Use housekeeping in a sentence (2022)


  • In the intermediate and secondary departments there is a choice of six courses; general, teaching, farming, toolwork, housekeeping and household arts and business.



  • The New England Homestead (weekly; published by the Orange Judd Company), Farm and Home, a semi-monthly, and Good Housekeeping, a monthly (published by the Phelps Publishing Company), and the Kindergarten Review (monthly, published by the MiltonBradley Company, who publish other educational matter) are important periodicals.



  • She stared at it, as irritated by its unwitting acknowledgment of her housekeeping prowess as she was about having this of all creatures in her house.



  • His wife had made over her income to her mother, but he had saved a small sum upon which to begin housekeeping.


  • Not without a struggle Henriette consented not only to the marriage, but to make her home with the young couple, whose housekeeping depended on the sum that she could contribute.




  • Management is reduced to a least common denominator of housekeeping.


  • It is not good enough to say, " Well, I did the housekeeping for twenty years.


  • It is tested and endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute and Food and Wine magazine and it is featured at many wine tasting rooms.


  • Laundry, dishes - general housekeeping - cooking my meals.



  • Areas where the Talyllyn has to improve include housekeeping, stacking and storage.



  • I look upon England today as an old gentleman who is travelling with a great deal of baggage, trumpery which has accumulated from long housekeeping, which he has not the courage to burn; great trunk, little trunk, bandbox, and bundle.



  • And oh, the housekeeping! to keep bright the devil's door-knobs, and scour his tubs this bright day!



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  • All this was the fruit of Anisya Fedorovna's housekeeping, gathered and prepared by her.



  • If you are looking to improve shop floor housekeeping and address Health & Safety issues don't miss this one!

  • Backlog CRESTCo would also like to recommend that firms take this opportunity to perform housekeeping on their backlog of open transactions.


  • However, the council can be accused of poor housekeeping in failing to watch the pennies.

  • A fantastic view with a family atmosphere and daily housekeeping is what you will find at the " Oasis " .

  • The question of the general housekeeping has been referred to above.

  • Spring cleaning Some basic housekeeping might improve your computer's performance enough to postpone the ' upgrade or replace ' decision altogether.

  • DfID is currently revising its 1993 policy statement on green housekeeping to reflect the high priority the present Government has placed on environmental matters.


  • Areas covered include clean hospitals, hospital food, basic care services, privacy and dignity, ward housekeeping and the healing environment.

  • The moon will not sour milk nor taint meat of mine, nor will the sun injure my furniture or fade my carpet; and if he is sometimes too warm a friend, I find it still better economy to retreat behind some curtain which nature has provided, than to add a single item to the details of housekeeping.

  • Thursday, 12 May 2005 I 'm just recuperating from a heavy session of housekeeping.

  • Many of them also perform housekeeping chores and work long hours.

  • She has also written for, Good Housekeeping,,, and more.


  • It's inappropriate to ask your children questions about a parent's romantic relationships, financial situation, or housekeeping skills.

  • Good Housekeeping has a ton of recipes and tips for making your dream burger!

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  • Rather than waiting until the house is hopeless to clean, small housekeeping tasks incorporated into a daily routine eliminate the need for marathon cleaning sessions.

  • Light housekeeping and meals is common, but if the family also wants you to do laundry and have an evening meal ready and waiting, you may want to charge a bit more.

  • Once they get married, many couples become consumed by the daily necessities of work, housekeeping, raising children, and other obligations.


  • Heller & Reid - Recommended by Good Housekeeping.

  • These classics may have been around for years, but remain popular because they are items most newlyweds need to set up housekeeping.

  • Starting with an original 26, they were all round in shape and white with blue needlework that showed important proficiencies of the day in areas such as housekeeping and sewing.

  • So, they could still be jumping on her, but you won't see flea dirt if they don't get a chance to set up housekeeping.

  • Your dog will not escape when housekeeping comes in, and this way he cannot bite a stranger nor can he chew up the room.


  • All meals, laundry and housekeeping service, a private bedroom, and some small activities are provided.

  • Available services include housekeeping, meal preparation, security, fitness classes, emergency care, wellness programs, transportation, and home health care.

  • Seniors are looking for assistance with non-medical issues such as personal care, housekeeping and shopping.

