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Tuesday 16 August 2022 (UAE)

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List of road and street names in Dubai

Dubai roads and streets, list of names and numbers with guide to major routes, highways and motorways, common names, proper names, route numbers, map names, speed limits.

List of street and road names in Dubai

Common name Route number Official or map name Speed
Area Comments
311 Rd, MBZ Rd E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd 110 kph Renamed, previously Emirates Rd. Also called MBZ Rd
611 Rd, Emirates Rd E611 Emirates Rd 110 kph Speed limit reduced 15 Oct 2017
611 Rd E611 Dubai Bypass Rd Renamed as Emirates Road
Abu Dhabi Highway E11 Sheikh Zayed Rd 120 kph Limit reduced to 100 kph near JLT.
Al Diyafa St 2nd December St Renamed in Dec 2011
Al Ittihad Rd E11 Al Ittihad Rd (DXB-SHJ) 100 kph From Deira to Sharjah, SZR in Bur Dubai
Al Khail Rd E44 Al Khail Rd 100 kph Al Barsha, Al Quoz E44 also Hatta Rd
Al Sufouh Rd D94 D94, renamed King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St from Sep 2016
Al Waha St Hajar Rd, 315 Rd SZR to Al Khail Rd Al Waha Mall (Oasis Centre) on corner with SZR
Beach Road Jumeira Rd Also called Jumeira Beach Rd
Defence Roundabout Interchange 1, SZR New freeflow I/C construction 2006-2010
Dubai-Sharjah Highway E11 Al Ittihad Rd 100 kph
Al Ain Rd E66 Al Ain Rd Dubai-Al Ain Highway
Bani Yas Square Al Nasr Square Deira or Baniyas Sq
Bank St Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd Bur Dubai
Computer St Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd Bur Dubai
Emirates Rd E311 Emirates Rd, 311 Rd Renamed Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd
Falcon Roundabout Bur Dubai Port Rashid end of Bank St
Hatta Rd E44 Hatta Rd 100-120 kph E44 also Al Khail Rd, speed limit varies.
Iranian Hospital Rd Al Wasl Rd Al Wasl
Jumeirah Beach Rd Jumeira Rd Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim Also called Beach Rd or The Beach Rd
King Salman Rd D94 was Al Sufouh Rd Madinat Jumeirah to Dubai Marina Full name King Salman bin Abudulaziz Al Saud St
Meydan Rd Al Hadiqa, Meydan Rd 70 kph
Plant Rd Al Hudaiba St Al Wasl, Al Badaa From Iranian Hospital to Satwa Rd
Sheikh Zayed Rd (SZR) E11 Sheikh Zayed Rd 100 kph "SZR" written rather than spoken
Trade Center Rd Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St Bur Dubai
  • Speed limit figures should be read as a guide, not as the legal maximum. They can vary along the same road, or have changed, for example Meydan Rd - Al Hadiqa Rd (Al Hadeeqa Rd) limit is given as 80 kph in many sources but actual limit is 70 kph. Check list of speed limits on Dubai Police or RTA websites, and even then, do not assume they are 100% accurate.Do not rely on any other sources, including this page.
  • Many "roundabouts" are junctions with traffic lights (signals) but have retained the roundabout name in common use.
  • The words "Road" and "Street" are often used interchangeably with no rhyme or reason, even to the extent that at one end of a road the sign will say "Rd" but at the other end the sign will say "St". Some names will just sound odd though - you rarely hear people say "Sheikh Zayed Street" for example ... in Dubai, however there is a Sheikh Zayed St in Sharjah (crosses Al Wahda Rd at the Flying Saucer roundabout) not connected to the Dubai SZR.
Al Diyafah Street renamed as Second of December Street
  • Al Diyafah Street is a well-known road in Satwa, Bur Dubai with a number of cafes and restaurants, and lots of cars in the evenings slowing everything down.
  • The road runs from the Dubai World Trade Center roundabout to Jumeirah Beach Road at the Union House intersection (where the giant flagpole is).
  • Al Diyafa St was renamed as 2nd of December Street on 02 or 03 December 2011 (announced by WAM news) to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the UAE.
Dubai roads, streets, and highways renamed
  • Al Diyafah Road (Al Diyafa St) > 2nd of December Street (from Dec 2011).
  • Al Sufouh Rd > King Salman bin Abudulaziz Al Saud St (from Sep 2016).
  • Burj Dubai Boulevard > Emaar Boulevard. Date of name change unknown, might have been at the same time the Dubai Tower (Burj Dubai) was renamed as the Burj Khalifa Tower - 04 Jan 2010 when it officially opened. Road was also called "The Emerald Necklace" (in a press release or news item in April 2004, no further references to the name seen since, except for repeat stories using the original report)?
  • Doha Street > Financial Center Road (or is not renamed, both names are used?).
  • Dubai Bypass Road (Outer Bypass Road) (E611) > Emirates Road.
  • Emaar Boulevard (was Burj Dubai Boulevard before being named Emaar Boulevard) > Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard (26 Dec 2012). Was (or is still) also called The Boulevard, Downtown Boulevard, Downtown Dubai Boulevard, Dubai Mall Boulevard (unofficial names).
  • Emirates Road (E311) > Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
  • Hadeed Road (D651 or D67, 319 St?) > Latifa Bint Hamdan Street. Between Sheikh Zayed Rd and Al Khail Rd at Al Khail Gate interchange.
Major highways, motorways in or connecting Dubai
  • New Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway (parallel to E11).
  • E11 - Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai to Abu Dhabi highway.
  • E311 - Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Highway or Road (MBZ Rd) (was called the Emirates Road - now the 611 Rd or Outer Bypass Rd is called the Emirates Rd).
  • E611 - Emirates Road (previously called Dubai Bypass Road or Outer Bypass Rd).

