Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (2022)

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza

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Ibizan cuisine is slowly making a mark in the culinary world. Since this tourist island is often frequented by travelers from all over the world, a delightful gastronomic culture has developed in the past few years, characterized mainly by the use of fresh, local ingredients.

How do you define traditional food and drink in Ibiza? Since the island is located on the Mediterranean side of Spain, the food and drinks served in Ibiza are all sourced from the very rich and fertile region surrounding it. Some of the best produce of the region are actually from the area.

The presence of world-class chefs who run the restaurant kitchens in Ibiza villas and resorts has made food in Ibiza town exciting and vibrant, without veering away too much from ingredients located in the area. Aside from traditional Spanish cuisine, many restaurants serve food off the main coast of Spain, Ibizan cuisine that is more typical of the distinct flavors of the Balearic Islands.


  • TOP 10 traditional Ibiza dishes
    • 1. Sofrit Pagés
    • 2. Balearic sausages sobrassada and botifarra
    • 3. Arròs de Matança or Arroz de Matanzas
    • 4. Paellas de Marisco
    • 5. Bullit de peix
    • 6. Parrillada de Pescado
    • 7. Zarzuela
    • 8. Flaons
    • 9. Ensaïmada de Mallorca
    • 10. Greixonera
  • Typical drinks in Ibiza
    • 1. Sangría
    • 2. Hierbas Ibicencas
    • 3. Frigola
    • 4. Palo
    • 5. Horchatas

TOP 10 traditional Ibiza dishes

Here are 10 traditional Ibiza dishes that you must try on your next visit:

1. Sofrit Pagés

This traditional Balearic stew is a hearty mixture of various meats like chicken, lamb, and the Ibizan sausages sobrassada and botifarra. There are also vegetables like potatoes, peppers, and artichokes. Ibizan cuisine is known for its seafood specialties, and this meat dish is traditionally served only during special occasions. However, sofrit pagés is now available in almost every restaurant that serves traditional Ibizan cuisine.

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Do you want to know the sofrit pagés recipe? Check it out here: Recipe.

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (1)

Source: ibiza5sentidos

2. Balearic sausages sobrassada and botifarra

Meat sausages native to the Balearic Islands are typically mixed in with other dishes, or eaten on its own as an appetizer. Sobrassada, dubbed as the national sausage of the islands, is made from ground pork, paprika and other spices. Botifarra is an ancient recipe, an Ibizan version of a blood sausage with spices.

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (2)

By Juan Antonio Capó Alonso

3. Arròs de Matança or Arroz de Matanzas

One of the most traditional dishes in Ibiza, this dish is made of rice, any type of local meat, saffron, and mushroom. It is cooked in a broth that has been reduced. Each Ibizan family has their own special version of this dish. One of the best Arròs de Matança is served in a family-run restaurant in San Carlos called Cas Pages. Cas Pages has been serving locals and tourists alike for 40 years. Their Arròs de Matança is cooked with whatever meat is available such as pork, fish, squid, chicken, and sobrassada.

4. Paellas de Marisco

When directly translated, Paella de Marisc means “seafood paella” in Catalan. Each region in Spain have their own version of paella, and the seafood ingredients of this paella come fresh from the bounty of the sea surrounding the island of Ibiza. The restaurant Cala Es Xarcu, run by a husband and wife team native to the islands, is famous for their seafood paella. The restaurant is a 20 minute drive from Ibiza town, and when you taste their food, you will realize that it is worth the drive.

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (4)

Source: diariodeibiza

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5. Bullit de peix

Bullit de peix is a traditional Ibizan fish stew. A popular spot for ordering the best bullit de peix is at Es Boldado, a restaurant in Cala D’Hort, Ibiza that overlooks the beautiful Es Vedrà rock. Another restaurant that serves excellent bullit de peix is Es Torrent, located on the South Coast of Ibiza, near the town of Sant Josep.