  • A practical joke gift, for example, may be a set of faux golf clubs or a book on modern housekeeping and being a nanny.

  • The Good Housekeeping Research Institute conducted a test of five hair care products designed for women ages 40-60.


  • Depending on the facility, congregate housing provides senior citizens with assistance in areas of their daily living such as meal preparation and housekeeping.

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  • For example, one person may take care of everything but housekeeping, while another may need houskeeping and help making sure to take the proper doses of medications at the right times.

  • Light janitorial or housekeeping - Some physically fit seniors enjoy doing light housekeeping or janitorial work.

  • There are private apartments with weekly housekeeping services and additional amenities.

  • Senior living facilities offer a number of options including apartment-style independent living with nursing care and other assistance, such as housekeeping services, provided.


  • They choose among art, playing and blocks or table toys, science, dancing to music, looking at books, or pretend housekeeping.

  • If you're redesigning your bedroom, complete a few housekeeping tasks before turning your attention to furniture placement, color, style and design.

  • While moms who don't work outside the home don't earn a regular paycheck, they do contribute to the family's financial health by providing childcare, cooking, housekeeping, and other services that would otherwise be paid for out of pocket.

  • Each includes a complementary continental breakfast, wireless Internet, free laundry facilities and housekeeping service.

  • To begin your search for an electric toothbrush, consider a model that has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.


  • Some Good Housekeeping Seal products are Philips Sonicare and Arm & Hammer Spinbrush.

  • The magnetron tube has a five-year warranty and the one-year warranty offered by Panasonic is automatically increased to three years by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which covers all Panasonic microwaves.

  • In November and December every year, popular magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset, Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, and many others, fill their pages with ideas for decorating Christmas trees.

  • With room service, housekeeping, a pool, spas, and many other amenities, hotels are great for a mini-vacation, even if you stay near home.

  • Though not all Virgo males channel their perfectionism into housekeeping the way they do in their occupational affairs, don't think that they won't appreciate your knack for cleanliness.

  • Over the past century, magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Ladies Home Journal were common places to find cut-out dolls.

  • Children have voices that often go unheard because their conversations and thoughts may seem unimportant when compared to the family budget, work, school schedules, and housekeeping.

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  • In 1968, actress Ellen Holly played the role of Carla Grey on One Life to Live, the daughter of Sadie Grey who worked in the housekeeping department of the hospital.

  • All cruise cabins are serviced daily by attentive stewards who replenish towels, tidy the room, and perform other housekeeping duties.

  • Thehe other hotel amenities, guests will be delighted to hear, include limousine service, a multi-lingual concierge, an on-site fitness club, an on-site gemologist, shoe shining service, daily housekeeping, and valet parking.

  • All rooms offer plush towels, twice-daily housekeeping service, a mini-refrigerator, down pillows, in-room safes, multi-line telephones, Internet access, and CD players.

  • The Internet, and perhaps even your own circle of friends and relatives, is full of myths and old wives' tales that range in variety from housekeeping tips to fertility.

  • Housekeeping Channel - This site has cleaning tips that are sortable by category.

  • Good Housekeeping - This site offers tips from the ever popular Heloise regarding cleaning the bedroom, the kitchen, the family room, the bathroom and the laundry room.

  • The Good Housekeeping book, "The Supermarket Diet" is actually the first diet book published by this esteemed magazine.

  • Best of all, it's a plan the whole family can appreciate…and it has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!

  • Housekeeping services are available for a fee during the first week of your stay and complimentary thereafter.

  • The girl students are trained in every branch of housekeeping, cooking, dairying and gardening.



  • Phillip Hodson says good mental housekeeping is the trick.


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Use housekeeping in a sentence? ›

1 She does not enjoy the details of housekeeping. 2 His sister quarterbacked the housekeeping last year. 3 The company has made considerable savings through good housekeeping, such as avoiding wastage. 4 Her husband spent the housekeeping money on gambling.

What is an example of housekeeping? ›

The definition of housekeeping is doing basic cleaning tasks in a house, hotel or other locations, or the department of employees who manage and perform cleaning tasks. An example of housekeeping is the cleaning of your bathroom. An example of housekeeping is the maid in the hotel who cleans rooms.