Street addresses in Dubai

  • Larger buildings are usually located by name and significant landmarks rather than a street address. Probably because there is no mail delivery service in the UAE. Giving a street address for example "123 Sheikh Zayed Rd" will sound confusing to most residents in Dubai, taxi drivers, or courier services (we made that address up, we didn't check if there is actually something there).
  • For villa addresses, something like "Villa #123, Sheikh Zayed Rd" would make sense for navigation. That particular address probably doesn't exist since there aren't many villas on Sheikh Zayed Rd.
  • Since about 2015, the Makani address system has been available to residents. Makani is a number assigned to each building by the GIS Department at Dubai Municipality which residents can use for navigation if they download the Makani Dubai app. It might be useful for taxi or courier services but don't be too surprised if the driver doesn't know what you're talking about. Makani is an official Dubai address system so government organisations and emergency services such as the police, fire department, ambulances will probably ask for the Makani number if they want your location. Your building should have a Makani sign or plate near the entrance, with the Makani number for your location. You can also check at

[Update, move or remove road construction section] Road construction projects in Dubai

  • Defense Roundabout
  • E611 Road
  • Road construction in Dubai - RTA
Road projects in Dubai 2017
  • Al Badi (Al Badea) to Sheikh Khalifa St intersections (42 km), and Al Badea Bridge on Emirates Road (AlBade'i, Al Bdai'a, Al Badi, Al Badia bridge) between Dubai and Sharjah (UAE Ministry of Infrastructure Development, MoID), connecting to Al Maliha Rd (Al Maleha). Emirates Rd and bridge expanded from 3 lanes to 6 lanes (one report said 7 lanes) in each direction, Maleha Rd expanded to 3 lanes each direction. Capacity increase almost double from 9,900 to 17,700 vehicles per hour. Project construction started Dec 2015, announced Mar 2016 (first announcement?), expected to open by end of 2017 ... revised to Q2 2018 ... to Aug 2018 (Q3). Project cost about AED 200m.
  • Sheikh Rashid-Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed (Trade Center Rd) Streets Intersection Project, Karama (Sana Building intersection). Trade Center Rd will have a bridge connecting Al Jafiliya and Karama areas (completion expected 2018), and Sheikh Rashid Rd will have a tunnel linking Al Garhood and Mina Rashid (Port Rashid) areas (expected to open in Q2 2018). Project announced Mar 2016 with estimated completion date Q4 2017 and project cost AED 611m. Some reports referred to it as the "Al Shindagha" project because Sheikh Rashid Rd leads to Al Shindaga, but it is not related to any past or future construction in the Al Shindagha tunnel area.
  • Sheikh Zayed Rd interchange 2.5 (between I/C 2 and 3) RTA project connecting Al Wasl Rd to Al Khail Rd via Umm Al Sheif (Um Al Sheef) Rd and Latifa Bint Hamdan St through Al Quoz area. Project cost about AED 800 million. Started at end of 2016, Phase I completion expected by mid-2018 (Q2), Phase II completion expected by early 2019 (Q1). Road link will consist of higher level route along and over Sheikh Zayed Rd and Dubai Metro Red Line to connect Al Khail to Al Wasl Rd.
Road projects in Dubai 2016
  • Meydan Rd (Al Hadiqa Rd) interchange on Al Khail Rd, connecting to Al Asayel St to Business Bay and Downtown Dubai. Parallel Roads Project.
  • Wafi Interchange Project
Road projects in Dubai 2015
  • [Completed Aug 2015] Al Yalayes Road, link between Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Rd (at Al Houdh roundabout) and Emirates Road via Dubai Investment Park (DIP). Length 9 km, 8 lanes total, access to and from DIP and Jumeirah Golf Estates.
Road projects in Dubai 2014
E311 motorway to Abu Dhabi - new Abu Dhabi-Dubai road

The E311 was the Emirates Road, then renamed as the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

  • 12 Dec 2013 - Developer Musanada (Abu Dhabi General Services) announced the new highway project (again?). Road length 62 km. Completion date still 2017, construction time 30 months. Phase I and II contractors appointed (or MoUs signed with Musanada) are Abu Dhabi Salini Costruttori, Ghantoot Transport and General Contracting Establishment, Tristar Engineering and Constructions. Initially the highway will have 4 lanes in each direction, with possible future expansion to 6 lanes each way if necessary.
  • Extension from Dubai to Abu Dhabi parallel to the E11 Sheikh Zayed Road (present DXB-AUH highway) planned. Project cost AED 2.1 billion. Route from Mohammed bin Zayed Road in Saih Sheib, through Al Maha Forest, Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD), connects to the Sweihan Road in Abu Dhabi. Completion date in 2014 ... delayed to 2017.

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  • Khadmat, khadamat, khidmat? Street or map of Dubai?


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