6. Parrillada de Pescado

Parrillada de Pescado is a Mixed Seafood Grill, which is typically served in beachside restaurants. The day’s catch is what comprises the dish, which is grilled on the same day and served to customers. Aside from local fish varieties such as bacalao (cod), mero (grouper), and rodaballo (turbot), prawns, squid, lobster, and octopus are also grilled. The Fish Shack on Talamanca beach serves the best and freshest grilled seafood. Just say Fish Shack, and everyone knows where it is

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (5)

Source: restauranteviejogallo

7. Zarzuela

Another popular traditional Ibizan dish is zarzuela de mariscos, an Ibizan seafood stew, with a mixture of shellfish like mussels, crabs, scallops, and prawns, with squid and various types of fish. It is cooked in a saffron-flavored stock, usually mixed with lemon juice and bay leaf. It is named after the Spanish word for comic opera or also loosely translated as “variety show”. This means that eating it evokes a symphony of flavors all mixed up together in one delightful dish.

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (6)

Source: restauranteportbalansat

8. Flaons

Flaons or flaó (singular form) are filled pastries that are usually circular or semi-circular in shape. The fillings vary according to different areas in the Catalan regions of Spain, but they can be local sheep or goat cottage cheese and ground almonds, or pumpkin jam and honey. Because of its extensive use of cheese in a dessert, it is usually described as an Ibizan version of a cheesecake.Flaons were originally prepared for Easter family gatherings, but these sweet treats can now be ordered all year.

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (7)


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9. Ensaïmada de Mallorca

Another tasty dessert is ensaïmada de Mallorca, made of light, fluffy pastry typically dusted with icing sugar on top. It can also be filled with cream, sweet pumpkin, or chocolate.

10. Greixonera

Greixonera is another traditional Ibizan dessert, which is akin to a bread pudding commonly served in the British Isles. It is made from leftover pastries or bread, such as ensaimada.

Typical drinks in Ibiza

1. Sangría

Sangría is the “official drink” of Spain, and no trip to Spain is complete without drinking it. Sangría is served all over Ibiza, and each restaurant has a special way of making it. It is made with fruits in season such as apples, pears, and oranges. Either way, it is the perfect drink by the beach on a warm summer day.

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (9)

Source: white-ibiza.

2. Hierbas Ibicencas

Translated as “Ibizan Herbs”, this is one of the most quintessential drinks in Ibiza. This traditional drink with a 200 year history has strong aniseed flavor, and made from various herbs and flavorings such as lemon, orange, and thyme. People typically drink Hierbas Ibicencas after dinner to aid in digestion.

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Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (10)


3. Frigola

Thyme-based sweet drink, this is enjoyed as a digestive after a satisfying meal and is notable for its herby flavor. It is also usually a drink taken with desserts. The thyme (frigola) plant grows all around Ibiza and it is harvested in the early summer.

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (11)


4. Palo

Palo is an aperitif that is typically drunk before a meal in Ibiza. It is made from a plant native to the area called the Quino Calsaya.

Traditional Food and Drink in Ibiza (12)

Source: pasaportea.iberostar.

5. Horchatas

Horchatas are frozen drinks typically mixed with ground nuts like almonds or tigernuts. It is actually a traditional Spanish drink, which has also spread to Latin American countries. This is the perfect drink while lounging on an Ibizan beach. Los Valencianos, a casual restaurant in Plaza Antoni Riquer, Ibiza town has very good horchata.

The best way to describe this drink is to compare it to a slushee. It is a refreshing mixture of fresh fruit and crushed ice.

There are many special dishes that can only be enjoyed in Ibiza and best savored while sitting by the beach or looking at the view of the sea and sky. Food and drink in Ibiza is one of the best things about going on holiday in this beautiful Spanish region.


What kind of food is Ibiza known for? ›

What time do people eat in Ibiza? ›

Restaurants on Ibiza are open for lunch from around 13:00 until 16:00 and for dinner from around 20.00 till late. The Spanish though rarely eat before 14.00 h and the restaurants are at their busiest between 15.00 and 16.00.

How much is a cocktail in Ibiza? ›

Well, the answer is an average of €10 (£8.50/$11.50).

Bottled water is an average price of 10 Euros in Ibiza.
How much is a drink in Ibiza clubs ?
Beer€7 (£6/$8)
Cocktail€15 (£13/$17)
Water€5 (£4/$6)
6 more columns
8 Apr 2022

How many days do you need in Ibiza? ›

In order to do the whole of this itinerary in Ibiza, we recommend that you stay at least 5 days on the island. We will dedicate a minimum of one day to each area of Ibiza in order to keep a logical order and to optimize the driving time.

Does Ibiza have good food? ›

Eating in Ibiza is a pleasure for all the senses, thanks to the island's tasty, varied, and exquisite cuisine, which is usually served up in amazing locations and accompanied by stunning views.

