people who work their, also, some of their shoes are pure fakes. I ordered 2 pair of Jordans from theses nimrods , one pair never arrived, I even have video footage of the delivery driver only dropping off one pair of shoes, I showed the footage to the people at Stadium Goods, they would not refund my money, nor send out a replacement pair, even though I had video evidence. This place is a scam and a ripoff, do not buy shoes from these people.


i got the blue Jordan 3’s and when they came i was so excited about getting new shoes, i only looked at one of them and decided they were perfect, so i cut off the tag to be able to return. once i put on both shoes and looked closely, my heart sank. they looked different. on the top toe of my left shoe, the length of the material is a lot shorter than the other. i tell other people about it and they say they didn’t notice until i pointed it out but still it leaves me insecure to have shoes that appear to be fakes.

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Sneakers came as advertised

I ordered a pairs Yeezy clouds. I then wen here to read the reviews. Let’s just say had I read the reviews before I purchased I would not have done so. The next business day I called up to the actual store, spoke with a gentleman there, I expressed my concerns based on the reviews and his responses made me feel very comfortable with my purchase.

My sneakers arrived and they were in pristine condition. Brand new not worn. I can only speak on my experience and it was great. Will buy from them again. I wrote this on 4.15.22


Don’t shop here y’all , I mean I didn’t even purchase anything yet, I mean I was until I looked at the reviews. Please look at reviews before shopping on a website that you aren’t sure of



Very good for shipping

I ordered a Cactus Jack tshirt for my…

I ordered a Cactus Jack tshirt for my son and spent over $100 on it. The shirt looks like it has been used. Never buying there overpriced, used stuff again.

Please package your shoe boxes in an…

Please package your shoe boxes in an appropriate sized box.. Package arrived in a box 5 times too big, absolute got crushed in transit.. My awesome nike dunk retro shoe box that says "high quality" and wouldve been an awesome display box looks like its been shipped as low quality as possible. absolutely ruined. the shoe box is soaked from snow getting inside the damaged crinkled up destroyed packaging it came in. Unacceptable.. especially for how overpriced everything on your site is.. paid $100 dollars more than i should've if i wouldnt have been an inpatient dummy, and looked around at other sites first... I thought stockx was the worst company ever,, you guys take being an overpriced, low quality service sneaker resale outlet to the next level.. never again

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