What do I mean by housekeeping? ›

b : the work or activity of cleaning and preparing rooms for customers (as in a hotel) —often used before another noun housekeeping servicestook a housekeeping job at a nearby hotel also : the department or employees responsible for doing such work If you need fresh towels you can call housekeeping.

What is the meaning of housekeeping in hotel? ›

Housekeeping means performing all the duties towards cleaning, maintaining orderliness, and running a house or a business property. In case of hotels, the housekeeping duties involve maintaining the hotel to the best possible state in terms of cleanliness, and keeping it at highly desirable ambience.

How to use housekeeper in a sentence. Example sentences with the word housekeeper. The most voted sentence example for housekeeper is Maybe a housekeeper wasn't wha...

Maybe a housekeeper wasn't what he had planned on hiring in the first place.. The old man and child were playing checkers in the comfortable den when a housekeeper called them to dinner.. Mrs. Porter, the housekeeper , came in weekly and Dean could guess the percentage of work performed by each.. I never knew you thought of me as anything but a housekeeper - an opinionated one at that.. So you hired a housekeeper with a professional attitude.. The old man and child were playing checkers in comfortable den when a housekeeper called them to dinner.. Similarly, a man or woman may employ a housekeeper or servant of the other sex.. A nanny housekeeper can by employed live out (daily ), live in, on temporary or permanent basis.

Use housekeeping in a sentence. The standard English sentence patterns are related to the word housekeeping in a English dictionary. Look up good sentences related to housekeeping in the English dictionary

Housekeeping Department has very good baby sitting service.. Our Housekeeping Department has very good baby sitting service.. 22 It was true: she did have a reputation for good housekeeping .. 12 Insist upon good housekeeping in your laboratory.. Magazines devoted to home management, such as Good Housekeeping and Family Circle, are chock - full scrumptious selections.. And oh, the housekeeping !

Examples of housekeeper in a sentence: 1. Calloway was a housekeeper of parts. 2. And his housekeeper made hot biscuit. 3. She lived alone with a houseke...

Calloway was a housekeeper of parts.. And his housekeeper made hot biscuit.. But first he called his old housekeeper and told her to put Lepage to bed.. Under these circumstances, a resident housekeeper would be required to look after the place and govern the servants.. Through the stupidity of my housekeeper your mother was recently sent away from my house, without my having been informed of her visit.. The housekeeper soon entered, and Aggie, very sleepy after the excitements of the day, was taken off to bed.. One who looks after the home by herself; either as a wife or a hired servant.. | A woman who supervises the female domestic staff of a large home.. Housekeeper make sentence. make sentence with Housekeeper. make sentence of Housekeeper

Our list of household chores words and phrases: Broom, Bleach, Check the mail, Clean off/clear the table, Clean up __ room, Detergent, Do ironing, ›››

Household chores are the things you have to do at home every day or every week to keep your house looking nice and clean.. Broom Bleach Check the mail Cleaning spray Clean off/clear the table Clean up __ room Detergent Do ironing Do laundry Do the washing up Dry up Dust Fix up the (apartment/house/flat) Hang the washing Hang the clothes up Load the dishwasher Household Chore Make breakfast/lunch/dinner Make the bed Mop the floor Mow the lawn Polish the furniture Put away Scrub Set the table Sweep the floor Take out the rubbish/garbage/trash Tidy up Vacuum Wash down the walls Self-Quiz. To clean up your room means to both tidy AND clean an area.. It includes things like putting away clothes, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and wiping down any dirty areas.. Mom usually cooks and dad does the washing up in our house.. To put washed clothes somewhere to dry.. To load the dishwasher is to put all of the dirty plates, glasses, pots, pans and other kitchen items used for cooking and eating into the dishwasher.. Matt: Hey Chan, did you remember to take the rubbish out last night?

[93 Example Sentences + Audio] How to make, use and write "housekeeper" in a sentence? The Word "housekeeper" in 93 Example Sentences, "housekeeper" in easy simple English sentence.

(1) Let me see what else my housekeeper wants.. (8) not your housekeeper !. (10) i'm not a housekeeper .. the housekeeper saw it.. (22) [housekeeper] yes.. (64) What Is " housekeeper "?. (75) What can I say instead of " housekeeper "?. (78) What do you mean by " housekeeper "?. (84) " housekeeper " meaning in english, " housekeeper " definitions.


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