How much is beer in Ibiza? ›

Cost of Living in Ibiza
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught)3.50€
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle)4.50€
Cappuccino (regular)2.20€
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle)2.33€
62 more rows

How do you enjoy Ibiza? ›

In this article
  1. 1: Admire Es Vedrà
  2. 2: Chill at the beach. Also… And obviously… Beach clubs.
  3. 3: Shop at the hippie market.
  4. 4: Enjoy the sea.
  5. 5: Drive around. Be careful. Bus or bicycle.
  6. 6: Dance at a DJ party. DJ parties on Ibiza 2022. Calvin Harris.
  7. 7: Eat trendy & healthy food. Restaurant recommendations.
  8. 8: Go to Formentera.
18 Aug 2019

Why do Spanish eat dinner so late? ›

In reality, though, there's a very logical reason behind Spaniards' late-night eating habits: the country is actually in the wrong time zone, a phenomenon that dates back to World War II. Given Spain's longitude, the country should be on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), along with Portugal, the UK, and Morocco.

What do Spanish eat for dinner? ›

Dinner might include fresh fish or seafood or a portion of roast chicken or lamb with fried potatoes or rice. An omelet and fish with a green salad on the side are also quite common. A simple and quick dish, commonly eaten at dinner is arroz cubano, a mound of white rice, topped with tomato sauce and a fried egg.

Can u drink tap water in Ibiza? ›

Many visitors and residents want to know, 'Is the tap water in Ibiza safe to drink? ' The answer is Yes. That is because it has been treated and purified. However, though it is 'safe' to drink, it frequently does not taste good owing to its extremely high levels of salt or calcium.

Do you tip in Ibiza? ›

The majority of Bars and Restaurants in Ibiza do not add a service charge to the bill so a tip is always warmly received and appreciated. Tipping in Ibiza is a sign of respect, a goodwill gesture that can open doors and break down barriers between people.

Is Ibiza expensive for food? ›

Restaurant prices, accommodation, and groceries are all 20 percent higher in Ibiza than in Madrid, and Madrid doesn't even reflect the Spanish average. Ibiza is closer to 60 percent more expensive for food than Alicante and as much as 130 percent pricier for rent and accommodation.

What's the best month to go to Ibiza? ›

The best time to visit Ibiza is from May to October when high temperatures hover in the mid-70s and mid-80s and the party crowd descends. The months between November and April are considered low season, when flight and hotel rates drop along with the temperatures to more moderate 50s and 60s.

What's the best time of year to go to Ibiza? ›

Ibiza has a mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. If you're a sunseeker the best time to visit Ibiza is between June and August. The hottest month of the year is July with an average daily maximum of 30 C and an average low of 22 C.

Is 2 nights enough in Ibiza? ›

Anyone who has visited Ibiza will tell you that it is impossible to enjoy all it has to offer in just two days. There's so much to do and see on this well-known Balearic island that only 48 hours may not be enough. Either way, if you set your mind to it, you can make the most of your getaway.

Where is the old town in Ibiza? ›

Old town. The city is divided into three distinct parts; the first being the Old Town which is the area of the fortified citadel Dalt Vila and the old fishing area just below it around the main drawbridge called Portal de Ses Taules.

Is it easy to get around in Ibiza? ›

Ibiza can be very tricky to get around if you don't have a car, mostly because the only available public transport is the bus network.. there's no train or metro! Obviously there are many hire car companies but dependent on where you're staying, parking can be a problem, or maybe you want to have a drink!

Who owns JULS Ibiza? ›

Jem, the owner, will make you feel special. Everything is very well taken care of. Every visit at Jul's is a unique experience. This place will make you travel from Spain to Greece.

Do you need cash in Ibiza? ›

Cash is definitely an indispensable asset if you're in Ibiza. You're going to need cash for a lot of expenses. So, yes, Ibiza does take cash. Actually, you're better off with cash in most situations because of the time problems and queues that you can avoid with cash.

Do they speak English in Ibiza? ›

Luckily in Ibiza most people speak English as the island is mostly tourists and workers that do not live there all year round. As it's a tourist island most workers speak English as well as 1 or 2 additional languages.

How much money do you need to go to Ibiza? ›

DurationNomad styleBudget travel
1-day trip65 USD81 USD
3-day trip196 USD242 USD
Week-long trip456 USD564 USD

What do people wear out in Ibiza? ›

The Privilege Ibiza dress code is Casual. You should avoid wearing beach clothes: bikinis, flip flops or sportswear. VIP, For women: Ibiza style dress/skirt, blouse, palazzo pants/jeans, platform heel sandals or ballerinas are recommended. For men, jeans, casual shirts, and avoid short pants and flip flops.

How do I survive a week in Ibiza? ›

7 Essentials to Survive a Week in Ibiza
  1. Question Your Party Style. Do you like to party until midnight, go to sleep, and wake up being able to function the next morning? ...
  2. Stay Hydrated. ...
  3. Catch a Beach Nap. ...
  4. Wear Comfortable Shoes. ...
  5. Smart Party Planning. ...
  6. Expect to Spend Money. ...
  7. Be Stress-Free.

How much are drinks in Ibiza bars? ›

A vodka with lemon will cost €15-18 in a club or €10-12 in Ibiza Town or one of the pre-club bars. A beer (or water) will cost you €9-15 in a club and €6-8 in bars. As you can see, it quickly adds up, so be wise with your drinking and don't go out without sticking to a budget.

What time do Spanish people go to bed? ›

In addition, Spanish workers typically work 11-hour days, from 9am to 8pm. With dinner at 9pm and a couple of hours of TV, they tend not to get to bed before midnight.

What is a normal breakfast in Spain? ›

Typical Spanish breakfast includes coffee (cafe con leche or cafe cortado) with some pastries (churros and croissants are the most popular), cookies (Maria galletas), cakes (most typically bizocho), toasted bread (various tostadas), sandwiches (bocadillos), or potato omelet (Tortilla Espanola). RELATED: Spanish foods.

What time is lunch in Spain? ›

First, they place very little importance on breakfast and lunch is their biggest meal of the day, followed by a large dinner. Their day starts at 8:00 am and lunch is at around 2:00 – 3:00 pm.

What do they drink in Spain? ›

There are of course the famous Spanish drinks we all know — sangria, wine and beer — but there are many more that most tourists are not familiar with — sweet creamy horchata, icy fruity granizados, and sherry-based rebujito cocktails, that are just as popular among the locals.

What is a popular dessert in Spain? ›

Flan. The most typical Spanish dessert, you'll find flan on almost any menu throughout the country. This simple dessert is made from milk or cream, whole eggs, and sugar and sets to a wobbly jelly-like consistency.

Does Ibiza get cold? ›

Ibiza has a remarkably mild climate - even in the winter season the temperature rarely drops under 0 degrees Celsius. From November to April the average daytime temperature is about 15 degrees celsius - however when the sun comes out this can rapidly climb to 25 degrees Celsius.

Is water free in Ibiza clubs? ›

Ibiza clubs are now bound by law to give out free water.

Why are Ibiza clubs so expensive? ›

Most of the goods you eat, wear, smoke and drink in Ibiza have to be imported from mainland Europe, and the cost of shipping these items is passed on to local businesses in Ibiza, who in turn pass the cost on to you.

Why is Ibiza so popular? ›

Ibiza has become known for its association with nightlife, electronic dance music and for the summer club scene, all of which attract large numbers of tourists and club music lovers from all over the world.

What is the Spanish word for tips? ›

propina - tip, gratuity. consejo - advice, counsel, council.

Is it worth going to Ibiza in October? ›

Is October a good time to visit Ibiza? Of course! Both May and October -the start and the end of the season- are perfect to enjoy a relaxed getaway, as there are still fun things to do and the weather is still warm but there its far less crowded than in July and September.

Is alcohol in Ibiza cheap? ›

Hierbas is a popular liquor in the Balearic Islands, brewed in many cases directly on Ibiza, and it tastes delicious. Every bar in Ibiza will sell shots of it, it's cheap and it will help you get into the 'Balearic Spirit'.

How much is a bottle of wine in Ibiza? ›

A mid-range wine (one bottle): 3.90 USD (4.00 EUR)

What money do they use in Ibiza? ›

The currency in Spain is the Euro.

What's the hottest month in Ibiza? ›

Average Temperature in Ibiza

The hottest month of the year in Ibiza is August, with an average high of 85°F and low of 72°F. The cool season lasts for 4.2 months, from November 25 to April 1, with an average daily high temperature below 64°F.

Does Ibiza get a lot of rain? ›

Weather in Ibiza

The average temperature is around 29°C in July and August with lows of 20°C in the evening. The sea temperature is also very warm at this time of year at 26°C. Rainfall is very low with just 10mm per month.

Can you go to Ibiza without party? ›

One of the things to do in Ibiza that isn't a party is to explore Ibiza Town, specifically the Old Town. Ibiza Town is the perfect Spanish Island old town. The streets are narrow and full of character, perfect for wandering and exploring. At the top of the hill on the headland is the citadel Dalt Vila.

When can you swim in Ibiza? ›

But apart from June, July, August and September, Ibiza is a fabulous destination to swim in the sea in May and October, to go for walks or cycling all year round, to sail practically every month, to take part in sports competitions in spring and autumn...

Is Ibiza Open 2022? ›

7th May 2022

Ibiza opening parties offer world-class lineups, unmatchable atmospheres and are hosted across the island at the iconic clubs and venues, ranging from San Antonio to Playa D'en Bossa, and this year will be no different.

Is Ibiza good for families? ›

Ibiza is a good family destination, as it has lots of beautiful beaches and fun ocean-related activities, along with miles of hiking trails for exploring other parts of the island. Many hotels are kid-friendly, with special amenities and programs just for youngsters.

Is 1 day enough for Ibiza? ›

Explore the blue waters, visit the aquarium, or swim, snorkel and paddle on the northern coastline of the Ibiza island. This is worth a day trip because of the unexplored parts you will miss out while partying on the one day in Ibiza, so it's a good idea to add an extra day to enjoy some pristine beaches and good food.

Is Ibiza or Mallorca better? ›

Overall, Ibiza has better weather for a longer period of time over the year and can be enjoyed in the months around peak season, but if you're after really hot and humid Mediterranean weather for a holiday then Mallorca is the better choice.

Should I book the clubs for Ibiza before I go? ›

You can get official tickets for practically all club nights and boat parties on the island in our party calendar. Buying tickets beforehand ensures you get the best price and guaranteed entry. Also, keep in mind that a few parties on the island sell out, so getting your tickets in advance is always the safest bet.

What cuisine can I enjoy in Formentera? ›

Meat (traditionally pork or lamb) and seafood are common, supplemented by rice dishes and fresh salads. Very few ingredients are ever wasted and most leftovers go back into a stock to be reused to make a range of soups and rice dishes.

Where is the old town in Ibiza? ›

Old town. The city is divided into three distinct parts; the first being the Old Town which is the area of the fortified citadel Dalt Vila and the old fishing area just below it around the main drawbridge called Portal de Ses Taules.

How do you get Formentera? ›

HOW TO GET THERE. Despite not having an airport, Formentera is surprisingly easy to reach. Fly into Ibiza Airport, then hop on a shuttle bus for a 20-minute drive to the port of Ibiza. From there, it's a 30-minute ferry transfer from Ibiza to Formentera's port of La Savina.

How much is the ferry from Ibiza Town to Formentera? ›

Adults (14 - 59 years) - The normal price is 26.50€ one way and 45.50€ return. The on-line discount price is 43€ return. Children & seniors (2 - 13 years & 60 years + ) - The normal price is 18€ one way and 28€ return. The on-line discount price is 26.60€ return.

How big is Formentera Spain? ›

Can you drink tap water in Ibiza? ›

Water quality of Ibiza's tap water

Many visitors and residents want to know, 'Is the tap water in Ibiza safe to drink? ' The answer is Yes. That is because it has been treated and purified. However, though it is 'safe' to drink, it frequently does not taste good owing to its extremely high levels of salt or calcium.

Where do famous people stay in Ibiza? ›

While Ibiza is known as a party capital of the world, many wealthy and famous head to the lesser-known pastoral north of the island to relax. One of the most luxurious and secluded resorts on the island is Atzaró Hotel and Spa, an agrotourism resort where Rihanna, Shakira, and other celebs have stayed.

Which part of Ibiza is party? ›

Whilst Ibiza's clubs are dotted across the island, there are two areas best for clubbing in Ibiza: Playa d'en Bossa, on the east of the island, is home to Hï Ibiza, Ushuaïa, and Octan. A short 10 minute taxi ride away is Pacha, which is just north of Ibiza's Old Town.


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